Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 778 – Something happens At home

Chapter 778 – Something happens At home

Something happens At home

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Obviously, Jiang Chen’s advice didn’t enter Big Yellow’s ear because he wanted to use this opportunity to show off his great advancement. He wouldn’t stop until he is satisfied. This is Big Yellow’s innate behaviour.

This dog was showing off in the sky for half an hour. He only kept his Qi when he saw the initially interested disciples starting to ignore him.

He turned into a light ray and shot straight to the ground and came before Jiang Chen. He then said in a proud tone. “Come on brat! Have a big battle with master dog.”

Big Yellow was bursting with confidence. The power of a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint fueled his pride.

“You sure you want to have a battle with me?”

Jiang Chen clenched his fingers and a cracking sound was produced. A smirk was seen on his face. When Big Yellow recalled how scary Jiang Chen was after the dragon transformation, his Qi became listless and he said, “Fine. I won’t get any benefits battling with you.”

Naturally, Jiang Chen was delighted to see Big Yellow reaching the Third Grade Minor Demon Saint. This divine dog had different kinds of abnormal and special abilities. So, the improvement on his cultivation would also help Jiang Chen a lot. There was no doubt about it. He would be one of his greatest strength now.

“Little Chen, currently, the four large domains have been conquered by you and Nan Bei Chao is already dead. There are no challenges left here in this domain. What’s your next plan?”

Big Yellow was wagging his st.u.r.dy tail when he asked. Now, the Mysterious Domain not a challenge to Jiang Chen and him. He knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t stay here to become an overlord.

“Isn’t our next plan to go to the Pure Land?....”

Jiang Chen was not able to finish his words. Suddenly, he knitted his eyebrows and turned his palm. A bronze plate appeared in his palm. It trembled continuously and illuminated boundless amount of light. This was the bronze plate that he had in Icy Island. It had been non-reactive since he reached the Divine Continent, but it suddenly responded dramatically.

“This is the bronze plate that is used to open the gates of Icy Island? But the distance between here and Icy Island is too far. How can this reaction occur?”

Big Yellow was stunned.

“Something must have happened at home.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed. He had cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, so he had a very accurate premonition. There was only one person who could contact him from such a faraway place, she was Yan Chenyu. She inherited the ability of the ice G.o.d which allowed her to integrate with the icy island. In addition, the bronze plate was highly connected to the Icy Island and it was also the key to its gate. Thus, only Yan Chenyu could send a message to this bronze plate.

Without much thought, Jiang Chen unlocked the message on the bronze plate via Divine Sense.

“Brother Chen, something has happened at home. Return at once.”

The voice of the messenger was no doubt Yan Chenyu. She sounded urgent, very urgent.

“What has happened?”

Big Yellow could see it from Jiang Chen’s face that something bad must had happened.

“Something’s wrong at home. Let’s go, we have to return to the Eastern Continent at once.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned cold. He knew Yan Chenyu too well. She was a girl who wanted power. Her cultivation must have grown a lot after obtaining the inheritance of the ice G.o.d. She wouldn’t personally ask for Jiang Chen’s help if she wasn’t in real trouble, especially since she didn’t want Jiang Chen to worry about her when he was so far away.

“Do you want to call Han Yan and the others to come?”

Big Yellow asked.

“No. Only the two of us will go.”

Jiang Chen replied and disappeared from the compound and entered the spatial zone. Big Yellow quickly followed. The two of them used their fastest speed and headed towards the Eastern Continent. Despite them being the fastest among the others, they still feel that it wasn’t enough.

“I don’t care who it is. I would make those who dare hurt my family pay an unimaginable price.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was very cold. His body released a bone-stinging murderous aura. Eastern Continent was Jiang Chen’s old home. The Martial Saint Dynasty was his foundation. His family, lover, sworn brothers and friends were all there and he wouldn’t allow anyone to harm them. Anyone who had such intentions would only face one result, death.

However, Mysterious Domain was just too far away from the Eastern Continent. Despite the both of them stepping into the Minor Saint realm, they would need at least a day and a night to arrive at their destination. It they weren’t Minor Saints, it would certainly take them longer.

In the Martial Saint Dynasty of Eastern Continent.

After Jiang Chen’s departure, the Martial Saint Dynasty was the greatest power in the Eastern Continent. It ruled the entire continent. There was no one who dared to defy him. After Wu Jiu had become the ruler, he treated Jiang Chen’s family and friends with care, especially Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun. This was because he knew that his current position would be taken away if Jiang Chen wanted to. These two men were just too important to Jiang Chen, hence he couldn’t allow them to receive any harm.

Despite the fact that both Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun have a low cultivation grade, they had a stable position that was akin to an overlord in Martial Saint Dynasty.

A few years after Jiang Chen disappeared, the Martial Saint Dynasty had developed dramatically and became very powerful. It was the strongest and greatest power in the Eastern Continent. However at this moment, the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty was covered with a layer of ice.

Danger had befell them abruptly without any signs or warning. One day ago, more than ten powerful experts suddenly appeared above the sky of the Martial Saint Dynasty. Without saying a word, half of the building was razed. Countless of people had died after being crushed into meat paste by a strike. This was the first time that the Martial Saint Dynasty had suffered such a great loss over these years.

Wu Jiu was already a first grade Combat Emperor expert. It was already deemed to be a very powerful cultivation grade across Eastern Continent. At this moment, some demon-like people emerged out of nowhere. Any one of them could send him a blow that was enough to pulverize his bones.

Martial Saint Dynasty had fallen into an unprecedented chaos. The attackers were unprecedentedly strong. They were defenseless and powerless. If they knew that there were five Minor Saints and nine Ninth Grade Combat Emperors attacking them, they would be scared to death on the spot.

Any one of them who wasn’t a Minor Saint could simply annihilate the whole dynasty. One could say that sending so many experts was really excessive when dealing with such a tiny power, perhaps it was because they didn’t think that this dynasty was so weak.

The moment they came, thousands of them had been killed. Fortunately, the higher-ups weren’t killed because they were located at the center of the territory. At this critical moment, a layer of ice appeared above the sky, freezing the entire Martial Saint Dynasty. This layer of ice was an urgent call to prevent another attack from the enemy.


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