Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 816 – The Mine of True Meta Stone

Chapter 816 – The Mine of True Meta Stone

The Mine of True Meta Stone

Everyone who was involved in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion was eliminated. A part of Jiang Chen’s anger had been released through eliminating them. Of course, the matter wouldn’t just end here. Since he had came all the way from Saint Origin World, he must ensure that the Void Triangular Domain would descend into chaos.

Dark Liuyun wasn’t killed yet. Jiang Chen had kept him alive as he needed to get the benefits that he mentioned just now.

“Jiang…Jiang Chen, you have already killed all of them. I believe that your vengeance have already subsided. I could guarantee your benefits if you spare me my life.”

Dark Liuyun said while s.h.i.+vering. No one in the world wanted to die. The better the life of a person, the more fearful the person becomes towards death. Dark Liuyun was a young lord of a prefecture, a highly prestigious person in his city. He had never imagined that a day like this would come in his life.

“Let’s move, bring me to the vault of the True Meta Stone.”

Jiang Chen said plainly.

Dark Liuyun’s expression changed. He could feel Jiang Chen’s strong desire for targeting the vault of the prefecture. He knew that was the last bargaining chip that he could use, he would certainly lose if he brought Jiang Chen there.

“Jiang Chen, the entire vault is sealed by my father. Only my father could enter it. You just have to let me go and I will ask my father to open the vault for you to enter. At that time, you can take however many True Meta Stones you like.”

Dark Liuyun said.

“Bring me to the vault, I will not repeat myself another time.”

Jiang Chen looked at Dark Liuyun coldly, Dark Liuyun didn’t dare to look him in the eye. After knowing that his persuasion had failed, he quickly moved, leading Jiang Chen to the direction of the vault. Dark Liuyun chuckled in his heart silently even though he was still in Jiang Chen’s custody. As a matter of fact, there was a seal planted by his father around the vault. If Jiang Chen entered the vault forcefully, he would be in contact with the seal. After that, his father would be alerted and he would be saved.

It was a pity that Dark Liuyun had forgotten the incidents in the courtyard earlier. Jiang Chen had set a formation outside the courtyard himself, to make sure that the noises and movements would be hidden by the formation. As such, it was naïve for him to think that an ordinary seal could stop a grandmaster in formation.

Similar to the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion, the vault of the prefecture was hidden underground. It was a very huge underground chamber. With his earth soul, he could drill into the ground without going through the normal pa.s.sageway.

Dark Liuyun was shocked when he saw Jiang Chen’s uncanny ability. He regretted plotting against such a crazy and ruthless human being. Why did he go and provoke such a disastrous being? His fate would not have ended up like this if he didn’t intentionally provoked Jiang Chen.

“This is the vault.”

Dark Liuyun pointed at the four-meter-tall thick rocky door. He knew that this was the only way to get into the vault and it was completely sealed by his father. Anyone who tried to break into it would be detected instantly by his father.

Furthermore, it would also be useless if one tried to destroy the seal. His father would know if the seal is destroyed. In other words, Jiang Chen’s movement would be exposed as long as he entered. Now, Dark Liuyun felt a glimmer of hope in his heart. He believed his father, a peak Seventh Grade Minor Saint would be able to rescue him from Jiang Chen’s evil grasp.

Dark Liuyun looked at Jiang Chen, he was curious about what Jiang Chen would do to overcome this obstacle.

“Dark Liuyun, I already knew what you are thinking but unfortunately, you are fated to be disappointed.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Dark Liuyun. Then he vanished with a swoosh and penetrated the rocky door.

“What? This is impossible!”

Dark Liuyun exclaimed. He could sense that Jiang Chen didn’t affect any of the seals as he entered through that door. It showed him how harmless and useless his father’s seal was.

Jiang Chen didn’t mind Dark Liuyun’s astonishment because he too, was astonished by the glittering and dazzling fist-sized True Meta Stone that was piled up into three small hills.

“There are all high grade True Meta Stones. I think there are at least 50 million of them here.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He couldn’t help but lick his lips. There was an excessive amount of fortune stored here. Besides the stones, there were also some other herbs and unusual treasures here. This must be the things that they traded from the humans three years ago. It seemed like they were going to run out of it soon.

Well, Jiang Chen was uninterested in those herbs. He only wanted the True Meta Stones now because one stone was equivalent to a Saint Rank Restoration pill. 50 million of them was truly a shocking amount.

“You are right. There are exactly 50 million high grade True Meta Stones here. Take all of them with you and let me go.”

Dark Liuyun said.

Jiang Chen ignored Dark Liuyun. He grabbed with his big palm, followed by a consecutive sounds of ‘Hua La’ as uncountable amount of True Meta Stones flowed crazily into Jiang Chen’s body like a tidal wave. His body was like a bottomless pit that couldn’t be filled.

With his current cultivation, his Qi Sea had already become as large as a small world. It was even large enough to fit hundreds of mountains.

The entire vault became s.p.a.cious and empty in just a few blinks. Jiang Chen also kept those herbs into his Qi Sea. The emptiness in the vault gave Dark Liuyun the urge to spurt blood. He didn’t know what his father would do if he found out about this.

“Jiang Chen, you have already obtained what you needed. I suggest you to release me now. You won’t gain anything by killing me.”

Dark Liuyun said.

“Since I have already obtained what I needed, your life is worthless to me now. I will kill you right away.”

Jiang Chen revealed a violent smile at the corner of his mouth. Dark Liuyun could feel Jiang Chen’s killing intent. His face turned drastically pale and said at once. “Do…don’t kill me. I am still useful to you.”

“Uh? Tell me about it. I want to see whether it is true.”

Jiang Chen kept his Qi and gave an expectant look.

“These ores originated from the land of Void Triangular Domain. The unique feature of these ores is that they can absorb light energy before turning into True Meta Stone. The reason for our unending supply of True Meta Stone is the special ore mines. A thousand mile away from Dark Mulberry City is a small scale ore mine. We mined all of the True Meta Stones there. If you promise to let me go, I could bring you there. According to my knowledge, it is still possible to mine around 50 million of them despite its small size.”

Dark Liuyun quickly explained hoping that he could win Jiang Chen’s mercy. One should know that the ore mine was hidden on the surface. Adding the fact that the World Origin was connected to it, any ore mine would look as ordinary as the summit of a mountain. Only the people of Dark Generation could locate them. Any outsiders wouldn’t be able to find it.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled after hearing this. He had already guessed that some kind of ore mine should be the source of the True Meta Stones. Now, it seemed his guess was really on point. How could he miss this opportunity to visit the ore mine?

“Bring me there now. I will consider sparing your life if I am in a good mood.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more effort in negotiating with Dark Liuyun. He hauled Dark Liuyun along and vanished from the empty vault.

Dark Liuyun actually had another plan in mind at the ore mine. This would be the his last chance to escape with his life. The ore mine was fully controlled by Dark Mulberry City, there were experts and guards on duty there. Anyone there could instantly send a distress signal to the prefecture should anything bad happen. So Jiang Chen could not avoid this unless he could kill all of them the second he arrived. His father would be able to sense it for Jiang Chen would certainly create a big commotion this time. Given his father’s strength, it would only take him a few blinks to reach the ore mine from the prefecture.

Jiang Chen and Dark Liuyun had reached their destination. There was a small hill ahead. It didn’t look anything special, but this was certainly one of the ore mines in the domain. Jiang Chen used his Great Soul Derivation Technique but didn’t find anything extraordinary about it. It seemed like it wouldn’t be an easy thing for the humans to find an ore mine here. Suddenly, he thought of Big Yellow, what if that dog was here with him, the task would have been easier.

“This is it.”

Dark Liuyun said.

Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the dark sky. His eyes shot out two rays of cold light. He extended his arms to feel the chilling wind in the dark and said. “It’s time to put an end to this. The next moment would be the last step of the plan. Tonight is fated to be an extraordinary night.”

Jiang Chen finished his words and his body began to transform. Cracking sounds were heard. In a few blinks of time, his body grew a fold larger. He was now a half human half dragon. A pair of blood-red dragon wings flapped, oozing with a cold light and his sharp claws exuded a blood-red s.h.i.+mmering light. His eyes looked like those ferocious devils from h.e.l.l.


Dark Liuyun sucked in a cold air upon seeing this sudden transformation. He was shocked. It was hard for him to relate this dragon man to Jiang Chen. In fact, this was Jiang Chen’s plan just now. After telling his friends to get away from here, he would begin a night of ma.s.sacre with his human-dragon form. The most they could remember would only be his human-dragon appearance, they wouldn’t know that it was him. As such, it wouldn’t ruin their trip to the King City.


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