Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 780 – It is Unforgivable to Touch My Family

Chapter 780 – It is Unforgivable to Touch My Family

It is Unforgivable to Touch My Family

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“Haha! Yan Chenyu, you still think that Jiang Chen would come back to save you all? You are truly naïve. He had just begun ruling the four large domains. He would be very busy right now. Furthermore, how could he possibly predict that we will attack the Eastern Continent? It’s a far distance between here and the Divine Continent. None of you can communicate with him with your current grade. So, I advise you not to place your hopes on him anymore and stop resisting your fates. We will only bring you and his father to a trip to the Divine Continent. I guarantee that no one here will be killed if the both of you follow me.”

Elder Liu said. He knew that Yan Chenyu wasn’t easy to deal with. If she was willing to surrender herself, he would be very glad.

“Just wait here to taste brother Chen’s rage.”

Yan Chenyu’s eyes were burning with rage. They were right, if Yan Chenyu couldn’t use the power of the Icy Island to convey the message to Jiang Chen through the bronze plate, Jiang Chen wouldn’t know but he had already received the message and was already in a hurry to return here.

“Yan Chenyu, seems like you chose the hard way instead of the easy way. Since you still refuse to accept your mistakes, I shall crush your icy barrier and annihilate all of them here.”

Elder Liu’s Qi fluctuated wildly. A wolf fang mace that illuminated a cold light materialized in his hand. That was a terrifying Minor Saint weapon. It could release a very powerful saint aura.

“Old man, cut down your nonsense. When Jiang Chen returns, he would certainly peel your skin off.”

Yu Zihan shouted at them. If he couldn’t fight these people, the least he would do is to curse them painfully.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You will be the first one I kill once this barrier is broken.”

Elder Liu’s murderous intent soared to the sky and shouted. “Don’t waste anymore time, act now!”

*Hong Long*

Over ten powerful experts launched their attacks simultaneously. The sky above was full of rainbow colored lights before it turned into streams of strong pillars of light that violently crashed onto Yan Chenyu’s icy barrier. Crackling sound was heard, the barrier would seemingly break at any time.

However, it wasn’t as fragile as it seemed. It was condensed from the force of the icy island. It had an incredible defensive strength. The only disadvantage was that Yan Chenyu had to support it personally, otherwise she would have gone to fight them.

Elder Liu’s idea was simple. He wanted to annihilate everything here and capture Yan Chenyu and Jiang Zhenhai before the Fourth Grade Minor Saint arrive to regain his reputation. What he didn’t know was that Jiang Chen was rus.h.i.+ng back to the Eastern Continent after he was informed.

“What now? These people are too strong. It seems like Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.”

Jiang Zhenhai was worried.

“Look, those people are overwhelming. Their Qi could make me suffocate. How could there be such powerful beings?”

“We are finished. Martial Saint Dynasty is finished. If Yan Chenyu fails and the barrier breaks, we are all doomed. We are like insects before them. Their single blow could pulverize all of us.”

“This is regrettable. We couldn’t even help in this critical situation. We could only depend on miss Yan Chenyu alone. Now all of our hopes are placed on her.”


The people of the Martial Saint Dynasty sighed upon seeing their current plight. Such an incident had never crossed their mind. It’s like doomsday had arrived. The first chaotic scenario that happened in Martial Saint Dynasty was when Jiang Chen waged war with them. Today was the second. However, it was destructive this time.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I have already alerted Jiang Chen. He would certainly be back soon.”

Yan Chenyu’s voice echoed in the area, entering into everyone’s ears. They couldn’t help but tremble slightly when they heard of Jiang Chen’s name. He was that white-clothed young man that gave them the impression of a G.o.d, a G.o.d that could do anything. Once he’s back, there’s nothing that they would need to be afraid of, even if a more powerful enemy were to come.

“Chen Er.”

Jiang Zhenhai muttered his son’s name. He was still able to smile despite the current event, every time he thinks of his son, it would make him so proud. This was because he believed that there is nothing that could be compared to his son

“Yes. Once my brother is back, these people would surely be finished.”

Wu Jiu said with high spirit.

“Father, is it possible that Jiang Chen has really grown to such a powerful extent after going to the Divine Continent?”

Wu Lang doubted.

“Hehe. Nothing is impossible when it comes to him. These people’s appearance is enough to prove his overwhelming ability. They won’t deliberately come to the Eastern Continent if they can deal with him directly.”

Wu Jiu chuckled.

Wu Lang sighed. He felt slightly plagued about his achievement. Back when they first met, Jiang Chen wasn’t as powerful as him. But after a period of time, Jiang Chen had advanced to a stage where he could no longer have a friendly match with him. He was a natural born genius but compared to Jiang Chen, he is nothing.

*Hong Long*

Continuous emission of violent energy was wreaking havoc in the sky above, causing the icy barrier to tremble continuously. Lines of cracks appeared because of the attacks but they were quickly mended by Yan Chenyu as soon as they appeared. So the reason the barrier is still standing firm and stable is because of the help of Icy Island.

Due to the opponents continuous launching of powerful attacks, Yan Chenyu had to consume a lot of energy in order to mend the cracks of the barrier. She would certainly be exhausted if this continued.

“Brother Chen, I could only hold on for one more day. You have to come back as soon as possible.”

Yan Chenyu was praying for his return. If he couldn’t return after a day, Martial Saint Dynasty would be finished.

There were two glittering silhouettes in the void. They vanished after a step and reappeared after a thousand miles. They were the silhouettes of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen was doing his best to rush back. His face had darkened and grown cold as though ice was forming on his face. He had no idea what had happened at home, but he was sure that it wasn’t something pleasant.

Big Yellow knew how Jiang Chen felt right now. He was smart enough to keep his mouth shut along the way because he knew how important Martial Saint Dynasty was to Jiang Chen. If an accident happened there, Jiang Chen’s rage would be uncontrollable.

As they were heading to the Eastern Continent, a powerful Minor Saint was also heading towards that direction. He was a Fourth Grade Minor Saint old man.

After a day!

The attackers were getting ferocious, especially elder Liu. His anger had reached the maximum. It had been a day and night but the barrier was not broken yet

Yan Chenyu wasn’t feeling good either. She had already reached her limit and could only hold on for at most an hour. Her eyes was continuously scanning around for a man in white clothes to appear.

“F***! Why is this girl so powerful? We are getting exhausted but she is still standing there fine.”

A man from the Heavenly Sect cursed.

“Continue to attack. She is already at her limit and won’t be able to hold on much longer. We can’t give her chance to replenish her energy.”

Elder Liu gritted his teeth.

*Hong Long*

Another wave of attack began, wild explosion of energy were happening on the surface of the icy barrier.


Yan Chenyu felt the great shock and spurted out a mouthful of blood. Elder Liu and the others felt satisfied upon seeing this and their attack turned wilder.

“Not good, Xiao Yu is hurt.”

Yan Zhanyun’s worries for her daughter increased when he saw her spurting out blood.

“Why is Jiang Chen not here yet? Xiao Yu couldn’t hold on any longer. Once the icy barrier is breached, Martial Saint Dynasty would surely be wiped out.”

Wu Lang’s tone was heavy. No one could stay calm at this moment.

“Chen Er will come.”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a confident tone. He believed in his son.

*Hong Long*

At this time, the void suddenly shook. A silhouette suddenly appeared, similar to a ghostly figure. But, it wasn’t Jiang Chen, it was an old man in grey robe. He had a very powerful Qi. Even stronger than that of elder Liu and the rest. He was a Fourth Grade Minor Saint.

“It’s really shameful that you lot couldn’t even break the barrier.”

The old man sneered at them the moment he appeared.

Elder Liu face turned ugly because the Fourth Grade Minor Saint had come.

“Elder Zhuang, we are about to break it. This girl’s icy barrier has an amazing defensive strength. We don’t need you to help us.”

Elder Liu said.

The sudden appearance of the Minor Saint was seen by everyone below. They all looked on in despair. The person that they hoped to arrive did not appear. Instead, an even stronger enemy had appeared.

Yan Chenyu was about to reach her limit. Now that a stronger opponent had come, it seemed as if the barrier was bound to break.

They are finished. They had already lost all hopes.

“Enough. Don’t waste any more time here. This is truly a disgrace. Let me handle this.”

Elder Zhuang replied in a cold tone. Then, a palm was sent out. Boundless light illuminated the sky, before forming into a large glittering palm that slapped the icy barrier.

*Hong Long*

The icy barrier was broken as soon as the sound was heard. It was pulverized by the terrifying energy.


Yan Chenyu suffered a great shock, spurting out three mouthfuls of blood. Her body shook and was about to fall but she resisted it.

“Xiao Yu!”

Yan Zhanyun and Jiang Zhenhai exclaimed. Yan Chenyu had been heavily damaged. Their opponents were just too strong. There was no way that they could defend for themselves.

“Who is Jiang Zhenhai, come out.”

Elder Zhuang said loudly.

“I think that we should just cut the nonsense and annihilate the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, exterminating them all in the process.”

A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor shouted. His murderous intent was rising towards the sky.

However, as soon as his voice faded, a large blood-red dragon claw emerged from the void, crus.h.i.+ng him into powder, not even giving him the chance to make a sound.


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