Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 804 – One Punch to Explode

Chapter 804 – One Punch to Explode

One Punch to Explode

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“Brother Stephen, my son-in-law doesn’t have a good temper. I think that you should use a politer tone to speak with him. I am just giving you a friendly reminder.”

Dan King said with a smile. Stephen Hao was indeed a one in a thousand genius in alchemy, but compared to Jiang Chen, the difference was just too big. To put it bluntly, it didn’t matter if it was in the aspect of alchemy or cultivation, if Stephen Hao tried to act superior in front of Jiang Chen, his pride would only be trampled.


Before Stephen Zhong could finish his words, Stephen Hao made the first move. He took a step forward, making a stamp on the void, producing a crackling sound and causing lines of cracks to appear. The Qi of a Second Grade Minor Saint was fully unleashed. He acted arrogantly, as if Jiang Chen was just a puny living thing.

Of course, this was because he couldn’t see Jiang Chen’s cultivation properly.

“Kid, you dare to scold me and insult the Dan Family? A simple move is enough to let you die without a burial. I, Stephen Hao would kill you today. Tell me, what’s your name. I won’t kill a person without knowing his name first.”

Stephen Hao’s murderous intent soared to the sky. He was determined to kill Jiang Chen.

“Stephen Hao is indeed scary. He’s already a Second Grade Minor Saint at this young age. His father, Stephen Zhong is a renowned alchemist in the Pure Land. Now that Stephen Hao has already become a disciple of the Dan Family, it is only natural that he would act arrogantly, but I don’t understand why Dan King who came out of nowhere offended both father and son? Isn’t this called courting death?”

“That’s right. Stephen Zhong wasn’t like this before. Not only has his cultivation grade reached the Sixth Grade Minor Saint, he had also established a good connection with the Dan Family as well. He has already become a person that no ordinary person could offend. That son-in-law of Dan King really doesn’t know what death is.”

“He is a hot-blooded young man, but the problem started from his tongue. He dared to call Stephen Hao a cat or a dog. Naturally, he won’t be happy about it. I think the show started just at the right time as the gateway isn’t opened yet. It’s good to have a show to watch.”

The people around were commenting on the incident. Most of them were famous people in the alchemy society. Although they were from different domains, they knew how popular Stephen Zhong was, in the alchemy society.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen blurted out his name in a flat tone, as if it was a waste of effort to pay attention to someone like Stephen Hao. If his adversary didn’t take the initiative to offend him, he would’ve simply ignored him, but the current scenario showed otherwise. Since Stephen Zhong didn’t get along with Dan King as well, Jiang Chen would show no quarter. When Stephen Zhong wanted to act superior in front of Dan King by mocking him, Jiang Chen would use his fist to crush his sense of superiority, and recover Dan King’s face.

“Jiang Chen? This name is rather familiar.”

“I remember it! He is the heaven defying monster that overthrew the overlords of the four large domains. Is he really that Jiang Chen?”

“How could it be so coincidental? What’s the relation between Jiang Chen and Dan King by the way? If that is true, I’m afraid that this Stephen Hao isn’t going to be his opponent.”

A lot of people let out a sigh. The event in the four large domains was too chaotic. Even people who were very far away from the four large domains had heard of Jiang Chen’s name. They started to connect this heaven defying Jiang Chen to the Jiang Chen in front of them to see whether it matched.

Of course, there were some people who didn’t know about it. These father and son duo were amongst them. Hence, Stephen Hao didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, even if he had already said his name.

“Brat, if you kneel down and kowtow before me, admitting your faults, maybe you will have a chance to live, otherwise, you would have to die today. Your father-in-law won’t be able to save you.”

Stephen Zhong pointed at Jiang Chen and said in a very proud tone.

Tyrant and Dan King exchanged a glance. They couldn’t help but sigh, looking at their adversary pitifully. It wasn’t for Jiang Chen but for the father and son duo.

“You two should take this chance while I am still in a good mood and kowtow before me. Maybe I would consider letting the two of you live.”

Jiang Chen said it in an equally arrogant tone. He had decided that if these two really had the intention to kill him, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.

“Courting death.”

Stephen Hao was infuriated. He had an honourable status and had never been insulted by anyone. He was the one who insulted other people. This brat in white really wanted to die. In that case, he should just fulfil his death wish.

Stephen Hao attacked. His hand clawed at Jiang Chen. The air around the hand was condensed and turned into a brilliant palm, slapping towards Jiang Chen.

One should know how horrifying the attack of a Second Grade Minor Saint was, but it wasn’t a threat to Jiang Chen at all. He acted like he didn’t see the palm coming and simply stretched out a finger that crushed the palm attack instantly.


Stephen Hao was in shock. He had never thought that his opponent would be so powerful, but it was already too late when Jiang Chen’s Qi was released.

The thing that flew back to Stephen Hao, was Jiang Chen’s attack. Jiang Chen didn’t even move from his initial position, as he sent a punch to Stephen Hao through the air. The palm travelled like a wind and hit Stephen Hao’s body with such speed, it didn’t even give him the chance to dodge.


Stephen Hao let out a bloodcurdling wail. He exploded after receiving the hit and turned into a mist of blood that dissipated in the air.

“Hao Er!”

Stephen Zhong’s eyes instantly turned red when he saw that his son exploded and died on the spot after receiving the strike. He let out a violent bellow. That was his own son. He had spent a large amount of fortune and effort, nurturing his own son. His son was his biggest pride. His son’s future would’ve been unimaginable, after joining the Dan Family. Now, every hope that he had on his son suddenly evaporated. His precious son was killed by a brat that came out of nowhere. He was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint, but he could only watch his son die in front of him, not even having the chance to save his son.

This was an extremely tragic and distressed incident. His hatred towards the brat skyrocketed.

Stephen Zhong was as furious as a lion. His eyes were like the eyes of a poisonous snake. With a swoosh, he locked Jiang Chen’s position.

“This is amazing. That Stephen Hao may be just a Second Grade Minor Saint, but he was killed by a single simple punch. Does anyone know how powerful that young man in white is?”

“That’s right, he must be that Jiang Chen who caused a chaotic event in the four large domains. That is the only logical explanation for his extraordinary strength. Have you all noticed his Qi? He is a Third Grade Minor Saint. That Stephen Hao is only a Second Grade Minor Saint, he was seeking his own death when he provoked Jiang Chen.”

“But this Jiang Chen is too ferocious. He had already killed someone the moment he arrived. He did not even put Stephen Zhong in his eyes. That was his most precious son. He was supposed to have a bright future after joining the Dan Family, but it was all gone now.”

“Jiang Chen is overly audacious. He may not be scared of Stephen Zhong, but is he not scared of the Dan Family? Stephen Hao is a disciple of the Dan Family after all. I have no idea how tough his nerves is that decided to kill a disciple of the Dan Family.”


Everyone was startled and casual discussions arose from the crowd. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Stephen Hao had a special ident.i.ty. Besides being an alchemist, he was a member of the Dan Family. Although he was only an ordinary outer disciple of the family, his name was already in the disciple list of the Dan Family. In other words, he was recognized as a very talented person. Killing the people of the Dan Family was no different than challenging them directly. Who else would have such an audacity to offend Dan Family across the Divine Continent?

“Brat! You will die! No, I won’t let you die so easily. I want you to experience one hundred types of horrendous sufferings before I kill you to avenge my son.”

Stephen Zhong bellowed at Jiang Chen. The Qi of the Sixth Grade Minor Saint was fully unleashed. That Qi was boosted by his fury as it circled above the sky. The furious Stephen Zhong swore that he would certainly avenge his son.

“Stephen Zhong, I have already reminded you earlier. My son-in-law isn’t a person that you would want as an enemy but you still refused to listen. It was your own stubbornness that caused your son’s death. Anyway, I would like to suggest you to calm down, unless you want to be reunited with your son. I believe that this isn’t an impossible wish.”

Dan King crossed his arms. He seemed to be in a defensive mode. The current Dan King had become more disdainful than before. ‘You wanted to show off your son in front of me? Now that your son is killed, what else can you show off?’

Dan King had regained his face. He suddenly felt that bringing Jiang Chen along was a very good decision. It was too satisfying to crush Stephen Zhong’s pride on the spot. If Jiang Chen wasn’t here, he would probably be nursing this grudge the entire trip.

*Ao* (A loud clamour)

How could Stephen Zhong listen to Dan King’s words? Not only could he not remain his calmness, he had gone berserk instead. He struck out a large brilliant light that looked like a sea of Yuan Force, covering the sky and pressing down against Jiang Chen.

“You would die as well.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. His True Dragon Palm struck out. A scary blood-red dragon claw that carried an intense murderous intent collided with Stephen King’s magical attack. That big piece of sea of energy was as fragile as a paper, it was pulverized completely.

He was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. Jiang Chen only needed to exert a tiny bit of effort to get rid of him even without using dragon transformation.


Jiang Chen was interested in Stephen Zhong’s startled expression. He made a step forth. It was the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. A large pit was created by the first step. Afterward, Jiang Chen made the second and the third step. The moment he made the third step, he was already above Stephen Zhong’s head.


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