Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 824 – Not Giving a Chance

Chapter 824 – Not Giving a Chance

Not Giving a Chance

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‘The true form of Dark Imperial Kinsmen was really powerful. My physique couldn’t overpower it because of my low cultivation.’

Jiang Chen thought. He wasn’t surprised by the impact just now. Probably because it was already one of his expectations. His enemy was an Eighth Grade Minor Saint after all, an extraordinary one at that.

There was no sign of nervousness on Jiang Chen’s face despite him being sent staggering three steps back. The suppression of his flames actually helped fill the gap in their cultivation. Besides, he felt excited meeting an opponent worthy of his time.

“What a strong human! You are not dead yet even after receiving one of my punch. It seems that your transformation technique isn’t something ordinary. Too bad, you have made an unforgivable mistake. Today I must shred you to pieces.”

Third Prince shouted. He was very surprised that Jiang Chen was able to withstand his punch and stay alive. The gap in their cultivation was huge. Although Jiang Chen’s transformation technique could enhance his combat strength to fill in some of the gap, it was surely far from enough to fill in the huge gap.

After realizing the power of his opponent, he blamed himself for not arriving early. He was certain that this dragonman would be eliminated by him. And those princes wouldn’t have died. His reputation would’ve risen once again. He would then have the feeling of exaltation and fulfilment.

This was all because he came late that turned the success into failure. Killing this dragonman wouldn’t help compensate the deaths of the princes.


The Third Prince became angrier the more he thought about it. His body produced cracking sound and swayed. His terrifyingly sharp claw lunged at Jiang Chen once more. It was all this dragonman’s fault which put him into such a predicament. He must make this dragonman pay an extremely high price. This dragonman’s death must be a thousand times more pitiful than those princes’ death.

The force was too powerful. A simple move could already shred the void into pieces. The Third Prince had unleashed an unimaginable dark force that could destroy everything from his Dark imperial bloodline.

“You come just in time.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. There was no sign of fear on his face while facing the second attack of the Third Prince. He clenched his fist tight. Now, his fist was covered with dazzling flames. It then rippled outwards like a fire dragon, snaking his entire body.


The Third Prince was amazed because he could feel the pressure coming from the flames. This type of flame could strongly affect his dark origin. Under the suppression of the flames, the dark force in his body was somehow stifled. His Qi instantly faltered. In other words, he could no longer launch his greatest attack because of the suppression of the flames.


The both of them collided violently once more. The force of the collision pulverized the nearby void. Fiery light were lingering everywhere above the mountains, turning the battlefield into a world of fire.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

The impact of the collision pushed Jiang Chen and Third Prince three steps backwards, making it seemed like a draw.


The Third Prince roared furiously. How could he possibly accept such a result? He was obviously gaining the upper hand just now. His opponent couldn’t even stand his attack just now. His opponent only used a few breaths of time to counter his attack. This was certainly unbelievable.

Despite the shock, he was clear that his opponent was just relying on his powerful flames. It was a flame with the purest Yang energy, it could naturally suppress the dark energy, because of this, the Third Prince was unable to exert all of his power into his attacks. The draw in the battle had undeniably hurt his pride.

“Contemptible trick! I dare you to fight me without your flames!”

The Third Prince bellowed.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. How could a dignified imperial prince speak something like that? If you say that using my flames wasn’t fair in battle, what about an Eighth Grade Minor Saint fighting a Third Grade Minor Saint? You think that’s fair? It’s a life-and-death battle. You are welcomed to use any skills that you have.”

Jiang Chen gave a cold smile. It would probably make someone laugh until his teeth fall off, hearing the Third Prince say fairness in a life-and-death battle.

“Humph! I will show you my true power. Even if your flames could suppress me, so what? I will show you that any trick besides the true combat strength is useless. Take this! Dark Hand!”

Third Prince bellowed. The dark force spiralled around his body before condensing into a giant hand. It was a dark palm with the size of 30 meters. It was as black as ink and filled with lines that looked like a palm print. A simple wave of the giant palm created a gust of dark waves.

“How could your Dark Hand match my True Dragon Palm? It is equipped with the purest Yang energy.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was more powerful than the Third Prince. His body was boiling with combat aura. It wasn’t easy for him to find a powerful opponent like this. He must make sure that this battle would be very intense. He struck out the True Dragon Palm. The blood-red dragon claw was a lot larger than the Dark Hand.

True Dragon Palm was a true dragon combat technique. The force of this attack was much greater than when he is in human form. This attack blended perfectly with the True Dragon Fire before colliding violently with the Dark Hand.

*Hong Long*

Both the heaven and earth shook. Black Dragon Mountain was completely destroyed. Now, it wasn’t just the battle of physique. It was a battle of powerful techniques. As a matter of fact, the Dark Hand was a notch weaker than the true dragon combat technique. It was instantly crushed by the True Dragon Palm. The Third Prince received a huge backlash and was sent flying 30 meters away before finding his balance.

“Not possible!”

The Third Prince was in shock, this time he couldn’t help but feel shocked. They had just exchanged blows for three rounds. In the first round, he successfully suppressed his opponent. The second round, it was a draw and the third round, he was suppressed by his opponent instead. He couldn’t accept the development of the battle.

Jiang Chen had already expected all of these. If his opponent was replaced by the Eighth Grade Minor Saint of the Pure Land, he certainly only had one option – flee.

The current situation had given Jiang Chen the advantage, his flames could fill the gap of their cultivation. Also, his true dragon combat technique was naturally equipped with flames. So, it was another problem to the Third Prince. As such, it was impossible if the imperial prince could not be defeated.

In a nutsh.e.l.l, Jiang Chen would always have the upper hand against the people of Dark Generation.

“I won’t lose, Dark Surging Tide.”

The Third Prince was enraged. He refused to believe that he would be defeated by a mere Third Grade Minor Saint. It was true that Jiang Chen had the advantage because of his flames, but, the fact still remained that he was an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. If he lost the battle, who else or what else he could blame? Fairness again?

*Hong Long*

The gale of dark tide gusted out. It was boundlessly black, accompanied by a strong wind wave that could engulf everything ahead. The entire scene was filled with the black energy, turning it to a total darkness. The chilling atmosphere could send a chill down their spine.

“Fire Dragon in the Sky.”

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t fear the Third Prince’s attack. He was getting fiercer after every battle. A powerful fire dragon was launched. The power of every elemental skill in the Five Elemental Battle Dragon Seal was enhanced tremendously after the completion of the five elements. Adding the human-dragon form and the Fire Dragon Seal into it, the power of the attack was unimaginable.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

Three heaven-and-earth shaking dragon roar was heard all of a sudden. Three dazzling fire dragons roughly 120 meters in size were summoned by Jiang Chen. They drilled into the Dark Surging Tide at different direction. The terrifying power and suppression of the flames instantly tore the dark waves away.

The three fire dragons broke the darkness into a few portions, greatly reducing its attacking power.


Jiang Chen yelled once more. The three fire dragons exploded in the dark waves. The overpowering energy and explosive force blew all of the dark force within, destroying it completely.


The recoiling force was too strong, even for the formidable Third Prince. He spurted out a large mouthful of blood. His face turned deathly pale and his eyes glinted with a blood-red light. He wouldn’t dare to believe the thing that he was experiencing right now. He actually lost to the dragonman despite his high cultivation.

“No, I won’t lose this battle. Imperial blood, burn now.”

Third Prince was getting frenzied. He, who was a highly prestigious being could never accept defeat. He immediately casted the most extreme spell, to burn his own blood in exchange for greater power.

*Roar* *Roar*

He roared wildly as his body grew stronger. Judging from his physique, it had become a lot stronger than before and his Qi had been enhanced as well. All the newfound energy and tyrannical demeanor came from the combustion of his blood.

“Burning your own blood? I won’t give you the chance.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. How could he allow Third Prince to grow stronger? Immediately, he used the Azure Dragon Five Steps. He stepped into the void. Every step he made stamped a large pit in the void. Under his legs was a raging fire. His speed was fast. When he was above Third Prince’s head, it was the last step of Azure Dragon Five Steps.


This step which weighed thousands of pounds landed on the Third Prince’s head, interrupting the combustion of his blood, 50% of his blood had already been burnt.


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