Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 827 – Another Nan Bei Chao

Chapter 827 – Another Nan Bei Chao

Another Nan Bei Chao

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Tyrant’s remark wasn’t wrong, Dan King agreed too. Ever since Jiang Chen arrived here, the domain was not as peaceful as before. There would always be a commotion in the domain.

Yan Chenyu leaned close to Jiang Chen’s side. Although she didn’t speak much, her eyes showed the confidence that she had in Jiang Chen. She wouldn’t depend on Jiang Chen even though she was leaning against him right now. She didn’t want to be a nuisance to him. She was happy as long as she could be on Jiang Chen’s side.

“Chen Er, what’s your next plan?”

Dan King asked.

“We will head to King City. According to the usual schedule, the major powers of the three worlds should have arrived by now. King City is the busiest city in the domain right now. We can take our time to make our trade there, like the other human cultivators. I won’t be using the ident.i.ty of the dragonman for a while. Just let the people of the Dark Generation continue searching the dragonman.”

Jiang Chen said with content. He already had a plan in his heart. However, the incident on Black Dragon Mountain had drawn too much attention. It angered the Dark King so much that he sent his experts out to look for him. He would be immediately captured if he transformed into a human-dragon form. Given his current strength, he wasn’t strong enough to fight a Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

“Alright, we’ll go to King City.”

Tyrant nodded, excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes. He wasn’t sure why he sensed the feeling that Jiang Chen would turn King City upside down.

On that same day, the four of them left Dark Shadow City for King City. The number of human cultivators in Void Triangular Domain has increased since the opening of the gateway. Most of them were scattered across the different large cities for one reason only – trade.

The four of them were also heading to a large city – King City for the same reason. They were going to the trading centre in the city to trade for True Meta Stones using their pills.

Yan Chenyu’s appearance was overly striking. In order to prevent the incident in Dark Mulberry City from happening again, Jiang Chen suggested her to partially cover her face with a veil.

In these past few days, Jiang Chen and the rest were relaxed and trading in the city. The news about the dragonman was still ongoing. It could be heard everywhere. The imperial kinsmen had sent many experts to find this dragonman. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the dragonman, as if he had vanished completely from the map, despite the experts having searched all the places in the domain.

“It seems like the dragonman is too afraid to come out. But no one knows where he’s hiding?”

“Yea. The group of Ninth Grade Minor Saint experts were constantly on the lookout but not a single trace of the dragonman is found. It is like he has completely disappeared in the sky. Truly unbelievable.”

“Don’t you understand? That dragonman must be some kind of transformation technique used by some human to commit those crimes. He could be anyone in the crowd like those normal humans. That’s why it is hard to find him.”


The people of Dark Generation weren’t fools. After a few days of effort searching for the dragonman, the experts involved concluded that the dragonman was a human who had a transformation technique and he might have mixed with the ordinary humans in any of the cities now.

They became nervous when they thought about this. The traders were being cautious while trading with the humans, they feared that the merchant was the dragonman. After a few days of peace and with the protection of the Ninth Grade Minor Saints in the cities, their worries were relieved.

The domain had been opened for ten days, only five more days to the major trading event. The day before the major event, numerous experts from the three different worlds arrived at King City. They were welcomed warmly by the imperial kinsmen which had temporarily put the matter of dragonman aside because the dragonman was too afraid to show himself now.

These imperial people did not dare to show any disrespect towards the humans such as the eight families because they were valuable customers who could give them precious pills and Combat Weapons. Hence, necessary hospitality was needed.

These major powers were separated into three sections in the city, according to their world. These sections were named as the guest section which was reserved to the major powers of the three worlds.

There were still five more days to go before the actual trading event. A major power like the eight families had brought along selected genius disciples from their sect. During these five days, these disciples were allowed to trade freely in the city. They could also go to the other city to trade for different things, which would make numerous trading centres crowded with people. In other words, the Void Triangular Domain became lively when the people of eight families and other worlds arrived.

The light energy in the domain had helped Tyrant a lot, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the Second grade. Presently, they had already arrived in Dark Surge City, the nearest city to King City and was ranked as the second city in the domain. The scale of the city was a lot larger than Dark Mulberry City and Dark Shadow City. The huge city gate alone carried a grand aura that made people want to respect it.

“Dark Surge City is the largest city in the domain excluding King City. This will be the most crowded city before the major trading event. A great number of genius disciple from the eight families would certainly come over to trade. Although its size was smaller than King City, the things here are good. Perhaps you can trade for something precious in the trading centre.”

Dan King said.

“Let’s go in then.”

Jiang Chen strode forward through the large gateway. The place ahead was already crowded with people. There were people with attires that could not be seen in the Saint Origin World. They must be the humans from the other two worlds. Jiang Chen could feel the different World Origin flowing from them. Fundamentally, everyone could sense anyone who was coming from a foreign world.

After a few steps, a silhouette caught his eyes. They locked onto each other’s gazes. Jiang Chen was petrified.


Immediately after that, a Qi that carrying a chilling murderous intent rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. The sudden change attracted Dan King and the rest’s attention. When they s.h.i.+fted their gazes over, they saw three men standing not far away. The leader among them looked twenty plus years old, wearing a golden robe. He had a golden long hair and a resolute face that carried an overbearing demeanour that made everyone seemed to respect him.

“Nan Bei Chao.”

Three of them exclaimed. They finally knew why Jiang Chen’s Qi suddenly erupted from his body. The person standing in front of them was no doubt Nan Bei Chao.

“How is this possible? This guy was already killed by Chen Er before but he looks very much undamaged now. Judging from his Qi, he is already a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. How could this happen?”

“Wait, the World Origin flowing from his body isn’t similar to ours. He isn’t someone from our Saint Origin World.”

Dan King and Tyrant were freaked out. Tyrant could sense the difference from this blonde and determined that he wasn’t from their world, but his appearance and Qi were clearly similar to Nan Bei Chao, making him look exactly the same as him. The cultivation type in him was also the Monarch Heaven Art. No one could cultivate such a cultivation other than Nan Bei Chao.

The blonde frowned when he heard them calling his name. He then asked plainly. “You all know my name?”

Sure enough, his name was also Nan Bei Chao.

“This is unacceptable. Who are you? Who give you the permission to call brother Nan Bei’s name?”

“Exactly, brother Nan Bei is the outstanding genius of our Boundless World. Calling his name directly will lead to your death, and you, puny Third Grade Minor Saint, you are done for unleas.h.i.+ng your Qi in front of brother Nan Bei.”

The two young geniuses standing beside Nan Bei Chao yelled at Jiang Chen and the others.

Nan Bei Chao of the Boundless World? Dan King and Tyrant were stupefied. Did this mean that this Nan Bei Chao wasn’t the Nan Bei Chao that they fought back in their world?

Nan Bei Chao waved his hand, implying for the two to be quiet. He came to Jiang Chen and said in an apathetic tone. “I don’t know who you are but you give me a sense of familiarity and the urge to kill. However, I am having a good mood today. So, no killings for today. Remember, don’t try to unleash your puny Qi in front of me again. Disrespecting me would only lead to one result – death, regardless of which world you are from.”

He was arrogant, aggressive and domineering. His tonality was exactly the same as the real person. Could there really be two same people in this universe? Or was he an entirely different individual? Jiang Chen could also feel the Qi of the Monarch Heaven Art from his body.

“Let’s go.”

Nan Bei Chao crossed his hands behind his back and strode deeper into the city. The two sidekick geniuses darted Jiang Chen and the rest a cold glance and let out a disdainful cold humph.

Jiang Chen was holding himself back. First, this was the Dark Surge City. If he attacked just now, he would reveal his own strength, which would make it very easy for the others to connect him to the dragonman. Second, if this dude was really as powerful as Nan Bei Chao, he was already a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, he wouldn’t stand a chance against this new Nan Bei Chao.

Most importantly, this dude was from the Boundless World. If he was the Nan Bei Chao of Saint Origin World, he would have attacked the moment he saw Jiang Chen without saying a word.

Jiang Chen was overwhelmed by fear and doubts. Back then, in Nebula Sect, he was the one who killed Nan Bei Chao, he was sure that no remains was left behind. All of a sudden, a man that looked exactly like Nan Bei Chao emerged. Jiang Chen couldn’t put his mind off this matter.


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