Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 784 – Second Grade Minor saint

Chapter 784 – Second Grade Minor saint

Second Grade Minor saint

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The large stretch of the sky above the mountains were filled with black lightning. The mountains had already been destroyed. There was nothing that could be seen within the sea of lightning. Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow couldn’t find a clue about Jiang Chen’s condition.

It was a legendary and scary tribulation. There was no one that confident enough to confront this tribulation, not even Jiang Chen could do that.

Jiang Chen was standing upright in the sea of lightning with his eyes closed. Any lightning that struck him would never deal damage on his body but the shapeless devil aura had drilled deep into his soul, attempting to enchant it completely.


There was a violent impact internally. It pained Jiang Chen like something was torn inside of him. He spurted out blood from such impact, but this pain was nothing to him. He put all his effort in fully circulating the Great Soul Derivation Technique to block the devil enchantment.

The attack of the devil aura differed from ordinary attacks. It wasn’t about the degree of attack power. Bearing such an attack was extremely difficult even for Jiang Chen. Plus, this was a devil aura from a tribulation, it was far beyond the devil aura of the devils. There was no living thing that it couldn’t penetrate. It drilled into every part of his body madly.

Despite having the help of the Great Soul Derivation Technique, the entire process was still unbearable. Consequently, Jiang Chen’s emotion started to have enormous changes. His negative emotions were continuously stirred from inside, seriously affecting his conscience.


Jiang Chen let out an angry howl, like a howl of a devil king. The howl incorporated anger, melancholy, sorrow, murder, greed, thirst of blood and etc…

Different emotions were revealed from his raging howl. His eyes had turned blood-red that it looked like the eyes of a peerless great devil. His bones were letting out cracking sounds and his face was full of black devil Qi. This was all coming from his deepest soul. His original self was contrasting with the devil aura. Now, not even dragon transformation art could help him.

“Is Brother Chen in trouble? The howl just now was very frightening.”

Yan Chenyu became very worried. She had never heard of such a howl from Jiang Chen before. She could feel how much suffering Jiang Chen was enduring. That was a struggle that happened inside of him. There was no one that could take his place. He had to face it alone.

“Don’t worry about him Xiao Yu. He will be fine.”

Big Yellow comforted her. As a matter of fact, he too, was very worried. Although he had already known Jiang Chen for a long time, he had never heard of such terrifying howl that incorporated so many feelings. It was imaginable that Jiang Chen is currently enduring a great attack from the devil aura.

This was another kind of battle. This was a battle with the heaven and his soul.

Jiang Chen was in agony. His whole body was s.h.i.+vering from top to bottom.

“Great Soul Derivation Technique, Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen sounded hoa.r.s.e. He frenziedly circulated these two techniques as they were the greatest weapon against the devil aura. Slowly, Jiang Chen’s emotion started to find its peace. But his eyes were still blood-red and he still sat cross legged in the void. His black hair fluttered. He had entered a special state.

Presently in his deepest soul, there were two Jiang Chen. One was in white clothes and the other was in black clothes.

The white-clothed Jiang Chen was Jiang Chen himself. While the black-clothed Jiang Chen stood opposite of him smirking. His eyes were full of evil. His face and forehead were full of devil marks. Jiang Chen knew that this black-clothed individual was formed by the devil dragon. There was an evil side of every person as there were good and bad. The devil dragon had materialized the bad side of him.

“Hehe! Unleash your desire now! Your greed, your indolence, unleash all of them!”

The evil Jiang Chen let out a gruesome laugh.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. He immediately attacked with True Dragon Palm slamming on the evil him. However, the evil Jiang Chen remained calm and struck with the same True Dragon Palm, colliding with Jiang Chen’s, creating a stormy wave.

“I am you and we are the same. See, you even want to kill yourself. You still deny that you are evil?”

The evil Jiang Chen smiled.

“I will annihilate you. I am who I am. I want you to disappear forever and never come back.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Haha! You are truly ignorant. I have already told you, you and I are the same. You can’t kill me. Since you want to do it so badly, let’s see who has the ability to gain control over this body.”

The evil Jiang Chen laughed. Then, a long sword materialized in his hand, it was the Heavenly Saint Sword. But it was an evil enchanted Heavenly Saint Sword. He then lunged and slashed Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long*

The two Jiang Chens engaged in a life-and-death battle in the deepest soul. No one was giving the other any quarter. Jiang Chen knew that they were competing for the power of domination. Once the evil him gained control over his body, his real self would completely be enchanted and become a greedy killing machine. No, he would become a great devil that would slaughter any living being.


Jiang Chen continued to spurt out blood. Edifying Light was rippling while circling his body, it was keeping him awake. The spiritual battle that was happening inside of him hurt him badly, but there was no turning back. He could only face his demon head on.

This battle had been going on for an hour. In this hour, the sea of lightning was as still as lake while Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu were constantly worrying about him and in an helpless state.

In the spiritual void, an hour of intense battle made the two Jiang Chens pant and was drenched in sweat.

“See, you can’t kill me. Don’t continue on this pointless act. How about we control this body together?”

The evil Jiang Chen said.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Jiang Chen sounded resolute.

“Unusually stubborn.”

The evil Jiang Chen felt annoyed.

‘This isn’t going to produce any result. I am battling my own evil self. It would largely consume my mental and spiritual strength. My Great Soul Derivation Technique is almost at its limit. This guy has the same strength as me. It is fundamentally impossible to kill him.”

Jiang Chen frowned. At this rate, he had to think of another way to get rid of this demon.

Suddenly, a light flashed in Jiang Chen’s mind. ‘Life and death are decided by fate. The consequence of cultivating the dragon transformation art is defying the heavens, which would lead to my death. However, if I succeed, I would live on. I am walking in a fine line between life and death. People will eventually die but there is also life that can be found in death. Come on!’

Jiang Chen bellowed. He raised his Heavenly Saint Sword and swung it at his evil self. The evil Jiang Chen reciprocated, but this time, Jiang Chen didn’t intend to attack him. As he was lunging, he suddenly kept his sword and allowed his opponent’s sword to stab into his body.

He felt a tearing pain in his soul as the long and cold sword pierced through his body.


The evil Jiang Chen also let out a wail of indescribable pain, as he had killed himself.


In the next moment, Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood. Afterwards, he opened his weary eyes. The sea of lightning subsided in rapid speed. In a few breaths time, it disappeared completely. Even the dark clouds above had dissipated. The sky had returned to normal.

Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow immediately plunged forward after getting a clear view of Jiang Chen who looked fazed right now.

“Brother Chen, you okay?”

Yan Chenyu was deeply concerned.

“It’s nothing.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Brat! You are extreme! You have defeated the Tribulation of the Devil Dragon. How did you do that?!”

Big Yellow asked excitedly.

“Initially, I didn’t understand the true concept of the Tribulation of the Devil Dragon. This is supposed to be a life-or-death tribulation. Only those who can understand what is between life and death can survive this battle.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk. He finally understood that the previous spiritual battle was merely an illusion and was unreal. It was like he had plunged into a dreamland and had lost his way in it. If he couldn’t find a way to break the illusory world, he wouldn’t be able to come out from it.

In truth, everyone who faced the Tribulation of the Devil Dragon would be trapped in such an illusory world with another evil self that always had the advantage in battle.

In the final moment, Jiang Chen understood the meaning between life and death, and used the suicide method to get out of the illusory world, destroying his evil self and break the Tribulation of the Devil Dragon in the process. This was a very bold decision but he succeeded anyway.

This tribulation had given Jiang Chen lots of benefits. As he had defeated the devil aura of the tribulation, there wouldn’t be anything else that could affect his soul anymore. Moreover, he had deciphered the true meaning of life-and-death which had brought a great change to him spiritually. Although this change couldn’t be seen yet, this would act as a reminder when he faced something bigger in the future. One should know that there was no end in one’s cultivation path. There were tons of concepts that one had to understand and decipher.

*Weng* *Weng*

Suddenly, a buzzing sound came out from Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. Countless of dragon marks and Yuan Force rolled like a tidal wave. After the tribulation, part of his potential was unlocked. New dragon marks were starting to form, pus.h.i.+ng his grade towards the Second Grade Minor Saint.

“Haha! He is advancing to Second Grade Minor Saint. What a freak!”

Big Yellow laughed.

There were sixty one thousand dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea currently. When another thousand was condensed, he would be able to reach the second grade of Minor Saint realm. Now, according to the current scenario, he should have no problem in condensing two thousand dragon marks. In other words, after reaching Second Grade Minor Saint, he would be able to continue the advancement until the peak of Second Grade Minor Saint.


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