Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 781 – The Rage of Lightning

Chapter 781 – The Rage of Lightning

The Rage of Lightning

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The sudden change drew everyone’s attention. A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor died instantly like a bubble popping. It was enough to prove how strong the newcomer was.

Whether they were experts of Heavenly Sect or people of Martial Saint Dynasty, all of them raised their heads. They saw a continuous ripple in the void before two silhouettes emerged. One was a white-clothed man that looked about in his twenties. He had a handsome and resolute face and carried the aura of a king. Beside him was a large yellow dog which looked more robust and st.u.r.dy than a tiger.

“Brother Chen!”

Yan Chenyu exclaimed. A bright smile appeared on her face. She knew it! She knew Jiang Chen would come. He wouldn’t allow anyone to harm them. His arrival relieved her anxiety and fear for the opponents. Now she didn’t have to worry anymore even if more enemies came.

“Chen Er!”


Jiang Zhenhai and Wu Jiu became delighted, including all the people of Martial Saint Dynasty. A while ago, they were in total despair but after seeing Jiang Chen, they saw the light of hope again. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was an almighty being. His face didn’t change a bit ever since he left Eastern Continent but his Qi improved drastically. He was a Combat King last time but now, he was a Minor Saint. The difference was like the distance between heaven and earth.

As he appeared, he saw the wreckage left from the destruction. Half of Martial Saint Dynasty’s buildings were destroyed. It was a mess and the wreckage was stained with the blood of the disciples of Martial Saint Dynasty. It was conceivable how many of them had died. However, he let out a sigh of relief after scanning through them with his divine sense. None of his families had died.

However, his rage erupted when he saw that Yan Chenyu was hurt. Her face was pale and there were streaks of blood at the corner of her mouth. She was the lover who he had been thinking of every night! Yan Chenyu had sacrificed herself by getting hurt just to protect his family.

“It is unforgivable to harm my family.”

Jiang Chen said these seven words in cold tone. His gaze swept across all the experts of Heavenly Sect like a chilling blade. He had hypothesized different scenarios while he was on his way here but it didn’t cross his mind that this situation would happen. He could hundred-percent determine that these people were from Heavenly Sect by their uniform.

He had not thought that Heavenly Sect would send people to harm his closest ones just to deal with him. To a large and established sect, this was a super insulting action.

Today’s scenario was absolutely unacceptable. Jiang Chen was angry! His rage came out from his core. He was like an ancient barbaric beast that had gone mad and was about to charge at them.

“Jiang Chen, how did you come back?”

Elder Liu was shocked when he saw Jiang Chen’s return. Not him alone, Elder Zhuang, the Fourth Grade Minor Saint, also felt the same. Their expressions weren’t as pleasant as before anymore. Elder Zhuang had heard about Jiang Chen’s ruthless killings in Mysterious Domain. Not even a Fifth Grade Minor Saint could stand a chance against him. Although he didn’t witness it with his own eyes, the event was true, instantly creating a sense of fear in him of Jiang Chen.

Many of them hadn’t seen Jiang Chen’s face before but all of them knew his ident.i.ty. The most obvious clue was the large yellow dog that was beside him.

“People of Heavenly Sect. Good. This is too good to be true. You have no idea what is the price you have to pay for committing such deeds.”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes but that didn’t stop it from releasing an icy cold light. Murderous intent that stung people’s bone was unleashed from his body, covering the sky like a violent gale.

Each of their faces changed instantly because they could imagine what he would do after knowing the latest news.

“Today, every one of you has to die here. None shall live.”

Jiang Chen had sentenced them to death with a few words.

“d.a.m.n you! You all dare to harm Xiao Yu! Master Dog will shred you all to pieces.”

Big Yellow raged. He dragged his st.u.r.dy body and rushed to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint elder, Elder Zhuang, in a blink. Without another word, he opened his mouth and snapped at him.

“Quickly, scatter around! Go and seize the target below. Jiang Chen is too scary. We can’t fight him!”

Elder Liu responded quickly. He knew how strong Jiang Chen was. Given the fact that they were numerous, the only option now was to hold the targets below in custody before Jiang Chen started attacking. Only this would give them a chance of survival by threatening him using his closest ones. Apart from that option, they would be dead for sure.

*Hua La*

However, how could Jiang Chen give them a second chance chance? The Five Elemental Sphere was like an ocean that s.h.i.+mmered with five-colored lights. Then the void was sealed, containing all of them within the vicinity. They might not know how terrifying this power sphere was. Over a hundred of Minor Saints were trapped in this barrier that day.

“This is the energy of a power sphere but how can his power sphere be this powerful? We are trapped here and can’t get out. How is this possible?”

Elder Liu was shocked. One wouldn’t comprehend how powerful or scary Jiang Chen was if one didn’t engage in a real battle with him.

The next thing that happened was very frightening even to the people who who would hear of it in the future. Those who saw it felt their goose b.u.mps all raising up on their skin.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Continuous wails of pain and agony sounded but no one saw that Jiang Chen attacked. Those nine Ninth Grade Combat Emperors inside the Five Elemental Sphere exploded, turning into a fog of blood. In just a few blinks, all Combat Emperors died without exception.

“My G.o.d. When was Brother Jiang so powerful?”

Wu Jiu was so shocked his mouth fell open. He couldn’t believe what he just saw.

“Brother Jiang is really a rare genius. I don’t think I can achieve his level in my whole life.”

Wu Lang couldn’t help but sigh.


Jiang Zhenhai laughed. When he recalled at the time in Fragrant Sky City, Jiang Chen was a spoiled kid and a fool who had wasted so much of his medicines and pills to have him achieve the first grade of Qi Jing. During that time, Jiang Zhenhai wouldn’t have dreamt that his son would become as great like today one day.

Now, only four Minor Saints was alive. Each of them were s.h.i.+vering. They had never felt such fright ever since they had become Minor Saints. They could feel the threat of death inside Jiang Chen’s sphere.


On the other side, Elder Zhuang let out a wail. An arm was bitten down by Big Yellow. It was b.l.o.o.d.y and the white bones could be seen. But, Big Yellow didn’t stop there, he bit violently on one of the elder’s legs producing a cracking sound.

Although Elder Zhuang was a Fourth Grade Minor Saint, he was nothing more than sheep to be slaughtered in front of a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint. Big Yellow could easily kill him in an instant but clearly, he didn’t want his opponent to die the easy way as this old guy had hurt Xiao Yu. After all, he had a quite close relations.h.i.+p with Yan Chenyu.


Another wail. Elder Zhuang’s leg was detached from his body. A high and mighty Fourth Grade Minor Saint had never been put in such condition before. Currently, he was nothing more than a drowned mouse. He was like a toy in front of Big Yellow, totally defenseless. Elder Zhuang had never felt so weak and powerless before.

*Chi La*

In the next moment, another wail was heard. Another arm and leg was torn off from his body. All of his limbs were detached and fell to the ground. This cruel scene s.h.i.+vered everyone in Martial Saint Dynasty. Despite knowing how flagrant Big Yellow was, it was hard to accept such scene as it was the first time they saw how ruthless he really was.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill…me…argh…”

Elder Zhuang voiced out threat but before he could finish, his skull was torn off his body by Big Yellow’s mouth. He died in one of the worst way. Moreover, it was a death without a burial.

The b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere was too frightening. Only four people remained of Heavenly Sect. How could these four have the guts to fight such overpowering enemy now? Each of them was s.h.i.+vering with fright. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were literally the incarnation of the G.o.d of slaughter.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t kill us. Otherwise, the Heavenly Sect will never forgive you.”

Elder Liu said.

Jiang Chen smirked. This old dude already had a foot in the grave but still blurted out such pointless nonsense. How could he foolishly think that Jiang Chen would let him go, simply by threatening him? Did he think that it was still possible for Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Sect to repair their relations.h.i.+p? Did he think that Jiang Chen was afraid of Heavenly Sect? Was it supposed to be a joke?

“All of your crimes are unforgivable. Instant death is the lightest punishment. I have thousands of ways to make you experience a horrendous death. However, you people are not worth my time. Heavenly Sect will have to bear the responsibility and indeed the consequences will be severe. After killing you all, I will personally go to Heavenly Sect to annihilate it entirely. I will make it h.e.l.l on earth.”

Jiang Chen was akin to the G.o.d of death that had given a death sentence to them all.


As his voice dropped, he turned into a ray of light and vanished. In the next moment, four wails were heard. Elder Liu and the other three instantly died under his hands.


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