Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 777 – Error in Prediction, straightaway reach Third Grade

Chapter 777 – Error in Prediction, straightaway reach Third Grade

Error in Prediction, straightaway reach Third Grade

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“Little Chen, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had the Source of Combat Strength talisman of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint? I was so worried just now. I felt that the white tiger died innocently. A mighty divine beast was killed the moment it arrived in the battlefield. Haha! This incident makes me feel so high!”

Nangong Wentian smiled and said. They were gathering around a large table made of crystal with the best wine that Nebula Sect had to offer. He and Jiang Chen had been through plenty of significant battles, but the battle just now was the most adrenaline-rus.h.i.+ng.

“That talisman was given by Great Master Ran Feng. He’s a great monk in Western Domain and also the master of Tyrant. You should all meet him if there’s a chance.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Tyrant, I didn’t know that you have such a powerful master. Doesn’t that mean that everyone is afraid of offending you?”

Nangong Wentian and the others looked at Tyrant surprisingly. They knew that Tyrant was a monk of Western Domain, but they didn’t know that he had such a powerful support behind him. Tan Lang also showed a wry smile as he thought of that time in the Chaotic Ocean, the Asura Palace exerted so much effort just to scheme against Tyrant. To him, their actions were reckless and blind.

“The truth is, no one dares to offend me because I, Tyrant have a charming aura and impeccable abilities. It has nothing to do with my master. I’m very confident of myself, especially my charm.”

Tyrant said in a serious tone, causing the rest to quickly turn their heads to avoid talking to him. This guy was narcissistic. His narcissism was worse than Big Yellow. The way he boasted and bragged about himself was matchless.

“But, the greatest reward of this war was killing Nan Bei Chao. He is the reincarnation of an immortal, meaning that he would certainly be a huge threat in the future if he isn’t gotten rid of.”

Han Yan opened his mouth and spoke. Besides Jiang Chen, he also knew a lot about Nan Bei Chao. Back then, Nan Bei Chao was the number one genius of the Qi Province and the arch enemy of Jiang Chen. If he didn’t die, there would be no peace anywhere he went to.

“Killing Nan Bei Chao is equivalent to eliminating a very strong enemy, but I don’t know why I having some strange feelings after that.”

Jiang Chen frowned.

“Nan Bei Chao hasn’t died?”

Tyrant was stunned.

“No, I can confirm that he was eradicated in my five elemental sphere. But I just feel that something is definitely off. I just couldn’t put them into words. Alright, you know what, forget about it. There is nothing that I, Jiang Chen is afraid of anyway.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. Nan Bei Chao was without a doubt killed by him, but there was an awkward feeling inside that was bugging him, as if Nan Bei Chao was still alive. Although it sounded absurd, he couldn’t deny the feeling that he had. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to delve deeper into this thought, he still had a long way to go and he needs to put in more effort. There were many things that he had to do, such as settling the matter with Gu Family. He was worried about Wu Ningzhu’s condition there.

In the following days’, Jiang Chen was in seclusion. He had turned a deaf ear regarding the matters of the four large domains. He had obtained a lot of benefits this time and needed sometime to fortify his cultivation. There were sixty one thousand dragon marks in his body which had enhanced his pool of energy ma.s.sively.

Furthermore, his human-dragon transformation was able to improve his current combat strength by ten times, beyond anyone’s imagination. While he was in his dragon form, no Fifth Grade Minor Saint could stand against him, not even a Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

What he had to do now was to make ample preparations for the heavenly tribulation. He would feel the existence of the tribulation at random timing. It would fall upon him once he initiated it, but he didn’t dare to recklessly confront it. The greatest heavenly tribulation that he had experienced in his previous life was the nine major tribulations. Now, he couldn’t predict what this tribulation would be like and how powerful it would be. Thus, sufficient preparation was crucial.

Han Yan, Nangong Wentian and Tyrant had also gone into seclusion to improve their cultivation. Jiang Chen had given them a huge pressure. They had to put in ten times the effort to narrow down the gap between them and Jiang Chen. Not only them, Big Yellow’s cultivation would reach the Second Grade Minor Saint once he wakes up.

In these past two days, there was a turmoil in the four large domains – Heaven, Earth, Yellow and Mysterious. No one could find peace during this period. Countless major and minor powers were having a hard time trying to adapt to this sudden upheaval. Nebula Sect was initially a sect of Mysterious Domain that only a few of them knew about, but the sudden movements of an army had made it a well-known organization that no one wasn’t aware of, especially when they heard that over sixty Minor Saints were killed in the war. This was clearly an unprecedented event to all of them.

“I can’t believe that this would be the result. I initially thought that the Nan Bei Chao who possessed the body of an immortal soul would rule the four large domains, but who would have thought that he would be killed by Jiang Chen in the end.”

“More than a hundred and fifty Minor Saints besieged them. Can you imagine how big that was? I can’t. Jiang Chen faced all of them alone and had killed over sixty of them. According to them, the remaining Minor Saints’ only managed to save their lives because they submitted themselves to him. A person like him is truly terrifying. It’s regretful that I wasn’t able to witness the actual event.”

“A rare genius he is. Undeniably. I’m afraid that not even the geniuses of the eight ancient families could be compared to him.”

“Well, that is still hard to say. There is a Sky Ranking in the Pure Land and those figures who are listed on the Sky Ranking are freaks, the real abnormal ones. This Sky Ranking isn’t the same as the Sky Ranking in Nebula Sect. This Sky Ranking represents the Sky Ranking of the entire Divine Continent. They are all monstrous geniuses. I’m afraid that if Jiang Chen were to be compared with them, he would be out of place.”

“It really doesn’t matter much, even if he wasn’t their opponent now,, he would probable be in the future given his extremely fast growth. He is also the new ruler of the four large domains. He might find these domain unchallenging and small so it’s just a matter of time before he goes to the Pure Land.”


Everyone was in a state of shock and excitement. There would be gossips about Jiang Chen everywhere. What he did was just too extreme and people couldn’t help but talk about him.

In a common yard of Nebula Sect.


A roar resounded from below towards the sky right at daybreak. A Qi that was illuminated with a golden light was seen in the sky and a boundless demon aura was unleashed from it. Many were shocked.

A lot of disciples from Nebula Sect walked out. When they lifted their heads, they saw a ma.s.sive Qi of energy above, like a golden cloud and a burning sun. It s.h.i.+vered all of their souls.

“Look, quick! It’s a very powerful demon aura accompanied by a saint aura.”

“It’s Big Yellow. It has to be Big Yellow who advanced.”

Most of them guessed that it was Big Yellow because the Qi was coming from Jiang Chen’s compound and the Qi also carried a strong demon aura. In the entire Nebula Sect, only Big Yellow had it.


It was another roar. This time, it sounded like a dragon and a horse, consisting of a saint-like aura. They saw a very robust big yellow dog flying up to the sky. His current self had become more muscular than before. His body was wrapped in a golden light, like a big golden coc.o.o.n. Behind him was a shadow of a dragon-horse with three horns on its head and a body of a horse. Despite it being an illusionary image, they could feel a domineering pressure from it.

Jiang Chen walked out of his house and looked upwards. He smiled.

“This is great. Big Yellow’s bloodline is activated again. His combat strength would be enhanced further. Sure enough, the demon soul of the white tiger is really terrifying. It pushed Big Yellow to the Second Grade Minor Demon Saint. His Qi is not showing any signs of stopping yet, even though he’s already at the peak of the Second Grade. Is he going to hit the Third Grade?”

Jiang Chen was surprised. Big Yellow’s advancement was way beyond his expectation. He thought that at most, Big Yellow would only reach the Second Grade Minor Saint. Based on the current development, he had clearly underestimated him.


The sound rumbled in the air and lingered within the mountain. The bloodline in his body was circulating fast, making the illusion of the divine dragon-horse more vivid.

*Ka Cha*

The threshold was broken. Big Yellow successfully stepped into the Third Grade Minor Demon Saint. The golden horn between his brows grew a little longer, topped with flas.h.i.+ng electricity sparks that trembled the air particles.

“I finally know why. The demon soul of the white tiger isn’t an ordinary demon soul. Not only did it contain a more purified and powerful energy, but also the Qi of a divine beast. Despite extracting the bloodline within it, the aura of the divine beast was still within. And because Big Yellow is also a divine beast himself, his bloodline was ignited once again, making him undergo metamorphosis, activating even more of his potential, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the Third Grade Minor Demon Saint. I have to admit, this type of power is quite scary.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel delightfully surprised. Although he had a lot of knowledge, he still lacked some of them regarding divine beast. So this time, Big Yellow had overcome his expectation.


Big Yellow let out a usual laugh. He circled above the mountain for a few rounds out of happiness and satisfaction.

Tyrant, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian sighed but they still felt happy for him.

Big Yellow was a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint now. His combat strength had reached an entirely new level. Big Yellow might even be able to easily kill a Fourth or an ordinary Fifth Grade Minor Saint, given his incredible strength as a divine beast.

“It’s enough. Don’t cause a great commotion to Nebula Sect.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and was somewhat speechless upon seeing Big Yellow’s action.


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