Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 782 – The Boiling Heavenly Qi

Chapter 782 – The Boiling Heavenly Qi

The Boiling Heavenly Qi

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Jiang Chen was too powerful. Even if he didn't transform into his dragon form, these people could still not even stand up to him. Heavenly Sect’s cunning plot had infuriated him completely, even if he killed them all the hate would still remain.

All the people in Martial Saint Dynasty heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the end of Doomsday but at the same time, their impression of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had changed entirely. Jiang Chen was already the greatest person even before this,but today, his power had gone beyond their imagination.

They were very clear of how powerful the gang of attackers were. They were mere insects in front of them that could be swatted to death. But then Jiang Chen appeared, he only used one minute to kill all of them without leaving any remains behind. “Brother Chen.”

Yan Chenyu called for him. She turned into a light and pounced into his arms. She couldn’t control her emotions any longer, it has been so long since the last time they’ve met, and finally she could meet her lover once again.

Jiang Chen just let her hug him freely. A smile was plastered on his face. This is the woman that he would willingly risk his life just to protect her.

Jiang Chen was just as elated and surprised. He was surprised that Yan Chenyu had reached the First Grade Minor Saint. He didn’t expect that the inheritance of the ice G.o.d would be this powerful. She was now probably the first and only Minor Saint in the history of Eastern Continent.

“Xiao Yu, how are your injuries?”

Jiang Chen asked gently. He felt hurt when thought of how exhausted she was defending against so many of them just for him.

“Is okay. It’s just a small blow. I can heal myself.”

Yan Chenyu’s head was stuck into Jiang Chen’s chest, reluctant to let go, as if she wanted to freeze time just for this moment.

The both of them only let go of each other after a period of time. When she saw Big Yellow, she went over excitedly.

“Little doggy, you have become so powerful. Truly amazing.”

Yan Chenyu patted Big Yellow’s head. Only she had the privilege to this kind of action, Jiang Chen did not even have this privilege.

“No, it should be Xiao Yu who is more powerful. You straightaway become a Minor Saint after staying in Ice Island for a period time. Master dog has already helped you shred the old man who bullied you just now. How dare he to bully Xiao Yu!”

Big Yellow shook his head proudly.

After a while, Jiang Chen flew down from the sky before Jiang Zhenhai and the others. He paid his respect to his dad and Yan Zhanyun. Jiang Zhenhai had been so eager to hug his son but he didn’t want to disrupt the embrace between Xiao Yu and Jiang Chen.

“Father, I apologize for this shock.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, but he was heaving a long sigh of comfort in his heart. If he was a minute late, his dad would really be in big trouble. It made him s.h.i.+ver just thinking of the consequences. He would probably become a mad killing machine if something bad were to happen to his father.

“Good…It’s good that you are back. My son is getting more and more powerful. Father feels proud of you.”

Jiang Zhenhai held Jiang Chen up as both of his hands were continuously patting his shoulder. He was his greatest pride in his life.

“Brother, I didn’t expect that you would become so powerful to such an extent. I feel proud of you.”

Wu Jiu walked forward. He felt pleased from the bottom of his heart when he saw how much had Jiang Chen grown. Until now, he still felt grateful to him. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s help in the Purgatory h.e.l.l, he would have died. He was framed by the king of Martial Saint Dynasty and it was Jiang Chen who saved him. In other words, his life and his empire were made possible because of Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen.”

Yu Zihan approached Jiang Chen with a bright smile.

“My good brother.”

Jiang Chen patted Yu Zihan’s shoulder and saw a lot of other familiar faces coming towards him. He experianced the feeling of being home again.

“Alright. It wasn’t easy for my brother to return. We have to take this chance to celebrate. Let’s move to a different place and continue to catch up.”

Wu Jiu smiled.

In a garden behind the palace, all the higher-ups had gathered around cheerfully.

“Chen Er, who are those people?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked because the attackers were just too powerful.

“Dad, they are from a major power in the Divine Continent called Heavenly Sect. There is a major conflict between us. They have tried many times to eliminate me but failed every time. I didn’t imagine that they would s.h.i.+ft their targets to you all. This is my mistake for overlooking this possibility. I would definitely settle the score with Heavenly Sect soon.”

Jiang Chen said in a very cold tone. He couldn’t forgive those people who attacked his family. Heavenly Sect had crossed the line and they would be annihilated, otherwise, this event would be repeated again and at that time, it would be unlikely for him be as lucky as this time.

“All of us owe Xiao Yu a huge favor. If it wasn’t for her presence, Martial Saint Dynasty won’t be able to stand until you return.”

Wu Jiu told them everything. How Yan Chenyu held the ice barrier and also killed a Third Grade Minor Saint. It made Jiang Chen and Big Yellow feel extremely lucky to have left Yan Chenyu here before they left. Otherwise, whatever happened today would surely be a complete disaster.

“It was also because of the bronze plate of Ice Island that brother Chen carried. Or else, I wouldn’t even be able to convey the message to brother Chen.”

Yan Chenyu said. Her watery eyes looked at Jiang Chen. “Brother Chen, this time when you leave, I will go along with you.”

“Alright. We will depart tomorrow, but this time, before I leave, I would make sure that everything is perfectly arranged.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Yan Chenyu was already a First Grade Minor Saint. There wasn’t room for her to improve in the Eastern Continent. She was sure that she had obtained the complete inheritance of the ice G.o.d. Thus, she no longer need to stay here for cultivation.

“Chen Er, you’re leaving so soon?”

Jiang Zhenhai sounded slightly reluctant when he heard that his son would be leaving tomorrow.

“Dad, the matter of Heavenly Sect must be settled as soon as possible.They have already crossed the limit when they chose to target all of you.. There would be no second time after this. I would settle the score with them once and for all.”

Jiang Chen sounded resolute. He couldn’t accept what the Heavenly Sect had done.

“En, as long as you know how to manage things.”

Jiang Zhenhai nodded. Jiang Chen is a rare genius. Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he was sure that his son had made great achievements in the Divine Continent. There’s still a long path waiting for his son, and the only thing he could do now was to feel proud of having this kid.

That night, Jiang Chen and his dad had a long chat about his encounters and the various incidents in Divine Continent. It had been a long time since they had a nice and satisfying chat. The chat only stopped when the light of dawn appeared.

“Dad, I will go out to finish one thing first. Then, I would come back to say goodbye before I leave.”

He vanished with a sway after he spoke. He talked to Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu via Divine Sense. Two people and a dog appeared in a desolate mountainous terrain that was free from people and even beasts.

“Brother Chen, why are we here for?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

“Confronting the tribulation.”

Jiang Chen said in a plain tone. He was going to eliminate the Heavenly Sect this time, but his current strength could only allow him to kill a Fifth Grade Minor Saint even if he transformed. He knew that there was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint in the sect. Thus, he needed to prepare well. By taking the advantage of heavenly tribulation, he would be able to reach the Second Grade of the Minor Saint realm. At that time, killing a Sixth Grade Minor Saint wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

“The two of you should just observe from afar. Don’t come any closer. I want the both of you to closely observe the heavenly Qi in the tribulation. It would certainly benefit the both of you in the future.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu. The two of them were already Minor Saint cultivators. Given their talents, it was only a matter of time before they reached the Great Saint realm. At that time, they would face the saint tribulation. Big Yellow might be fine as he had seen Jiang Chen’s tribulation before. As for Yan Chenyu, she had no knowledge about it. It would be better to be equipped with knowledge before personally experiencing it.

Besides the two of them, no one in the Martial Saint Dynasty was asked by Jiang Chen to come because their cultivation were just too weak. They wouldn’t be able to stand the pressure of a saint tribulation which would only harm them instead.

Big Yellow knew how terrifying a heavenly tribulation was. He quickly flew as far as possible from Jiang Chen. Yan Chenyu followed. They stopped at a s.p.a.cious area within the mountainous terrain.

Jiang Chen raised his head and saw that the sky was still dark. He let out a breath of air. He had experienced the Nine Major Tribulations. He didn’t know what tribulation this and how powerful it is compared to the last. But, he had already prepared well. His pool of energy was stronger than before, and with the help of the dragon transformation art, there was nothing that would frighten him.

*Hong Long*

A strong Qi rushed out from the top of his head, turning into a golden light pillar that pierced through the clouds. Suddenly, the sky above changed dramatically. Large dark clouds were condensed above the dark sky. It looked very heavy and thick, as if devil mountains were forming in the sky.

*Hong Long*

Another deep noise rumbled. Flashes of lightning started to occur. Crackling sounds of thunder were heard. The lightning was as black as ink, giving people a strong pressure. It was the heavenly Qi. Under this pressure, people would suffocate.

“This is a really strong Qi! This is heavenly Qi!”

Yan Chenyu’s face was full of shock. She felt unpleasant, even if she was already standing from such a distance. She could imagine how much pressure Jiang Chen was facing, being directly under the heavenly Qi.


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