Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 768 – Killing the White Tiger

Chapter 768 – Killing the White Tiger

Killing the White Tiger

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The white tiger was way too strong. It could get rid of a Sixth Grade Minor Saint even if it's only a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint. There wasn’t a single Sixth Grade Minor Saint in Nebula Sect or Dark Devil Religion. There were only two Fifth Grade Minor Saints – Nebula Kidd and Dan King.

In Nan Bei Chao’s side, there were five Fifth Grade Minor Saints and plenty of the Fourth and Third Grade Minor Saints. The difference was just too wide.

The elders and disciples were feeling sullen. Even Wu Yi Mo and Nebula Kidd had hardened their faces as knowing and witnessing were two different concepts. They already knew how strong and powerful Nan Bei Chao was, but after witnessing his power personally today, they felt helpless.

At this moment, most of the people turned their eyes towards Jiang Chen who was drifting in the void. They felt a bit relieved after seeing his calm composure. Jiang Chen’s presence boosted their morale.

“Jiang Chen, we meet again.”

Nan Bei Chao looked down from above and spoke as if he was an emperor, talking to his servant.

“I failed to kill you in Qi Province. I let you slip away in the Death Mountain. I won’t let you escape for the third time.”

Jiang Chen said. The pressure released from Nan Bei Chao’s Monarch aura wasn’t effective towards him. He was a peerless saint who was mightier than Nan Bei Chao.

“Jiang Chen, you have a big mouth. You dare speak such offensive words towards my Lord? I think you have grown tired of living.”

“Jiang Chen, you are just a mere Combat Emperor. What right do you have to talk to our Lord like that? I know that you have killed the geniuses of our Huang Family and today, I will settle that score with you.”

“Jiang Chen, you will definitely die today. Our score will also be settled today.”

“Jiang Chen, you have killed a lot of people and had offended countless number of powers. Even if you have nine lives, It still wouldn’t be enough to repay all of them.”


All the experts were bellowing at Jiang Chen and soon, he had became their common target. Everyone from the major powers wanted to kill him. It was certainly the case for Freedom Palace, Skyhill School and the Tan Family. Furthermore, even the major powers of Heaven, Earth and Yellow Domain had the same priority. Jiang Chen had offended all of them when he killed their geniuses in Dan Yuan City. They would use this opportunity to avenge their geniuses and also to express their grievance of being subdued by Nan Bei Chao.

“Little Chen, I think you aren’t welcomed by a lot of people.”

Tyrant chuckled.

“It doesn’t matter to me even if I have enemies everywhere around the world. I would not put them in my eyes because all of them are destined to die.”

Jiang Chen replied in a plain manner. The Minor Saints didn’t concern him at all. What he was most concerned about was Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger.

Nan Bei Chao raised his hand and everyone quieted. His gaze fell upon Jiang Chen like two sharp swords and said, “Jiang Chen, I have to say, you have disappointed me. I thought that you would at least be a First Grade Minor Saint by now, perhaps only then could you fight me. I never thought that you would still be lingering at the border of the Combat Emperor realm. Killing you now would be so easy. I will make you understand that you are just an insect before me. I shall give you one more chance. As long as you come over and kowtow before me, I will let all of the people here go. Their fates are within your hands now.”

Nan Bei Chao was extremely confident and arrogant. He was originally an exceedingly arrogant person.

“Nan Bei Chao, you are being overconfident. And this confidence is foolish. Can’t you see the formation I set here? If you are as good as you said, try to break my formation. If you are unable to do so, scram!”

Jiang Chen sneered at him.

“Haha, you want to use an inferior formation to fight us? This is truly a joke. I will break your lowly formation with a single strike.”

The White tiger laughed. It didn’t put Jiang Chen in its eyes.

“You are just a little kitten which is as foolish as Nan Bei Chao. I could see that you are also just pretending to be strong. My formation incorporated the pioneer elements of the world. You think an inferior being like you can break this grand formation? Even if I give you ten days and nights, you won’t even be able to make a single scratch on it.”

Jiang Chen’s raised his tone and pointed at the white tiger. This war was unavoidable and the only thing he had to do was to provoke it to attack first. His plan would only work if white tiger was killed first. Thus, he had to provoke the white tiger into action. He knew that the white tiger would be easily provoked, given its arrogance.


Sure enough, Jiang Chen’s words had provoked the white tiger. It gave out a rumbling roar. It was the king of all beasts, a high and mighty being. Jiang Chen, calling it a small kitten was a great insult to it. The only way to clear away the insult was to behead Jiang Chen.

“You d.a.m.n kid! You dare to insult me. You are courting death, do you know that? I will personally kill you and shred you into pieces. Everyone here has to die today. None will be spared.”

White tiger’s voice was deafening. The aura of the king of beasts was unleashed and a dazzling golden light illuminated its body. The Qi of a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint had been unleashed. To others, the white tiger’s emergence was akin to the end of the world.

“Fine, white tiger. I will let you attack first, destroy this inferior formation and kill all of these people.”

Nan Bei Chao gave the order. His personality was similar to the white tiger’s. They wouldn’t allow anyone to offend or disrespect them.


White tiger moved. It pulled its st.u.r.dy body and made an instantaneous step forward. The void below its feet broke as it stepped. The peerless white tiger appeared before Jiang Chen in a blink and was ready to launch a terrifying strike to the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.

At this moment, everyone from Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion was stupefied. Even Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo’s faces turned pale. The white tiger was too powerful. They really had no idea what method Jiang Chen would use to kill this overpowering beast. They would be doomed if Jiang Chen was just lying.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were fixed on the white tiger. All of a sudden, his eyes released two beams of cold light and a gold talisman suddenly appeared in his hand.

“His chance had come. White tiger, since you have presented yourself willingly, don’t blame me for doing this.”

Jiang Chen bellowed. He crushed the Source of Combat Strength Talisman. A rumbling sound was heard. The void exploded into a cavity as the talisman turned into an old monk.

Despite the vague image of the old monk, he carried a boundless amount of Qi. The sky abruptly turned silent due to the pressure of the Qi. A pure Buddha light was unleashed from him, making him look like a Buddha.


The white tiger exclaimed. It felt a great and unprecedented pressure, and also the death Qi from the vague monk. It was astute and was a fool. It knew that it had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap. It wanted to escape but the old monk had already locked it’s body, using an invisible and firm cage, immobilizing the white tiger.

“What a powerful Qi. That is a Source of Combat Strength Talisman. Jiang Chen actually possessed such a powerful talisman. Haha! No wonder he was so confident.”

“Judging from the Qi, It seems to be coming from a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. This is truly shocking. That white tiger is finished. No G.o.d would be able to save it now.”

“Haha! I never thought that Jiang Chen has such a powerful trump card. It is the talisman of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. One strike was enough to cause a heaven-and-earth shaking destruction.”


Wu Yi Mo and Nebula Kidd started to smile. The people from Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion cheered. The tiger was now immobilized. Once it was killed, Nan Bei Chao would lose his most important a.s.sistant.

“What happened? When did Jiang Chen get such a powerful Source of Combat Strength Talisman?”

“It is finished! That talisman was created by a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. The white tiger won’t be able to withstand it.”

“What to do now? Should we go and help?”

“No way. The attack power of the Ninth Grade Minor Saint is very deadly. It is no different than dying if we do. Jiang Chen is expecting us to go there so that he could kill us in one fell swoop.”


Nan Bei Chao was alarmed and confused. Who would have thought that they would suddenly be attacked? The white tiger was the strongest of them all, and it was trapped.

“Jiang Chen, release the white tiger!”

Nan Bei Chao bellowed. His eyes were spewing out flames. The white tiger was too important to him. His loss would be irreparable if the white tiger died. Despite his anger and frustration, he couldn’t rush forward to save it because that would send him to h.e.l.l as well.

“Release it? Come and save it if you can. If you can’t, then just watch it die.”

Jiang Chen sneered. Then, very quickly, he detonated the talisman with his divine sense. The power of the talisman erupted. He had already known that Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t come to save it. This ultimate strike wouldn’t be able to kill a bunch of them. But it didn’t matter much because killing white tiger alone was already enough.


The white tiger let out a wail as it couldn’t bear such terrifying pressure. Under the intensive power of the old monk, the body of the tiger exploded and turned into a fog of blood. The old monk disappeared after killing the white tiger. Jiang Chen then stuck out his hand to get its demon soul.


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