Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 803 – Taunting to See Who is Stronger

Chapter 803 – Taunting to See Who is Stronger

Taunting to See Who is Stronger

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Presently, Jiang Chen had gained the fundamental understanding about this Void Triangular Domain and the Dark Generation. This was also what Jiang Chen was trying to find out, he needed to understand the place where he was heading to, especially if he was going to a mysterious place like this domain; taking part in the trading center with different kinds of people from different kinds of worlds would certainly create some confusion.

It would certainly be the largest trading event that Jiang Chen had ever been to. Experts from three different worlds, namely experts from the Pure Land of Saint Origin World, the Boundless World and the Black Yellow World would also attend this trading activity, and also the aborigines – Dark Generation. With so many different people getting together, it would be virtually impossible that no conflicts would arise.

Of course, that wasn’t Jiang Chen’s concern. He would prefer a rowdy than a peaceful environment because this would stir up his emotions. He was a person who wouldn’t do something dull. Furthermore, his current cultivation grade was enough for him to gain a foothold in that place.

After he transformed into a dragon, killing a Seventh Grade was just as easy as killing a chicken. He would have enough strength to fight an Eighth Grade Minor Saint as well. In this trip, he might be able to meet some good luck that could advance his grade. At that time, he wouldn’t need to worry about any cultivators below the Great Saint realm.

In the remaining half a month’s time, Yan Chenyu and Tyrant took the task of following the direction of the navigator – the black light spot. Jiang Chen and Dan King were concocting different kinds of pills. Dan King had brought many herbs with him from Dan King County. The herbs were enough for a year of concoction of pills. This time, he was considered well-prepared before reaching the virtual domain.

Jiang Chen also had plenty of resources. They were all seized from his enemies after the series of battles. The amount of herbs he had wasn’t any lesser than Dan King.

*Hu Hu…*

In the silent void, a gale was howling. Jiang Chen and Dan King had casted their flames while concocting the pills. Anyone could clearly see the skills of Dan King and Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was better in either speed of concoction or the technique of production. For instance Dan King took thirty minutes to finish concocting ten pills while Jiang Chen only needed five minutes to finish concocting twenty pills. It wasn’t just a small gap but a significant one.

While Yan Chenyu and Tyrant watched their activities, they couldn’t help but sigh. The both of them were totally incomparable with this freak. Dan King called himself the king of pills because of his profound knowledge and skill in alchemy. However, the dignified Dan King was surpa.s.sed by Jiang Chen. It was without a doubt a heavy blow to him.


Dan King sighed with a bitter smile. This was the first time that he felt that he was totally defeated, but when he imagined how great Jiang Chen would be, it calmed his emotions down.

‘Chen Er is really a rare genius. Not only is his combat strength terrifying, but also his concoction skills. I’m afraid that his concoction technique is ranked number one or two amongst the Dan Family, which is one of the eight families of the Pure Land. The flames that he is using is the combination of the legendary True Thunderfire and the True Dragon Fire. It is very rare for these two fire to be combined together. I’m afraid only Chen Er has such ‘abnormal’ flames. I don’t think that these fires exist in the Flames Family of the Pure Land. Furthermore, his Soul Power is also terrifyingly powerful. It has to be at least ten times above mine. There is no way that I could compare mine with him.’

Dan King couldn’t help but praise Jiang Chen. In fact, it was hard to praise such a talent when you met one.

Half a month’s time pa.s.sed by unknowingly while these four people had been flying in the void. The lead of the spatial talisman had already brought them to the linking point of the Void Triangular Domain, which was very far away from the Divine Continent.

Jiang Chen and Dan King had already kept their flames. They must have prepared sufficiently in this half a month’s time. Given Jiang Chen’s ability, he could simply seize what he wanted if he couldn’t get it using words.

Upon arrival, they could clearly see a spatial linking point up ahead. It was like a huge gateway that was roughly 300 meters in area. It was still closed for the time being.

Presently, a lot of people had already stood outside in different positions. Most of them had high cultivation and possibly had high statuses in the Divine Continent. Judging from their Qi, they weren’t from the eight families of the Pure Land.

“These are the people who obtained the spatial talisman from the Dark Generation. Most of them have the same profession as me – alchemist. They are here to shop around in the Void Triangular Domain.”

Dan King said.

There were at least 200 of them in total. As the Saint Origin World was big, besides the eight large domains, there were some other strange place that has strange beings, like Dan Yuan City which was an independent city.

“These are the only people? It seems like the people from the eight families aren’t here yet.”

Tyrant looked at the crowd. As a genius, he needed to witness the demeanour of the geniuses of the eight families.

“The people of the eight families have honourable ident.i.ty. They won’t arrive this early because the gateway isn’t opened yet. Besides, they have a special spatial pa.s.sageway that could directly lead them here way faster than us. As for these people here, they were the famous alchemists that brought their own people – trusted followers or allies. None of them are from the Pure Land.”

Dan King explained. There were eight families guarding the Pure Land. Due to the vast expanse of area of Pure Land, there were quite a number of other powers outside the eight families. However, these external powers were required to follow the commands of the eight families.

“Brother Dan King, you are real jacked-up for coming here when the gateway is still closed.”

At this time, a voice was heard somewhere from the left side. Jiang Chen looked over to that side and saw seven to eight men standing in a group. The first man looked around 50 plus years old and brilliant. He was wearing a dan robe. One could clearly see that he wasn’t an ordinary alchemist with just a single look. His cultivation wasn’t ordinary either. He was already a Sixth Grade Minor Saint, same as Dan King who was a newly-advanced Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

“Isn’t brother Stephen a step earlier than us? I heard that your son has joined the Dan Family? You are to be congratulated.”

Dan King looked at that man and said in a flat tone. Judging from his tone, he didn’t seem to like this fellow alchemist very much.

“Haha! Nothing much in his talent, except the skills and knowledge that he learnt from me. I am very elated when he became a disciple of Dan Family. By the way, I heard that the daughter that Dan King adopted is actually a member of Gu Family. She was forcefully taken back to the family, causing a mess to the day of your son-in-law’s marriage. Also, I heard that your son-in-law is a great genius as well.”

That alchemist’s face was full of pride. He purposely brought up the matter of the selection of Dan King’s son-in-law to sneer at it in front of Dan King. First he bragged about his son becoming a disciple of the Dan Family and second he mocked Dan King for having no kids after her adopted daughter was taken away. The underlying meaning was that Dan King was finding himself trouble for adopting a member of the Gu Family.

“This is detestable.”

Tyrant said.

“His name is Stephen Zhong. An alchemist. We don’t quite get along. Now that his son, Stephen Hao, has been acknowledged as a disciple of Dan Family, he became more boastful than ever. Naturally, he won’t miss this chance to insult me.”

Dan King said coldly.

“Brother Dan King, why is your son-in-law not coming with you? I would like to meet such a genius. Also, if I am not mistaken, I think your son-in-law is only a Combat Emperor, right? I understand your reason of not bringing him now. It would only be a disgrace to bring a Combat Emperor around in the virtual domain.”

Stephen Zhong continued to send a rhythmic sneer to Dan King.

Dan King wanted to say something but was stopped by Jiang Chen. He stepped forth and said, “I am the son-in-law of Dan King. Unfortunately, I am also an alchemist. Presumably, your son isn’t a master yet in alchemy. I knew that he is already a Second Grade Minor Saint but the foundation of his cultivation is weak for he has been advancing using pills. I wonder when did Dan Family’s eyesight became so poor, how could they accept a dog as their disciple?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon the young man who was full of proud aura beside Stephen Zhong. It was really rare for someone as young as him to reach the Second Grade Minor Saint. It’s a pity that his cultivation was pushed by the effects of pills. His cultivation lacked a strong foundation. A cultivator like him wouldn’t go very far in their journey.

“What did you say? You dare to call me a dog and insulted Dan Family? You are just a trash that came from nowhere. Your insulting remark would only bring you to the road of h.e.l.l.”

Stephen Hao was infuriated. A young alchemist like him clearly had the right to be arrogant given that he had a strong backer like Dan Family. The people from the external powers of Pure Land would also need pay their respects to him whenever they saw him. He was frustrated that a brat that came from nowhere insulted him on their first meeting. This was truly unacceptable.

“Dan King, I never imagine that your son-in-law has poor manners.”

Stephen Zhong’s face turned cold. His gaze became murderous. This wasn’t only because of Jiang Chen’s rudeness but because Jiang Chen had also uncovered the truth of his son’s cultivation. An advancement by merely using pills wasn’t something to be proud of.


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