Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 818 – It’s Just the Beginning

Chapter 818 – It’s Just the Beginning

It’s Just the Beginning

Dark Liuyun’s emotion was stirred up when he saw his father, it was as though he had seen his true saviour. He almost dropped a tear and shouted, but no one outside of Jiang Chen’s power sphere could hear him.

“You aren’t any better than your son for not educating him. Today, all of you would have to die here.”

Jiang Chen looked at the lord and said.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you talk to the City Lord so rudely?!”

“He has harmed our prince, killed our guards and has stolen our ore mine. City Lord, let’s finish this audacious human now!”


The anger of the experts started to soar up to the sky. Void Triangular Domain was Dark Generation’s territory. Dark Mulberry City had never been attacked before until now. The actions that this human-dragon did had touched their bottom line. It was truly unacceptable. He needed to be eliminated in order to restore the dignity of Dark Mulberry City.

“Trying to act arrogant when you are merely a Third Grade Minor Saint? You are courting death!”

The City Lord was angered. He immediately struck with his palm. In his opinion, a Third Grade Minor Saint would certainly be under his full control. He had locked onto Jiang Chen. The strike that he made would not only restrain Jiang Chen but also save his son.

Unfortunately, that was just his thoughts.

He thought that he could immediately restrain Jiang Chen with his strength, but it was far from the truth. Jiang Chen dodged the restraining force with a simple sway. Then he hurled Dark Liuyun outwards.

It all happened in a split second. Dark Liuyun who had lost his cultivation collided with his father’s attack. It was imaginable what would happen next.


“Father, argh…”

Dark Liuyun let out a wail before he disintegrated and died instantly, like the others before him, leaving not a single remain behind aside from a Dark Spirit in which Jiang Chen immediately kept.


The City Lord howled wildly like a mad man after seeing what happened. He had just killed his own son.

“Haha! You are really a being that has no conscience. Did you know that even a cruel tiger would not kill its own cub? You have just pulverized your own son into tiny particles, not even a part of the corpse is left. Sure enough, you are cold-blooded. Just now, I promised Dark Liuyun that I will release him after I obtained the ore mine. I didn’t expect that he would still die, and he died under his father’s hands. Haha…”

Jiang Chen started to laugh wildly. The way Dark Liuyun died was probably the cruelest way of dying. Only the Heaven knew what Dark Liuyun thought before he died. This type of death was a hundred times more cruel than being burnt to death. It destroyed all of his hopes instantly. Ever since he was held captive by Jiang Chen, he had always been planning to get his father to save him, he believed that his father would be able to defeat Jiang Chen. Now, his father was finally here but he still died under the hands of his father. How ironic was that? Although the root of all of these was Jiang Chen, the fact still remained that he died under his father’s attack.

The one who felt the agony right now must be the City Lord. Different kinds of emotions, anger, hatred, sadness, regret and many more overwhelmed his soul with every second, causing him to fall into a frenzied state. Both of his eyes stared at Jiang Chen hatefully. He knew that all of this happened because of Jiang Chen and it was all his fault, otherwise he wouldn’t his kill own son with his attack.

“Kill, kill him now! No! Capture him alive! I would make him suffer all kinds of torture to avenge my son, Dark Liuyun.”

The City Lord was infuriated and clamoured. Dark Liuyun’s death was mainly caused by this human-dragon.

The overall strength of two Seventh Grade Minor Saints and six Sixth Grade Minor Saints were overpowering but it was still not too powerful for Jiang Chen. Back when he annihilated the Heavenly Sect, the group of Minor Saints were even larger than this small group.


Jiang Chen moved. The movement of his steel-like dragon wings created a gust of blood-red whirlwind. Jiang Chen didn’t plan to let any of them go. He would take the initiative if his opponents wouldn’t.

*Pu Chi* *Pu Chi*

Two Sixth Grade Minor Saints wailed and were severed in half, they died instantly. His pair of dragon wings was like an indestructible weapon that was a lot stronger than any ordinary Minor Saint weapon. Using this kind of weapon to kill Sixth Grade Minor Saints was as easy as cutting melon.

“Not good. This demon is too powerful. Everyone, stick together!”

Not only did the City Lord failed to capture the human-dragon, they were attacked instead, causing two deaths as a result. He wasn’t a fool, he could instantly see how powerful this dragonified human was when two Sixth Grade Minor Saints were killed so easily.

“Argh!” “Argh!” “Argh!” “Argh!”

However, the other four Sixth Grade Minor Saint were killed while the City Lord spoke these sentences. The way that he killed them was too cruel and eerie. Two of them were severed from the waist and the other two were killed with their skulls crushed by Jiang Chen’s dragon claw.

It was only a few breaths of time. Now, the group only had two Seventh Grade Minor Saints left. Both of their faces changed dramatically. They looked at the terrifying human-dragon in disbelief. Despite their cultivation, they could still feel a shapeless pressure from him. Neither of them could kill six Sixth Grade Minor Saints in mere seconds.

“Dark World.”

The City Lord no longer dared to waste any time. He immediately launched his strongest attack. An image of a world appeared above his head. There was nothing inside except darkness. It gave anyone the feeling of heaviness and suffocation.

“Dark Swelling Tide.”

The other elder yelled and launched a violent dark wave. It came out like a boundless tidal wave with a dark force that let out howls. Then, a huge image of a giant monster with black scales that looked the king of darkness emerged behind the elder.

“It seems like my guess is really on point. This is the force from your World Origin. You all are just a bunch of monsters.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. The attacks from these two were one of the ultimate skills of the Dark Generation. Their attack would be stronger because it was night time now. Their attack would be enhanced by the dark energy around the atmosphere, making their attack deadlier than in the day time.

He was not really concerned about it because his body had a natural resistance against the dark force. Any dark force would eventually be suppressed by Jiang Chen’s fire.

“Eternal Immortal Wind, True Thunderfire, True Dragon Fire.”

Jiang Chen bellowed. A gust of wind rushed out of his body once more. This time, it was a lot stronger than before because it was integrated with the raging flames. It was the flames of thunder fire and true dragon fire. Now, it started to look like a shadow of a dragon and lightning, intensifying the atmosphere.

The Qi of both their ultimate skills dropped significantly when they sensed the formidable force of the flames and wind. It was like they had encountered their natural enemy.

“What kind of flame is this? How could it suppress our power?”

“Is it some kind of Heavenly Earth Flame? Our generation had never succ.u.mb to flames but this flame has the purest Yang energy. All of our strength would be significantly suppressed by these flames.”

Their faces instantly changed, but it wasn’t their concern now. Although their opponent had suppressed their strength, their cultivation was still undeniably higher than their opponent. Their strongest attack still continued to charge towards Jiang Chen at the same time.

Jiang Chen’s combined skills also launched forward and collided violently with the two dark attacks.

*Hong Long Long*

In an instant, thousands of miles across the mountains were destroyed, causing the sky and land to shake and quake. The supposedly dark sky turned unusually bright because of the flames. The destructive force of the wind had crushed all the mountains into powder. Everything were destroyed in its path.

The Dark World and Dark Swelling Tide were torn by the Eternal Immortal Wind. The two dark attacks couldn’t even stand for a few seconds. The entire process was as simple as breaking a rotten piece of wood.

*Wah* *Wah*

The two of them spurted out successive mouthfuls of blood after being struck by the gale. They had lost all of their composure as a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Their bodies were cut by the sharp wind, making them shaky to even stand and would fall to the ground any time. Even if they were still alive now, they weren’t very far from death. Their current condition wouldn’t allow them to fight, as more than half of their combat strength has already been expended.

“Impossible! I absolutely don’t believe this!”

The City Lord was shaking his head in disbelief. They were very confident of their own strength. How could a day like this arrive and knock on their doorstep?


With a sway, Jiang Chen appeared in front of the two. He used his sharp dragon claw to lift both of them by holding their skulls. He exerted a slight force and both of their heads snapped. Presently, all the experts, including the City Lord were already dead.

Jiang Chen was yet to stop after completing this. He turned to Dark Mulberry City. Given that such a big commotion has happened here, there would certainly be a continuous flow of bystanders who would want to come here and find out what happened.

“Like I said, the Dark Generation should never exist. I would ensure that their entire generation would disappear from this world. It would start from Dark Mulberry City.”

Jiang Chen’s dragon wings fluttered. He then turned into a blood-red light and shot straight into Dark Mulberry City. He would not only finish Dark Liuyun and the people related to him, but the entire Dark Generation. Dark Mulberry City would be the starting point of all these.


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