Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 766 – Setting a formation with Joint Efforts

Chapter 766 – Setting a formation with Joint Efforts

Setting a formation with Joint Efforts

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“Alright, I will go now.”

Nebula Kidd nodded. Dan King was a very powerful expert renowned by many people. Nonetheless, even though Mysterious Domain was in a state of chaos at present, Dan King wouldn’t interfere in the matter whatsoever. However, if Jiang Chen sent someone to ask him personally, Dan King would surely come to his aid as he was Dan King’s son-in-law now.


Jiang Chen nodded. The reason behind sending Nebula Kidd was that he had high cultivation grade and, thus, could move very quickly between two places. He would take at most half a day to do that. As far as Nan Bei Chao was concerned, Jiang Chen didn’t have to worry about him within these three days. Jiang Chen knew Nan Bei Chao all too well. He was an extremely arrogant man to the point that he wouldn’t break his promises. He would wait for Jiang Chen to find him and surrender before him, he would certainly not do anything to Nebula Sect.

As soon as Nebula Kidd left, Jiang Chen began the preparations of setting up the formation. Wu Yi Mo started to grasp the pith of the formation. All the disciples of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion would need to take part in this formation. There would be no exceptions as the energy required for setting this formation was just too great. Thus, over thousands of disciples of the two major powers would need to partic.i.p.ate by injecting their energy to the grand formation. Only through this could the formation perform its greatest potential.

Jiang Chen was currently standing in the sky above Nebula Sect, checking the condition of the mountainous terrains. The five elements had to be fixed on the most suitable location. Big Yellow was also a formation master, and thus, found the most favorable position for it very quickly.

There were four elements in Jiang Chen’s body. Although he had completely absorbed them, their essences could still be extracted for the formation.

“The gold element would be on the west position, the wood, east position, the water would be on the north, the fire on the south and lastly, the earth would be at the center. I have already found all the five best spots for the five elements. Little Chen, the rest would have to depend on you now.”

Big Yellow said proudly.


Jiang Chen nodded. He followed the advice Big Yellow provided and placed the essence of the elements on them. Only one spot was empty right now because he didn’t have the gold element yet. So, he would have to wait until he killed the white tiger and obtained its demon soul.

Four different colors shone out from the four different elements. The soul power above the mountains became stifling which made the people feel uncomfortable. This was the first time that the four different elements were gathered in one location. If all five elements were present, this mountain of Nebula Sect would become a saint mountain a thousand years later.

“The aura of the four elements is very strong. They are truly invaluable treasures.”

Wu Yi Mo couldn’t help but sigh. A person utilizing the strength of the four elements was totally heaven defying..

“It was still not enough, even if there are five elements. Tyrant, is the stone monument still with you?”

Jiang Chen looked at Tyrant. His memories from the Death Mountain was still very vivid. Back then, it was Tyrant’s stone monument that released a huge golden layer that stopped the Minor Saint dark souls. If his stone monument was combined with the five elemental soul power, the power of Five Elemental Tisura Formation would reach a terrifying extent. He had no doubt about it.

“Of course.”

Tyrant nodded.

“Right. Integrate the monument with the Qi of the four elements. It will further fortify the grand formation and make it more stable.”

Jiang Chen said.

“No problem.”

Tyrant didn’t hesitate. His palm twisted and the stone monument appeared. It was a large and blood-red stone monument that carried a strong and cold killing intent and an ancient Qi, which indicated its long existence.

The instant the monument appeared, it was accompanied by a mighty Qi. It was a solitary Qi that disdained all beings, even the heavens. And the sole person who could control it was Tyrant.

“This is a very divine stone monument. We would all be dead without it in Death Mountain.”

Guo Shaofei said and sighed.

“That’s right. Our grand formation will have a bigger chance with the aid of this stone monument.”

Han Yan nodded. They were the bunch of people who had experienced a near-death situation in the Death Mountain. So, they naturally knew the power of the monument. It was this monument that defended them against the darkness and held out until Jiang Chen’s rescue. He was afraid that none of them would be here without it.

Tyrant bellowed a command to the monument using his divine sense, and integrate it with the soul powers of the four elements. The stone monument trembled intensely, resisting the existence of the other foreign Qi. This was because the Qi it released was a high and mighty Qi, it disdained the existence of the other Qis.

However, it eventually calmed down after a moment. The five elements were the pioneer existence in the world, a supreme saint item. So, even the high and mighty stone monument had to recognize it.

Lights glowed out of the stone monument and soon the integration between them had been completed.

“Little Chen, what do we do next after this?”

Tyrant asked.

“Tyrant, you will take the responsibility of handling the stone monument when the formation is started. You just have to focus on maximizing the power of the stone monument.”

Jiang Chen instructed. Tyrant’s role was very important because he was the only one who could control the monument.

“Don’t worry, the mission will be accomplished.”

Tyrant patted his chest to guarantee.

“It would still take some time to complete the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. I’m afraid that it would take a day and night before it can be completed. No one is allowed to disturb us for the remaining time. Big Yellow and I will finish setting the formation. As long as the formation is finished, we would be able to fight Nan Bei Chao’s army three days later.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glinted with certainty. He had been waiting for this chaotic moment to happen in Mysterious Domain.

Wu Yi Mo and the rest had long ago retreated from there. They didn’t go far away from the formation area because, firstly, they had to guard the area to prevent anyone from disrupting the two of them and, lastly, they wanted to remember the formation clearly so that they could swiftly synchronize with each other and the formation.

For the rest of the time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were working together perfectly. They were continuously flying in the sky above Nebula Sect while their hands were waving and moving to cast the inexplicable talisman marks. After integrating with the soul power of the four elements, they disappeared in the void. If one didn’t look closely, one wouldn’t be able to discern that the talisman marks had been integrated with the sky.

“Look. That’s the grand formation of Brother Jiang. Elder has mentioned before that this grand formation is called Five Elemental Tisura Formation. But do you have any idea why is it called Five Elemental Tisura Formation? Don’t know right? Me too, but I am sure it is very awesome.”

“Nonsense, of course it would be awesome. That is a formation that combined the five elements and the monk’s stone monument together. Do you still remember the stone monument? If it wasn’t for that monument’s help, we would be long dead in the Death Mountain, none of us would walk out alive.”

“Agree. Elder has already made the arrangements. Brother Jiang has the ability to handle all things. This time, we must support the formation using our Yuan Force. We have to contribute our efforts anyway. It is truly an honorable thing to fight side by side with Brother Jiang.”

“All of us have to believe in Brother Jiang. The seniors have said that master has gone to ask Dan King for help. I think our overall strength would increase by a notch with his aid. Haha! Let’s produce a miraculous result with Brother Jiang this time.”

“Don’t talk. Focus on the formation. Although we don’t know a thing about it, we have to pay attention to it so that on the day of battle, we can run this formation smoothly.”


Countless disciples of both Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion had their eyes widened while staring at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who had turned into two brilliant lights. The void in the sky was filled with their afterimage. They all knew that this grand formation was their only hope and the greatest weapon against their enemies. They had full confidence in Jiang Chen even though they didn’t understand what the both of them were doing due to their low cultivation. However, it didn’t really matter much because there would be someone who would guide them. What they needed to do now was to focus on the formation, to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Half a day later, Nebula Kidd had brought Dan King back. After obtaining the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, he had almost stepped into the sixth grade of Minor Saint realm. It was a pity. Despite the fact of still being a Fifth Grade Minor Saint, there wouldn’t be any Fifth Grade Minor Saint who could be his opponent. Furthermore, Dan King had brought along a few Minor Saints from Dan King County. This would certainly increase the two major powers’ overall strength in the coming battle. Most of them cheered and felt that they had seen a glimmer of hope.


In the center of the main hall of Freedom Palace, Nan Bei Chao was sitting on the throne like a true monarch. At this time, a silhouette appeared in the main hall and knelt down with one knee before him.

“Master. That Jiang Chen is back. But judging from his actions, I don’t think he has the intention to come and kowtow before master.”

The black shadow said.

“Of course he won’t come and kowtow before me. He would not be Jiang Chen if he does.”

Nan Bei Chao smiled in an indifferent way.

“I have no idea what that Jiang Chen is doing. It seems like he is setting a grand formation above the sky of Nebula Sect, as though they are preparing to have a war with us. Even Dan King of Dan Yuan City, who is now a Fifth Grade Minor Saint, had come to their aid.”

The black shadow said again.

“Humph! A puny Fifth Grade Minor Saint? Master Tiger will eat him in a single bite.”

The white tiger let out a cold humph. Being a Fifth Grade Minor Saint Demon Beast, it didn’t put Dan King in its eyes . Any Sixth Grade Minor Saint who faced it would certainly die for sure, let alone a Fifth Grade Minor Saint.


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