Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 819 – The Crisis for the Princes

Chapter 819 – The Crisis for the Princes

The Crisis for the Princes

This was destined to be an exceptional night, a night of bloodshed. There was a sudden wave of wind that blew right above Dark Mulberry City. It then became a cyclone that destroyed anything that it touched. All the nearby beings were ripped to shreds.

The next day, the entire Dark Mulberry City disappeared completely from the land of Void Triangular Domain. All the buildings were gone. What was only left now was the ruins. However, there was a hidden place for the people of Dark Mulberry City during emergency. There were still quite many of them who were still alive in this secret place. Those who were in the city, especially the rich families were destroyed along with the buildings. It seemed like the cyclone was only targeting the rich families.

A powerful cyclone like that had never struck the Void Triangular Domain before. The people were smart enough to know that this was an act of an outsider, a human. The way the human destroyed their city sent chills down their spine.

Someone saw a dragonified human dig out the entire ore mountain and kill the City Lord and his followers yesterday. He then continued to attack Dark Mulberry City with a storm, turning the city into ruins. However, not a single soul knew about this person’s background.

It was a shocking news to the Dark Generation that the Dark Mulberry City was destroyed overnight. The incident had spread across the Void Triangular Domain with the fastest speed. In fact, the domain was only half the size of any domain in the Divine Continent, except Western Domain. Thus, the amount of cities in this domain weren’t that many. The destruction of a city was without a doubt an unprecedented event. Almost all of them were informed about this latest news in a very short period of time.

The gate of Void Triangular Domain had only opened for a day. Now, the neighbouring cities of Dark Mulberry City could already feel the threat of the crisis. They started to ask for reinforcements from the King City. According to the witness, the dragonified human was so powerful that even a Seventh Grade Minor Saint died under his hands.

The King City.

It was irrefutably larger. It was the largest and the most luxurious city of the Dark Generation, a grand city. The reason? it was because the city was inhabited by the imperial kinsmen. They were the true ruler of Void Triangular Domain. At this moment, plenty of imperial experts had gathered in the main hall of King City. The destruction of Dark Mulberry City had shaken all of them. Now, not even the King of the Dark Generation could sit calmly.

There was a middle-aged man with a black crown sitting in the hall. He had a physically strong body. His body exuded an aura of a powerful Qi. His cultivation was expectedly powerful – peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint. He didn’t have a name. Everyone addressed him as the Dark King.

The Dark King was the king of the Dark Generation. Anyone who took the position of a king of the Dark Generation would be addressed as Dark King. The imperial system here was similar to the emperor of Martial Saint Dynasty. The Dark Generation was like a country and the country was ruled by a single ruler – the Dark King.

“This is despicable! That dragonman must be from either of the three worlds. The gateway has only been opened for a day. How could such an event take place in our domain? I suggest to close the gate immediately and cancel all of the trading event.”

A Ninth Grade Minor Saint said. Due to his imperial status, he had a prestigious ident.i.ty in the Dark Generation. As a matter of fact, any Ninth Grade Minor Saint would be treated as the highest beings in the hierarchy status.

“No, we can’t. Our resources would not be enough for another three years. Plus, we have already mined a huge amount of True Meta Stones for the trade. We can’t cancel all the events because of this dragonman.”

Someone reb.u.t.ted. In fact, they were the ones who gained the most everytime a trade happened. So none of them could afford to cancel the trading events on a whim.

“None of us know where the dragonman came from. It is very likely that he is from the demon race. The demon race of the Boundless and Black Yellow World isn’t that powerful. The only possibility is that this dragonman came from the Demon Race of the Saint Origin World. The overall strength of the Demon Race could be compared to the seven families’.”

Someone guessed.

“That may not be entirely true. All the eight families have their own private pa.s.sageway. Besides, there is still half a month left before the trading event. They won’t arrive here that early. It would take at least a few more days for them to arrive here. There isn’t a single movement that was detected in their private pa.s.sageway as of yet. We should remove the possibility of the involvement of the Demon Race.”

Someone said.

“Dark King, in any case, the incident in Dark Mulberry City has never happened before in our history. Now, this would certainly leave a great insult in our history. This is obviously a challenge to our Dark Generation. We must find that dragonman by any means necessary.”

Someone said in a solemn tone.

Dark King waved his hand, implying all of them to keep silent.

“The trading event will not be cancelled because of the dragonman. I will not allow this tiny dragonman to cause a great turmoil in our soil. Pa.s.s the order to your subordinates, increase the security of all the cities and their awareness towards the dragonman. Also, send someone to Dark Mulberry City to find out any clues about this dragonman.”

Dark King ordered.

It was logical to think that the dragonman would certainly conceal himself after destroying Dark Mulberry City, unless he wanted death for himself, given the tight security they had imposed in all the cities.

The next thing that happened would send the entire Void Triangular Domain into turmoil.

On the third day after the gate was opened, the dragonman reappeared after a day of silence. The vault of treasure in the prefecture of the two neighbouring cities of Dark Mulberry City had all been stolen. Besides that, there were a series of murder cases happening in these two cities. Every case involved a prince of a rich family. They were all princes with prestigious status and innate talents but was also extremely arrogant like Dark Liuyun. They also did some immoral activities with the females even during the day.

Now, those cities had fallen into chaos. All the people of Dark Generation started to get anxious about this mysterious dragonman. Although the citizens didn’t actually see the dragonman commit theft and murdered those princes, they were still sure that it was the dragonman because there wouldn’t be anyone who was bold enough to commit such a crime.

However, the result of the two cities were a lot better than the Dark Mulberry City. They only suffered losses in the vault and a few princes of some rich families. The cities were still in good condition. These two cities had approximately the same strength as the army of Dark Mulberry City. Hence, the extra security wouldn’t do much help to prevent Jiang Chen from ma.s.sacring their people.

The group of people which was affected the most was the princes of all the other cities. They started to worry for their safety. They weren’t fools. They have already realised the killing patterns of the dragonman. The demon wasn’t just after their fortune but also the lives of these princes.

They had no clue why the dragonman would target them. They were involved in this crisis whether they liked it or not. Plus, the dragonman was untraceable and always hid himself in the dark. The empty vault could explain how powerful this dragonman’s stealth ability was. No one could tell when that demon would strike them and take their lives.


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