Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 770 – The title is at the end of the chapter

Chapter 770 – The title is at the end of the chapter

[The t.i.tle is at the end of the chapter]

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Sixty thousand dragon marks had been formed. He had stepped into the Minor Saint realm. But, his advancement hadn’t ended yet. A projection suddenly shot out from his body and formed a gold world that looked entirely independent from the current world.

Successively, five different kinds of projections were s.h.i.+ning from his body. There were gold, green, light blue, crimson red and yellowish brown. He couldn’t help but was become ravished with joy.

“Haha! This is my power sphere!” Anyone who reached the Minor Saint realm would be able to ignite a power sphere within him. Usually a person would only be able to ignite a single power sphere but I have five different power spheres that can be combined into one. This is a powerful five elemental sphere. I finally begun to understand the peak form of the five element combat dragon seal. It isn’t like any ordinary type of offensive seal. That’s what makes it so incredible.”

Jiang Chen suddenly burst into laughter. Five elemental sphere was the peak form of the five elements combat dragon seal. In the heavens and the earth, who had a power sphere that consisted of five different elements like him? The five elements were the fundamental and original elements when the heavens and earth had just formed. Now, Jiang Chen possessed the essence of these five elements. It was unimaginable how much this world would be changed by him.

When the five power spheres combined into one, it would surely become exceptional. There were many people in this world that cultivated skills with different properties like fire, ice and the likes. They would all be suppressed heavily by Jiang Chen’s power sphere . Furthermore, the harmonization of the five elements would give Jiang Chen’s power sphere an inexhaustible vitality.

Jiang Chen was overjoyed with this unexpected achievement. This is totally a heaven defying power sphere. A single attack would be equivalent to the attack coming from five different power spheres. Who could withstand such an attack?

“Look, Brother Jiang has advanced to the Minor Saint realm.”

“Haha! This is great! Brother Jiang is truly the rarest genius that I have ever seen.”

“But brother Jiang is only a First Grade Minor Saint. I’m not too sure if he can save us from this crisis.”


After noticing Jiang Chen’s sudden boost in Qi, Nebula Kidd and the people of Dark Devil Religion started to get excited. It was only now that they have truly seen hope.

“This is indeed a very strong power sphere. Chen Er has actually combined five elemental force into his power sphere. This is truly shocking.”

Dan King could already feel the Qi coming from Jiang Chen’s power sphere, his expression changed drastically. It was a very powerful power sphere that not even he had heard before. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen had such an ability.

“Forces of five elements, fuse together!”

Jiang Chen shouted. The five different elements combined into one, single projection. The essence of the five elements had already been completely refined and absorbed by him. Thus, he could wield it with a single command.

*Hua La*

The five elemental sphere had completely combined, causing a gale to surround him. One could sense five different energies from the power sphere. There were sharp golden waves that could cut through anything like a keen sword, billowing green air that contained boundless vitality, icy tidal torrent that could freeze anything, dazzling and scorching flames that could incinerate even the heavens and earth, and the yellowish brown sand that looked like a mountain.

This was the power of the five elements, everyone who felt it would be stifled.

*Hu* *Hu*

The gale around him howled loudly. Now that the essences of the five elements had been completely condensed, it brought him a lot of benefits. New dragon marks started to form again until it reached a thousand. In order words, Jiang Chen wasn’t just a mere First Grade Minor Saint, he had reached the peak of it!


After keeping his power sphere, two beams of lights that was as sharp as sword shot out of his eyes, cutting through the void in front. He stood up and the Qi of the heaven and earth changed as if it could feel the descent of a peerless king. His body illuminated a dazzling light that stung people’s eyes, as if he was a G.o.d that couldn’t be peered directly.

He could also feel the Qi of the heavenly tribulation at this exact moment. Ever since he stepped into the Combat Soul realm, he would always encounter a powerful tribulation whenever he reached a new realm. In fact, he had already grown quite accustomed to it and he knew the way to control it. As long as he didn’t advance to Second Grade Minor Saint, the tribulation would strike him whenever he commanded.

Of course, the current situation wasn’t suitable for such a tribulation. A heavenly tribulation at the Minor Saint realm would be equivalent to a saint tribulation, which would be many times powerful than the previous tribulation that he had ever faced. If he initiated such a tribulation now, the entire Nebula Sect would be raze to nothing and many lives would be sacrificed.

“Brothers, it’s time for our counter attack!”

Jiang Chen’s words rolled in the air. The Brilliant Mirror faced upwards, at the spot where most of the attacks landed. It instantly absorbed all the of attack and the next moment, a ma.s.sive energy was reflected back.

“What? What is happening?!”

“What treasure is that? How can it reflect our magical attack?”

“Quickly dodge! This attack has combined our attacks. We can’t withstand it.”


The group of Minor Saints panicked and fled in all directions. Their combined attack was reflected, if anyone of them was. .h.i.t, the consequence would be unimaginable.

*Hong Long*

The spatial zone was instantly destroyed as the tremendous energy exploded. Its power could virtually destroy anything. A First Grade Minor Saint let out a wail and was vaporized completely. There were also three Minor Saints who were seriously injured. This was the power of the Brilliant Mirror.

“d.a.m.n! That felt good!”

Wu Yi Mo jumped in delight, he had totally forgotten that he was the young master of his religion. He was extremely stifled by their current situation

Now that they had countered the attack and sent the enemy troops into confusion by killing a First Grade Minor Saint this had, without a doubt, raised their fighting spirit.

“The Brilliant Mirror is really powerful. Just that it consumes an enormous amount of Yuan Force...”

Dan King wiped a trickle of cold sweat from his head.

“This is the treasure that was inherited by the ancestors of Nebula Sect. It is a peak Minor Saint grade weapon. It had been so many years since it found someone who can truly wield it.”

Nebula Kidd’s face was full of pride. He felt very pleased and satisfied to witness the power of the Brilliant Mirror.

“Haha! Did you see that? One of their Minor Saint was killed by the Brilliant Mirror of our sect! The mirror has become a powerful weapon in Brother Jiang’s hand!”

“This is great. I felt that all of my repressed feelings has been fully expressed. This would definitely cause some confusion in their troops after killing one of them.”

“Brother Jiang is really a heaven defying figure. I can finally see a glimmer of hope in this war. I believe that nothing is impossible with Brother Jiang’s presence.”


Most of the people’s emotion were stirred up. There was no way they wouldn’t get excited from this. And this was all solely planned by Jiang Chen.

“Be careful everyone. They can reflect our attack but it would also consume a ma.s.sive amount of their Yuan Force, so they can’t use it for numerous times. We will spread our attacks, otherwise the lot of you won’t be able to handle it.”

Freedom King shouted. This wasn’t the outcome that he had expected to see. Despite knowing the existence of the Brilliant Mirror in Nebula Sect, he had no idea how it worked until now. He had totally underestimated this piece of gla.s.s.

“Jiang Chen, come out and fight me!”

Nan Bei Chao clamored. He was furious because of the unexpected problems that kept on popping out in this war. But that didn’t affect his confidence. From his point of view, Jiang Chen was merely a recalcitrant opponent that would still face the same fate.

“As you wish.”

Jiang Chen made a step and appeared above the sky. Suddenly, his body started to tremble intensely. The five elemental spheres had ignited the metamorphosis of the dragon transformation art. He turned incredibly excited because he knew that the metamorphosis would bring a tremendous amount of benefits

In his deepest soul, the image of the half human and half dragon resurfaced. It was similar to the image he saw during his enlightenment last time. It had finally reappeared!

A droplet of dragon blood essence materialized in his deepest soul and blended with his vital organs and bones.


He couldn’t help but let out a heaven shaking roar. His Dragon Transformation Art undergo a new transformation, allowing him to acquire the human-dragon form skill . His body started to transform. Blood red dragon scales started to appear on the surface of his skin.

*Ka* *Ka* *Ka*

Cracking of bones was heard. His arm had become very thick and strong. His palm had turned into a realm dragon claw which could tear anything apart with a single claw. His body size had grown a fold larger. Two blood red dragon wings popped out of his back. When it flapped, it produced a clanking sound. It could improve Jiang Chen’s speed and was also be used as a weapon. One attack could sever a Third Grade Minor Saint at the waist.

Jiang Chen transformed into a blood-red dragon, only his face remained the same. He felt that his combat strength had improved by at least ten times and could simply tear anything apart according to his will.

The moment he reached the Minor Saint realm, he was powerful enough to kill a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. And after transforming into a dragon, his combat strength increased, he would have no problems finis.h.i.+ng a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. It was very hard for one to imagine that there was such a powerful transformation. Also, the power of the true dragon combat technique such as the true dragon palm and azure dragon’s five steps would be enormously enhanced when he’s in dragon form.

It happened so quickly that the people’s gaze was still glued on the human-dragon form. The entire place had turned into a total silence. The scene had definitely petrified everyone.


t.i.tle: Human Dragon Form, Ten Times the Combat Strength!

*Power sphere – a very powerful energy of a particular cultivated skill that is amplified.

All name of skills will not be capitalized as they are considered common nouns, but they will be italicized. Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.