Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 805 – The Gateway is Open

Chapter 805 – The Gateway is Open

The Gateway is Open

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Stephen Zhong’s face changed instantly. No one would ever know how scary Jiang Chen was if one haven’t fought with him personally. The same thing happened at this current moment, when Jiang Chen crushed Stephen Zhong’s magical attack with a single strike. It hit Stephen Zhong’s head so hard that he regained consciousness. He felt that the strength that Jiang Chen carried was like the strength of an ancient beast. His strength could even send s.h.i.+vers to a Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

Before he could get out of his shock, another attack was sent. It was like a violent storm. The pressure of every step that landed on Stephen Zhong was as heavy as a mountain. If that pressure was a sea, Stephen Zhong would be a tiny drifting small boat that would be destroyed at any time.


When the third step landed, he used all his effort to defend himself but still couldn’t withstand this terrifying true dragon combat skill. The weight was as heavy as a mountain, it felt like the entire sky had fallen along with it. Stephen Zhong could feel his body being ripped apart slowly.


Finally, Stephen Zhong let out a wail of pain. Half of his body was already crushed by the third step. If he wasn’t quick enough, his entire body would’ve exploded just like his son, resulting in him dying on the spot.

Stephen Zhong retreated to a distance and supported himself using the strength of the uninjured half of his body. He was full of blood. Presently, how could he still act as arrogantly as before? He was currently enduring an intense amount of pain, he stared at the young man in white with widened eyes, as if he had seen a ghost.

“Not possible. This is impossible. Who are you? How could a Third Grade Minor Saint have such a powerful combat strength? Not even those outstanding geniuses of the eight families could do it.”

Stephen Zhong couldn’t help himself from shaking his head. He was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint, this injury that he had wasn’t a major problem.

“Chen Er is growing too quickly. He had reached the point where he could kill a Sixth Grade Minor Saint with ease. If he transforms into the dragon form, killing a Seventh Grade Minor Saint would be as easy as killing a Sixth. Today, Stephen Zhong could only blame himself for hitting a steel wall.”

Dan King couldn’t help but sighed. If he knew that Jiang Chen had gone to the Western Domain to annihilate the Heavenly Sect and killed two of their Seventh Grade Minor Saints, he would even be more astounded than today’s incident.

The reason that the father and son duo ended like this was because they had made a huge mistake. They thought that Dan King was the leader of the group and neglected Jiang Chen’s existence. Even though Dan King was the one leading the team, Jiang Chen was the true backbone of the team, the true leader. He had the most authority amongst the four of them.

Moreover, Dan King had a great understanding of Jiang Chen. He was a lawless and rare genius. There were very few people who dared to provoke him. It was useless to use the Dan Family to threaten him because he wouldn’t hesitate once he decided to kill his target.

The likelihood of Jiang Chen not putting these two people in his eyes were high, but when Stephen Hao claimed that he would kill Jiang Chen, it had ignited Jiang Chen’s killing intent. As such, no one could deny that this was really a tragedy.

Nevertheless, different types of tragedy were happening every day. Today, this tragedy had befallen on the father and son duo. After they died, they would disappear from this world and be forgotten.

“My G.o.d! What kind of monster is this Jiang Chen? A Third Grade Minor Saint could easily kill a Sixth Grade Minor Saint? Isn’t this overly absurd?”

“That’s right. Not even the top ten geniuses of the Sky Ranking in the Pure Land have the ability to do this. Only by seeing it in person can you believe this fact.”

“This father and son duo suffered such tragic event. The son is killed and now the father is beaten up so badly. I have no idea if Jiang Chen would really kill him now. If he really does kill him, he would surely offend the Dan Family. Given the temper of the eight families, they would certainly seek Jiang Chen for revenge.”


Everyone around was startled. They initially thought that they were here to watch a show, but who would have thought that the show had turned into a real time slaughter? A young man who appeared all of a sudden had killed and attacked the father and son duo using the most cruel method.

Several people who came along with Stephen Zhong were First Grade and Second Grade Minor Saints. Most of them were over fifty. Of the entire group, there were only two young men who were Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Even if they were from the Pure Land, they weren’t much of a threat to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, panic was evident on all of their faces. Their initial thoughts were the same as Stephen Hao, they didn’t put this white-clothed young man in their eyes, but now, it seemed like that was a terrible mistake.

Jiang Chen’s Qi didn’t drop. He walked towards Stephen Zhong one step at a time. His domineering and imposing manner was enough to scare Stephen Zhong off. He regretted his act of folly. He should have waited there quietly instead of provoking this disastrous being.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill me?”

Stephen Zhong shouted in a weakened tone. He was considered half a member of the Dan Family. As such, he didn’t believe that the name of Dan Family couldn’t stop a young man.

Jiang Chen only replied with action. He sent him a slap that carried a horrifying energy wave. If the slap was condensed into a palm, Stephen Zhong would die instantly.

Stephen Zhong was already very much frightened, he immediately took out his Combat Weapon. It was a s.h.i.+ning sword. It stabbed forward at Jiang Chen’s palm but his current strength could never deflect Jiang Chen’s attack even if he was at his top form.

Jiang Chen’s palm changed. It slipped through the sword and turned into cold light that severed Stephen Zhong’s palm with a ‘Chi La’ sound. The sword dropped from his detached hand. This wasn’t a Minor Saint weapon of inferior quality. It was considered a rare treasure. It could probably be traded with quite a lot of True Meta Stones.


Stephen Zhong let out another wail of pain. He retreated again and shouted. “Jiang Chen, you wretch! My son is a disciple of the Dan Family and I am also considered half a member of the family. They would surely haunt you until you are dead.”

Unfortunately, the threat didn’t affect Jiang Chen at all. Jiang Chen held his long sword and cut off Stephen Zhong’s head in a flash. It must be the most ironic thing to happen, to die under one’s own Combat Weapon.


It was as smooth as writing. Jiang Chen made a cold humph before keeping the sword and slowly returned to Dan King’s side. From the beginning of the battle until now, he was very relaxed, as if he was a cloud drifting across the sky. The event that happened was no different than killing chickens. It made it very hard for other people to believe that these things were committed by this good-looking young man.

Those people who were with the father and son duo were petrified. They have just witnessed the father and son duo being killed in front of them, but they couldn’t do a thing.

“Jiang Chen, you have offended the Dan Family. You would surely suffer the consequences.”

A Second Grade Minor Saint shouted boldly.

Jiang Chen darted a glare at the old man. It was merely a glance but it s.h.i.+vered the old man so much, it stupefied him completely. He could also feel that if Jiang Chen really wanted to kill a person, that glance was enough to do that. He had never seen such a scary and ruthless person before.

Jiang Chen was contemptuous of the Dan Family. In his previous life, the people of the Dan Family would always start to shake whenever they heard his name.

The eight families on the Pure Land were the Desolate Family, Fire Family, Dan Family, Bin Family, Gu Family, Demon Race, Stone Family and Narang Family. Every family had their own strength and bloodline. Ranking the overall combat strength of the eight families, Dan Family could only be ranked last.

Although alchemists were valued by many people, most of the alchemists only focused their efforts on alchemy, neglecting their combat strength. Of course, there were some elites who were powerful in both alchemy and combat strength. Jiang Chen was one of them and he was the elite of the elites.

The name of the eight families would induce fear to anyone but not Jiang Chen. In his previous life, he was able to move across the Pure Land unhindered. He would do the same in this life.

In fact, he had already sentenced Stephen Zhong to death after killing his son, Stephen Hao. In his opinion, the threat would only disappear once the enemy was killed.

The atmosphere was lingered with a mild b.l.o.o.d.y stench which made everyone nervous. Everyone was silently waiting for the gateway to open. None of them dared to start a commotion. Groups of people were keeping their distance from Jiang Chen’s group. Firstly, they didn’t want to stay together with a disastrous being as it may cause their lives to be in jeopardy. Secondly, Jiang Chen and his friends had offended the Dan Family. None of them dared to go near them, fearing that the Dan Family would attack them as well. None of them wanted to joke around with their lives.

“Chen Er, isn’t this crossing the line? Stephen Hao is a disciple of the Dan Family after all.”

Dan King said in low tone.

“Father, you should know that some people are like dogs. If you don’t get rid of them, they would not let go of their mouth and would keep on biting you. It is obvious from the incident just now. They were the ones who wanted me to kill them in the first place. If they weren’t gotten rid of, they would continuously create troubles for you. As for the Dan Family, I have a piece of advice for them, ‘it’s better if they don’t offend me’.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. Tyrant nodded in agreement after listening. He didn’t feel that Jiang Chen was joking. He had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength back in Liang Province. At that time, Jiang Chen’s opponents were overpowering, but they all ended up in Jiang Chen’s hands miserably.

*Ka Ka*

At this time, the gateway was letting out a ‘Ka Ka’ sound. Two doors were pulled to one side. The line in between gradually became bigger. Countless of brilliant light shot out from the opening. Those light carried the Qi of the other world.

“Quickly, look. The time is up. The gateway to the Void Triangular Domain is opening.”

Someone exclaimed. The virtual domain would only open once every three years and it had finally opened.


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