Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 815 – A Bloody Lesson

Chapter 815 – A Bloody Lesson

A b.l.o.o.d.y Lesson

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The night in Void Triangular Domain was truly dark. The coldness in the air gave visitors from other worlds an uncomfortable sensation. Two silhouettes suddenly appeared above a mansion, without causing any ripples in the air, as though they were spectres that had fully integrated with the void.

These two silhouettes were Jiang Chen and Dark Liuyun. Currently, he was being controlled by Jiang Chen. In his opinion, Jiang Chen had become a very terrifying being. Despite being in his own city, Jiang Chen would certainly not give his father a chance to save him.

“This is one of the rich families in our city. Dark Huiguang and his two brothers are from the same family.”

Dark Liuyun pointed at the mansion below and said.

“Three brothers, huh? It seems like the young princes of Dark Generation have such a disgusting hobby. Truly despicable.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Dark Liuyun. The three of them originated from one rich family. They must’ve been a frequent customer to his Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. There was really no reason for such people to continue on living.

“Let’s move. We have to find them. Don’t ever try to play tricks on me because they are of no use in my power sphere. It would only bring endless pain. I am the only one who can hear you, no one else would be able to hear it, even if you shout.”

Jiang Chen sounded frigid, but it was also despairing for Dark Liuyun. He had been constantly thinking of how to escape, but none of them had seemed to work.

“Dark Huiguang’s residence is over there.”

Dark Liuyun pointed his finger at a position. It was a peaceful and splendid-looking courtyard. It was brightly lit, despite the darkness of the night.

Jiang Chen made a sway and rushed towards it.

Presently, three young men were sitting around a table, drinking and chatting about things related to women.

“Big brother, those misses in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion have been our toys for three years, it’s time to find other girls to replace them.”

“That’s right. Now that the Void Triangular Domain is opened once again, I believe that prince Liuyun would certainly not miss this good opportunity. We would be able to enjoy new toys when he finds better quality girls.”

“Agreed. I have to admit, those girls are a lot better than the girls of our generation. Haha…”

The three of them were drinking wine while talking about obscene topics. None of these words had escaped Jiang Chen’s ears.

“The three of them are present.”

Dark Liuyun said.

“This is better than what I had expected.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. It seemed like he lucky this time. They had just saved him a lot of time. They must have a lot of common interests, to be able to sit down in the middle of the night and chit-chat. There was a huge difference if you compared their cultivation with Dark Liuyun’s. Two of them were First Grade Minor Saint and the other was a Second Grade Minor Saint.


Two men appeared suddenly, right next to the table. One was a youth in white while the other was a man in purple. This man in purple looked pitiful. There were wounds all over his body and half of his face was mutilated.

The three of them were stunned. They have never expected a visitor to casually come in the middle of the night. Although Dark Liuyun looked in a bad shape because of being beaten up, the three of them had no problem recognizing him.

“Brother Liuyun, what happened to you?”

Dark Huiguang stood up from his seat and asked.”

“Who are you?”

Another prince pointed at Jiang Chen and shouted.

“The person who wants you dead.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold. His five elemental sphere had covered them all up. Their faces instantly changed when they felt a shapeless pressure working against their bodies from all directions, immobilizing them.

“Who are you? Do you have any idea what you are doing?”

“Son of a b*tch! You are emanating human Qi. This is Dark Mulberry City. You would certainly die for attacking us.”

The three of them howled in anger. Jiang Chen got a little annoyed by their useless threatening words. It seemed as if these three guys were seriously lacking in IQ. If Jiang Chen dared to touch even Dark Liuyun, what more them?

*Hu* *Hu*

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time. Flames rushed out of him, like sharp blades, piercing through their bodies. They didn’t die immediately. They were blanketed by a sea of fire. Their painful wails rang out continuously. It was like what the old man faced before he died.

“Let me explain why all of you would die. My name is Jiang Chen, and I am here to avenge the girls of the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

The three men’s wails lasted for several minutes, before being incinerated into ashes. The mansion wasn’t affected at all. Plus, this courtyard was a private place that no other people would come to, except the three brothers.

Jiang Chen brought Dark Liuyun along and headed for another target after incinerating three of them.

Dark Liuyun was shocked, the image of the three brothers was still playing in his head. Now, he realised that Jiang Chen had just become a bloodthirsty devil king. He could already imagine the fate that he would face in the end.

Three had died out of the twelve. There were nine more left. Judging by Jiang Chen’s speed, he would finish them off in no time.

When they came to another mansion, they straightaway barged into a prince’s room. It was full of s.e.xy wallpapers and drawings. However, there were people on the bedroom.

A man and a girl of Dark Generation were engaging in some sensual activity. The sudden intrusion of the two had caused the man on the bed to be furious whereas the girl remained indifferent.

Unfortunately, as soon as the man jumped out from his bed, he was turned into a blood mist by a slap, he didn’t even know who the intruder was. The entire room lingered with a nose-stinging stench of blood.


The girl shouted. She looked at Jiang Chen in fear as her body s.h.i.+vered.

“All the people of Dark Generation should die.”

Jiang Chen was cruel. A light shot out cutting the woman’s head off. He then continued to another location with Dark Liuyun’s guidance.

Tonight was a disaster to all the princes of the wealthy families in the city. The city had turned into a h.e.l.l of slaughtering. There would be blood wherever Jiang Chen went. It only took ten minutes to kill the twelve princes. None of them were left with a body or a body part.

This was the revenge of the humans. This was the way Jiang Chen fulfilled his vengeance. He wanted to teach these p.r.i.c.ks a b.l.o.o.d.y lesson.

“Ying Er, I have already avenged you all. I will leave this Dark Liuyun as the last to kill. You all can rest in peace now.”

Jiang Chen looked at the black sky and said in a sad tone.

The current Dark Liuyun was so frightened that his soul had almost leaped out of his body. His eyes had already lost its usual radiance. He had just witnessed Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness. One should know that those were the princes of the rich families. There was at least one powerful expert in each of those mansions but none of them were alerted.

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