Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 767 – The War befalls them

Chapter 767 – The War befalls them

The War befalls them

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Most of the Minor Saint experts didn’t comment anything about the white tiger’s ability. In their opinion, Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion were just struggling senselessly. They wouldn’t stand a chance against Nan Bei Chao. They all thought that Dan King was silly. Despite knowing that they would die if they come, they still chose to join the war. They thought that this old man was desperate to end his life sooner.

“Your majesty, since Jiang Chen refuses to come and kowtow before you, I think, we should start the attack to exterminate the whole Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion, not giving them a room to breath.”

The man in black said.

“You dare to question my decision?”

Nan Bei Chao’s eyes glinted with two cold lights. The man in black felt that he had fallen into h.e.l.l, cold sweat was exuded from his face due to fright. He kept on knocking his head on the ground. “Subordinate dares not, subordinate dares not.”

The man in black was shocked. He was crystal clear about Nan Bei Chao’s personality. He was an extremely arrogant man who was mainly self-centered. No one had the right to defy or question his orders or decisions. When Nan Bei Chao said that he would give them three days, he wouldn’t make a single attack prior to the given date.

“Nothing they do will work under my control. You said that Jiang Chen is setting a formation? Then I will wait for him to finish setting his formation before we attack. Last time, I gave Black Sect three days’ time, the exact time that I have given them. I really want to see what methods he would use to fight against me three days later. I am confident that the result from the past won’t be repeated three days later. This time, I would make sure that Jiang Chen would kneel and die before me.”

Nan Bei Chao said in a cold tone. He would never forget his experiences back then. He was able to rule a small domain, but he still failed in the end and almost died. The main factor for that was of course, Jiang Chen. Thus, in order to wipe off his inner demon, he would make sure that Jiang Chen’s death would be certain.

More importantly, Jiang Chen was merely a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, which gave Nan Bei Chao a lot of confidence that he could pinch such a weakling to death with just one finger. He was expectant to see what formation Jiang Chen had set. He really wanted to see what challenges Jiang Chen would bring him this time. Without him, the war would be meaningless and pointless.

“Your majesty’s idea is superior.”

Everyone in the main hall replied simultaneously. They were all overlords of certain domains. Despite their grievances against Nan Bei Chao, they had to admit that he was a real genius and deserved to be called the reincarnation of an immortal soul. He is the very person that could defy the will of the heavens. It would be their greatest honor to follow such a man, and at such a historic event.


It took the both of them an entire day to finish setting up the formation. The next day, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation finally materialized above the sky of Nebula Sect. There was a layer of plain light covering from above. Once it received the energy of Yuan Force, it would turn brighter. There were five cores in the formation. Every part of the formation was supported by the essence of an element. The light in the west of the formation was dimmer due to the missing essence of the gold element. Because of this, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation became imperfect and unstable.

Anyhow, the grand formation was already completed by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s combined efforts. They had to rely on this formation to fight the war two days later.

The both of them looked weak after setting up the formation. Such a grand and profound formation must have drained not only their Yuan Force but also their spiritual force.

When Jiang Chen saw Dan King, he greeted him with delight. “Father, I never thought that you would really come to our aid. Mysterious Domain has fallen into chaos and blood would surely be shed. If father regrets making such a decision, there is still time to turn back, and I would absolutely not blame you.”

It was one of Jiang Chen’s antic.i.p.ation that Dan King would come, because he was a person who valued relations.h.i.+p. Jiang Chen had noticed it by how well Dan King treated Wu Ningzhu. But there was something that he had to say prior to the event as this war was just too risky for Dan King after all.

“Chen Er, who do you think I am? Your matters are my matters, and you are facing some difficulties today, so I would certainly help you out. Besides, it was my own initiative, to join such a big event.”

Dan King’s facial expression turned solemn and said.

“That’s right, young master’s matters is our matters us well. It would be our honor to witness young master create another miracle.”

Elder Lu of Dan King County had also come. His admiration for their young master was certainly high.

“Alright. Father, you can be rest a.s.sured. I promise that I won’t let any of you meet any accident. Join me in this war.”

Jiang Chen’s tone became high-spirited. He would never fight a war that he didn’t have a chance of winning. If this war couldn’t be won, he wouldn’t invite Dan King to join him. He wouldn’t ask someone he knew to come and die.

“Master, Master Lu. Big Yellow and I have to rest for a while. Ensure that everyone gets familiar with the formation. I would also leave E Sha and the other devils here to familiarize themselves with the formation. So when the time comes, we would be able to activate the power of the grand formation smoothly and optimally.”

Jiang Chen ordered Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo to arrange for their underlings to go to the formation for guidance. He didn’t have to worry about anything afterwards, he just needed to rest and replenish his energy to his peak form before fighting the war against Nan Bei Chao and the same went to Big Yellow.

For the remaining time, bustling activities were going on in Nebula Sect. The seniors were leading and guiding all the disciples and elders about the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. Soon, everyone was arranged nicely to their respective positions in the formation. They were starting to familiarize themselves with their roles.

Two days had pa.s.sed unknowingly. On this day, early in the morning, an atmosphere of nervousness had filled the air of Nebula Sect. There were over thousands of people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion, ranging from the top seniors, Minor Saint elders to the Combat Soul outer disciples. They were all prepared, standing in their positions with solemn expressions. Everyone was standing at different locations, allowing them to fully use their Yuan Force without interruption.

If one looked closely at the formation, he would be able to see that there were fewer people taking the positions of the five cores. This was to achieve a balance in the distribution of their Yuan Force.

“Nan Bei Chao is going to attack us any time. This is going to be a life-and-death battle. Do you think we can win?”

“It all depends on the heavens. All we can do now is to place our trust on Jiang Chen. There is nothing more that we can do besides that.”

“Don’t feel disheartened. Brother Jiang would certainly be able to defeat the strong enemy. We just have to do our best in holding the formation.”


The disciples of the two major powers were whispering to one another about what might happen. The most critical scenario was going to befall them. It would be a lie if any of them said they weren’t nervous or worried. Their enemies were without a doubt too strong. They were going all out to fight this war, without turning back.

Adding in all the minor saints, including Dan King, Nebula Kidd, Wu Yi Mo, the other Minor Saint experts and the devils subdued by Jiang Chen and Tyrant, there were thirty of them in total. Although this number wasn’t comparable to Nan Bei Chao’s Minor Saints, it was surely enough to support the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.

As the wind was howling, Jiang Chen was drifting in the void, like a sharp sword. Beside him was Tyrant who was sitting on the stone monument, cross-legged like the supreme Buddha.

The atmosphere was getting tense. No one spoke. It was so silent that no breathing sound could be heard from the mountains. Only Jiang Chen has a composed expression with narrowed eyes. He was like, even if the sky had fallen, his expression would still remain the same. Dan King and Wu Yi Mo gave him a thumbs up for that because they certainly knew that he wasn’t just pretending.

Nebula Kidd, on the other side, was calm, because he knew the true ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen. He was the dignified Greatest Saint that had been through many calamities. Perhaps today’s war would be a very serious matter to others, but it was nothing much to him.

*Hu Hu*

Suddenly, the wind got more violent. A strong Qi emerged from afar and a hundred miles large golden cloud was condensed.

“They have come!”

Someone exclaimed.

Only at this moment did Jiang Chen slowly opened his eyes. Two cold lights were shot out of his eyes. The void around him started to tremble as he gazed at the golden cloud.

It had reached above Nebula Sect very quickly. A large cloud materialized in front of them, it was so powerful that a strong pressure was exerted on them, like a big mountain, it made everyone suffocate.

A lot of disciples were feeling unwell. If it wasn’t for the barrier of the formation, most of them would have died.

Everyone was fixing their eyes on the golden cloud. After hearing a ‘Hua La’ sound, the golden cloud disappeared and a bunch of experts appeared.

The number of people who appeared weren’t as plenty as them, but they were undeniably strong. Everyone was a Minor Saint. There were no Combat Emperors. There were approximately a hundred and fifty Minor Saints.

By just looking at such a powerful troop, it was enough to paralyze them.

This was purely an overkill. They would not be able to defend against them. If all of these experts attack at the same time, the troops of Nebula Sect would be wiped out for sure.

There was a leader among the troop. He wore a golden robe. His golden hair was dancing in the breeze and his body exuded some kind of dragon-shaped Monarch aura that would make anyone wors.h.i.+p him in an instant.

This young leader was Nan Bei Chao. Beside him was a roughly 10 meter tall st.u.r.dy white tiger. There was no stain on the fur of its body. Its body illuminated a golden light, its head was raised upwards arrogantly. There was a visible ‘King’ word in between its brows.

This was the king of thousands of beasts. The bloodline it possessed was extremely rare, it belonged to the legendary five elemental divine beast category. They were afraid that there is only a single one of its kind across the Divine Continent.


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