Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 787 – The Fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword and Advancement to the Third Grade

Chapter 787 – The Fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword and Advancement to the Third Grade

The Fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword and Advancement to the Third Grade

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Tyrant pondered over Jiang Chen’s question and said. “Of the eight large domains, Western Domain is the most special and one of the strongest domain, mainly because of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Although the size of Western Domain isn’t as large as the others, the overall strength is comparable to the ancient families in the Pure Land, especially the Great Lightning Tune Temple.”

Tyrant paused for a while and then continued. “Heavenly Sect is weak. According to my knowledge, the master of the sect, Luo Chang Qing is a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. There is also a Seventh Grade Minor Saint in the city.”

“Two Seventh Grade Minor Saints?”

Jiang Chen frowned. Currently, he could kill any Sixth Grade Minor Saint but if he met a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, he wouldn’t be able to kill him even with his human-form dragon and Saint bone. This time, he wouldn’t allow Heavenly Sect to survive. There was no one in the sect that he should worry about except for the Seventh Grade Minor Saints. He could only control the tides of battle in dragon form with the Seventh Grade if he advanced to the Third Grade Minor Saint.

The highest grade opponent that Yan Chenyu could kill was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. She would still fail if she was met with a Seventh Grade Minor Saint.

“That’s right. So, our current strength wouldn’t give us any advantages in the battle against Heavenly Sect.”

Tyrant said.

“Heavenly Sect must be annihilated as quickly as possible. We will head to Western Domain tomorrow to root up this sect.”

Jiang Chen’s tone hardened. He felt the urgent need to eliminate this infuriating threat.

“What better skills do you have to defeat them?”

Tyrant asked.

“As long as I advance to Third Grade Minor Saint, I will be able to kill the Seventh Grade Minor Saint with ease.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Not long after you stepped into the Minor Saint realm, you have advanced to the Second Grade. Do you think it is easy to advance to the Third Grade in a day?”

Tyrant asked.

“I have my own way.”

Jiang Chen replied and vanished. He was heading to the central area of Nebula Sect, in search of Nebula Kidd.

Nebula Kidd quickly stood up upon seeing Jiang Chen’s arrival. His face changed as soon as he discovered Jiang Chen’s improvement.

“Jiang Chen, you have improved your cultivation grade again. You are truly terrifying.”

Nebula Kidd couldn’t help but acknowledge such an extraordinary being. He didn’t dare to be impolite in front of Jiang Chen. It would be pretty easy for Jiang Chen to kill him even if he was still a First Grade Minor saint. Anyone could easily remember how Jiang Chen killed those Fifth Grade Minor Saints with ease that day.

“Master, do you still remember our agreement before? I want to retrieve the fragment of my Heavenly Saint Sword.”

Jiang Chen got straight to the point. The main reason he came to Nebula Kidd was to retrieve a part of his Heavenly Saint Sword; it would help him advance to another level. After the advancement, annihilating the Heavenly Sect would be a piece of cake.

“Of course I remember it.”

Nebula Kidd responded spontaneously. He drew his Nebula Sword on the spot. It was perfectly reasonable for Jiang Chen to retrieve his own possession. Besides, he had obtained something even more valuable than the fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword from Jiang Chen. Putting aside the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, Jiang Chen had gifted him the rights to rule the four large domains.

Of course, there was another reason. If Jiang Chen insisted to take his Nebula Sword, he couldn’t stop him.

“This is excellent. With this fragment, I can now advance to the Third Grade Minor Saint but don’t worry about me. After I am done with my personal matters, I would help you forge a new Nebula Sword. I can guarantee you that it won’t be any weaker than its current state.”

As Jiang Chen gripped the air, he used his Divine Sense to summon the fragment from the Nebula Sword.

“Many thanks.”

Nebula Kidd held his fists at Jiang Chen. He had never regretted his decision the moment he found out about Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty. It was a very sensible choice. If he chose to make Jiang Chen his enemy at that time, it was hard to imagine what the consequence would be.


Without speaking, Jiang Chen took the fragment and disappeared. The next thing that he would do was to refine it and fuse it with the Heavenly Saint Sword so that he could advance to the Third Grade Minor Saint. After that, he could depart for the Heavenly Sect tomorrow.

Refining the fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword wasn’t a hard task as he was connected to the Heavenly Saint Sword.

*Weng* *Weng*

The Heavenly Saint Sword trembled intensely. That was an emotion of excitement coming from the sword itself. The reason for its excitement was because it had found its lost fragment as though the fallen leaves had fallen to the roots.

Early in the morning the next day, a brilliant sword light pierced through the sky, the air above Nebula Sect rippled, creating a colorful reflection. The Heavenly Saint Sword released an overbearing wave of energy, it had become more divine and powerful than before. This was the fourth fragment of the sword. There were three more pieces left. Once the seven fragments were gathered, the sword would return to its originally glorious state.

The fragment had brought Jiang Chen a tremendous amount benefits. Two thousand more dragon marks were formed because of the advancement of the sword. The total dragon marks in his body had reached sixty five thousand, pus.h.i.+ng his grade to the peak of the Third Grade Minor Saint.

Jiang Chen turned into a light while holding the sword. His Qi was evidently stronger than before. He flew above the residential compound and yelled, “Big Yellow, Xiao Yu, Tyrant, let’s go. Follow me to annihilate the Heavenly Sect.”

After he finished, he disappeared with a swoosh, flying towards Western Domain.


Big Yellow let out a satisfying laugh before he followed. Yan Chenyu and Tyrant also vanished in a split second.

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian looked at each other, they couldn’t help but smile. Their current cultivation grade was just too weak and they weren’t suitable to take part in this battle. This made them very envious. Because of this, they went into seclusion and swore that they would step into the Minor Saint realm before they come out, otherwise the gap between them and Jiang Chen would only continue to widen.

Heavenly Sect was a first tier major power in the Western Domain besides the Great Lightning Tune Temple. It was a sect that no ordinary people dared to offend. However, since the day the Heavenly Sect provoked Jiang Chen, they met failures and losses more often.

This time, the battle had infuriated the higher-ups of the Heavenly Sect. In the main hall of the sect, even the master of the sect Luo Chang Qing and the Great Grand Elders were present and their expression didn’t look pleasant.

Everyone who was sent to the Martial Saint Dynasty was dead. All the jade slips were broken. Without even thinking, they could only link this to Jiang Chen’s doing as he had killed Nan Bei Chao recently and ruled over the four large domains. It was enough to prove that he was capable of killing their elders.

“This is detestable! Our sect has already existed for so long and has never suffered such losses and insult. We can’t leave this matter unsettled.”

A powerful Sixth Grade Minor Saint said furiously.

“That’s right. In my opinion, we should send high grade experts to the Eastern Continent to fully annihilate them.”

Another man sounded angry. His body was full of boiling murderous intent and wanted to destroy Jiang Chen’s home so badly.

“The journey there is a challenge. I did not agree to attack his family from the very beginning. Now that we have failed in the attempt, Jiang Chen must have prepared well for a second attack. If we really go and attack this time around, it would surely spread to the public. At that time, we won’t be able to cover our name and faces for doing such shameless acts.”

An elder with white beard said while shaking his head. He did not agree to continue their attack on the Eastern Continent, as the Heavenly Sect was one of the major powers with an established reputation. If the news spread that they sent so many high grade Minor Saints to deal with a tiny dynasty to the public, it would severely tarnish their reputation, which they couldn’t afford.

“From my point of view, we don’t need to do anything at all. According to his personality, he would surely come to attack our sect. He would act lawlessly, given the fact that he is at the top form now on. He won’t forgive us for attacking his family. As a matter of fact, our main target is him, Jiang Chen, not his family. Plus, his family is not a threat to us.”

Another respected elder said.

“Humph! If that Jiang Chen actually came, I would make sure that he couldn’t return, even if he has the ability to kill Fifth Grade Minor Saints. Our sect isn’t comparable to any major power of the four large domains. He has no idea how strong we are.”

“Anyhow, Jiang Chen’s speed of growth is simply astronomical. We need to get rid of him quick, otherwise our end result would be the same as the four large domains. I think our fates would be worse than that, given the fact that we are his arch-enemy.”


Many elders had immersed themselves in discussing about him. They wouldn’t have dreamt that a mere Combat King grade back then would become a huge threat to them in such a short period of time and had brought them huge losses. If they knew of this before, they would’ve rooted up this source of problem at that moment.

“Humph! A tiny being dares to pollute the atmosphere of our Heavenly Sect? You are all pieces of garbage! I entrusted my sect to all of you but none of you can even handle a yellow-skinned kid. Since he is coming, let him come. That would save us a lot of time looking for him. As long as he dared to come, I would personally send him back to h.e.l.l.”

Luo Chang Qing said.


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