Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 779 – Yan Chenyu, a First Grade Minor Saint

Chapter 779 – Yan Chenyu, a First Grade Minor Saint

Yan Chenyu, a First Grade Minor Saint

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Below a layer of ice was a girl clothed in white, she had a cold expression. The Qi coming from her body had integrated with the icy layer completely, making her seem like a real ice G.o.d that represented the frost of the world. Even the Qi from heaven and earth was exuding a bone-stinging coldness.

She had a very attractive face. Her puerile behavior had shed away throughout the years.

There was no doubt that she was very pretty, a very rare beauty. Her face was an indication of perfection. Likewise, her icy cold attributes was virtually perfect. Anyone who is in her vicinity of a thousand miles could feel such coldness.

This girl was Yan Chenyu.

She was currently drifting in midair. Her body was drifting next to the icy layer while her pretty eyes were fixed on the powerful experts above with chilling murderous intent.

The intruders were very powerful and their abilities were beyond the comprehension of anyone in Eastern Continent. Without much thought, Yan Chenyu had guessed that they were from Divine Continent. It was safe to a.s.sume that they were the enemies of Jiang Chen. They probably couldn’t fight Jiang Chen head on so they put the pressure on the ones closest to him.

Below the sky were a bunch of higher-ups of Martial Saint Dynasty that looked sullen. This was a grievous incident. The intruders were just too strong. Luckily, Yan Chenyu emerged just now and had killed a Minor Saint before creating this ice barrier to prevent them from attacking any further.

“Their power is beyond ours. Where are they from? I don’t think we have offended such powerful people before.”

Prince Wu Lang said in a deep tone. He had became a prince since Martial Saint Dynasty took control of the entire Eastern Continent. Today’s event was something he didn’t even dream of.

“Lang Er, do you still need to think about this? Judging from their strength, they aren’t from Eastern Continent. If I’m not guessing it wrongly, these people are from the far continent, the Divine Continent. They are the enemies of Brother Jiang. It seems like they have come to annihilate us when they failed to seek revenge on him. Humph!”

Wu Jiu, who was wearing an emperor robe, said coldly. He used his wit to quickly make a correct guess about these people’s background.

“Their actions are detestable. They will have to pay a high price for what they have done. Little Chen won’t show mercy to them!”

Yu Zihan was infuriated. Given his knowledge about Jiang Chen’s personality, these people would definitely face death when he’s here. This was the old home of Jiang Chen. Trying to destroy it was equivalent to death.

“Fortunately, Xiao Yu is here. Otherwise, we will all die.”

Jiang Zhenhai said.

“Her growth has gone beyond my prediction.”

Yan Zhanyun was looking at her daughter who was facing the enemies above. He felt happy, comforted and proud because this was his own daughter. Although he didn’t know what her cultivation grade was, he knew she had killed one of the strongest among the intruders.

“Xiao Yu’s combat strength must be greater than them but do you see their scattered positions now? This is a disadvantage to her because once she targets one of them, the ice barrier will fade and the others will come and annihilate us. So, what she can do now is to stay put in her position.”

Wu Jiu’s eyes were sharp enough to pinpoint the battle status.

He was right. Yan Chenyu didn’t have any choice other than to wait for Jiang Chen to return.

“I am just a First Grade Minor Saint but there are three Third Grade Minor Saints above me. Though I’ve killed one of the three, there are still two Second Grade Minor Saints and nine Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Their overall strength is overwhelming. I can barely manage to kill a Third Grade Minor Saint. The reason I’ve killed one just now was because I caught him off guard. Killing any of the third grades now will be very difficult. If I attack now, the others will attack the people of Martial Saint Dynasty. I believe their target is grandfather. They want to use him to threaten Brother Chen.”

I don’t have other choices now other than using the power of Icy Island to hold this ice barrier.”

Yan Chenyu was getting anxious. She could utilize the power of Icy Island but that wouldn’t last long. As her opponents were too overwhelming, she couldn’t risk the people below by leaving the barrier. If she was alone, she would have waged a war with them.

In the meantime, she was like a guardian angel of Martial Saint Dynasty who could only guard and could not attack. The current scenario only allowed her one option – wait for the return of Jiang Chen.

“Brother Chen, you have to return quickly.”

Yan Chenyu was expecting his urgent return because she didn’t know how long she could hold on. She was willing to give up her life in order to protect Martial Saint Dynasty because these people were too important to Jiang Chen. Besides Jiang Chen’s father, the other people here also had a good relations.h.i.+p with him. He would be very angry if any of them were killed. In addition, it would become the most regretful thing in his life. These were the things which Yan Chenyu didn’t hope to see on Jiang Chen.

Above the sky, those attackers fixed their eyes at the ice barrier below them with unpleasant face.

“This is merely the Eastern Continent. How can such a powerful expert appear here? Who is this girl?”

An old man of roughly fifty years of age said coldly.

“Elder Liu, I have already done an investigation. This girl is Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen’s woman. I never thought that she will be so powerful.”

A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor said. He sounded cautious because he knew Elder Liu hated Jiang Chen very much. Jiang Chen had killed his brother in Western Domain, so he must settle the score with him.

“Humph! We have so many experts in our team and if we still can’t deal with a Minor Saint, we should find a hole to dig our faces into.”

Elder Liu gave a cold humph. He was a powerful Third Grade Minor Saint. Annihilating the entire Martial Saint Dynasty was a very easy thing to do but who would have thought that a girl would suddenly emerge out of nowhere to stop them.

“Elder Liu, I have received the latest news from the sect. Jiang Chen has already grown to be very powerful. He killed nearly half of the Minor Saints of the four large domains and is now ruling over them. The order from headquarters is to capture Jiang Zhenhai no matter what and ignore the others.”

Another elder spoke suddenly.

“What? That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has become so powerful? No way! We can’t let him continue to advance further or else Heavenly Sect will be destroyed under his hands and it won’t take very long for him to do that. Everyone, listen! Use all your might to attack the ice barrier. Yan Chenyu is using an external energy to hold the barrier. She won’t last long.”

Elder Liu’s expression changed. He was so surprised that Jiang Chen had grown so much. It was not long but Jiang Chen had already ruled the four large domains. Elder Liu would certainly not believe it if the news did not come from the sect itself.

“The headquarter will send a Fourth Grade Minor Saint for safety purposes. When that time comes, Yan Chenyu won’t be able to defend against us. She is the woman of Jiang Chen, and thus, she means a lot to him. If we can capture her as well, we will gain control over him. Once he is killed, one great potential threat will be resolved.”

Someone said.

“We have to attack now before the Fourth Grade Minor Saint comes, otherwise we will be covering our faces due of shame.”

Elder Liu raged when he thought of his dead brother that is killed by Jiang Chen. How was he able to retain his reputation if he couldn’t even handle a tiny Martial Saint Dynasty? If they really waited for the fourth grade to come, it would be an insult to him.

*Hong Long*

In one day’s time, all the experts of Heavenly Sect had unleashed their Qi. Two third grade and Second Grade Minor Saints and Nine Ninth Grade Combat Emperors had gathered at one point to attack the ice barrier.

Jiang Chen had killed two elders of Heavenly Sect in Western Domain, which had infuriated Heavenly Sect but because Western Domain was largely controlled by Great Lightning Tune Temple, they couldn’t send a large amount of troops to end Jiang Chen that day. Furthermore, due to Dark Shadow’s failure to a.s.sa.s.sinate Jiang Chen, he had grown exponentially. As such, they needed to send a large team to capture those who were his closest in order to blackmail him.

They had to strike Eastern Continent because that was where Jiang Chen’s family lived. Heavenly Sect wasn’t stupid. If they couldn’t make friend with Jiang Chen, they should eliminate him as early as possible because he grows too fast. If he was allowed to grow to an uncontrollable state, Heavenly Sect would face its destruction.

This fact was obvious from Jiang Chen’s actions in dominating the four large domains in Divine Continent. As such, Heavenly Sect had sent a Fourth Grade Minor Saint to capture his father. Heavenly Sect didn’t want to be the next Freedom Palace or Skyhill School.

*Hong Long*

Terrifying waves of energy were cras.h.i.+ng on the ice barrier until it trembled intensely. It also trembled Yan Chenyu greatly. It seemed like it was going to break anytime. Although she could defeat a Third Grade Minor Saint, there was too many powerful experts attacking simultaneously.

“Yu Er.”

Yan Zhenyun shouted. His eyes were full of pain and worries.

“Father, it’s okay. I won’t let these people to harm you all.”

Yan Chenyu’s tone was firm. Those who were still alive in Martial Saint Dynasty were looking at her with respect. They were frustrated because they were incapable to lend a helping hand because they were too weak. It wouldn’t make any difference if they stepped in to help.

“Yan Chenyu, I warn you to give up now. It is useless to resist. If you let go now, I guarantee that the innocent will not die.”

Elder Liu said loudly.

“Humph! You all have come here to bully us because none of you can fight Brother Chen. This is totally shameless. You all will regret it when he returns.”

Yan Chenyu said coldly.


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