Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 821 – Eighth Grade Minor Saint, The Third Prince

Chapter 821 – Eighth Grade Minor Saint, The Third Prince

Eighth Grade Minor Saint, The Third Prince

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Tyrant began to laugh. He knew that there wouldn’t be peace in wherever Jiang Chen went. The Void Triangular Domain was destined to be one of Jiang Chen’s stepping stone. Dan King was sighing at one side. He couldn’t deny the innate aura of a king from Jiang Chen. It was like he was gifted with an overbearing and imposing demeanour the moment he was born.

Jiang Chen was a person who had extraordinary luck. He would have lucky and unexpected encounter anywhere he went. As such, it was also his luck that made this domain chaotic.

He had made all the necessary preparations. Tomorrow, they would go to the trading centre of Dark Shadow City to undergo some transactions. This would make them look like normal human merchants. It wouldn’t arouse the suspicion of the Dark Generation people by the time they left for King City.

According to the usual schedule, the experts of the eight families should have arrived by now. But they would never appear in some small and insignificant city given their prestigious status, their private pa.s.sageway would only be linked to the King City.

The next day, the four of them walked out of the inn towards the central region of the city. On the way, they had heard some conversation related to Jiang Chen.

“Haven’t you heard about it? That dragonman disappeared after committing those crimes. I think he is too scared to come out now. Anyway, the Third Prince is going to deal with the dragonman personally soon.”

“Yes, I have. The news has been spread from King City. The Third Prince is an outstanding genius from the Dark Generation. He has already advanced to the Eighth Grade Minor Saint at thirty plus years old. He was infuriated when he was told of the incident regarding the dragonman. He has decided to get rid of the dragonman himself.”

“Is that so? But nothing will change if the dragonman doesn’t appear.”

“The Third Prince isn’t someone ordinary. The intention of the dragonman was very obvious. The reason he emptied all the vaults of the prefectures was because of the True Meta Stones. However, no one knew why he killed the princes of the rich families and how did these young rich princes offended him. So the dragonman must be targeting these princes. The Third Prince have gathered the princes from different cities to discuss about the dragonman.”


The entire Dark Shadow City was filled with conversations regarding the meeting of the Third Prince. One should know that the Third Prince’s prompt action represented the will of King City. In other words, they would be after the dragonman until they found him and kill him.

“Do you know where the meeting of the Third Prince and those princes would be held?”

“It has already been announced. I think it would be on the Black Dragon Mountain. It isn’t very far away from Dark Shadow City. It is only a few thousand miles in distance. The reason the location of the meeting was announced was to lure the dragonman there. It was likely that the place was already heavily guarded by numerous experts. The dragonman would certainly die if he chooses to appear there.”

“You are wrong. You should know that the Third Prince is prideful. He won’t allow the other experts to set up an ambush at that place. Furthermore, those young princes were mostly geniuses, which made them proud as well. This is a conflict between them and the dragonman. They would certainly wish to handle their own problem. Also, it would sully the Third Prince’s reputation if he needed some experts to deal with the dragonman.”

“I agree. Everyone knows how much pride the Third Prince has. He is a true imperial descendant. The unique bloodline of the Dark Generation is flowing in his body. Since he has decided to take action personally, he won’t be needing any external help. Those princes who were invited were merely the baits.”

“Despite being the bait, they were still willing to partic.i.p.ate in this so-called meeting. This was because they could get in touch with the Third Prince. Who would be stupid enough to miss this opportunity? Furthermore, they don’t need to fear the dragonman with the Third Prince there.”


This conversation were everywhere in the city. It was hard for the four of them not to hear it.

“Hehe, little Chen, it seems like the matter is becoming really interesting. I wonder if you would strike this time.”

Tyrant smiled.

“Chen Er, the imperial princes of King City aren’t like the previous enemies that you faced. They have stronger techniques and skills. It would be too dangerous to go there given the fact that the Third Prince is an Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”

Dan King said with a concerned tone. While it was true that Jiang Chen could eliminate a Seventh Grade Minor Saint with ease when he is only a Third Grade Minor Saint, it was also true that he would face difficulties while fighting against an extraordinary Eighth Grade Minor Saint. The Third Prince was a Minor Saint with great talent. He must’ve possessed some kind of trump card. Thus, he wasn’t an easy enemy for Jiang Chen.

“If the Eighth Grade Minor Saint that I would be facing is a genius from the eight families, I definitely won’t succeed. But I will definitely succeed if I am facing the genius of the Dark Generation. I don’t fear any of them.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Chen Er, don’t underestimate the people of the Dark Generation. Their geniuses are relatively on par with the geniuses of the Pure Land. They are all very powerful individuals.”

Dan King said.

“What you said is true but I have skills that can suppress their strength effectively. The skills that they are using are connected to the Dark Force. My flames, the True Thunderfire is the bane of the Dark Force. He would certainly not be able to exert his full strength even if he is an Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen said in a relaxed tone. He had proved the weakness of the dark force in his previous battles. He was starting to get interested in the Third Prince.

“Brother Chen, are you going out again?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

“Of course, those princes don’t make me feel pleasant. I will just have to erase them from this world. If I can hold the Third Prince hostage, it allows for more options for my future plans.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. This was an opportunity that came knocking on his door, how could he miss it?

“But, what if there is an ambush in the Dark Dragon Mountain?”

Dan King was still concerned about him despite knowing that the Third Prince was a very proud man.

“Don’t worry. My human-dragon form could allow me to escape even if I encountered a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. If there is really an ambush, all I need to do is to escape and I’m sure that my true ident.i.ty won’t be discovered.”

Jiang Chen said. He would never fight a sure-lose battle or do an unaccomplishable task.

Then, Jiang Chen interjected on a Dark cultivator who was in the middle of a conversation with a smile. “Hi, brother, do you know when will Third Prince start inviting the princes of the different cities to the Black Dragon Mountain?”

“I think it should be tomorrow, but I guess that dragonman would certainly not appear. He should know how powerful the Third Prince is. He would instantly die if he went there.”

The dark cultivator replied in a proud manner, sounding as if he was the Third Prince.

“Of course. Everyone knows how divine the Third Prince is. The dragonman would surely be defeated and eliminated.”

Jiang Chen smiled and replied with pride to show how much he admired the power of the Third Prince.

After a while, the four of them continued on to the largest trading centre of Dark Shadow City. A lot of pills have been traded for True Meta Stones. But this amount of True Meta Stones were nothing compared to Jiang Chen’s 200 million stones.

While they were acting like normal merchants in the crowd, the people of the Dark Generation were searching for signs of the dragonman. They would have never thought that the dragonman was just beside them.

On the second day, Black Dragon Mountain would become the center of attraction. The Third Prince had given the order that no one was allowed to get any closer to the Black Dragon Mountain except those young princes who were willing to fight against the dragonman. A lot of people were watching the mountain. They saw the young princes from different rich families flying towards the mountain one after another.


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