Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 829 – Stolen By the Dog

Chapter 829 – Stolen By the Dog

Stolen By the Dog

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Almost every corner of the city was monitored by city guards. The current scene reminded Jiang Chen of Red City, when they were also looking for a dog. The history repeated itself today.

“I was not surprised that the City Lord got infuriated, Big Yellow have just stolen the precious item that is going to be auctioned. The prefecture would usually announce the items to be auctioned before the auction day to attract buyers. This demon soul must be one of the items that was announced to the public. Now that the item is stolen by Big Yellow, it would be so embarra.s.sing for them not to have the demon soul tomorrow.”

Dan King shook his head and was speechless towards Big Yellow’s actions.

“Senior Dan King, maybe because you haven’t been with him for very long that’s why you don’t understand him well. This was his usual way of doing things. If no trouble was created here, how could we still call him Big Yellow?”

Tyrant smiled.

Dan King looked at Jiang Chen and shook his head again. The first was Jiang Chen, second was Nan Bei Chao, now it was Big Yellow. It was hard to imagine what would happen next in Void Triangular Domain.

“Brother Chen, do you think they will find our small doggy?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

“What do you think?”

Jiang Chen chuckled. Yan Chenyu reacted the same way. Large number of manpower was dispatched to find Big Yellow, if he really wants to hide himself none of them would be able to find him, they’ll just tire themselves out. They should know that this was an extremely cunning dog.

“First, he is doing this because of the beneficial effect of the demon soul, second, he must have heard about me and want to help to divert their attention.”

Jiang Chen said. There was a bond between the two of them, like real sworn brothers. They could antic.i.p.ate what the other was trying to do from the first action.

Big Yellow’s considerate effort touched Jiang Chen’s heart.

“Little doggy is awesome.”

Yan Chenyu’s face was full of smile.

“Let’s go, we have to move into the city. If Big Yellow is hiding somewhere around here, he must be able to find us, and then, we’ll try to find ways to regroup.”

Jiang Chen said before the four of them strode deeper into the city.

Dark Surge City was very large but it didn’t take long for them to reach the central region, which was very crowded with people. The two lanes of the street were partially occupied by stalls on both sides. A lot of cultivators were engaging in transaction with them.

Suddenly, a yell was heard.

“F*cking dog! Stand right here!”

The sound was coming from a distance. As soon as the voice faded, a brilliant golden light appeared before Jiang Chen at maximum speed. The golden light stopped and turned into a large dog – Big Yellow.

“Haha! Little Chen, master dog has finally found you all.”

Big Yellow smiled delightfully when he saw Jiang Chen, then he walked to yan Chenyu and greeted her nicely. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but roll his eyes after seeing this. Did this dude really cared about him? Why did he feel like this dog was only missing Xiao Yu? Tyrant felt annoyed that this dog didn’t even bother to say h.e.l.lo to him before going to Yan Chenyu, treating him like air.

“Little doggy, you have gotten yourself into trouble again.”

Yan Chenyu patted Big Yellow’s head.

“You as*hole! Still dare to show yourself after stealing the treasure from the prefecture?”

Tyrant was speechless. But then, their gazes instantly turned frozen when they saw Big Yellow’s cultivation – Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint. When he left them until now, it was merely a short period of time. His growth was ridiculously fast. Anyway, they understood it when they thought about the possibility that Big Yellow had consumed the demon soul of the Soul Eater Demon King.

“F*cking dog! Stand there!”

The angry yell was heard again. Two powerful silhouettes were flying in Big Yellow’s direction. One of them was full of red flames on his body and the other was full of frost. Judging from their Qi, their cultivation were both Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

When they reached Jiang Chen, their Qi was still fluctuating. Their gazes were glued on Big Yellow and an angry fire was about to explode from them.

“F*cking dog! Hand over the treasure right now! Or else, I will peel your skin off!”

The youth with flames yelled at Big Yellow, ignoring the existence of Jiang Chen and the rest.

“Look! That’s the big yellow dog. He has appeared.”

“That’s him, the one who stole the treasure of the prefecture. Quickly inform the people of the prefecture.”

“What are these two men doing? They are humans. Are they trying to help the prefecture retrieve the treasure from the big yellow dog?”


For an instant, all the attention was s.h.i.+fted to Big Yellow, making him the center of attention.

“What makes you think that I have the treasure? Don’t simply accuse me.”

Big Yellow wagged his st.u.r.dy tail, acting like a dead pig that wasn’t afraid of being boiled.

“You shameless dog! It seems like I really have to peel your skin off !”

The youth that was surrounded with a chilling Qi had a much more fiery temper than the other. He struck out a palm in Big Yellow’s direction, but it was grabbed by another hand midway.

The youth was stunned. He turned to glare at the person who stopped him. It was a youth in white smiling at him.

“Hey, I suggest you not to interfere in this business.”

The youth said coldly.

“Why are thess brothers being so angry? We can always talk.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Fine. It seems like you are with him. Ask this dog to hand over the Fire Soul Pearl and the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal now and we’ll forget about this incident. I am Duan Rong of the Black Yellow World. You all can’t afford to offend me.”

The youth stared at Big Yellow coldly.

“Where did this shameless and ignorant dog come from? Who gave him the audacity to steal Huo Miao’s things?”

The youth in flames yelled once more.

Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Dan King were stunned. It didn’t seem like they were here for the demon soul, but for the other treasures. What did Big Yellow actually do?

This guy’s name was Huo Miao. It was rare to come across geniuses possessing this surname. Clearly, he was a genius from one of the eight families – Fire Family. The companion beside him was the genius of the Black Yellow World.

They finally understood the incident behind this after Big Yellow told them via divine sense. It happened when Hua Miao was trading something with Duan Rong. Huo Miao used a Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal to exchange for the Fire Soul Pearl from Duan Rong. This was because Duan Rong cultivated a cultivation method that involved the cold attribute, he needed items with cold features to match his frosty physique. Hua Miao however was the opposite. So the trade was a mutually benefiting trade, but none of them expected that the treasure would be s.n.a.t.c.hed by a dog in the trading process. That's why they had chased after him until here, and they were so angry. No one wouldn’t be angry if this incident happened while trading.

“Huh? Who set the law that the things of Huo Miao could not be stolen? You want to blame others because you failed to protect your own item? Besides, you aren’t his opponent. So, you should feel lucky that he hasn’t taken your lives.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone. He would never be courteous to arrogant people. Besides that, he also knew Big Yellow very well. He wouldn’t return the things that he stole or s.n.a.t.c.hed. Now that Big Yellow had gotten himself in trouble, Jiang Chen would naturally step forward and help him.


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