Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 822 – Turning the Black Dragon Mountain Blood Red

Chapter 822 – Turning the Black Dragon Mountain Blood Red

Turning the Black Dragon Mountain Blood Red

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The Black Dragon Mountain stretched out for a few hundred miles. It looked like the shape of a large black dragon from afar. The ups and downs of the summits gave one some sort of intense pressure. The central region of the mountain was a flat highland. It wasn’t a manmade highland, but a natural made land, regarded as the workmans.h.i.+p of the nature.

Presently, the day had turned bright. It was due to the energy of the light element. Tens of tables were placed on this flat highland. These tables were made from high grade True Meta Stone. This wasn’t to show how much fortune the Dark Generation had, but how abundant these stones were.

The tables was seated on by many people. Every one of them was a young prince with luxurious clothes and excessively prideful. They would naturally attend the meeting if they were personally invited by the Third Prince, regardless of whether the dragonman would appear here or not.

These princes came from different cities, all over the domain. They were the prestigious group of the Dark Generation. All of them were gifted geniuses and some of them were the elites of elites.

There was another table placed in front. It was the seat of honour, but it was still empty. The Third Prince hadn’t arrived yet. Roughly fifteen princes had already arrived at the venue, though most of them were already on their way here.

A while later, the number of princes rose to roughly thirty. All the seats had been taken. There were some outstanding princes among this group. There were two Seventh Grade Minor Saints, four to five Sixth Grade Minor Saints. The rest were mostly Minor Saints below the Sixth Grade.

Due to the unique bloodline of the Dark Generation and the particularly favourable natural conditions for their cultivation, many geniuses were produced. Their abilities could be compared to the outstanding geniuses of the eight families. If it wasn’t for the restriction of the domain, the overall strength of the Dark Generation wouldn’t be any weaker than any of the eight families.

“Gentlemen, do you think that the dragonman will emerge?”

A Fifth Grade Minor Saint prince asked. His cultivation was the same as Dark Liuyun’s.

“I guess he won’t dare to. Although he is strong enough to kill a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, he won’t stand a chance against the Third Prince, an overpowering Eighth Grade Minor Saint. Besides, did you notice that the dragonman only went to Dark Mulberry and the other two neighbouring cities? These three cities are deemed to be the weakest cities of our Dark Generation. The highest grade expert they have is only Seventh Grade Minor Saint. As for the cities that are guarded by an Eighth Grade Minor Saint, no incident was reported there. What’s the reason behind this? It’s because the dragonman is not capable enough to fight an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. So, if the dragonman appears today, we would be able to get rid of this trouble once and for all.”

“That’s right. The Third Prince will be here very soon. This is a rare gathering. Whether the dragonman comes or not, the most important thing here is the chance to meet the Third Prince. We can use this chance to build a rapport with him, which would certainly bring us a lot of advantages in the future.”

“Come, fellow brothers. We won’t always have a gathering like this. We should take this opportunity to have a few cups of drinks before Third Prince arrives. I have brought along my collection of vintage wine to share with my fellow brothers.”

A man waved his hand. A second later, a goblet made from high grade True Meta Stone was placed on every table . Then, a delicate wine pot was seen floating in the air as it filled the goblets on every tables.

“Gentlemen, my pleasure.”

The prince led them after circling around in all of the seats.

“This is a good wine indeed!”

At this moment, an abrupt sound was heard above them. The princes who were about to gulp their cup of wine lifted their heads up. They saw a dragonman that was illuminated with a blood-red light appearing out of nowhere. Despite their numbers, none them had noticed his arrival.


“You demon! You finally dare to show yourself. You really have the nerve.”

“Dragonman, you are surely finished this time for killing the princes of rich families. You will still die, even you have a hundred lives.”


Everyone on the highland cried out loud with their threats the moment they saw the dragonman. Jiang Chen just treated their threats as fart. He landed from the sky and strode forward to the side of the seat of honour. It was the seat where the Third Prince should be seated in but unfortunately, he wasn’t here yet.

“I don’t have a hundred lives, but just one. Did you think that the bunch of you could kill me?”

Jiang Chen’s ruthless eyes swept around the area. Those princes couldn’t help but feel frightened when they realised that the Third Prince hadn’t arrived yet. None of them was powerful enough to be this dragonman’s match, unless one of them was above Seventh Grade Minor Saint.

“A group of foolish garbage that are addressed as princes? I know that Third Prince had invited you all to deal with me. In fact, you are all here, just to establish a connection with him. I am already here, but he hasn’t arrived yet. This is a rather good thing, because he can play with your corpses when he arrives.”

Jiang Chen said emotionlessly.

Those princes were stunned after they heard what Jiang Chen had said. Their faces instantly turned ugly. Jiang Chen was right. According to their agreement, it was not yet the appointed time for the meeting to start, so the Third Prince hasn’t arrived yet . He would definitely not come early and wait for them, given his high ranking status. That's why they came here early and waited for Third Prince instead. They had never thought that the dragonman would suddenly appear here, even before the Third Prince came.

As a matter of fact, most of them were not really concerned about the matter of the dragonman. To them, this was merely an opportunity to get in touch with the Third Prince. As for the dragonman, they were sure that he wouldn’t come here after hearing the name of the Third Prince. However, the current situation proved them wrong.

“Humph! Brothers, there is no need to be afraid of him. There is only him alone. We have two Seventh Grade Minor Saints here and we are all geniuses. Our Seventh Grade Minor Saints aren’t as weak as the ones he had killed before. I believe that with our combined strength, we can hold him off until Third Prince arrives and eliminates him.”

A Seventh Grade Minor Saint prince made a cold humph. They must face this dragonman by themselves before the arrival of the Third Prince, unless they were willing to be slaughtered by this beast.

“That’s right. I’m curious to know how powerful this dragonman is. Take my Dark Palm!”

A Sixth Grade Minor Saint who had a fiery temper immediately struck out a palm. The terrifying black palm struck like a sharp blade, slapping over Jiang Chen.

It moved so fast that it reached Jiang Chen in a flash. This was a very powerful attack coming from a Sixth Grade Minor Saint, but Jiang Chen’s movement was simple while facing the attack. He raised his dragon claw and pushed it forward lightly, pulverising the incoming attack.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen attacked. He wouldn’t show any quarters towards these princes. Putting aside the unpleasantness he had for these people, they were already sentenced to death, the moment they show their murderous intent towards Jiang Chen. He would never show any mercy towards the people who wanted him dead.

*Hong Long*

The True Dragon Palm struck out. Two princes were grabbed by the terrifying dragon claws. They let out a high-pitched wail before turning into a blood mist.


The other two Seventh Grade Minor Saints were angered. Both of them launched an attack together, followed by several Sixth Grade Minor Saints. Together, they launched their strongest attack by far. A terrifying force exploded on the Black Dragon Mountains, making it look like the scene of the-end-of-the-world. Those princes’ attack had turned into some sort of black disc that was pressing down towards Jiang Chen from above.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph, totalling disdaining this attack. He immediately struck out the Fire Dragon Seal. An about 30-meter-long fire dragon burning with raging flames rushed out, as if it had come to life. It opened its huge mouth while charging towards the black disc.

*Hong Long*

The fire dragon straightaway swallowed the entire black disc and it exploded inside the dragon’s body. But due to the natural suppression of the fire dragon, the combined attacks of these princes was not able to reach its full potential.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

*Wah* *Wah*

Many of them had received a heavy backlash and were sent flying away. Some spurted out blood and looked at the dragonman with fear.

“Not good. This thing’s flames is able to suppress our dark force. We won’t be able to use our full strength under such a condition.”

Someone exclaimed. All of them had underestimated the dragonman. The previous attack was enough to prove that none of them was Jiang Chen’s match even if they combined their attacks. Now, they only could hope for the arrival of Third Prince, otherwise most of them would die under this thing’s hands.

“It’s my turn to strike.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. His five elemental sphere spread out like a tidal wave, covering all of them in just a few blinks of time. It was in fact too powerful that it could not be compared to any power sphere. The five elements were in perfect balance and harmony, it made five different power spheres. Anyone who was trapped by five elemental sphere wouldn’t be coming out.

These princes were like tortoises in a jar now. Running away was no longer possible for them.

“Not good, he has confined us!”

Someone shouted with shock.


Jiang Chen ignored the expression and emotions of these princes. He flapped open his dragon wings and lunged forward.

*Pu Chi* *Pu Chi*

Most of them were instantly killed when their waist was severed in half. When Jiang Chen attacked, he looked like a killing machine that would reap all of their lives. He was invincible. It was a pity that these princes who were supposed to cooperate with the Third Prince died because they came here early.


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