Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 785 – A Fine Arrangement

Chapter 785 – A Fine Arrangement

A Fine Arrangement

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The number of dragon marks were increasing, which was aligned to Jiang Chen’s antic.i.p.ation. The lightning tribulation helped condensed two thousands new dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng beyond the early Second Grade Minor Saint to the peak.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but reveal a smirk when he felt the immense power inside him. Presently, he could kill any Fifth Grade Minor Saint with ease. If he transformed, he could crush a sixth grade. His strength would allow him to fight an ordinary Seventh Grade equally after the transformation. Of course, he would need to advance to the third grade in order to kill a seventh grade.

He tidied his clothes. He now felt that all of the mental and spiritual exhaustion from the spiritual battle had healed after his advancement. He had returned to his peak form and his current power was unimaginably greater.

“Brother Chen, how do you feel now?”

Yan Chenyu asked with concern.

“I feel exceedingly good. I have advanced to the Second Grade Minor Saint and if I transform into a human-dragon form, killing a Sixth Grade Minor Saint is just a piece of cake. The first thing that I would need to do when I return is annihilate the Heavenly Sect in the Western Domain, eliminating the roots of a major threat once and for all.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. His killing intent emerged from the inside. The things that Heavenly Sect had done had truly infuriated him. No one would know how many times this would be repeated if that cunning and vengeful sect wasn’t gotten rid of.

“That is sure a detestable sect. I’ll go with you.”

Yan Chenyu said. Her eyes shot out some cold light. She had to admit that the abrupt attack in the Martial Saint Dynasty was too dangerous. The consequences were frightening if Jiang Chen did not return on time.

“Xiao Yu, how is your Nine Yin Meridians going?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“The inheritance of the ice G.o.d has been imparted in me. It was about how to integrate with the heart of glacier. I can now integrate my Nine Yin Meridians with the heart of glacier. Furthermore, I have already condensed half of the heart of the ice G.o.d. Once it is fully condensed, my cultivation grade will undergo a total transformation!”

Yan Chenyu said excitedly. She didn’t want to be a nuisance to Jiang Chen and she was not yet satisfied with her current cultivation. She felt delighted thinking that she could go with Jiang Chen to Divine Continent soon.

“The heart of the ice G.o.d? This is great! Xiao Yu, I could probably help. I have half a drop of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water here. You would be able to push your cultivation to Second Grade Minor Saint or even to a higher realm after refining and absorbing it. Plus, if you consume a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, your cultivation would certainly rise again.”

Jiang Chen said. The inheritance of the ice G.o.d was terrifying. Adding the Nine Yin Meridians in her body, she was destined to be someone incredible. She was only a First Grade Minor Saint but her power had already surpa.s.sed a Third Grade Minor Saint. She was considered as one of the freaks in the group.

The property of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water suited Yan Chenyu perfectly. The benefits that she would get out of it would be even greater than Jiang Chen’s Water Dragon Seal. One could already imagine that after she obtained the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, she would certainly advance to the second or even Third Grade Minor Saint even if the heart of the ice G.o.d wasn’t fully condensed yet.

More importantly, Yan Chenyu had never used the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill before. Thus the effect of the pill would push her cultivation grade to Fourth Grade Minor Saint in a short amount of time. At that time, she would become truly stronger.

“Thank you Brother Chen.”

Yan Chenyu put Jiang Chen’s hands on the top of her shoulders. She felt blissful that she could stay beside him.

“I didn’t imagine that this tribulation would take such a long time. There are still many things in the Martial Saint Dynasty that I have to attend to. We have to return at once. It seems like today’s incident is not going to hit me anymore in the future.”

Jiang Chen darted a glance at the sky. It was almost noon. Two people and a dog turned into brilliant light and flew towards the Martial Saint Dynasty.

On the way, Jiang Chen pa.s.sed the remaining half of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water to Yan Chenyu. When they arrived, she started to refine and absorb it without delay.

In the hall of the Martial Saint Dynasty all higher-ups were gathered. Jiang Chen looked around and saw the same old faces back then.

Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Zhanyun, Wu Jiu, Wu Lang, Yu Zihan, Black Daoist, Guo Shan, Guan Yiyun were his closest family and friends. When he saw their faces, it reminded him of the events that had happened before in Eastern Continent.

The rest of them sensed that Jiang Chen’s Qi was stronger than yesterday. Clearly, he had made another advancement. The people in the scene couldn’t help but shook their heads and sigh. ‘Genius’ was no longer the adjective to describe such person. He was an absolute and rare being.

“Chen Er, when do you wish to leave?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked, this was the thing that he was most concerned about.

“I want to make sure that the Martial Saint Dynasty would become stronger before I leave. I have some Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills. Everyone here please take one and consume it. It will benefit you greatly. It’s not just the Combat Emperor realm that we are talking about, it is not impossible for you all to step into the Minor Saint realm.”

Jiang Chen said as his hand turned to retrieve eight Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills. He had concocted a total of twelve pills. Reducing the one that he had given to Yan Chenyu, he still had three in hand, which would be kept for future use.

As the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills appeared, the entire hall was filled with powerful energy waves. The aroma of the pill gave people a refres.h.i.+ng feeling and even the feeling of advancement.

The expressions on their faces immediately changed. None of them knew what the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill before, even Guo Shan, who was an alchemist. However, they weren’t fools. One look was enough to determine the preciousness of this pill. Besides, given Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, anything that he took out would certainly be treasures.

Jiang Chen’s thought fluctuated, he willed the pills to fly over to each one of them.

“A precious pill it is! Brother, I never knew that your alchemy has already reached such an incredible stage. It is truly beyond my imagination.”

Guo Shan couldn’t help but sigh. When he recalled the first time he met Jiang Chen in Black Sect, he was merely an outer disciple and a novice alchemist. Back then, he wouldn’t have imagined that Jiang Chen would reach such powerful extent.

“Brother Guo, you should understand that you can’t refine the entire pill straightaway but slowly, little by little. This pill will cause tremendous change in you and would further improve your cultivation.”

Jiang Chen gave a special reminder to him because the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was different from any other pills after all and the people here didn’t have a high cultivation. If they did refine and absorb it immediately, the effect of the pill might be too overpowering and would hurt them instead.

Besides, the medicinal effect of this pill is plentiful. The lower the grade of a cultivator, the better the benefits the cultivator would get. Aside from improving and transforming one’s physique, one’s cultivation grade would also be boosted up.

“Chen Er, Yu Er would be following you to the Divine Continent this time. That means that we would lose one capable expert in our continent. If those people returned, we would be in danger.”

Jiang Zhenhai said worriedly.

“Yeah brother. Even if our bodies improved and advanced our cultivation tremendously, we are still far away from their strength. While it is true that the Martial Saint Dynasty would grow stronger in time after we consumed these pills, it would still require a long time. If they attack us the second time, we would still be as defenseless as before.”

Wu Jiu said.

“Brother Jiu, you can relieve your worries. This time, I would make sure to arrange everything nicely before I leave. Furthermore, the first thing that I will do when I return would be to eliminate the Heavenly Sect to end future threats. By the way, look, what do you think of these?”

Jiang Chen utilized his divine sense. Three silhouettes emerged in the hall, suddenly filling the s.p.a.cious hall with devil Qi. Everyone’s faces turned pale as they were stifled by the pressure of the Qi. They could feel some kind of unpleasantness that was akin to death.

“E Sha, withdraw all of your Qi.”

Jiang Chen yelled.

“Yes, Master.”

E Sha and the other two didn’t dare delay their response. They immediately withdrew their powerful Qi. Now, Wu Jiu and the rest could gasp for air. Their eyes fell on the three beings that suddenly appeared. They saw the black devil Qi swirling on the surface of their bodies from top to bottom. Their faces looked arrogant and proud. There were two of them which had grown a pair of black horns on their heads. Apparently, they weren’t humans.

However, putting aside the fact that they weren’t humans, there was one thing that Wu Jiu and the rest was sure about—it was their overwhelming cultivation. The three of them were scarier than the attackers that came from the Heavenly Sect the previous day.

“E Sha, the three of you listen closely. From now on, you would all be entrusted with the task of keeping the Martial Saint Dynasty safe. If there is an incident or loss here, I would personally seek for your explanation.”

Jiang Chen gave the order coldly. Three of them were powerful Third Grade Minor Devil Saints. Adding their powerful devil bloodline and physique, they could face even Fourth Grade Minor Saints. With the three of them guarding here, Jiang Chen could relieve his worry about the Martial Saint Dynasty when he was out there.

“Go now, find a place and conceal yourselves. You all aren’t allowed to emerge unless there is some kind of crisis.”

Jiang Chen waved. The three powerful Minor Devil Saints couldn’t be allowed to come out during the normal days as they were overly powerful. Otherwise, the entire Martial Saint Dynasty would be filled with commotion twenty-four-seven.

Jiang Chen could finally set his mind at ease regarding Martial Saint Dynasty before leaving.


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