Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 811 – Heartless and Inhuman

Chapter 811 – Heartless and Inhuman

Heartless and Inhuman

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Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion was an underground secret pavilion. Since Jiang Chen had detected this secret building, he might as well find out what was behind it. When he went in, his fury was immediately ignited and his face changed instantly when he saw the scene inside the building.

The scene was in complete disorder. There were eight cages made from unknown materials. Inside every cage was a living organism. They were precisely girls.

Eight girls were contained in every cage. These girls weren’t wearing much clothing. Some of them were even completely bare. Their bodies were full of wounds and bruises. They didn’t seem like women at all. Some of them even had the looks of a fourteen or fifteen year old teenager.

What infuriated him more was when he saw several corpses lying at the corner of the room. Most of them had dried off. They were all undressed. No one had even bothered to bury them after they died. Their bodies were similar to the girls in the cages. Despite having died for a period of time, their bruises were deep and obvious. There was even a female corpse which her bosoms had been cut off.

This was an act of a heartless and inhuman fanatic.

Jiang Chen was trying hard to control his anger which was about to explode, he walked slowly towards those imprisoned girls.

Maybe it was because of the sound of the footsteps, these girls who were lying in their cages woke up with confused and frightened faces. Their eyes were full of fear, the fear was already ingrained in them after suffering for so many times.

“Kill me. Please kill me!”

“Filthy monster! I would certainly haunt you after I become a ghost.”

“I beg you…kill me now…”

These girls’ responses were intense the moment they saw Jiang Chen. Some were wailing and some were cursing, but despair was evident in their eyes. It was an indescribable frustration. Now, they only wanted nothing more than death.

“All of you, don’t be afraid. I am here to rescue you all. I am a human like you, I am from Saint Origin World.”

Jiang Chen quickly spoke and declared his ident.i.ty. He could tell that these girls’ bodies were flowing with human blood. They weren’t people of Dark Generation because there wasn’t a single dark element within them. It goes without saying that these were the doings of the lascivious prince.

These girls were stupefied after hearing Jiang Chen’s declaration. Then, they scanned him. They felt nothing more than the Qi of humans. More importantly, this man didn’t s.e.xually a.s.sault them the moment he arrived. This was enough to differentiate him from the people of Dark Generation.


The eight girls started to cry bitterly. They had lost count of the number of times that they had cried over these past three years. They didn’t even have the right to die. They were living in constant humiliation and nightmare. All of their hopes had been destroyed.

“Young mister, I am sincerely begging you to kill me. Once you kill me, Ying Er would promise to be your servant in my next life to repay your kindness.”

A girl of roughly fourteen years of age who was lying on the ground and was wearing almost nothing pleaded. She had been shamed excessively and the only thing that she wanted now was death.

Jiang Chen was shocked by their behaviour. What kind of torture had they suffered that they wanted to die so badly?

Jiang Chen could naturally see it with his eyes. These girls were the same as him—a cultivator. They were once powerful cultivators but now their bodies were controlled by the dark energy, making them a living corpse. That was why they couldn’t commit suicide.

“How did you all end up here?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“We are cultivators from Saint Origin World, Boundless World and Black Yellow World. We had attended the trading event three years ago but were plotted against by that filthy Dark Liuyun. That lascivious monster had imprisoned us in these cages and sealed our cultivation. He had made us his toys for pleasure and for expressing his anger. In his eyes, we are no more than a servant.”

A girl said. Her body shuddered when she recalled the incidents that happened over the past three years.

It had already been three years. Their willpower had already been extinguished. Some of them were even from notable families but after suffering for the past three years, their bodies already become numbed. They wouldn’t even feel ashamed even if a man stared at their bare bodies. After suffering for so long, death was the only thing that they looked forward to.

“Three years… we have not only been ‘played’ by the filthy b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but also by his friends. Those girls died not because of suicide, they were ‘played’ to death. Anyone who resisted would be beaten up harshly. There was even a girl whose breast had been dissected from her body. They are a group of s.e.xual maniacs that would always seek pleasure from us.”

“Young master, I am begging you to kill us all. Free us from this constant torture.”


The girls recounted their past experiences from this building. In fact, the present scene alone could already tell how they were treated in these past three years.


An intense fury rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. He could no longer stand his anger. He turned to the girl called Ying Er and asked, “How old are you this year?”

“Ying Er would be fourteen years old this year.”

Ying Er answered honestly.

*Ka* *Ka*

Jiang Chen’s fist produced a cracking sound. His fury was on the verge of exploding. A fourteen-year-old girl…That f*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.d! She was only eleven years old three years ago. This monster didn’t even show mercy to an eleven-year-old girl. She had the same age as Zuo Ling Er. It was hard to imagine how they pa.s.sed their daily lives over these past three years. He suddenly knew why they wanted death so badly. It was a form of release, a true release.

Ripping Dark Liuyun into millions of pieces wasn’t even enough to pay for the suffering of these girls. Humans were called humans because of conscience. A being without conscience was even worse than a monster.

They were evil, lascivious, heartless…It wasn’t just Dark Liuyun alone but also the friends that he had brought along to ‘play’ with the girls. In their eyes, female humans were merely toys, a tool for them to ‘play’ and enjoy. Jiang Chen had a sudden thought that not only Dark Liuyun should die, the entire Dark Generation as well.

“I will save you all out.”

Jiang Chen said.

“No young master. We are not leaving. We are begging you to grant us death, a release.”

“How could we continue to live with our current condition? We have become incomplete and crippled. We just want to die.”

“Young master. Kill us please. We would be a hundred times happier if we died under your hands than being played to death by those monsters.”

“Come on young master, do it now. Send us to a new journey and you will become our greatest benefactor.”


Jiang Chen closed his eyes slowly, after seeing those helpless eyes and listening to their constant pleading. He must admit that he is really a ruthless man for he had already killed so many people, staining his hands with countless drops of blood. The world of cultivation was a dog eat dog world. It was something that would normally happen anywhere any time. However, there was a bottom line in Jiang Chen’s heart. He is human, a male human with uprightness.

He wouldn’t be this angry if Dark Liuyun had killed these girls. What Dark Liuyun did had crossed the bottom line. He had never felt this angry before.

“I will fulfill your wishes. I can also do one more thing for you all after that, which is to seek vengeance to those who made you become like this.”

Jiang Chen said in a plain tone.

The girls were satisfied after hearing Jiang Chen’s promise. Ying Er was so excited that she cried. “Young master, are you really going to seek vengeance on those filthy monsters on behalf of us? Can you really kill that evil monster?”

“I promise you. I will kill him.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Ying Er. He then raised his hand. This was the first time he felt his hand shaking.

“Young master, do it now. You are really our saviour.”

Someone said.

“It’s enough.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to listen to their pleading anymore. He struck a palm. Countless of golden lights shot out like sharp blades, impaling the girls. Their bodies slowly fell down as they died on the spot. Their eyes were closed, which meant that their was no unwillingness in their death. Their faces were full of satisfaction. It was the dream that they had longed for.

Jiang Chen looked at the corpses and incinerated them with his flames. “Your bodies are holy and pure. I will use the strongest flames to incinerate you all. Leave your vengeance on my shoulder.”

Then, a strong wave of energy rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. The entire underground pavilion was destroyed completely. The existing corridor of Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion would lead to the room where Dark Liuyun stayed. The destructive force didn’t have a single impact on the prefecture above, but Dark Liuyun could sense it very clearly, especially the death of the eight girls.


The next moment, Dark Liuyun vanished and appeared in the underground corridor. His face instantly turned green when he saw the ruined Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. A fury erupted from his body. Who dared to destroy his underground pavilion? This had to be a joke. He couldn’t imagine how much boldness this person had to do such a thing.

“Dammit! All of my efforts for building the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion are wasted. My toys are all gone.”

Dark Liuyun gritted his teeth. He used divine sense to look for the destroyer but found nothing. The person must have left this place without leaving a single trace, not even his Qi.

He suddenly thought of a person, the young man in white.

“Jiang Chen, it has to be you. I would make you pay a hefty price for what you did. You would certainly suffer a fate worse than death.”

Dark Liuyun’s eyes glinted with ruthlessness.


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