Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 801 – Void Triangular Domain

Chapter 801 – Void Triangular Domain

Void Triangular Domain

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“Congratulations Father, for advancing to Sixth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at his father-in-law. Dan King had become much stronger after advancing to sixth grade.

“It’s thanks to your Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. If it wasn’t for that pill, my bottleneck would not be broken through so quickly.”

Dan King said with a grateful tone.

“Father, did you come here for something?”

Jiang Chen asked with a smile. Although his current strength had already surpa.s.sed Dan King’s, he still had a lot of respect for him. He knew that his father-in-law was a trustworthy man. Dan King had provided plenty of help to Wu Ningzhu. Aside from that, he also allowed Jiang Chen to extract the wood essence from the Mulberry Divine Tree and helped out in the war against Nan Bei Chao. Jiang Chen also felt grateful for what his father-in-law had done.

“Chen Er, now that the matters in Mysterious Domain have been resolved. Fundamentally, the four large domains are in Nebula Sect’s control. I a.s.sumed that your next destination would be the Pure Land?”

Dan King said. Although he had not talked with Jiang Chen for a while, he understood a rare genius like Jiang Chen. He knew that this young man wouldn’t be satisfied by the dull and boring routines of the daily life. He must be searching for a greater environment like the Pure Land. Besides, Wu Ningzhu was also there, so it made sense that he wanted to go there.

“That’s right. I plan to head there tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Chen Er, your foundation is very strong. You will need a vast amount of energy every time you advance. With your current advancement, I believed that Heaven Rank Restoration pills would not be effective to you anymore. At that time, you would certainly need Saint Rank Restoration pills. However, you should also know that this pill is very precious and rare. It is not easy to get an adequate amount of this pill. I a.s.sume that you don’t want to waste too much of your time in concocting pills. Have you thought about this problem before?”

Dan King said.

Jiang Chen frowned. The thing Dan King was worried about was similar to Jiang Chen’s concern. The technique that he cultivated was the dragon transformation art. It was a technique that combined the elements of nature. It was a matchless technique but there was also a major drawback for this technique, the energy required for every advancement was just too great. There were four ranks of pills across Divine Continent, they were Human Rank Restoration pill, Earth Rank Restoration pill, Heaven Rank Restoration pill and the Saint Rank Restoration pill.

Human Rank and Earth Rank Restoration pills were already useless to Jiang Chen a long time ago. When he reached the higher level of the Minor Saint realm, he might get rid of the Heaven Rank Restoration pills. The only pill left would be Saint Rank Restoration pill. The requirement would only get higher as his cultivation increases. After the Minor Saint realm, there are still nine more grades to go in the Great Saint realm. The consumption of energy would be unimaginable even to Jiang Chen himself.

It was somehow terrifying just thinking about it. Then, Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his eyes to Dan King. Dan King wouldn’t come here just to tell Jiang Chen about this problem, there had to be something more than this.

“Father, you are right. This is also one of the things which has been bothering me. Saint Rank Restoration pill is too valuable. We might not be able to come across it in such a short amount of time, but this problem would certainly haunt me when I step into the Great Saint realm. Could it be that Father has a solution to this problem?”

Jiang Chen asked. He didn’t want to be stuck in the Great Saint realm just because he had insufficient Saint Rank Restoration pills. He knew that he had left a treasure in Pure Land in his previous life. There was a vast amount of Saint Rank Restoration pills in it but it was separated by a layer of heavenly s.h.i.+eld when he tried to get it last time. So it would be impossible to retrieve them in such a short period of time. And, even if the treasure was obtained, the amount of Saint Rank Restoration pills in it might not be enough to support his consumption.

Although Jiang Chen was the Greatest Saint before, the difference between the consumption of energy of the Xuan Yuan skill and the dragon transformation art was incomparable.

“Chen Er, have you heard of the Void Triangular Domain before?”

Dan King asked.

“Void Triangular Domain?”

Jiang Chen was stunned and then started to recall it from his memory but found no information related to it.

“Father, I don’t think there is a place called Void Triangular Domain in the Divine Continent.”

Jiang Chen had dominated the entire Divine Continent in his past life. If a popular place like this really existed, he would’ve heard of it even if he hadn’t been there before.

“It is normal that you have never heard or come across about this domain before. It isn’t situated in the Divine Continent. It is a special domain located in the void, in an independent s.p.a.ce.”

Dan King said.

“Not situated in the Divine Continent?”

Jiang Chen was shocked but was also interested in this domain. Dan King wouldn’t just come here to tell him about the existence of this domain.

“That’s right. If you thoroughly dig its background, you would need to go back a hundred years ago. Back then, the Saint Origin World was a locked world. All the void and s.p.a.ce were sealed. The Great Saint realm was the final destination of the cultivation path. These Great Saints who were at their pinnacle would have to face the fact of being turned into a yellow soil, flushed away by the yellow river. There was a rare genius a hundred years ago, he was at the peak of the world but wasn’t satisfied. So he stood above the Saint Cliff, using his sword to slash open the gates of Immortal World, creating a new path for Great Saints of the Divine Continent. He was the world’s Greatest Saint. If I am not mistaken, his name was also Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, he was taken down after opening the gates of the Immortal World.”

Dan King said, describing some history of the Greatest Saint.

Jiang Chen was smiling bitterly in his heart, while listening to the other person describing his heroic act in the past. It was a feeling which no one else could feel aside from himself. After hearing this, he understood that the existence of the Void Triangular Domain was related to his actions of slas.h.i.+ng open the gates of the Immortal World.

“The achievement of the world’s Greatest Saint wasn’t a secret. Naturally, I am informed about this, but I still don’t see the link between the two.”

Jiang Chen asked.

“That year, when the Greatest Saint opened the gates of the Immortal World, the entire Saint Origin World underwent a tremendous change. A lot of small voids started to appear like mushrooms, causing some foreign races to appear in our land, the same thing happened to the Void Triangular Domain. When the gates of the Immortal World opened, it shove off the layer of the barrier of Saint Origin World, creating a link to the Void Triangular Domain. Besides the Saint Origin World, two more links were created. One was linked to Boundless World and the other was linked to Black Yellow World.”

Dan King said.

After hearing Dan King’s introduction, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked even if he is a very composed person. As a matter of fact, he already knew that there were a lot of other unforeseen or unknown places in Saint Origin World. Due to the barrier and the boundary of the world, it was hard to connect one plane to another plane. As such, it was incredibly hard for one to move from one world to another.

As for this Void Triangular Domain, it was without a doubt a central point that connected three worlds together. However, Jiang Chen thought why were there no other cultivators from Boundless and Black Yellow World that had set foot on Saint Origin World for the past hundred years?

“You must be thinking why the situation hasn’t changed in Saint Origin World after the emergence of the Void Triangular Domain. The reason lies mainly on this virtual domain. For example, when a cultivator wants to travel from Boundless World to Saint Origin World, he must go to the Void Triangular Domain first and use the portal to reach Saint Origin World. Although this virtual domain is an independent world, its barrier is thin and weak. It couldn’t stand the Qi of the Great Saints in our world. Furthermore, once a Great Saint went to the Void Triangular Domain, the Great Saint will be attacked by the Source of World Energy. So, no Great Saint have ever entered the virtual domain and no one has also ever thought of going to the other worlds through there.”

Dan King explained.

“So that is it.”

Jiang Chen felt enlightened. When a Great Saint couldn’t even enter this Triangular Domain, no other cultivators below Great Saint could or would be willing to unless the person was an idiot. It had very strict conditions. For instance, if a Minor Saint wanted to pay a visit to Saint Origin World from Boundless World, the Minor Saint would be viewed as an outsider and if his existence annoyed the major power there, he would simply be crushed to death. That would certainly be tragic.

“What is the relation and meaning of this virtual domain? How is this related to the consumption of my energy in advancement?”

Jiang Chen asked. If the Void Triangular Domain was merely an independent world, he was surely uninterested in it.

“The relation is huge. The existence of the Triangular Domain also acts as a trade center for all three worlds. One has to know that the different worlds have different treasures and items, which would make the trade very valuable. More importantly, there is a type of ore produced in the domain. Its name is True Meta Stone. This stone contains pure and luminous power. It can be absorbed and converted into energy. The energy of a True Meta Stone of the highest quality is even greater than a Saint Rank Restoration pill.”

Dan King smiled mildly. Sure enough when he looked at Jiang Chen, he saw that Jiang Chen’s eyes shone with interest after hearing about the True Meta Stone.

“How do we enter the Void Triangular Domain?”

Jiang Chen went straight to the point. This True Meta Stone was too important for him. It would certainly become one of the necessary items for his advancement in the future when he step into Great Saint realm.


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