Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 783 – Tribulation of Devil Dragon

Chapter 783 – Tribulation of Devil Dragon

Tribulation of Devil Dragon

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Thunder rolled in the sky as though the world was reaching its end. The sky was fully overcast. Various mountains crumbled from its summit to the bottom, turning into ruin.

*Hong Long*

A stream of glistening black light flowed down like a waterfall, aiming at Jiang Chen’s head. He stood as still as a mountain, allowing the lighting to strike him.

*Pa* *Pa* *Pa*

The lightning was producing crackling sounds. This first bolt of lightning didn’t do Jiang Chen any harm. From his previous experience, he knew that the beginning of the tribulation was the weakest. Furthermore, his endurance had reached to a high extent where he wouldn’t receive any harm from the first bolt of lightning. Instead, the energy contained within it was absorbed by him, enhancing his physique.

‘This is a rarely seen black lightning. It hasn’t revealed its true strength before so I have no idea how strong it will become. But, I can’t put my attention about that now. I have to take this chance to concoct some Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills before it gets overly strong. Martial Saint Dynasty must rise. If they are given these pills, many geniuses will be born, their overall strength in the future will also start to increase.’

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Martial Saint Dynasty was his home. It was a place for him to return to.

He still had a long path ahead. There were still Pure Land, Immortal World and other greater worlds he had to pursue. When that time comes, he would be occupied with many things and wouldn’t be able to return. He knew that the only way to protect them was to make them stronger so that they could defend themselves.

There were many ways in which Jiang Chen could upgrade the overall strength of Martial Saint Dynasty: giving them Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills was only the first step.

*Hong Long*

The lightning cloud turned wild. Three pillars of black lightning were condensed, the streaks of the three lightnings covered the entire sky, similar to a spider web. It was conceivable how strong the energy contained within those lightning pillars was.

Jiang Chen was standing there as still as before. His palm turned. Afterwards, True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire appeared and turned into a sea of fire. Then, he fetched a bunch of herbs before throwing them into the sea of fire.

The three lightning rushed down like a tidal torrent, drowning Jiang Chen completely. Upon seeing this, Yan Chenyu stared at him, frightened that something bad may have happened to him.

“Don’t worry. That guy is fine. See, he is still able to concoct pills.”

Big Yellow said with a carefree face while shaking his st.u.r.dy tail. He knew very well how strong Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen had been struck by lightning three times ever since he stepped into Combat Soul realm. Furthermore, he had acc.u.mulated vast amounts of lightning energy, this resulted in him growing an immunity towards lightning. So, no lightning would be able to harm him.

Despite the tribulation’s destructive powers, it still couldn’t do any harm to him. Thus, Jiang Chen had to take this chance to concoct as many pills as possible because he had to put all of his concentration on facing the last few unimaginable lightning tribulations later on.

His palms were waving in the air as he was bathed in the sea of lightning. Then, he started concocting the Nine Solar Lightning Dragon pills. His skill in alchemy was fine and ingenious but this pill wasn’t a pill that could be concocted by any ordinary alchemist. The reason he could do so mainly because of Great Soul Derivation Technique that he cultivated. The technique had provided him a strong foundation in alchemy allowing him to concoct the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill during the lightning tribulation.

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword let out a roar and flew out of his body into the sea of lightning. It allowed the lightning to strike its surface continuously. Instead of being destroyed, its indestructible body was fortified by the power of the lighting.

After half an hour of the heavenly tribulation, Jiang Chen had concocted quite a handful amount of Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills—he had concocted twelve of them.

“Alright. With these pills, Martial Saint Dynasty’s improvement will be great.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He knew the effects of the pill very well, especially about its effects after ordinary people took it.

The number of geniuses in Martial Saint Dynasty couldn’t be compared with Divine Continent. Furthermore, the resources of cultivation in Divine Continent were way better than in Eastern Continent. But, if the people here took his pills, they would undergo a dramatic change. In fact, Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was valued greatly even by a Great Saint, let alone an ordinary person.


Lightning started to rumble as though sensing that the person who confronted it was a strong one. Heavenly Qi circulated more intensely than before. The clouds became one time thicker than before. Jiang Chen’s strength had infuriated the tribulation. Countless black lightning that were formed were now ten times greater than before. The place was very dark even though the sun had risen, akin to that of doomsday. The mountains in the vicinity was completely destroyed. They all turned into ruins.

Jiang Chen raised his head. He knew that the truly terrifying lightning tribulation was going to strike him at any time. The lightning before this was akin to an appetizer. White it was true that those weak tribulation couldn’t hurt him, it was also true that it couldn’t raise his potential strength. If he had only faced such lightning, he wouldn’t be able to reach the second grade of Minor Saint realm.

The dark clouds were currently rolling intensely. Those dark lightning was moving in zigzag way before they met and formed a black dragon. It had the length of forty meters. It's cold eyes and body were filled with a devilish aura. There was no doubt about it, this was a devil dragon.

“Tribulation of Devil Dragon!”

Jiang Chen face dropped. He finally knew what kind of tribulation he would face this time when the devil dragon appeared. This was a tribulation in the legends. It was a tribulation that scared countless of people. In the ancient records, only a Great Saint who was advancing to Immortal realm would face such tribulation.

“d.a.m.n! This brat is very unfortunate to meet this Major Tribulation of Devil Dragon.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but roll his eyes when he saw this.

“What is a Major Tribulation of Devil Dragon? Is it a very scary tribulation?”

Yan Chenyu asked worriedly. She could sense the unpleasantness from Big Yellow’s tone. She could guess that this was a very powerful tribulation, otherwise Big Yellow wouldn’t overreact.

“That’s right. In the ancient records, this was the scariest major tribulation. The scariness lies not in its attack but the devil aura of the devil dragon. When it attacks, it will straightaway attack one’s soul. One should understand that the soul is the most fragile thing regardless of how powerful the person is. The devil aura will penetrate into the deepest part of the soul to enchant it completely. The person who confronts such tribulation will be possessed once his soul was enchanted by devil. Eventually, the person will die. Even if he can survive the tribulation, he will turn into a mad devil king that only knows how to kill because he has lost his sanity and conscience.”

Big Yellow continued. Having the physique of a divine beast, as his cultivation grade advanced, he would automatically acquire many special abilities and many ancient records and history. As such, he had deep understanding of such tribulation.

Among all the tribulations in the world, Tribulation of Devil Dragon wasn’t the greatest but it was certainly the scariest to all cultivators. Many would rather chose to confront a tribulation with lethal attack than Tribulation of Devil Dragon.

“Brother Chen, you can pull through it!”

Yan Chenyu became very worried but she was confident that Jiang Chen could handle this tribulation successfully. Her impression of him was that he could defeat anything in the world.

Jiang Chen’s current expression seemed slightly ugly. He finally knew the reason for the black color of the lightning. This was the trait of the legendary Tribulation of Devil Dragon—the scariest tribulation. Not even he had the confidence in facing it.

“Come on, I have a very tenacious soul. I really want to see how you are going to enchant my soul!”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated, taunting the devil dragon. Though the dragon looked scary, he didn’t fear it because there was no point in fearing it. It’s true that what he would face would be stronger and scarier but the benefits would be tremendous.

Once he succeeds in this tribulation, his spirit would reach the nirvana state. Anything that would affect one’s soul could not do a thing to him anymore. He thought occasionally that it was quite good to improve one’s soul resistance.


The black devil dragon descended downwards in amazing speed with its long body. Jiang Chen’s expression remained unchanged. He didn’t show any signs of fighting back. He knew clearly that the devil dragon wouldn’t deal a considerable amount of damage to his body. What he needed right now was the concentration for resisting the devil that was going to penetrate into his soul.

In this scenario, Great Soul Derivation Technique had become extremely useful. Due to this technique, Jiang Chen’s soul was many times stronger than any ordinary people. As such, it wasn’t an easy thing for the devil dragon to corrode his soul.

The devil dragon opened its large mouth and swallowed him instantly before it turned into a sea of black lightning that covered the entire void in the vicinity. It made Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow very worried when they could only see a large piece of black thing and not a sight of Jiang Chen’s figure.

“Don’t worry. That man will be okay.”

Big Yellow said. It was pointless to worry at this time. After all, they wouldn’t be able to aid Jiang Chen even if they were very strong. They wouldn’t dare to go near the center of the tribulation. If they were caught by it, they wouldn’t be able to escape it and would face their end. At the time, no one could help them even if they cried deafeningly.

In the sea of black lightning, Jiang Chen’s body trembled intensely. There wasn’t an injury when the lightning struck his body but the devil aura that glued on his skin was violently penetrating into his deepest soul, trying to consume it.


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