Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 834 – The Response of Finger Bone

Chapter 834 – The Response of Finger Bone

The Response of Finger Bone

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After that, Tyrant told Big Yellow about the incident that happened the moment they entered the city. They could never calm themselves down when they thought that Nan Bei Chao comes from the Boundless World. They could see it from his eyes that even if he was from another world, he was fated to be their mortal enemy.

“Motherf*cker! How many Nan Bei Chaos are actually out there? Does this guy really have so many clones?”

Big Yellow was annoyed. He knew very well how difficult it was to kill Nan Bei Chao. Jiang Chen had spent a lot of effort and almost sacrificed the people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion before the war. Another Nan Bei Chao emerged not long after the previous one was eliminated. Will this ever end?

“It’s hard to tell. The one that we killed might just be a clone. It is likely that the true Nan Bei Chao is in the Immortal World.”

Jiang Chen stated his guess courageously.

“Is that even possible? This is way too astonis.h.i.+ng.”

Dan King widened his eyes when he heard about the Immortal World, a world beyond their world. The name of this world alone could make people wors.h.i.+p it.

“It’s just a guess. We don’t need to worry about all of that for now. Nan Bei Chao will certainly become a major obstacle and an influential variable in the plan. If we have the chance, we have to eliminate him.”

Jiang Chen clenched his fist. He would never be nice and merciful towards Nan Bei Chao.

He had presented his plan to the others but he couldn’t have imagined that Nan Bei Chao also have the same goal. The two of them were fated to be enemies and was destined to clash again.

Even though Nan Bei Chao was a threat to his plan, it wouldn’t stop him from executing his plan. He had to obtain the True Meta Stones in this domain by any means necessary, otherwise he would face stagnation in the Great Saint realm.

After a night of rest, they left the inn early in the morning and headed to the prefecture. Today was the day of the auction organized by Dark Surge City. Because of this, the streets were bustled with people. People from different worlds had come.

Every time the Void Triangular Domain was opened, the largest trading place would be held on Dark Surge City and King City, they were also the largest auction event. However, the crowd that attended the auction in Dark Surge City weren’t as many as those in King City. Most of them were the geniuses of the different major powers and elders below Ninth Grade Minor Saint. The experts of Ninth Grade Minor Saint would only attend the auction in King City.

The compound of the prefecture was huge. A roofless auction platform was situated in the compound. Today, anyone who wanted to enter the auction was required to pay a certain fee.

Jiang Chen and the others entered the prefecture following the crowd. They arrived at the large entrance outside the auction platform, it was surrounded by guards in black armour. The security today is unusually tight.

Besides humans, people of the Dark Generation also partic.i.p.ated in this event. As Void Triangular Domain was considered a world, the people living here – Dark Generation, would perform many transaction with their own kind daily.

Jiang Chen saw that every human who entered paid the guard a pill as the entrance fee.

“Father, I saw them pay the guard using pills, different kinds of pills.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That is the entrance fee for the auction. They would accept any kind of pills as long as it is human pills.”

Dan King said.

Jiang Chen and the rest suddenly realised how much the people of Dark Generation craved for pills, to the point where they even disregard the type of pills. Despite that, the prefecture would still earn a great amount of fortune from the entrance fee alone as there are many people who would come and partic.i.p.ate in the event. Furthermore, most of the people here were Minor Saint experts, the pills they carried were not any ordinary pills.

When it was Jiang Chen’s turn, the guard frowned when he saw the big yellow dog beside Jiang Chen. It took only a few seconds for the guard to deduce the real ident.i.ty of this yellow dog.

“Thieves aren’t allowed to enter.”

The guard bellowed.

“Who are you talking about?”

Big Yellow raged.

“I am talking about you, the dog who stole the demon soul. Still refuse to admit it?”

The guard said coldly.

“Haha! You still have the guts to say it out when your prefecture couldn’t even protect a single treasure. Did you know that master dog felt like he entered an unguarded compound when I entered your prefecture? Anyway, you all have already gotten the sufficient compensation for the demon soul.”

Big Yellow laughed. He even sneered openly, which attracted many people’s attention. A person in the crowd laughed. “Haha! A so-called prestigious prefecture couldn’t even protect its own treasure. This is truly a disgrace. I think we should just skip your auction next time. We can just go straight into your prefecture and take whatever treasure we want.”

This was what a blue-headed youth that seemed to be in his twenties said. He had a powerful cultivation – Sixth Grade Minor Saint. The demon Qi around his body clearly indicated that he was from the Demon Race.

“You people of the Demon Race really know how to distort the truth. I am impressed by the fact that you can still sound so reasonable even though you are the one who committed the crime.”

Another youth said. He was wearing purple clothes. He had an extraordinary Qi, he must be from one of the eight families.

“Humph! This is how we, the Demon Race do things. We defy the trivial conventions in every matter. If you aren’t satisfied about it, let’s have a fight!”

The youth from the Demon Race made a cold humph. His Demon Qi fluctuated. Although the youth in purple looked angry, he chose not to respond to the challenge because he knew that it would never end once the conflict with the Demon Race started. This was a battle that was deaf to all reasons once their adrenaline had been activated. He didn’t want to be stuck with this demon as the auction was about to begin soon.

Jiang Chen smiled and looked at the guard. He tossed a few pills to him and said. “I suggest you to take these pills and not offend this dog. He will certainly eat you up if you touch his fur. That will only result in an unnecessary death. Given his status in the Demon Race, I believe that the Demon Race would certainly demolish your auction platform if you touch him.”

The guard looked angry but he couldn’t do anything. He had also heard about this group of people from the Demon Race before. Also, the Great Elder agreed to accept their compensation yesterday, it clearly proved the exceptional status of this dog in the Demon Race. If this dog really ripped him to death, his death would be in vain because the prefecture would certainly not offend the Demon Race for a single guard. He too didn’t want to create a mess before the auction starts.

“You all can go in now.”

The guard said coldly.

“Dammit! What’s with the annoying att.i.tude?”

Big Yellow was truly sensitive. He wanted to bite the guard when he saw the guard’s att.i.tude, but luckily, he was pulled by Jiang Chen by the ear. Otherwise, that guard would surely be seriously injured from his bite. There were still many people waiting behind. It wouldn’t be pleasant to start a commotion here because that would ruin his plan.

“Why are you pulling my ear? Master dog wants to teach him a lesson.”

Big Yellow sounded dissatisfied.

“Don’t forget about our plan.”

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head.

The auction platform in Dark Surge City was huge. It was in the shape of a circle. There was a large stage for the items to be placed during the auction. The surroundings were occupied with chairs. There were rooms on the second floor. It should be the so-called VIP guests section and the seats below were the ordinary guests section. Anyone who could enter the second floor must have a high status.

“Little Chen, where are we going?”

Tyrant asked.

“Any seat will do.”

Jiang Chen was walking towards the scattered seats on the ground floor.

At this time, the blue-headed youth approached Jiang Chen and the rest and said. “Big Yellow, our race are considered honourable guests. Come, let’s go to the second floor. These are your friends, right? They could come along too.”

He sounded pleasant and forthright, it seemed like his impression of Big Yellow wasn’t that bad.

“No, thanks, we are fine here.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at the blue-headed youth. His impression of the Demon Race was friendly.

“Did you hear that? He said he is not going, we are staying down here.”

Big Yellow said.

“Fine. I am Blue Lion, how may I address you?”

The Blue-headed youth looked over at Jiang Chen. Although the youth in white was only a Third Grade Minor Saint, he must not judge the book by its cover. He could see how obedient Big Yellow was to this white-clothed youth. Their connection must be beyond ordinary. Although Big Yellow had just arrived in the Demon Race, he had already gained a prestigious status. Therefore, him and the Lion Race was willing to establish a good rapport with Big Yellow.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Alright, brother Jiang, if you encounter any difficulties, feel free to seek for my help.”

Blue Lion said and walked toward the stairs.

“Big Yellow, who is that?”

Tyrant asked.

“I haven’t seen him before, but he must be from the Lion Race. He is a blue flame lion, a Sixth Grade Minor Demon Saint, considered one of the rare geniuses. The Lion Race has always been in a good relations.h.i.+p with the patriarch, which means that they support my existence.”

Said Big Yellow. Although he had just joined the Demon Race a few days ago, almost all of the members of the race had recognized him. This was because he was personally brought back by Peac.o.c.k King. Naturally, the Lion Race would know about this matter.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s left forefinger twitched. It baffled him. Then, it began to tremble faster. It was the Saint Bone in his finger, which had been unresponsive. But today, it started to shake all of a sudden.

As his forefinger trembled, he immediately sensed something. His eyes turned to look at a room in the second floor.

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