Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 820 – All the Fortune Was Wanted

Chapter 820 – All the Fortune Was Wanted

All the Fortune Was Wanted

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Dark Shadow City was considered an intermediate city out of all the cities in the domain. There were several Eighth Grade Minor Saints guarding it. A city as strong as this wouldn’t fear any attacks. However, the destruction of Dark Mulberry City, the theft of treasure in the vault of the two cities and the deaths of the princes of the rich families had rung the warning bell in their city. They no longer dared to impose the usual patrolling system despite the city being guarded by high grade experts. Now, the Eighth Grade Minor Saints would constantly sweep their divine sense throughout the entire city, looking for any suspicious ent.i.ties. They would act as soon as they found any suspicious person.

The ones who were worried the most were the princes of the rich families in the city. They were all in fact princes with exceptional talent but it scared the sh*t of out them when they thought about how those princes died in the two cities. Most of them refused to leave their door. They were accompanied by a few experts despite them staying home. They couldn’t deny the fact that those princes died unnoticeably in their own homes. This made the dragonman look like a ruthless spectre that haunted them.

The gateway was already opened for more than a few days, and a lot of the big cities were already filled with different kinds of people from the three different worlds. They couldn’t just chase these foreign visitors out of their cities. So, they needed to tighten their security so that they can hasten the detection the appearance of the dragonman in their cities if he so choose to come.

At the present moment, in one of the inns in Dark Shadow City, Dan King had booked an accommodation. The three of them were crystal clear of what has happened these past three days. The others might not know who the dragonman was, except them.

Tyrant got very excited after learning the world-shaking actions that Jiang Chen had done. He regretted not having the chance to fight alongside Jiang Chen when he reached the city. Given his impatient personality, he must be suffering a lot for being restricted by their current situation. This made him look less like a monk of Buddha Sect, who supposed to be very calm and patient.

Yan Chenyu looked very composed. She would not be shocked even if Jiang Chen had created a heaven-and-earth shaking chaos, because in her heart, brother Chen was an almighty being. Furthermore, the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion built by Dark Liuyun really disgusted her. Her impression of the Dark Generation dropped drastically when she learned that plenty of princes here had that kind of lascivious hobby.

Dan King was the one who was trapped in anxiety among them. He had been here before and knew how scary the Dark Generation could be. Besides, this was their territory. The way Jiang Chen do things worried him a lot. An incident like this had never happened before in the history of the Dark Generation.

“I just remembered that little Chen was using his human-dragon form when he fought with Nan Bei Chao in Mysterious Domain. Although none of Dark Generation had seen this before, the people of Saint Origin World must have already known about this. Wouldn’t his life be in danger when his ident.i.ty is exposed?”

A sudden thought struck Tyrant which kick-started his anxiety for Jiang Chen.

“Well, if I remembered correctly, this is not really a concern. Majority of the people from Saint Origin World are people from the Pure Land. Most likely, they will only know about Jiang Chen’s name because of the events in Mysterious Domain. Very few of them would know the details of the battle. Furthermore, it was just a recent event. Not many people knew about the battle in Western Domain. Also, the people of the Pure Land seldom cared about the matters of the other eight domains. I’m afraid that those who truly know about Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty now are only three of us. This must be the reason why Jiang Chen acted so boldly. I have to say, his actions were very incisive. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the history of the Dark Generation.”

“Senior Dan King, why do you have a heart that is more compa.s.sionate than a monk like me? You should already know what happened in Dark Mulberry City. That Dark Liuyun tried to poison us using tea. If it wasn’t for little Chen’s observation, we would have fallen under his hands now. Can you imagine what would happen after that? And those dead girls in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. I don’t think there is only one Dark Liuyun and one Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion across the entire land of this domain. What’s the use of being so compa.s.sionate towards these heartless and evil generation?”

Tyrant acted like he was advising Dan King from the bottom of his heart. His impression of the Dark Generation crumbled after the incident of Dark Liuyun.

“Of course, I know about the bad things that the people of Dark Generation have done, but they are the absolute master in this domain. The three cities that he attacked were the weakest cities of all. Now, he has infuriated the people of the Dark Generation, how could I not worry about him?”

Dan King sighed. He was not against Jiang Chen’s actions but he couldn’t wash away the worry that he had for him in his mind.

“Father, there is no need to be overly concerned. Brother Chen is capable of handling them.”

Yan Chenyu said with a smile. Her confidence in Jiang Chen exceeded even hers.

Dan King nodded. His confidence in Jiang Chen was boosted every time he recalled all of the things that Jiang Chen did back in Saint Origin World. Everything that he did was out of the ordinary. For example, he had ruled the four large domains and annihilated the Heavenly Sect. However, confidence wasn’t the same as concern. As Dan King had treated Jiang Chen like his own son, he didn’t want to see Jiang Chen got hurt. He was the senior who brought them here in Void Triangular Domain after all. Furthermore, Wu Ningzhu who was in Gu Family still needed Jiang Chen alive.

*Weng Weng*

At this time, a buzzing noise was heard from Dan King’s body. He quickly took out a golden talisman.

“It’s the messenger talisman from little Chen.”

Tyrant’s eyes sparkled.

“Chen Er is asking for our location.”

Dan King said. His face seemed relieved after knowing Jiang Chen’s news. He immediately convey their current location to Jiang Chen into the talisman.

A moment later, a spectre-like silhouette appeared in the courtyard. The man was wearing a snowy white robe and seemed to be around twenty years old. He was undeniably good looking with a bright smile, as though he was a prince of a wealthy family. Everyone could tell that this was Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Who can connect you to the dragonman with your current look?”

Tyrant laughed. Jiang Chen’s current look was truly charming. Even if the Dark King was here, he wouldn’t be able to find a connection about about the matter. Who would have thought that this young man that was full smile was the killing G.o.d that annihilated a city three days ago?

“Brother Chen.”

Yan Chenyu was delighted to see him again. She ran forth and gave him a bear-like embrace.

“Father, Xiao Yu, Tyrant, sorry for letting you all worry.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Little Chen, what you did in these past three days was really intoxicating. I heard that you have stolen all the treasure in the vaults of the three cities, and also dug out an ore mine. You should have quite a lot of True Meta Stone by now, right?”

Tyrant asked.

“That’s right. I have at least 200 million high grade True Meta Stones now.”

Jiang Chen said. He had obtained 100 million from Dark Mulberry City and 50 million each from the other two cities.


Dan King gasped a cold breath of air. 200 million high grade True Meta Stones was irrefutably a very great fortune. They were only supposed to come here and make the trade with the people of the Dark Generation for True Meta Stones. They were going to trade their items in exchanged for these stones. But it seemed like Jiang Chen had chosen another route to gather True Meta Stones after the incident with Dark Liuyun. He had decided to use the violent way of getting this stones. Clearly, his way of doing things was way more efficient, Dan King could even ask for some of them when he ran out of pills.

“200 million? Truly amazing! Little Chen, why didn’t you dig out the ore mines of the other cities as well?”

Tyrant asked.

“That’s what I wanted as well but without the help of Big Yellow, I won’t be able to locate those mines. I can’t just annihilate those two cities because I couldn’t get the ore mines right?”

Jiang Chen said. The reason he annihilated Dark Mulberry City was because it had planted an unpleasant memory in his mind after witnessing the incident in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. His mind and cultivation would be affected if the city wasn’t eliminated. Plus, the vengeance of the girls would also never be taken. So, he spared no efforts to get rid of everything in the city that day.

Of course, it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s compa.s.sion that the two cities weren’t destroyed. He just didn’t feel the need to do that. He would never do things that wouldn’t bring him benefits. Killing those excessively lascivious princes was already enough for him.

“Chen Er, what are you going to do next? The imperial kinsmen of the Dark Generation have already been alerted about this matter. I a.s.sume that all the cities have already tighten their security and patrols.”

Dan King asked.

“Not really a concern. They are looking for the dragonman, not me. They won’t be able to find him. We are going to browse around in different cities from now on and act like normal people and engage in some minor trading events. Finally, we’ll go to the King City for the major trading event. Of course, we would also kill a few princes on our way to reduce our boredom.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The dragonman had already become an untraceable avatar because the body and appearance varied too much with his current human form. Anyone who had seen his human-dragon form would not be able to recognize him that he was the dragonman.

“I think those princes of the rich families have locked themselves up now, fearing that the dragonman would find and a.s.sa.s.sinate them any time.”

Tyrant smiled.

“This is the reason that I have gotten rid of them. I want them to be afraid, afraid of what they have done in the past and the price that they would have to pay for committing such crimes.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shot out two beams of cold lights.

“Little Chen, since you have already obtained 200 million True Meta Stones, would you stop gathering them from now on? I know there are still a lot more in this domain.”

Tyrant asked naively. He was an individual who feared peaceful times.

“I won’t stop, of course. I don’t mind telling you my bigger plan. I want all the fortune that existed in this domain to be in my possession.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. Did he already got enough stones? That was impossible. Since he had come here, he should achieve greater things. He would just act according to the situation for the time being. He was afraid that the 200 million high grade True Meta Stones would not be enough for him to advance from the First Grade to the Ninth Grade Great Saint. He might also need it after becoming an Immortal. At that time, it would absolutely be an astronomical figure. So, what he wanted wasn’t just this 200 million. He wanted all of them in this domain. This time, the opening of the domain would certainly be chaotic because of Jiang Chen’s arrival.


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