Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 802 – Dark Generation

Chapter 802 – Dark Generation

Dark Generation

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“Chen Er, don’t be hasty. I know the importance of the True Meta Stone to you, otherwise I won’t come down here in person. Let me brief you about the situation of the Void Triangular Domain.”

Dan King said. One should know the situation of the place first before entering it so that one would know what one was dealing with.

“The Void Triangular Domain is an independent world, which means it is only a small world. It is no bigger than any domain in the Divine Continent. It is supported by its own source. It is a world formed by two special elements, the dark and light element. In this world, there are men who can absorb the dark element for their cultivation and enhance their physique. They are called the Dark Generation.”

After a moment of pause, he continued. “In the Void Triangular Domain, the dark energy provides support to the Dark Generation in their cultivation. As for the True Meta Stone, it is derived from the light energy. Fundamentally, it is useless in Dark cultivation. So, they are using the ma.s.sive amount of True Meta Stones to trade with the other cultivators of different worlds. Furthermore due to the restriction of conditions and physique, there is no alchemist, blacksmith and beasts in the Dark Generation.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. “So, the Dark Generation is the ruler of the Void Triangular Domain. They have been using those useless True Meta Stones to exchange for pills, combat weapons and even the demon and devil souls with the people of the other worlds to strengthen themselves.”

“That’s right. This domain has become a unique trading centre and it is the largest, and because it is the linking point of the other worlds, it allowed cultivators to come and trade. In this domain, not only can you trade for a vast amount of True Meta Stones, you can also trade with the cultivators of the Boundless World and Black Yellow World for their treasures.”

Dan King said.

“Such large a trading centre sure is astonis.h.i.+ng.”

Jiang Chen let out a sigh. All of these happened because of his slash in his previous life.

“The Void Triangular Domain would be opened once every three years. This will act as a defensive measure of Dark Generation against the cultivators from the other three worlds. The things that they would get from the trade would be sufficient enough for them to use in the next three years. Half a month later this virtual world will open again.”

Dan King said.

“How do we enter the pa.s.sageway to the Void Triangular Domain?”

Jiang Chen asked quickly. This was the thing that he was most concerned about. His interest in this virtual domain has just increased after Dan King’s explanation.

“In Divine Continent, there are eight spatial pa.s.sageway that are linked to the Void Triangular Domain. They are located where the eight largest families of Pure Land resides. In addition, the Dark Generation has given plenty of spatial talisman to the visitors. Most of the receivers were alchemists. This showed how much they value us. Coincidentally, Father has one of those spatial talismans. It will allow you to enter the pa.s.sageway, will also act as your pa.s.sport there. Of course, you can also bring along people with you using this pa.s.sport.”

Dan King said. He took out a talisman that released a dark energy. It looked divine and contained an intense spatial force.

“This talisman isn’t the same as an ordinary messenger talisman. It can help us locate the precise location of the entrance to the Void Triangular Domain. As to how we are going to enter, we need to create our own spatial pa.s.sageway. So, this talisman isn’t a one-time-use item, you can use it whenever you want but of course, only when the virtual world is open.”

Dan King said.

Jiang Chen nodded. It would be a piece of cake for a Great Saint to create a spatial pa.s.sageway. The only thing that concerned them was getting the right coordinates.

“Once every three years. This is a grand occasion and I believe that plenty of people would certainly take part in it.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Of course, the True Meta Stone has always been useless to the Dark Generation but it is very useful to the cultivators of Saint Origin World. Comparing it to a Saint Rank Restoration pill, it is way purer and more concentrated. More importantly, it is a natural ore unlike any restoration pill, it does not require any effort to refine or concoct it. This was also why the Saint Rank Restoration pills are rare. There would certainly be people from the eight large families heading to the Void Triangular Domain. I have been there once, this time will be the second.”

Dan King said.

“The eight families of Pure Land? It would be a good chance to meet them in the virtual world.”

Jiang Chen smirked when he knew that he was going to get in touch with the eight families. He turned to Dan King. “When do we leave?”

“We will leave tomorrow. All the preparations should be done by tomorrow. Although there is still half a month left from the actual opening of the domain, it is a very long journey when we are in the pa.s.sageway. I’m afraid that we will need at least half a month to reach our destination. After reaching there, the trading event would only begin half a month later and will be held by the imperial kinsmen of the Dark Generation. The remaining time before the trading event is for the cultivators of the different worlds to visit the cities in the domain freely.”

Dan King said.

“In that case, we will begin our journey tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen nodded. This was a matter that he couldn’t afford to miss as staying in the Nebula Sect would only be a waste of time. Besides, his priority was to go to Pure Land. Dan King’s arrival only added another priority to him. He should go to the Void Triangular Domain. He would absolutely gain some benefits there. After his strength was improved, he would be more confident to go to the Pure Land. Anyway, he was going to meet with the people from the Pure Land and even some cultivators outside of his world.

The next day, early in the morning, Jiang Chen, Dan King, Yan Chenyu and Tyrant, the four of them left Nebula Sect. Nangong Wentian and Han Yan had gone into seclusion to break through to the Minor Saint realm. As such, they were not called to tag along.

Not to mention, most of the cultivators in the Void Triangular Domain were powerful experts, any one below Minor Saint realm was not recommended to go there.

When they arrived above a stretch of desolate mountains, Dan King took out the spatial talisman. He instilled his divine sense into it. After a while, it exploded, turning into a black light spot that vibrated continuously. It could easily enter the void and was a navigator to their destination.

Any ordinary person would never notice this black light spot if the sun was not up. As Jiang Chen and the rest weren’t ordinary people, they had no problem seeing a fly thousands of miles away, let alone a tiny spot.

Jiang Chen lunged his palm and clawed at the void, tearing it. An opening was created with a ‘Chi La’ sound. Four people quickly entered into the void and travelled from there.

Inside the void. The four of them were extremely focused on the black light spot that was moving forward. None of them dared to slow down.

“Senior Dan King, you mentioned that the Void Triangular Domain couldn’t bear the aura of a Great Saint? I a.s.sumed that there isn’t a single Great Saint in the Dark Generation?”

Tyrant asked curiously.

“That’s right. In the entire Void Triangular Domain, the highest grade of cultivation that they have is peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint. The source of this world doesn’t permit the existence of a Great Saint.”

Dan King said.

“Does the Ninth Grade Minor Saints of the Dark Generation want to get to Great Saint realm? In my opinion, once a cultivator of the Dark Generation reaches the peak of the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, he would probably get an agreement with any of the three worlds to enter any of them. In that way, he can pursue the higher realm. I think that they are not willing to be stuck in that bottleneck until they die, are they?”

Tyrant asked.

“As a matter of fact, these people’s cultivation would become extremely difficult to increase once they get out of their domain. Take our world for example. Our world consists Yin and Yang, and many other elements, however it only contained a miniscule amount of dark energy. Hence, there are only two options for the people of the Dark Generation. One, to stay in the domain until they reached the peak of the Ninth Grade Minor Saint and die. Second, is to venture out into the turbulent s.p.a.ce in search for worlds that have thicker dark elements and energy, but the probability of finding such world is miniscule.”

Dan King explained.

“These aren’t our concern. Our main priority here is to get the True Meta Stone, a vast amount of them. As for the life and death of the Dark Generation, it is unrelated to me.”

Jiang Chen said. He was only interested in the True Meta Stone. The Dark Generation was a group of ‘aliens’ to him. They depended on the dark energy to cultivate, basically they weren’t any different from monsters. When a person absorbed the dark energy for a long time, his behaviour and actions would become more and more similar to the people of the devil religion. As such, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be interested in them.

“Chen Er is right. We do not need to take these into consideration. The journey to the Void Triangular Domain is still a long way and we can’t waste anytime talking about other people’s matters. We should use this time to concoct as much pills as possible for the trading event later.”

Dan King reminded.

“Dark Generation wants pills. Pills like the Human Rank Restoration pills?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“You can say that. We usually use numerous amounts of herbs in concocting these pills. What they need isn’t only one type of pill but a variety of pills from us.”

Dan King explained.


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