Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 776 – Second Grade Minor Demon Saint

Chapter 776 – Second Grade Minor Demon Saint

Second Grade Minor Demon Saint

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It took only one man to rule the four large domains. Jiang Chen stood like a peerless lord looking down at world he had conquered. Everyone had to submit themselves to him. Every pair of eyes were looking at him with fear. All of Nan Bei Chao’s efforts turned into Jiang Chen’s stepping stone in the end.

Nan Bei Chao desired to rule the four large domains but died ultimately. The ruler now was Jiang Chen. It was imaginable that Nan Bei Chao would keep spurting blood if he was alive to see such events.

“Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!”

The Five Elemental Tisura Formation had dissipated and the atmosphere in Nebula Sect had returned to normal. A loud shout from someone initiated a huge commotion from the crowd like a tidal wave. Thousands of the disciples and elders were shouting Jiang Chen’s name, especially the disciples of Nebula Sect. They shouted Jiang Chen’s name like mad men because these two words gave them an adrenaline rush that boiled their blood.

Jiang Chen was like a holy and mighty saint in their hearts. However, he was not only an idol to the young disciples but also a G.o.d amongst men. That’s right. He was a G.o.d. Today’s incident could only be done by a G.o.d.

He was a person who could do anything. As long as he was present, he could turn any impossibility to a possibility. He was the creator of miracles. Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion supposedly was going to be wiped out but not a single one from the hundred and fifty Minor Saints cause them any harm, even to the weakest outer sect disciple. Moreover, they even caused their enemy to suffer a great loss.

“Is this a dream? Slap me. I must be dreaming now.”

“Jiang Chen is undeniably the avatar of the heaven. There is nothing he can’t do. He has saved all of our lives today and previously in the Death Mountain. Thus, he has saved us twice.”

“Only one man can overturn the situation. A single man can kill over sixty Minor Saints. I really want to ask this question: How can actually Jiang Chen be this crazily powerful, given he was only a First Grade Minor Saint?”

“From now on, Jiang Chen will become our eternal idol.”


Now, none of them couldn’t find the conviction to disregard Jiang Chen, whether they were young ones or old elders of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion. Countless of female disciples were staring at Jiang Chen in admiration. There wasn’t no female in the world who could resist such an attractive man. They would feel most grateful if they could be his wife or even just a concubine.

Jiang Chen ordered those Minor Saints with sour face to return to their sects to wait for the new orders and arrangements of Nebula Sect. They expressed their grat.i.tude one after another before leaving like a wind. Jiang Chen had already dominated to a great extent but he was better than Nan Bei Chao as he still let them live. If Nan Bei Chao was in Jiang Chen’s position now, they would all be dead.

To them, there was nothing more important than their lives. And at the same time, they felt disappointed. A few days ago, they had an overlord of a domain. They were leaders of high position in their domains but everything changed after just a day. The change was totally unacceptable.

The mountain in Nebula Sect had a picturesque scenery. Jiang Chen channeled the saintly blood that fell from the sky deep into the mountain, combining with the heaven and earth Yuan Force so any elder or disciple could absorb them anytime.

“Big Brother, you are amazing!”

Zuo Ling Er was the first to come to Jiang Chen’s side. Her face was akin to the face of a smiling doll. In her heart, no genius that was as handsome as Jiang Chen could be found.

Jiang Chen patted her head. He then looked downwards and said loudly, “Now that the tide is already over, Nebula Sect will become the only lord of the four large domains. But this doesn’t really matter much. As you can see, this mountain has become a precious place of cultivation and all of you can gain access to it. Become my followers because I will rule four more large domains in the continent. It’s only a matter of time before Nebula Sect becomes as powerful as the eight ancient families on Pure Land. And I believe that day isn’t far away!”

His simple words had stirred up all people’s emotions all of a sudden.

Ruling all eight large domains? Become as powerful as the eight ancient families on Pure Land? This was absurd, a dream. But, was this really impossible? Because there wasn’t anything that was impossible when this was the man who is involved.

At this moment, all the elders and disciples’ eyes sparkled. Their breathing increased. They didn’t believe that Nebula Sect would become like the eight ancient families but they believed in Jiang Chen unconditionally.

If one day this really happened and Nebula Sect had become the ninth major power of the entire Divine Continent, it would become a significant event in the history.

“Dark Devil Religion will forever become our biggest alliance and we will share our resources with them.”

Jiang Chen looked over to the disciples of Dark Devil Religion and announced. Consequently, after hearing Jiang Chen’s words, the disciples of the devil religion became excited. Nebula Sect had obtained abundant resources this time, and just a little from the resources was enough to suffice Dark Devil Religion. If they could share with them, the benefits were boundless. Plus, anyone would try their best to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Nebula Sect as long as Jiang Chen was around. Thus, it was highly advantageous. Besides, their lives were saved by Jiang Chen.

Wu Yi Mo laughed before giving his army his words. “Listen up, my disciples and elders. Immediately return to Dark Devil Religion and work like usual. I want to stay here to have a few words with Junior Jiang Chen.”

“Yes, master.”

The great elder of Dark Devil Religion held his fist at Wu Yi Mo before he brought the people of the religion back. This was Nebula Sect’s territory after all. Now that the crisis was over, they should be heading back to their place.

There were three people of Dark Devil Religion who stayed back – Wu Yi Mo, Han Yan and Mo Sang. The latter two chose to stay because they had quite good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen. Now that the world-shaking event was over and their nerve had been relieved, they naturally wanted to have a few cups of drinks with their brother to celebrate their victory.

Jiang Chen landed from the sky and reached Nebula Kidd and Dan King.

“Chen Er, you have really amazed me.”

Dan King laughed. It was very hard to believe how powerful Jiang Chen was. He didn’t dare to imagine how much this young man, an extremely rare genius, could achieve in the future.

“Many thanks to Father for the help.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Dan King. Dan King’s trip had undoubtedly lent a great helping hand in this crisis. The Five Elemental Tisura Formation wouldn’t stand that long without his and the few Minor Saints’ help.

“Jiang Chen, your name will remain famous even after thousands of years for the great deeds you have done today. Your contribution towards Nebula Sect has gone beyond anything. I will build a statue of you in the sect so that our disciples can wors.h.i.+p you.”

Nebula Kidd was overwhelmed with excitement. Jiang Chen’s contribution today wasn’t comparable to anyone’s.

“Master. Although the war is over, many of the Minor Saints from the major powers of the other domains were killed. Thus, they need someone to rule them. I will entrust Master with this task.”

Jiang Chen said to Nebula Kidd. Those major powers that suffered huge loss would lack a leader. And Nebula Sect, the ruler of the four large domains, had to select a leader for them. However, selecting a leader would be quite crucial as he had to be absolutely loyal to Nebula Sect.

“You can be rest a.s.sured. Just leave the rest to me.”

Nebula Kidd nodded.

“And about these combat weapons, take them and distribute them at your will.”

Jiang Chen pa.s.sed all the combat weapons he obtained from the dead Minor Saints to Nebula Kidd. He also gave the enormous amount of devil souls he obtained and devil weapons from the Devil World to Wu Yi Mo.

The remaining matters about the four large domains would be left for Nebula Kidd to handle. He believed in Nebula Kidd’s capability. Afterwards, he brought Big Yellow back to their compound. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian followed behind them.

Currently, they were gathering in the common yard. Jiang Chen hurled a s.h.i.+ning thing to Big Yellow making the dog’s eyes widen with glee, before he swallowed it.

“Consider this a kind act.”

Big Yellow gave Jiang Chen a praise and left, leaving a smoky air behind.

“Little Chen, what have you given him?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“The demon soul of the white tiger.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Hasn’t the demon soul of the white tiger has been fully refined and absorbed by you?”

Han Yan asked.

“I only absorbed the white tiger’s original bloodline. I left the demon soul for Big Yellow because it will bring better effects to him. Big Yellow has the bloodline of a divine beast and the same goes to the white tiger. The energy contained in the demon soul of a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint is inestimable. Given Big Yellow’s divine beast bloodline, he can fully refine and absorb it. After that, his cultivation grade will increase drastically.”

Jiang Chen explained. He could imagine that Big Yellow could possibly reach the Second Grade Minor Demon Saint after fully absorbing the demon soul and this was only a conservative prediction and it could be higher than that. The white tiger was a very powerful Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint after all. The essence and energy contained within the demon soul was beyond anyone’s expectation.


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