Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 812 – Like A Tortoise in A Jar

Chapter 812 – Like A Tortoise in A Jar

Like A Tortoise in A Jar

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The thought just naturally came to Dark Liuyun, he guessed that it was Jiang Chen’s doing. His Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion had been fine for so long but was destroyed as soon as Jiang Chen arrived. He wouldn’t believe that this was done by the people of Dark Generation. No one in Dark Mulberry City would dare to commit such an act. Coincidentally, Jiang Chen and his friends were the first group of people that arrived in their city when the domain opened today.

In the courtyard, Jiang Chen was pacing back and forth. His body was full of murderous intent and his face was filled with coldness. Even though he had destroyed the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion, Jiang Chen still had a lot of fury contained inside of him that was ready to erupt at any given moment. He would never forget the pitiful conditions of those girls, especially the pathetic and despairing eyes of the little girl – Ying Er. These scenarios were like steel needles that had p.r.i.c.ked his heart. The only way to express his anger was to kill Dark Liuyun on behalf of the eight girls.

“Brother Chen, what happened to you?”

“Little Chen, your face looks very unpleasant.”

“Chen Er, did you find something bad?”

The three of them could clearly see Jiang Chen’s strange behaviour. It was totally different from the time he went out. They could feel a volcano-like thing about to explode inside of him.

“Such a heartless and evil man… Dark Liuyun must die. Anyone who entered the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion, the entire Dark Generation must die.”

Jiang Chen said in a very cold tone. The green veins on his fists were twitching. His willpower was as strong as steel for he had already been in numerous battles and had watched countless of people die. Usually, he would be able to maintain his composure regardless of anything that he faced. However, today’s incident had really ignited his fury to the extent that he couldn’t control it anymore. The heaven should know how Jiang Chen felt when he killed those girls.

“Brother Chen, what had actually happened?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath to calm his racing emotions. If his mind was born without rationality, he would have annihilated the entire prefecture.

Then, Jiang Chen told them everything that he had encountered just now. Their faces instantly changed, especially Yan Chenyu’s. The cold air that she released could freeze a barbaric ancient beast to death. Tyrant and Dan King were angered despite having not seen those scenes in person. They could already imagine that Dark Liuyun would certainly do the same thing to Yan Chenyu. The consequences would certainly be dire if he succeeded. Of course, he wouldn’t.


Tyrant held both of his palm together. His face looked sad before he opened his mouth and cursed. “Motherf*cker! He is worse than a monster. The punishment below the 18 layers of h.e.l.l won’t be enough for him. This is truly infuriating!”

“Ai, many young princes of Dark Generations have a hobby like this. I wouldn’t even know that they treated human girls like toys for pleasure if it wasn’t for Chen Er. They are overly violent.”

Dan King sighed. Anyone could imagine how much it would hurt the families and friends of those girls once they found out the truth.

“Brother Chen, we must not let that Dark Liuyun go.”

Yan Chenyu said coldly.

“Not just Dark Liuyun.”

Jiang Chen showed a cold smirk. Everyone here knew about Dark Liuyun’s ‘good’ deeds, be it the guards of the city or the guards of the prefecture. They treated their prince’s deed as a normal thing in their daily lives. Jiang Chen wanted to take revenge on behalf of those eight girls including those girls who were already dead. He wanted those people to accompany the girls’ death.

“The time is almost up. Less than an hour to go. That dude will be here very soon.”

Tyrant said.

“I have destroyed his Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. He won’t have any problems guessing that it was my doing. I am sure that he is overwhelmed by fury now. He would be the first one to reach here as soon as the time is up.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

“Oh ya, little Chen. Perhaps we can do this the easy way.”

Tyrant smiled. “The dark element is prevalent in the physique of the Dark Generation. That means the edifying light might work on them. If they can be edified, it would save us a lot of effort.”

“I haven’t thought of that, but the attribute of this world is different from the Saint Origin Realm. There are only light and dark element here, and the Dark Generation are the only living creatures here. I’m afraid that the edifying light won’t work on them because the environment of this world required them to be evil.”

Jiang Chen said.

“We’ll know after trying.”

Tyrant smiled.

An hour pa.s.sed by very quickly. The four of them were sitting in the courtyard, waiting for the arrival of Dark Liuyun. Sure enough, Dark Liuyun was punctual.

“My guests, how is your stay going?”

Dark Liuyun’s voice had already reached them even before he arrived, his tone wasn’t as polite as it was during the day. Perhaps, he didn’t have to hide it anymore. Politeness was completely unnecessary to those people who are about to die. To him, they are no different than insects.

Behind Dark Liuyun was an old man with a peak Sixth Grade Minor Saint realm cultivation. The both of them carried a ferocious smile. Maybe it was because of the night sky, they looked exactly like a devil in the gloom.


Jiang Chen struck his spell as soon as they appeared. He casted the edifying light. It went straight through Dark Liuyun’s body with a swoosh. Dark Liuyun’s eyes frowned, he checked his body and found no injuries. In his opinion, Jiang Chen tried a sneak-attack on him but didn’t know that he had already lost his combat strength. As such, Jiang Chen’s attack didn’t do anything to him.

Jiang Chen kept the edifying light. He shook his head to Tyrant. The result was just as he predicted. The edifying light wouldn’t work in a strange world like the one they were in. This world is not the same as the Devil World. The devils in the world would succ.u.mb to the edifying light. Although the Devil World was also an independent spatial zone, it needed the support of the Saint Origin World to exist. In other words, the lands of the Devil World was connected to the land of the Saint Origin World, as well as the natural elements of the world. Void Triangular Domain was not connected to any other worlds. The natural disaster in this world was affected by the source of the world. As such, the people of Dark Generation wouldn’t succ.u.mb to the edifying light.

Jiang Chen really didn't plan to use the edifying light. The best way to deal an animal like Dark Liuyun was to use a direct force to pulverize him.

“Prince Liuyun does have a lot of free time to make a visit in our compound in the middle of the night.”

The four of them were sitting on their seats, showing no signs of standing up to greet them.

“Jiang Chen, let me ask you one thing. Was it you who destroyed my Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion?”

Dark Liuyun asked straightforwardly.

“That’s right. It was I did that. I have also promised to avenged them.”

Jiang Chen’s body was full of murderous intent, he was holding himself back from lunging forward to rip Dark Liuyun into pieces.

“Son of a b*tch! These lowly humans. You just wasted my hospitality. You have killed my guards and general but I didn’t account that for your debts. I continued to greet you warmly. It is really hateful that you returned my kindness with ingrat.i.tude.”

Dark Liuyun’s expression darkened, thinking of his Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion that had been destroyed by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“Haha! I have seen many shameless people but they were not as shameless as you. Your degree of shamelessness has reached an unreachable level. Did you really think that putting poison in tea means showing your warm hospitality to us?”

Tyrant cursed.

“It seems that you have already known about it, but all of you have already temporarily lost your cultivation. You are as weak as insects in front of me. I could easily kill all of you with a single breath from my mouth, but I would never let all of you die so easily. You will be tortured boundlessly to death, aside from this beautiful lady. It is totally worth it to exchange the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion for such beauty.”

Dark Liuyun had finally revealed his true self. Since his opponents had already lost all their cultivation, he could just do whatever he wanted.

He walked towards Jiang Chen and raised his palm to send a slap. He must control his strength, otherwise the fun would be over if Jiang Chen died.


A loud noise resounded throughout the courtyard. But, the one who received the slap wasn’t Jiang Chen, it was Dark Liuyun. He was sent flying away by Jiang Chen’s slap, hitting a rock at one side. The impact had smashed the rock into pieces.


Dark Liuyun spurted out a mouthful of blood with a ‘Wah’ sound. His face was full of surprise.

“You still have your cultivation.”

Dark Liuyun’s eyes were in disbelief. The thing that he was amazed the most was Jiang Chen’s strength. He was a powerful Fifth Grade Minor Saint whereas Jiang Chen was only a Third Grade Minor Saint. How could he possibly be sent flying by someone who was two grades lower than him? As a matter of fact, his strength was enough to defeat an ordinary Sixth Grade Minor Saint. He had a feeling that Jiang Chen didn’t use his full force in his slap, otherwise he might already be dead.

“Don’t worry about it. My thoughts are aligned with yours. I won’t let you die so easily as well or else it would be very unfair to those you have tortured and harmed.”

Jiang Chen’s tone suddenly turned very cold. The moment Dark Liuyun came to the courtyard, he had already become the tortoise trapped in a jar, awaiting to be slaughtered.

“Impossible. I saw you drank the whole cup of Sequoia Dragon Tea earlier.”

Dark Liuyun couldn’t believe the facts that was right in front of him because he clearly saw Jiang Chen gulping down the tea earlier. He was sure that Jiang Chen wasn’t pretending back then.

“There are still a lot of other impossible things to discover and this is just the beginning.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

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