Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 828 – The Shameful Dog Came

Chapter 828 – The Shameful Dog Came

The Shameful Dog Came

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“Little Chen, what was that all about? He doesn’t seem to recognize us.”

Tyrant came to Jiang Chen’s side and said in a frightened tone. Nan Bei Chao’s appearance had messed up their plans.

“He is certainly not the Nan Bei Chao we know of, but did you realise that there are many features in him that is similar to the Nan Bei Chao we knew? His name, appearance, tonality, imposing demeanour and his cultivation method are all similar. He is exactly like him. If it wasn’t for the different World Origin flowing in him and the strange way he looked at me, I would have thought that Nan Bei Chao wasn’t dead.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Nan Bei Chao had always been his archenemy but this enemy was already gotten rid of for quite a long time now. He had never expected to see another Nan Bei Chao here.

“How could this happen? Could it be there are a lot of other Nan Bei Chaos in the universe?”

Dan King was astonished. He would not believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“Brother Chen, were you able to connect this Nan Bei Chao and the Nan Bei Chao of the Saint Origin World?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

Jiang Chen remained silent. He started to doubt Nan Bei Chao’s ident.i.ty. He was sure that the Nan Bei Chao just now wasn’t the Nan Bei Chao that he killed but there must be some kind of connection. Back when he killed Nan Bei Chao, he had clearly eradicated Nan Bei Chao’s body, he ignored the feeling that Nan Bei Chao may still be alive. Now it seemed that that feeling turned out to be true.

Nan Bei Chao was the reincarnation of an Immortal Soul, which meant that he originated from the Immortal World. Today, another Nan Bei Chao from the Boundless World emerged. Jiang Chen couldn’t not link Nan Bei Chao and the Immortal World together. Perhaps there was one more Nan Bei Chao in the Immortal World, or perhaps the Nan Bei Chao from the Immortal World was the true Nan Bei Chao.

These were still a mystery to Jiang Chen despite his intelligence and knowledge. He wasn’t able to determine the true origin of Nan Bei Chao.

“I am still uncertain about his real ident.i.ty but there is one thing which I am certain of and it is that he is my enemy. I could see an indistinct murderous intent from his eyes just now. I didn’t launch the attack because Dark Surge City was not the right place to fight. The murderous aura that he exuded was intrinsic. The odd thing was that he already viewed me as his enemy with a single look and said that I am somewhat familiar to him. As such, I would not leave him be, regardless of whether he is related to the previous Nan Bei Chao or not.”

Jiang Chen said. Maybe, we would be able to find out Nan Bei Chao’s real ident.i.ty once he reached the Immortal realm. He and Nan Bei Chao were fated to become enemies in this life. He would kill any Nan Bei Chao that he’d met. After he rose to the Immortal realm, if there was really a Nan Bei Chao in the Immortal World, he was sure that killing the Nan Bei Chao under the heavens first would deal great damage to the true Nan Bei Chao.

“Given the fact that Nan Bei Chao has the immortal physique, it is very likely that he has created clones in different worlds. That must be it.”

Tyrant said. Although this was only a guess, the possibility was still undeniable.

“Alright. Now is not the time to deal with Nan Bei Chao yet. We are no match for him given our current strength. Let’s hope that we will obtain some great treasures in this major trading event. If my strength is enhanced once more, my success rate of dominating this domain would become higher.”

Jiang Chen said. Nan Bei Chao’s emergence had ignited his sense of urgency. He could see it from Nan Bei Chao’s eyes that he would not let him go even if it was just a glance.

It was true that Jiang Chen could eliminate an Eighth Grade Minor Saint, but that only applied to the Dark Generation. Now that many major powers from the three worlds had come, including the geniuses and experts of the eight families, his current strength wasn’t enough to turn this domain upside down. Hence, it was important for him to raise his cultivation grade quickly.

Currently, in the deeper region of the city, Nan Bei Chao’s face was frosty and his eyes was glittering with a cold light.

“Brother Nan Bei, that guy just now was too impolite. We should teach him a lesson.”

One of his follower said.

“I don’t know why this man gave me a sense of familiarity, as though I have already seen him somewhere before. Despite his cultivation being only a Third Grade Minor Saint , I can feel a sense of threat from him.”

Nan Bei Chao said with a frown, he felt strange to have such feelings.

“How is that possible? Brother Nan Bei is the unrivalled genius under the Heavens. Despite your Seventh Grade Minor Saint grade, not even a Ninth Grade Minor Saint could fight you. As for that guy, he was merely a Third Grade Minor Saint that you can easily crush. He would never stand a chance against you even if he is given a hundred years more in training.”

Another follower said with a smile.

“We cannot take these a.s.sumptions as conclusions. I will kill him, but not now. My main purpose this time is to obtain all the fortune of the Dark Generation. I am a cultivator of the monarch heaven art, I will make the entire domain shudder in my presence. My monarch heaven art would be enhanced further after dominating this world. This plan could only be executed after the major trading event, after all the experts of three worlds have left. So, we have to keep our silence for the time being, letting that man live for a few more days. Killing him is merely a simple matter for me.”

Said Nan Bei Chao. Any outsider who heard this remark would be freaked out, or they might straightaway connect him to the dragonman.

Nan Bei Chao was a wildly ambitious schemer. The Void Triangular Domain had already been shaken since Jiang Chen’s arrival. Adding Nan Bei Chao into the picture would only lead to unimaginable consequences.

There was in fact certain differences between Nan Bei Chao and Jiang Chen. He was more cruel than Jiang Chen. He didn’t care about anything or any people or moral values. There was only hegemonic control and submission in his heart. Anyone who refuse to submit to him would only end up dead. It wasn’t a good thing to the Dark Generation when Nan Bei Chao had s.h.i.+fted his focus to them.

The Dark Generation was really unlucky to be targeted by these two heaven defying creatures. The domain would certainly be very lively this time with the presence of these two twisted devil kings. The battle between Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao would be unavoidable and no one knew who would win this time.

Jiang Chen and the other three walked deeper into the city. The size of the city was in fact a lot larger than the previous cities that they had gone to. The city was crowded with people from different worlds.

*Hua La La*

All of a sudden, a group of city guards wearing black armours materialized in front of them. They were all filled with rippling Qi. They came forth to the street facing the two shops and everyone around.

“Everyone listen, whoever can catch that big yellow dog or provide any leads of this dog, immediately report it to the prefecture and you will be rewarded.”

The leader shouted before he left in a hurry in another direction. It wasn’t just them who were in a hurry, the atmosphere of Dark Surge City was in a nervous mood. Tight security was in place and guards in black armour could be seen everywhere. All these guards looked very enraged as if they were going to kill someone.

“Big yellow dog.”

Jiang Chen and the rest sparkled their eyes when they heard the news. They were not sure whether this big yellow dog was someone they knew.

“Excuse me, bro, may I know why are you all hunting the dog?”

Some new guy who just entered the internal section asked one of the locals.

“Aren’t you informed about this? The night before, a dog came out of nowhere and slipped into the vault of the prefecture and stole the demon soul of a Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint, the demon soul of a Soul Eater King. Everyone knows that this demon soul was one of the precious treasures that would be auctioned tomorrow. The City Lord is infuriated because of this and wants to find that dog and rip him into pieces.”

“This is infuriating. Before this was the dragonman, now it is a dog. What the h.e.l.l is going on? None of this had ever happened last time when the gateway was opened.”


Thinking about the incident the night before made many of them grit their teeth. Dark Surge City was the second largest city of the Dark Generation. Its security was considered to be very tight. Because of this, it gave the citizens some sense of relief and that big yellow dog took the chance. Before the Major Trading Event took place in King City, there would be trading activities held in Dark Surge City. One of them was the auction that would be attended by numerous geniuses of the three worlds. Now, everything was messed up when the Ninth Grade Minor Saint demon soul was stolen by that dog. This incident had greatly affected the prestige of the prefecture and the dignity of the Dark Generation.

The opening of Void Triangular Domain wasn’t as smooth sailing as last time. The matter of the dragonman had already quieted down recently, but another dog-like creature suddenly emerged.


Tyrant couldn’t stand it anymore and laughed. If there was any dog that could commit such a crime, it was Big Yellow.

“Big Yellow is being naughty again.”

Yan Chenyu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. If they were talking about the ability to cause trouble, Big Yellow was certainly better than Jiang Chen. Don’t think about getting a peaceful day with Big Yellow around.

“Ninth Grade Minor Saint demon soul of a Soul Eater Demon King? That was why he couldn’t let go of such a precious thing. Big Yellow has an innate ability – Soul Crunching Tune. He would surely get a lot of benefits by obtaining that demon soul, especially since it is a Ninth Grade Minor Saint demon soul.”

Jiang Chen laughed lightly. There must be a reason behind whatever Big Yellow stole.

“Haha! Big Yellow has come, this time it will be fun.”

Tyrant laughed. Jiang Chen was delighted to know that Big Yellow would join them in this trip. They felt that something was missing if Big Yellow wasn’t here.


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