Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 786 – Returning to Divine Continent

Chapter 786 – Returning to Divine Continent

Returning to Divine Continent

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E Sha and the other two turned into black light and disappeared. No one knew where they went. Their current technique was powerful enough to appear unnoticeably in front of you. Since they had received the order to protect Martial Saint Dynasty, they wouldn’t come out to scare people if nothing critical happened.

“Brother, those three are?”

Wu Jiu was startled and in shock. His eyesight couldn’t determine E Sha and the other two devils’ actual cultivation grade. However, he was sure that they were very powerful beings. The safety of the Martial Saint Dynasty would be guaranteed with the three of them guarding here.

“They are very powerful devils that I have subdued in the Devil World. They are now my servants that obey my orders. Their strength is enough to protect Martial Saint Dynasty. Also, once they encountered any accidents, they would instantly send me a message.”

Jiang Chen said. The three devils were all edified by him, so he could communicate with them via Edifying Light. Should they encounter an opponent more powerful than them, he would be the first to know.


Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air. Naturally they all had heard about devils. Devils were powerful beings with cruel and ferocious behavior. More importantly, even if you could defeat these devils, it’s impossible to make them your servant, but this impossibility happened on Jiang Chen. He had made the three devils his servant. No one would believe it without witnessing it.

“Brother, you are absolutely awesome! I have great admiration for you. Martial Saint Dynasty would surely be safe with these three mighty beings guarding our place.”

Wu Jiu sighed. He finally understood that Jiang Chen’s ability had gone beyond his scope of imagination. It was an untouchable level.

“Aside from that, I would also leave some powerful combat weapons here. Big Yellow and I will set a grand formation covering the entire Martial Saint Dynasty. It can increase the density of the heaven and earth Yuan Force by ten times, turning this place into a perfect land for cultivation across the Eastern Continent.”

Jiang Chen said.

Wu Jiu and the rest were pleased after hearing what Jiang Chen had said. Originally, the Martial Saint Dynasty was the most conducive land for cultivation in the entirety of Eastern Continent due to its natural heaven and earth Yuan Force. Jiang Chen wanting to increase the Yuan Force by tenfold would certainly turn this place into a precious land. This was truly a very pleasant thing to hear.

“Time is of the essence. Big Yellow, we have to start now. After setting the grand formation, we have to wait until Xiao Yu finishes absorbing the Pure Water before departing for Western Domain in the Divine Continent.”

Jiang Chen stood up from his seat. This time, he wouldn’t give the Heavenly Sect plenty of time. He had to eliminate this arch-enemy of his as soon as possible to uproot the source of any future threats.

A while later, the two of them started to set a large formation that looked divinely rare. Sure enough, upon completion the heaven and earth Yuan Force had improved tenfold.

Although night was already approaching, Yan Chenyu still hasn’t come out yet.

“It seems like I can’t leave today, but I believe that Xiao Yu can definitely refine the Pure Water faster than anyone else given her special physique. She will finish it at most by tomorrow. We would then immediately depart. Coincidentally, I could spend some more time with my dad.”

Jiang Chen looked at the sky. He knew that the chance of leaving today was near zero. Now that he was still here, he should spend some time to accompany his dad because he would not know how long it would take for him to come back.

That night, the father and son had a long-night-chat. Jiang Chen had provided Jiang Zhenhai solutions to a lot of problems that he faced in cultivation. Without them knowing, the night had pa.s.sed by quickly.

Early in the morning, the next day, a cold Qi soared to the sky from somewhere in Martial Saint Dynasty, forming a cold pillar of light that carried a heavy Qi which had frozen the surrounding clouds.

“It’s Xiao Yu’s advancement.”

Big Yellow was excited.

“Judging from the Qi, it should be Third Grade Minor Saint. The effect of the Pure Water is really good.”

Jiang Chen nodded with surprise. Yan Chenyu was originally strong because of her Nine Yin Meridians physique. Her current cultivation would make her peerless and would be respected anywhere in the Divine Continent.

Yan Chenyu’s Qi didn’t stop increasing after reaching the Third Grade Minor Saint. Besides the help of Heavenly Earth Pure Water, she had also obtained tremendous amount of benefits from the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. With the aid of these two, her advancement was doubled.

*Ka Cha*

A sound of ‘Ka Cha’ was heard from her Qi. There was something like a glacier breaking in the sky. Yan Chenyu’s grade skyrocketed, making a breakthrough into Fourth Grade Minor Saint before it completely stopped.

“Fourth Grade Minor Saint…Haha! Xiao Yu is amazing! She has actually reached my stage! It seems like Master Dog has to work harder this time.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but feel happy. Given Yan Chenyu’s talent, she would have no problems in fighting against a Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

“Heavenly Earth Pure Water and the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill have pushed her grade twice. This is undeniably a pleasant result, but I don’t think she has fully condensed the heart of the ice G.o.d, otherwise she wouldn’t stop at the Fourth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

At this time, a white light rushed towards Jiang Chen. It was Yan Chenyu who looked like a celestial female in white.

“Brother Chen, I have advanced to the Fourth Grade. No sixth grade would be my opponent from now on. I won’t be a liability for you anymore.”

Yan Chenyu was delighted. She was pleased, thinking about journeying with Jiang Chen to Divine Continent soon.

“Of course. Not only Xiao Yu isn’t a liability, but a crucial helping hand.”

Jiang Chen pinched Yan Chenyu’s nose. If she was present during the battle with Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger, he would be able to save a lot of efforts.

In the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty, there were two people standing. They felt sentimental that the two of them would be separated for a long time.

Yan Zhanyun embraced his daughter with reluctance.

“Dad, Daughter is unfilial. I won’t be able to stay beside you for long.”

Tears were welling up in her eyes. Despite that, she looked as pure as a white lotus.

“Silly girl. Your dad’s bones are still very strong, you know? but, your innate ability would only be wasted if you continued to stay at my side. I can be at ease when you are in Jiang Chen’s side. Don’t worry about me. Your dad still has your grandfather to accompany me. So, I won’t be lonely.”

Yan Zhan Yun smiled. Putting aside the fact that she was his daughter, she was also his pride. He had waited for this day to happen since Jiang Chen had cured her Nine Yin Meridians.

“Dad, bye.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at his father. He then turned into a ray of light and disappeared along with Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow. He disliked this kind of sentimental atmosphere where they had to say goodbye. Thus, he left without saying much.


Nebula Sect was drowned in the midst of business. Jiang Chen was gone for a few days but Nebula Kidd wasn’t informed. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian realized this when Jiang Chen and Big Yellow disappeared all of a sudden but they didn’t know where they had gone to.

While they were guessing for answers, Jiang Chen returned with Yan Chenyu.

“Xiao Yu!”

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian exclaimed the moment they saw her, they looked at her with disbelieving eyes as though this was just a dream.

“Ah Yan, Ah Nan.”

Yan Chenyu was very glad to meet her old friends again. She smiled and greeted them.

Guo Shaofei and Mo Sang were stunned upon seeing the sudden appearance of such a pretty lady. The other thing that shocked them was her cultivation grade which was probably higher than Jiang Chen. When did a peerless genius like her emerge in Mysterious Domain. And her face was really beautiful. Her beauty was on par with Wu Ningzhu.

“Ah Yan, Ah Nan, who is this girl?”

Guo Shaofei asked in a low tone.

“She is Yan Chenyu. Jiang Chen’s wife.”

Han Yan said.

Guo Shaofei and Mo Sang couldn’t help but sigh. They silently cursed Jiang Chen for his extraordinary luck, getting two women who were both extraordinary beauties.

“Xiao Yu. Your cultivation is already too scary. It is a huge blow to our self-esteem.”

Nangong Wentian felt speechless. He could naturally see how terrifying Yan Chenyu’s power now. Compared to himself which was only a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor after so many strenuous incidents and events, she was really extraordinary, she had already stepped into the Minor Saint realm just by staying in the Eastern Continent.

“Little Chen, where have you been these past few days? How did you met Xiao Yu?”

Han Yan asked.

“I returned to Martial Saint Dynasty because something bad happened at home. The Heavenly Sect had sent a bunch of high grade experts to attack Martial Saint Dynasty, intending to capture my dad to threaten me. Luckily, Xiao Yu held them back before I arrived.”

Jiang Chen told them the incident that happened in Martial Saint Dynasty. As a result, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian became infuriated.

“Heavenly Sect sure is shameless. They are seeking death!”

Han Yan couldn’t help but swear.

“It seems like the Heavenly Sect is going to be eliminated.”

Tyrant who kept quiet at the side spoke. He knew Jiang Chen well. Heavenly Sect would certainly be finished because touching Jiang Chen’s family was nothing more than seeking death.

“That’s right. I will go and annihilate the Heavenly Sect now. Tyrant, since you are from Western Domain, you should know very well about Heavenly Sect. What do you think about this sect?”

Jiang Chen looked at Tyrant. Before eliminating his enemy, he had to know them first. Although he had engaged in a series of battles with the Heavenly Sect before, he still didn’t know how strong this sect was. However, Tyrant might’ve known something about them.


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