Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 826 – The Fury of Dark King

Chapter 826 – The Fury of Dark King

The Fury of Dark King

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Presently, not even the formidable Ninth Grade Minor Saints could keep their composure upon seeing the scattered corpse below. The Black Dragon Mountain was in ruins filled with a nose-stinging stench of blood. They couldn’t help but heaved their chests up and down despite their willpower.

“Wh…what happened here?”

One of them said in a s.h.i.+vering tone.

“These are the corpses of the princes. Every one of them were killed. It must have been done by the dragonman. What about Third Prince? Where is he? Did he leave them for the dragonman to ma.s.sacre?”

Another man was alarmed as when he saw the scene with so many corpse of princes lying gruesomely. This was clearly a direct challenge to the Dark Generation.

Suddenly, one of them saw the black s.h.i.+eld that was slashed into half, his face changed instantly.

That man stuck out his hand. The two halves of the black s.h.i.+eld flew into the sky and landed in his hand. “This is the Third Prince’s Combat Weapon – Ultimate Dark Imperial s.h.i.+eld. It was broken into half.”

“That was his indestructible s.h.i.+eld. That dragonman was way too powerful beyond our imagination. The Third Prince has miscalculated and it seems like he is in danger now.”

“Look over there! That’s the true form of our bloodline. It’s the one of the Third Prince’s spell figure. Not good, it is likely that the Third Prince was killed. Wait, I do not sense any of his death Qi. All of us possess the imperial bloodline. The imperial Qi in his body won’t just vanish so quickly if he was killed and we would definitely be able to sense it.”

“Dammit! There are only two possibilities now. It was either the Third Prince has managed to flee from the scene or he was held captive by the dragonman.”

“It was impossible for him to fled from the scene. If he did, we should have found him. He must have been taken away by the dragonman. It is our mistake to underestimate the power of the dragonman.”

“Fine. The battle wave just stopped not long ago, I think the dragonman is still in the proximity. Let’s go after him.”


The two experts were completely infuriated by the dragonman’s outrageous action. There had never been something like this that happened before in the history of Void Triangular Domain. Incidents about the dragonman that came out of nowhere continued to happen since the opening of the gateway. It was obvious that he was deliberately provoking the Dark Generation.

In fact, the theft in the vault and killings of the princes weren’t as serious as harming the imperial prince. The attempt to hurt the imperial prince was absolutely unacceptable.

“The Third Prince is in trouble. We have to inform the Dark King immediately. The dragonman is more powerful than what we expected. Now, not even an Eighth Grade Minor Saint would be his match.”

An elder said and frowned.

“How powerful do you think the dragonman is? Is he stronger than a Ninth Grade Minor Saint?”

“That’s unlikely. If he is really capable of fighting a Ninth Grade Minor Saints, he wouldn’t choose to flee and do things in a sneaky way. He was afraid that we might find him. In my opinion, this dragonman is without a doubt, stronger than an Eighth Grade Minor Saint but isn’t a match with a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. There is a huge and unimaginable difference between an Eighth Grade and a Ninth Grade Minor Saint even if it is only a grade difference.”

The two of them were trying to size up Jiang Chen’s power before flying in the direction of King City. One had to admit that their judgement about Jiang Chen’s power was right.

On that day, a period of time after the combat wave vanished, a lot of people started to go into the mountains to find out what happened to the princes and Third Prince. When they saw the gruesome scene, their souls were in shock.

The incident in the Black Dragon Mountain spread very quickly to the other regions of the domain.

“My G.o.d. This is too cruel. We didn’t get to see the intense battle but we saw that all the princes were killed. It was a total bloodshed. Furthermore, the corpses were scattered and in fragments.”

“It must be the doing of the dragonman. I couldn’t imagine that the dragonman would be so scary. He has killed all of the princes.”

“What about the Third Prince? Did anyone of you see the Third Prince? Was he killed as well? Given his cultivation, he shouldn’t have been defeated by the dragonman.”

“I have no idea. There are no traces and the corpse of Third Prince was nowhere to be found. The scene is absolutely horrifying.”


Everyone was discussing about the incident on the Black Dragon Mountain. The Dragonman had become the hot topic of conversation across all the cities. In fact, it was hard for them not know about it because the incident was just too b.l.o.o.d.y.

King City.

When the Dark King heard about it, he raged and sent a palm smas.h.i.+ng into one of the halls. After that, he realised that the soul jade slip that belonged to the Third Prince wasn’t broken yet, which only meant that he was still alive.

“Dark King. He hasn’t killed the Third Prince yet, it only shows that he still fears our imperial family. The Third Prince should be in his custody right now.”

Someone said.

“Investigate the matter now. Send out the experts of our imperial family. We have to find this dragonman even if that means turning our domain upside down. We would never tolerate such an insult to our dignity.”

The Dark King was enraged, much more enraged than the time the Dark Mulberry City was destroyed. It was obvious that the dragonman was challenging the imperial family directly. He had become the common enemy of the Dark Generation. If he wasn’t gotten rid of quickly, all of the cities would certainly fall into the chaos. Many people of Dark Generation, especially the princes would be affected in their daily lives.

The matter regarding the dragonman had already gotten very serious. On this day, many experts had been directly instructed by the Dark King to find this dragonman by hook or by crook in order to restore their family’s dignity and reputation.

The following day, the news regarding the dragonman was spread across the entire domain. Most of them were astonished when they heard that the Third Prince was in the dragonman’s custody. People from different cities were emotionally stirred up by this news. Before this, they were antic.i.p.ating the result of the encounter between the Third Prince and the dragonman. They would never have thought that it would end up like this.

“My G.o.d! How strong is the dragonman exactly? Even the Eighth Grade Minor Saint Third Prince couldn’t handle him. What’s going to happen next?”

“This man was really audacious. Killing a few princes isn’t as serious as kidnapping the Third Prince. His action has tarnished the dignity of the imperial family, which means that he had became the public enemy of the Dark Generation. He needs to be executed so that the dignity of the Dark Generation can be restored.”

“Now that the Dark King has become truly mad, countless numbers of experts have been sent to find this dragonman. I’m sure that there is already no place for him to hide in our domain.”


Many people were getting increasingly nervous with each pa.s.sing day, particularly those cities that were guarded by mere Eighth Grade Minor Saints. Their initial thoughts was that their safety was ensured as long as their city was guarded by an Eighth Grade Minor Saint expert. This however turned out to be false. The news said that even the powerful Third Prince was held captive by the dragonman now. Their cities were susceptible to the dragonman’s attack. Putting aside the matter of the treasures in the vault, most of them were worried about their lives, especially the princes in the rich families. They didn’t want to end up in a tragic death like those princes on Black Dragon Mountain.

The imperial kinsmen had already provided a solution to these cities. Under the order of the Dark King, a Ninth Grade expert would be sent to every city that was only guarded by an Eighth Grade expert. So, should the dragonman emerge, he would be killed by the Ninth Grade expert.

The cities felt a sense of relief with a Ninth Grade expert around, including those princes who had been staying late at night without a good sleep. Despite this, they still didn’t dare to walk out of their mansions. There were about ten experts guarding them in their room to ensure their safety. This was definitely the first unprecedented crisis that happened in the history of the domain.

As the experts were in search for the dragonman everywhere across the domain, Jiang Chen was already back at Dark Shadow City, regrouping with Dan King and the others. A lot of people in the inn recognized this youth in white that always carried a pleasant smile. No one would be able to connect this elegant youth to the dragonman.

“Haha! Little Chen, this has become very exciting. Those animal-like prince who said that they wanted to kill you ended up being killed by you instead. I have no idea how many of their families want to consume you right now.”

Tyrant looked over at Jiang Chen and laughed. They couldn’t ignore the news about this dragonman. It was all over the place.

“Chen Er, I was so worried for you just now. But when I thought about your capabilities, it somehow relieved my worries.”

Dan King chuckled. His concern for Jiang Chen was gone. Now, even if the experts had turned up on their doorstep, they wouldn’t be able to find the dragonman unless Jiang Chen deliberately transform himself.

The thing that amazed him the most was that Jiang Chen was able to defeat an Eighth Grade Minor Saint with his Third Grade Minor Saint cultivation. It was absolutely terrifying, even if the main reason for that was because of his flames. It seems that only Jiang Chen could achieve such a heaven defying result.

“Little Chen, what are you going to do with the Third Prince?”

Tyrant asked. He had been curious about this since the incident.

“He had already been imprisoned. He may prove to be useful against the imperial Dark Generation in the future. He is a prince after all, an imperial hostage.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Haha! It seems clearer now that Void Triangular Domain would never experience peace as long as you are in this land.”

Tyrant laughed.


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