Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 817 – Violent Massacre

Chapter 817 – Violent Massacre

Violent Ma.s.sacre

Dark Liuyun could see that it was a shape-s.h.i.+fting technique but he didn’t know why he decided to use this technique. Unless he was planning to use this against the experts in the ore mine, it was totally unnecessary.

He was smart enough to know that Jiang Chen was planning something but he didn’t have a clue what it could be. Furthermore, Jiang Chen terrified him and send tingles from the bottom of his spine. He had never seen such an abnormal human being in his life.

There was a big entrance to the ore mine but Jiang Chen didn’t use it. He just made a very simple move. He floated above the ore mine and sent a violent punch below.

No one had any idea how powerful the punch was, but the surface of the hill-like ore mine was instantly crushed, leaving behind a large pit. Now, the mineral ores inside became visible from the outside. The surface of the big rock was glittering brightly in the night. It was a very big bulk of ore attached to the mountain. It would require plenty of effort to reduce the size of this rock into a fist-sized True Meta Stone. However, all of these were as effortless as lifting a feather to Jiang Chen. In fact, if this big rock was broken into smaller pieces, it would be harder to suck it into his body than this large rock itself.

Jiang Chen immediately stuck out his roughly three-hundred-meter large dragon claw that was condensed by Yuan Force, and grab the entire ore mine in his claw.

“Who is it? Trying to act atrociously in our ore mine?””

“Someone is attacking the ore mine. That person is absolutely courting death!”

“Not good, the ore mine is moving. Someone is trying to bring the entire ore mine away. Who the h.e.l.l is doing this?”

Sounds of exclamation was heard from below. A second later, numerous black silhouettes flew out of the mine one after another. In just a few blinks, over a hundred of them had gathered above the mine. They were all powerful experts ranging from Combat Emperors to Minor Saints. There were roughly 14 Minor Saints. The leader among them was an elder with a powerful cultivation – Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

These people were the experts and guards whom Dark Liuyun mentioned. In normal days, the people here would be lesser than half of their current number. The security had been increased when the Void Triangular Domain was opened.

Dark Liuyun was stupefied. He didn’t expect that a very careful Jiang Chen would suddenly create such a huge commotion. He initially had planned to send a message to his father himself, but it seemed like it was already unnecessary. His father should just step down as the lord of the city if he couldn’t sense such a big movement.

“Stop! Where did this wild man came from? You dare to touch our ore mine?!”

The elder saw that the ore mine below was covered by a blood-red dragon claw, a human-dragon that illuminated a blood-red light was trying to lift the entire hill. All the guards widened their eyes in awe, as if they had just seen something unbelievable in a TV show. How could a person be bold enough to seize their ore mine? Does he want to die so badly? According to the history of the domain, there were no humans that dared to seize their ore mine before, even if they were considered very powerful, but today, they had encountered a frenzied human who was bold enough to take their ore mine away by force. This was without a doubt despicable.

*Hong Long Long*

The mountain and land was shaking. Jiang Chen no longer tried to conceal his actions. The mountain like ore below was about to be detached from the ground.

“Third uncle, save me.”

Dark Liuyun shouted at the elder. He only viewed this guards and experts as cannon fodders, he had already witnessed how Jiang Chen easily disposed a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. If he was sensible enough, he would have reminded his people not to approach Jiang Chen until the experts of prefecture arrive. Unfortunately, he was overwhelmed by his instinct to survive. Although he had been held captive by Jiang Chen not long ago, he felt like he was always on the edge of falling into h.e.l.l at any time.

The elder was stunned. It took him a while to recognize him before his face changed drastically. “Liuyun.”

When he saw Dark Liuyun’s miserable condition, his rage erupted from his body, an outsider dared to attack and held the prince of the city captive.

Dark Liuyun wanted to speak more but his voice was stuck in Jiang Chen’s power sphere. Now, his words could longer be heard even if he shouted with all of his might.

*Hong Long*

In a few hundred mile radius of that area, the mountain shook as soon as the ore was lifted from the ground. Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Although this wasn’t a very large ore mountain, it was like what Dark Liuyun had said, the ore could still produce around 50 million True Meta Stone. Adding the 50 million from the vault, he would gain 100 million True Meta Stone this time. Such a large fortune was truly too shocking, even to the eight families.


“Stop him!”

A lot of the guards exclaimed when the mountain was about to fall under the outsider’s hands. They finally couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone launched their attack. Over a hundred people had surrounded Jiang Chen, making a large circle.

Jiang Chen remained composed didn’t change even when he was surrounded by so many of them. He just totally ignored them. The mountain that was in mid-air was kept into his Qi Sea with a swoosh.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He has taken the ore mountain! Kill him!”

“Be careful! Don’t hurt the prince!”

Some people started yelling. The current scene was too shocking for everyone. Guarding the ore mountain was just a very simple task in normal days because no one would dare to attack them unless they were at war with another city. This was unlikely because their relations.h.i.+p with the neighbouring city was quite close and the two of them had their own ore mountain. So they would never interfere in each other’s business. There had never been a conflict between two cities before.

*Hong Hong*

Everyone began to release their Qi. Those Minor Saints had summoned their Combat Weapons that created by humans but these were just ordinary Emperor Weapons. Perhaps this kinds of weapon was strong enough in Void Triangular Domain.

“All of you would have to die.”

Jiang Chen sounded cold-blooded. He would never pity the people of Dark Generation. His five elemental sphere had already encompa.s.sed all of them the Combat Emperor or Minor Saints alike before they even struck.

“What is happening? I feel like I have been confined.”

“This is a very powerful monster. My entire body is immobilized.”

“Why is this happening? Why can’t I control my body? I am a Fifth Grade Minor Saint!”


Everyone started to panicked the moment the five element sphere blanketed them, they had lost control of their movements.

“Eternal Immortal Wind.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t give them a chance. The immortal wind had turned into a shape of a dragon with sharp winds resembling blade-like scales. In this instant, the wind had engulfed them all.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Wails of pain resounded throughout the sky. The Eternal Immortal Wind was like a meat grinder that pulverized them instantly. The Dark Spirit left behind automatically flew towards Jiang Chen.

It was just a few blinks of time, all of them were killed, except the Sixth Grade Minor Saint. Not a single remain was found in the scene. Presently, half of the Sixth Grade Minor Saint’s body was already badly injured as the wind was just too strong.

“No…how can he be this powerful? Argh…”

The Sixth Grade Minor Saint turned into a blood mist and vanished completely in the wind. Over a hundred of them disappeared in the void just like that, there was no corpse left behind.

The Eternal Immortal Wind was a very powerful technique of Nan Bei Chao. It was an inherited immortal art that Nan Bei Chao acquired in the Immortal Possessive Mountain. It was powerful enough to instantly kill a Seventh Grade Minor Saint even if Jiang Chen was the one who used it.

*Hua La*

Then, he withdrew the wind and the night returned itself to its usual calmness. A sharp stench of blood lingered in the atmosphere. But not even a single corpse could be found on the premises. Dark Liuyun who was standing beside Jiang Chen had lost all of his hope and was in shock. This was a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life. Over a hundred of them were killed instantly by the terrifying wind. He had never seen anything like this before.

*Hong Long*

A few seconds after Jiang Chen killed all of these men, a powerful Qi of seven to eight people emerged in the direction of the city like a flash. Jiang Chen knew that they were the experts of the prefecture. Jiang Chen would go and find them if they weren’t coming. His next target was to start a clean-up in this city.

The Qi was from the eight of them. There were two leaders, a middle-aged man and an old man. They had the strongest cultivation – Seventh Grade Minor Saint. The other six were all Sixth Grade Minor Saints. These were all the higher ups in the city. In fact, they were not a threat to Jiang Chen at all.

The eight of them were furious when they saw the scene and the large pit in the ore mountain. Their expression changed instantly when they saw Dark Liuyun being held captive by Jiang Chen.


The lord of prefecture called his son’s name. Dark Liuyun was the son that he loved the most, he was his only child and was so precious to him. Today his son was hurt by an outsider. It made his rage erupt from his head.

“I don’t know which world you are from but I am sure that our city hasn’t offended your kind. Release my child now!”

The lord of prefecture bellowed. When he saw Jiang Chen’s human-dragon form, he a.s.sumed that Jiang Chen was from some kind of demon race.


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