Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 823 – The True Form of Dark Imperial Bloodline

Chapter 823 – The True Form of Dark Imperial Bloodline

The True Form of Dark Imperial Bloodline

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Continuous wails of pain could be heard. The Black Dragon Mountain had become an Asura h.e.l.l to these princes. None of them had encountered such a terrifying scene in their life. The huge combat waves and explosions from the Black Dragon Mountain had been noticed by the people outside.

Black Dragon Mountain was destined to become the center of attraction today. No one dared to go and find out what happened because of the orders given by the Third Prince. So, these people could only sense the combat waves but no one knew what exactly was happening within the mountain.

“Look! That’s a combat wave. Why did the battle start so quickly? It must be the dragonman. This is unbelievable, the dragonman really went over there.”

“This beast really has the guts to appear in front of them even after knowing that the Third Prince had invited all the princes there to capture him. His audaciousness knew no bounds.”

“This is surely a big commotion. Judging from here, it should be Third Prince who had initiated the strike along with the princes against the dragonman. Who do you think would win?”

“Isn’t that already obvious? The Third Prince is a powerful Eighth Grade Minor Saint. There are also some very powerful geniuses among the princes. The dragonman will never be their opponent even if he has two more heads and three more arms. I pity the dragonman for his lack of intelligence despite his powerful strength. Anyone could tell that this is a trap specially planned for him. There is a strong compet.i.tion among the imperial princes in King City. The Third Prince would certainly gain a higher status after killing this dragonman.”


A lot of people were discussing the matter but unfortunately, they didn’t know that their respected Third Prince hasn’t arrived yet and the Black Dragon Mountain had already fallen into chaos, it was the day where those young princes die.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Fundamentally, there was no chance of surviving after being encompa.s.sed by Jiang Chen’s five elemental sphere. He moved so fast that he became a beam of blood-red light. It was merely a few breaths of time but half of the princes were already killed.

“He is too aggressive but don’t worry everyone. We just have to stick together.”

“Quick! We have to launch an attack together.”

All the princes were frightened to death. Their hearts were pounding fast. The current scene had never cross their minds. It was too frightening. Now, they started to feel a little regretful upon seeing how cold-blooded this beast was. No, they were feeling super regretful. Some regretted for choosing to come here today. Some regretted arriving early. They should have come here on time rather than being early. If the Third Prince was here, they wouldn’t have ended up in such a way.

*Hong Long*

As a matter of fact, these princes’ cultivation weren’t low or weak. Their combined attack was without a doubt deadly. Sadly it was really not a threat to Jiang Chen.

In a battle, besides having a powerful combat strength, morale was also vital. If one’s morale dropped, one have already lost half the battle. Currently, not only were these princes had weaker than Jiang Chen, their morale was fully overwhelmed by Jiang Chen’s.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

The wails and howls of pain continued. Their combined efforts couldn’t defend against Jiang Chen’s aggressive attacks, they died one after another. They were all killed instantly. In fact, Jiang Chen has already gained quite a bit from killing them. He had collected quite a lot of dark spirits from them.

Very quickly, over thirty princes were already dead. Now only two were left. They were the Seventh Grade Minor Saints. Their faces were full of despair. Their bodies were covered with blood. Despite their high cultivation, they were having difficulty just standing up. It was conceivable how deprived their condition was. They were staring at Jiang Chen with frightened eyes. The two things that could be seen in their eyes were despair and hatred.

“Do…n’t kill us…”

One of them said.

“Don’t kill you? Let me ask you a question. If I am the one who had fallen under your hands, will you not kill me?”

Jiang Chen asked.

Two of them felt stunned before shaking their heads reluctantly. In truth, the question need not be answered. If it was Jiang Chen who fell into their hands, he would not only be killed but also tortured horrendously. He would suffer torture beyond one’s imagination. If that was the case, what’s the reason for them to beg for mercy? Could it be that they were the only one allowed to kill Jiang Chen but not the other way?

In this world, there are no moral values or reasons. The rationality lay on the strength of one’s fist.


At this time, a bellow was heard all of a sudden from above. A man in black robe appeared. He looked handsome and was as st.u.r.dy as a tiger or a bear. There was a kind of dignified aura in between his eyes. It gave people the urge to respect him involuntarily.

This was the Third Prince. His eyes had swept across the highland, he had seen those b.l.o.o.d.y corpses and the two princes who were under the control of Jiang Chen. One of the princes was familiar to him as he hanged out with him before.


Rage erupted from the Third Prince’s body. The scene made him spurt out blood. He had never expected that it will turn into such a tragic event just because he was slightly late.

“Third Prince, save us.”

One of them shouted loudly when he saw Third Prince, as though he had seen his saviour.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I order you to release them now!”

The Third Prince glared at Jiang Chen. His eyes had already turned red. He was undeniably angered. The reason he summoned these princes here was to lure the dragonman to the Black Dragon Mountain. He had never thought that he would actually come. What shocked him the most was that the dragonman came here even before he arrived.

The reason behind why the Third Prince took the initiative to capture and get rid of the dragonman was to prove his capability among the other imperial princes. He never thought that this plan had turned out to be a futile. Now, not only was the dragonman not eliminated, virtually all princes who were invited were dead instead. The background of all these princes were from different forces of different cities. So these princes represented almost all of the cities of the domain. Now, only two of them were left. The families of these dead princes would definitely put the blame on him. This would not only make the Third Prince’s initiative foolish but also cause a major trouble to the domain. He would not be able to compensate the losses, even if the dragonman was killed.

While he was clouded by anger, he continuously cursed those princes for arriving here early, and himself for not coming here sooner. He just needed to be a little bit early to prevent all of this from happening. However, his plans did not come to reality. Even if he came early, the ending would still be the same if he faced a powerful being like Jiang Chen. These princes would still die at Jiang Chen’s hands.

“Order? Is this some kind of joke? What right do you have to order me? Because you are an imperial prince?”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. It seemed like the Third Prince was using his high status to make all the people obey him. It was a pity that he couldn’t perceive the current situation properly. Jiang Chen wouldn’t pay his respect to this prince, he would only treat this prince as prey.

“Third Prince, save us.”

The two men looked very pitiful and miserable. The Third Prince was the only one who could possibly save them. They had fallen under Jiang Chen’s complete control now. Given the injuries that they had, they were completely immobilized.

*Pu* *Pu*

As soon as their voices faded, b.l.o.o.d.y holes appeared in their chests. Jiang Chen’s sharp claw had pierced through their chests. They could feel their vitals slowly fading away. It was a very cold sensation.


Third Prince burst from rage. His body started to expand and transform. His human appearance turned into a 30-meter-size monster.

His body became extremely muscular and plated with black scales that shone with a faint light. It had two sharp claws and a ferocious face that was scarier than any ordinary demon. In fact, the face alone could scare anyone to death.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You have really infuriated me! I will rip you into pieces, you lowly and absurd human!”

The Third Prince said while some sort of buzzing sound was produced from his body.

“Humph! Is this the true form of your bloodline? So this is the origin of Dark Generation. It looked a hundred times more disgusting than the devils.”

Jiang Chen humped coldly. His self-confidence that he had in annihilating the Dark Generation faltered slightly after seeing the true form of the Dark imperial bloodline. A race like this was no different than the devils which were cruel and heartless. It would be disastrous if the people of the Dark Generation could go to the Saint Origin World.


The Third Prince spit out a word and stretched his sharp claw forward. The void ahead was immediately crushed. He lunged forward with incredible speed, and appeared before Jiang Chen in just a blink. Unlike the common dark bloodline, the Dark imperial bloodline was extraordinarily powerful. As such, the Third Prince was a powerful enemy that shouldn’t be underestimated.

“You can at the right time.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. His current physical endurance alone was stronger than the physique of the dark imperial bloodline but due to the gap of their cultivation, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to take any chances. This was the first time that he would fight an Eighth Grade Minor Saint, an extraordinary Eighth Grade Minor Saint.


The void trembled. Jiang Chen launched an attack. It wasn’t a fancy punch but it moved so fast that it looked like a blood-red flash. The force of this punch was powerful enough to crush a large mountain.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen’s dragon claw collided with Third Prince’s sharp claw, creating a rumbling sound. The two claws collided with each other and produced large sparks.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

The powerful impact caused Jiang Chen to stagger three steps backward before he managed to compose his balance.


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