Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 769 – The completion of five elements, Advance to Minor Saint realm

Chapter 769 – The completion of five elements, Advance to Minor Saint realm

The completion of five elements, Advance to Minor Saint realm

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“Jiang Chen, I’ll make sure that you would die, either by hook or crook.”

The white tiger’s death affected Nan Bei Chao, he was like a cat with its tail stepped. His rage erupted from his body. He then turned and bellowed to the one hundred and fifty Minor Saints, “Kill him! Exterminate all of them and make the blood flow like river. There are no exceptions!”

*Hong* *Hong* *Hong*

Consequently, an overwhelming Qi rose to the sky, covering even the sunlight above. The energy filled every s.p.a.ce like the water in the ocean. The scene ahead of them had turned into a picture, similar to the-end-of-the-world. It shuddered everyone’s spirit.


After killing the white tiger, Jiang Chen immediately flew to the west side of the formation where the position of the gold element was located. He sat on the spot after swallowing the tiger’s demon soul. Then, ma.s.sive soul power of gold element rushed out of his body. In a few blinks, the incomplete Five Elemental Tisura Formation had reached completion. Five different colors of energy wave shone upon Nebula Sect, covering the sect with a layer of s.h.i.+eld, protecting the people from within.

“With everyone’s support, I will use the Brilliant Mirror. I want to see how many of them will die today!”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed like thunder. He was like a conqueror that had everything under his control.

“Everyone, exert your Yuan Force into the formation now!”

Nebula Kidd shouted. More than a hundred Minor Saints were currently launching attacks on them simultaneously. Their enemies’ overall strength was overwhelming. They had to act fast and with full force. However, they also knew that they wouldn’t last long without Jiang Chen’s help, but they had to wait until he stepped into the Minor Saint realm.

*Weng* *Weng*

Five Elemental Tisura Formation buzzed. In a blink, the entire formation started to shake intensely. Countless of light rays soared to the sky. Meanwhile, Tyrant was controlling the stone monument at one side, trying with all his efforts to ensure that the integration between the formation and the monument was successful. A mirror roughly forty meters in diameter was placed beside the stone monument. It illuminated the most brilliant of light like the sun.

The Brilliant Mirror had also been integrated with the grand formation. After Jiang Chen’s command via divine sense, the mirror would be able to absorb the Yuan Force in the formation and launch counter attacks.

*Hong Long*

Nan Bei Chao chose to attack first. He struck with a light ray, like a pillar in the heaven. It lunged forward, cras.h.i.+ng against the surface of the formation and creating a heaven-shaking noise. Unfortunately, his attack alone wasn’t enough to affect the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. This grand formation was personally set by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Adding the support of the essences of the five elements, Tyrant’s stone monument and the over thirty Minor Saint experts, it was virtually impossible for Nan Bei Chao alone to break it.

“Attack. Break this grand formation, open!.”

Nan Bei Chao gave the order. Over a hundred Minor Saint experts attacked simultaneously, sending out their greatest and most violent attacks, continuously colliding against the grand formation.

*Hong Long*

The power was too terrifying. The void had already been shattered.

Everyone from Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion was using all of their might to hold the grand formation, while being constantly bombarded with attacks from their enemies. They were now placed in a very critical condition. However, there wasn’t a sign that the grand formation had been damaged. The defensive strength of the formation was too powerful. It was rather difficult for one to break the formation using only brute force.

However, besides brute force, it looked like there were no other ways to break it because the Five Elemental Tisura Formation had been perfected, after getting the final element – gold element. It had become flawless. Even if there were weak spots, none of them would be able to find it because there was no formation master like Big Yellow on their side. And, with Big Yellow’s presence, no would be able to break the formation even if they used their wits.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t easy for the people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion to hold the formation as their attackers were over a hundred Minor Saints. Some who were lower in combat strength started to feel dizzy. In fact, this type of war wasn’t suitable for them.

Despite the bitterness and suffering, they continued to stand on their spot to hold the formation. They understood that the longer they endure, the higher the chance that they would survive. Once the grand formation was broken, it would also be their end.

Tyrant, a First Grade Minor Saint, was controlling the stone monument like a Buddha, making the Qi of stone monument completely bind with the grand formation. The function of the stone monument was very important. It further increased the stability and endurance of the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to activate the Brilliant Mirror. What he needed to do right now was to get to Minor Saint realm. If he activated the Brilliant Mirror now, it would probably incapacitate his enemies but it would definitely weaken the strength of the formation as most of the Yuan Force would be absorbed by the mirror.

He was sitting above the spot of the gold element with his eyes closed. He focused all of his attention on the advancement, while putting aside all the unnecessary things.

*Hong Long*

At this moment, over a hundred Minor Saints attacked at the same time. Their attacks carried boundless energy. Every attack that collided on the formation could s.h.i.+ver people’s souls. However, it was still for naught because the Five Elemental Tisura Formation was very firm and solid.

“d.a.m.n! What kind of formation is this? Why is it so powerful?!”

“I’m considered knowledgeable in formation but this formation is truly shocking. I have no idea what kind of energy is supporting this formation, and the weak spots are very hard to find. Plus, there is that stone monument of the monk. It has to be an invaluable item. The formation became st.u.r.dier and hard break because of that monument.”

“We don’t have much time to think about that anymore. All we have to do now is to keep on attacking. It is only a matter of time before the formation is broken. Do you see that? This formation requires a ma.s.sive amount of Yuan Force. Once their Yuan Force is depleted, the formation would become vulnerable.”


Many from Nan Bei Chao’s troops were astonished by it. They knew very well how terrifying their joint attacks were. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it ‘heaven-shaking’ to describe the attack. Now that they have realized something, they decided to continue attacking the formation until their Yuan Force became empty.

Nan Bei Chao’s fury soared to the sky. He looked like a peerless emperor. Both of his eyes had turned gold as he stared at Jiang Chen. Now, he understood Jiang Chen’s plan: he was using the demon soul of the white tiger to advance to Minor Saint realm.

“Jiang Chen, I dare you to have a one on one battle with me. What a timid man you are for hiding there!”

Nan Bei Chao shouted at Jiang Chen.

“Nan Bei Chao, you don’t have to provoke me. Break this formation if you can. If you can’t, wait until my advancement is completed, we’ll fight after that!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rolled through the air without opening his eyes.

His words were like the word of G.o.d in the heart of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion’s people, someone that they could entrust their lives with. Jiang Chen’s self-confidence had given them hope. As long as he was present, it didn’t matter how powerful their enemies were. The current scenario was the best example. There were a hundred and fifty Minor Saints launching simultaneous attacks at them, but the formation set by Jiang Chen and his friend was still intact. This was how Jiang Chen dealt such situations. He had even killed the white tiger, so what else could he not do?

Jiang Chen was sitting cross-legged as he slowly refined and absorbed the demon soul of the white tiger. This was a demon soul of a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint divine beast. The energy within was ma.s.sive and unimaginable. However, the energy wasn’t the main thing that Jiang Chen was after. He needed the original bloodline of the white tiger that was within the demon soul. As for the rest of the demon soul, he could leave it to Big Yellow. Jiang Chen just needed the bloodline of the white tiger to cultivate the gold dragon seal, and thus, completing the five element combat dragon seal that would straightaway push his cultivation to the First Grade Minor Saint.

*Weng* *Weng*

The dragon transformation art was circulated at maximum speed along with the gold dragon seal. The bloodline of the white tiger was slowly absorbed and a large amount of soul power of the gold element were condensing in his body.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, he had absorbed all the bloodline contained within the white tiger’s demon soul. At this time, however, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation wasn’t as strong as before. Disciples within the Combat Soul and Combat King realm had already been paralyzed or pa.s.sed out on the ground because of exhaustion. Most of them had lost all of their strength. The only remaining disciples were the Combat Emperors and Minor Saints.

Everyone was waiting. They were waiting for Jiang Chen to explode! Once the formation was broken, everyone here would become as weak as a lamb, waiting to be slaughtered, totally defenseless.

“Big brother, quickly!”

Zuo Ling Er’s face turned a little pale, consuming Heaven Rank Restoration pills just to sustain her Yuan Force.

“Haha! See. Their Yuan Force is already almost exhausted. We have to strike harder. As long as this formation is broken, we can slaughter them like lambs.”

Freedom King was laughing. It was obvious that the formation was getting weaker as most of them had already exhausted their pool of energy. The time for the formation to break wasn’t far from now.

“Jiang Chen. I will wait for you to step into the Minor Saint realm. Then, I will fight you one on one. I will kill you openly with my own hands and will never let you have a chance of escaping!”

Nan Bei Chao’s voice was rumbling in the sky. He hated Jiang Chen to the core. His precious white tiger was killed mercilessly. It pained him so much that he could even feel his heart bleeding. It wouldn’t alleviate his agony if Jiang Chen’s wasn’t killed.

*Hong Long Long*

And at this instant, a deep rumbling sound came out of Jiang Chen’s body. A very powerful wave of Qi rushed out of his body. The last element had been fully condensed, completing the five elements. Five different Qi of the five different elements were unleashed from his body.

*Ka Cha*

Sixty thousand dragon marks were formed. At this moment, Jiang Chen had finally stepped into the realm of Minor Saints! Although he was merely at the first grade of the Minor Saint realm, there was a tremendous change on him. It had brought unimaginable advantage to him after completing the cultivation of the five elements. It would absolutely not be as simple as just advancing to the first grade of Minor Saint realm.


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