Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 813 – A Hard Torture

Chapter 813 – A Hard Torture

A Hard Torture

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The image of the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion was replayed in his head. It was as if he was looking those girls’ pitiful expression again. He must certainly settle this score. He wanted Dark Liuyun and the people of Dark Mulberry City to pay a hefty price for what they had done.

“Courting death? Just a mere Third Grade Minor Saint…you think that you can still live after being poisoned? This must be a joke. You have even attacked my prince, a truly heinous crime.”

That old man flashed past, appearing before Jiang Chen. The Qi of a peak Sixth Grade Minor Saint was emanated, but it didn’t even intimidate Jiang Chen at all. There was no need for Jiang Chen to transform while facing a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. As such, a peak Sixth Grade Minor Saint would still meet the same fate.


As soon as the old man’s voice faded, Jiang Chen’s slapped, akin to a flash. There was no time for the old man to respond.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen’s slap made him stagger a few steps backwards. Half of his face was swollen red. Two of his front teeth were spat out. He looked at Jiang Chen, terrified. The fear that he felt was greater than what Dark Liuyun did. He could not understand how Jiang Chen was this strong. This wasn’t expected. If the fact that Jiang Chen caught Dark Liuyun off guard, sending him flying away with a slap was mere luck, it shouldn’t happen again. The only explanation for that was that Jiang Chen was insanely strong.

Dark Liuyun and the old man was in shock. They had never seen such an ‘abnormal’, they too have many geniuses in the Dark Generation, but none was this strong.

“Punk, you have really infuriated me!”

The old man raged. His body produced a cracking sound. A dark image suddenly appeared behind him, visualising a ferocious monster. The dark energy that he emanated could give anyone the feeling that they had met the devil of the h.e.l.l.

“Dark Generation is a cruel monster, as I have expected. Your kind doesn’t need to exist anymore.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

*Hong Long*

An ear-splitting sound was heard from the power that the old man unleashed. A huge black hand materialized and lunged towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen also sent out his attack – True Dragon Palm. His dragon claw was encompa.s.sed with the purest Yang flames. While his flaming palms were lunging at his opponent, the old man’s dark energy suddenly shuddered, as though it had met its nemesis, causing the his Qi to shrank by half.

Jiang Chen felt pleased upon seeing this. It seemed like his flames weren’t the same as the edifying light. The edifying light originated from the Buddha Sect, its natural attribute was based on the Buddha. In this Void Fragmentation Domain, there were only two types of elements, the dark and light element. They coexisted in this world, and they were in harmony. In addition to the limit of the source of the world, it made the edifying light here useless. For Jiang Chen’s flames on the other hand, it is without a doubt the greatest bane of the Dark Generation.

In this scenario, the old man wouldn’t be able to use all of his strength given the fact that he was suppressed, let alone defeat Jiang Chen.


The True Dragon Palm seal collided with the old man’s black palm. The old man’s palm was instantly pulverised, he was pushed away from the scene. His arm was torn off from his shoulder. He let out a shriek of pain when the flames touched his skin. It was like a bone ulcer that couldn’t be simply gotten rid off by a few simple swings.

Jiang Chen moved forward. He stretched his dragon claw, grabbed the old man’s neck and lifted him up. The old man struggled like a chick that had fallen into Jiang Chen’s fetter.

Dark Liuyun who was trying to get to his feet had his face turned ugly. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He knew too well how powerful the old man was for he had already been with him for a long time. Other than his father and another Seventh Grade Minor Saint elder, this old man was certainly ranked third in Dark Mulberry City. Despite his powerful strength, his attack couldn’t do any harm to Jiang Chen and was controlled by his enemy instead.

“Stop! Jiang Chen, don’t forget where you are. This is our prefecture. My father would certainly sense the combat waves and movements here. You will be finished!”

Dark Liuyun sounded grim.

“*Jie* *Jie* (chuckling) I have already placed an inescapable net in this compound. No one outside would be able to sense anything here even if I used a world-shaking attack. The moment you step into the door of this courtyard, you have already become a tortoise in a jar. No, I should not use the word “tortoise” to describe you because that would be an insult to the tortoise. I should describe you as a dog that is going to be beaten up so badly behind closed door. But it doesn’t seem right either. Big Yellow would certainly bite me to death if I use the word dog to describe you. Ai… what a pity. I can’t find a suitable living thing to describe a p.r.i.c.k like you.”

Tyrant shook his head and sighed while spitting out an unceasing flow of words, but he still couldn’t find the right word to describe his character. Anyway, he felt contented knowing that this p.r.i.c.k would be punished in no time.

“What did you just say?”

Dark Liuyun exclaimed. Tyrant’s sarcastic words didn’t enter his ears. He only heard “inescapable net” these two words. In fact, he was helpless in the formation field. Even him and the old man didn’t notice that there was a formation being set outside of this compound.

Dark Liuyun had a good reason to believe Tyrant’s words despite his doubts. The impact that Jiang Chen and the old man created just now was enough to shake not only their prefecture but the entire Dark Mulberry City. It would certainly alert the powerful experts to come over, but the present situation was as calm as usual. The powerful experts were nowhere to be seen.

“Release me! You lowly human! You dared to kill our people in our prefecture. You would all die for sure!”

The old man didn’t forget to threaten Jiang Chen while he was struggling . He hadn’t realised that he had just made a terrible mistake.

“Continue on your struggle. You will die slowly from this suffering.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was cold. His gaze was just like the gaze of a devil king from the h.e.l.l. He placed the old man in his power sphere and released his True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire. Both of these flames attacked like a blades, drilling into the old man’s body. In an instant, the old man turned into a sea of fire.

“Argh… Argh… Argh…”

The people of Dark Generation was supposed to be immune to fire because they had an overpowering dark energy, but the old man finally knew that it was not entirely true. There were still flames that could burn them to a crisp. The old man was struggling intensely in the fire, he would let out wails of pain that could make people’s hair stand on its end from time to time.

His voice was non-stop. He was suffering an endless torture in the sea of fire and was moving closer and closer to death. This was an entirely different experience from being killed straightaway. He was destined to suffer an endless pain until Jiang Chen give him a quick death.

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