Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 765 – Five Elemental Tisura Formation

Chapter 765 – Five Elemental Tisura Formation

Five Elemental Tisura Formation

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Jiang Chen’s voice was like a thunderclap, it’s as if there was some kind of evil force within that entered everyone’s ears. They didn’t know why but after hearing Jiang Chen’s words, their spirits were raised to the point that they became fearless even if there were thousands of enemies that were charging at them. They now fully believed that they would be perfectly fine as long as Jiang Chen was around!

The enemy wouldn’t be able to touch even a tiny thing here? Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion was going to be the ruler of the four large domains? These words were indeed overbearing but it was also cool. Everyone was looking forward for such a day. This wasn’t something they dared to imagine even in their dreams. But it came out from Jiang Chen’s mouth like a logical train of thought.

What baffled them was that, do these people who had such power in their words really existed? His one simple sentence, gestures and eye expression could give anyone a sense of a.s.surance and unlimited hope. This was what Jiang Chen exuded in front of these people. When he stood there, he became the person that everyone could rely on.

“Jiang Chen, since you have already returned, let’s go to the main hall and have a chat.”

Nebula Kidd said.


Jiang Chen nodded. He followed Nebula Kidd, heading towards the main hall that was situated at the center of Nebula Sect. Han Yan and the others also followed behind them.

*Ka Cha*


Jiang Chen felt a painful sensation coming from his b.u.t.t all of a sudden. Without a second thought, he sent out his palm to a dog’s head.

“Stupid dog, what are you doing? You bit my b.u.t.t again?”

Jiang Chen was speechless. The image he built just now had been destroyed by this dog’s bite.

“Little Chen, Master Dog hasn’t settled his score with you yet. You went out alone without even bringing me with you!”

Big Yellow bared his teeth. He had already nursed this grievance for a month.

“It happened all too sudden so I didn’t take you along. I promise that I would bring you along next time.”

Jiang Chen replied whilst bending his knees, knowing how troublesome this dog could become. If he refused to admit his mistake, this dog would constantly trouble him. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen was really in the wrong this time, he had already antic.i.p.ated that Big Yellow would be furious, given his temper. Thus, he was already prepared for it.

Big Yellow was still mumbling but he already stopped complaining because he knew what was more important at the moment, otherwise, he would continue to demand for a satisfying answer and compensation.

In the main hall, Jiang Chen rightfully sat on the throne. Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo were just sitting beside him. Although he was merely a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he had become the core of the two major powers. The war three days from now would have to depend on Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, Nan Bei Chao has already conquered the four large domains except the two of us. He has over a hundred Minor Saints as his army and a white tiger which could easily defeat a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. The overall strength that he has is already too great. Would you mind telling us how to confront this enemy?”

Wu Yi Mo asked.

“That Nan Bei Chao wanted you to kneel before him. Supposedly, he could already wipe us out but he had given us three days. Apparently, this message was directed against you.”

Nebula Kidd said. He had learnt from Han Yan that Nan Bei Chao had been disgraced when he was defeated by Jiang Chen. Hence, Jiang Chen was his arch-enemy. He also understood that Nan Bei Chao would still conquer the four large domains even if Jiang Chen didn’t appear and he wouldn’t give them anymore time. By this time, they should have become the prisoners of Nan Bei Chao.

“Nan Bei Chao has always been wild and arrogant. He wanted me to kneel before him to feed his ego and to wipe away the demon in his head by humiliating me. This is without a doubt a joke. If he chose to attack us, we won’t even have the chance to prepare before we are all exterminated. Since we have three days, we should make some good preparations for the war.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk. The current scenario was more serious than he imagined, but because of this, he got more excited.

“Do you have any way to confront such an enemy?”

Nebula Kidd was curious. Not just him, everyone in the main hall wanted to know how Jiang Chen would deal Nan Bei Chao. Judging by Jiang Chen’s confident look, he must have had a powerful method. Thus, they really wanted to know his plans.

“I know a grand formation. It is called the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. The five elements in the world would be the foundation for setting this formation. Once it is succeeded, its power would be boundless. The name actually originated from the Tisura escape-proof net that didn’t allow anything to escape. However, we won’t use it to trap our enemies. Their numbers are just too much, so we can’t really trap them. There are two functions of this formation. One of the functions was to protect our people and the second was to attack.”

Jiang Chen paused momentarily and continued. “The Five Elemental Tisura Formation would need the power of all the people in Nebula Sect. I will then combine this formation with the Brilliant Mirror. At that time, no matter how powerful our enemies are, we don’t have to be worried of their attacks because the Brilliant Mirror can defend any of them.”

This was Jiang Chen’s plan. This was a large formation which ordinary people couldn’t set because the sources - the five elements - were just too hard to obtain. It was virtually impossible to set such a formation. Thus, only Jiang Chen could perform the legendary Five Element Tisura Formation completely.

“But, the five elements are extremely rare. I think it only exists in the legends and is impossible to find.”

“Agree. The five elements is just too difficult to find. One could only obtain a single element even if they have the greatest of luck in their lives. It would be unbelievable for someone to acquire the five of them and set the formation.”


Discussion and opinions flooded the hall. Most of them felt that the formation was just too great and too hard to be completed. It was equivalent to an imaginary idea that couldn’t be realized.

“Let me get this straight, I have already collected four elements out of the five. The only one remaining is the gold element. You all don’t have to worry. The white tiger that always followed Nan Bei Chao has the demon soul of one of the five elemental divine beast. Thus, I can use its demon soul that contained the gold element to complete the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.”

Jiang Chen explained. He had always been waiting for the chance to obtain the demon soul of the white tiger.

What Jiang Chen said shocked everyone. All of them were well aware of how invaluable the five elements were but Jiang Chen had actually gathered four of them already?! This was undeniably heaven defying. Judging from this fact, Jiang Chen was truly a person with great luck. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to obtain the four elements so quickly.

They still needed one element though and that element lied in the demon soul of the white tiger. It was beyond one’s imagination how to get it.

“But, that white tiger is a powerful Fifth Grade Minor Saint Demon Beast. Not even a Sixth Grade Minor Saint could handle it in battle. It was essentially impossible for them to obtain its demon soul.”

Wu Yi Mo shook his head. Everyone felt that Jiang Chen was just making jokes with them. How could one or them possibly kill the white tiger to get its demon soul?

“Haha! I have already prepared for this. That white tiger would surely die. The moment Nan Bei Chao attacks, the first being that I would eliminate would be his white tiger. After obtaining its demon soul, we will perform the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. When the war begins, I will kill the white tiger first, obtain its demon soul and complete the formation.”

Jiang Chen laughed. Although the white tiger was very powerful, it didn’t really concern him because he still had the Source of Combat Strength Talisman that was given by Great Master Ran Feng. He would never use it unless it was extremely important and the day had come for him to use this valuable talisman. Killing the white tiger would be equivalent to cutting off Nan Bei Chao’s left and right arms.

The talisman could only be used once by sending out an attack of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. Thus, it was without a doubt impossible to kill all of their enemies with this single attack, but it could be used to specifically kill one - the white tiger.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. They didn’t know what technique Jiang Chen would use to get rid of the white tiger, but he didn’t sound like he was joking. His voice was full of confidence, which had also given them some form relief.

According to what Jiang Chen said, they would be able to set up the Five Elemental Tisura Formation to defend against their enemies after killing the white tiger. However, there were over a hundred Minor Saints that they would need to face. So how are they going to fight them? Are they going to just depend on the formation and keep on defending themselves until they or their opponents get exhausted? This didn’t sound like a very feasible idea.

“Everyone, don’t worry. You all just have to rely on me. When the time comes, you all would just have to hold the grand formation and leave the rest to me. This time, I would completely destroy Nan Bei Chao. After that, the four large domains would be ours. All of the resources would belong to us as well.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. Regardless of the severity of the situation, it was all within his prediction. Killing the white tiger and obtaining the gold element would not only complete the Five Elemental Tisura Formation, it would also prompt his Five Elemental Dragon Seals to transform. At that time, his grade would be pushed to the Minor Saint realm, enhancing his combat strength. His dragon transformation art would also undergo another transformation. He might even be able to acquire the skill of the human-dragon form transformation. After that, he would have no problems dominating everyone everywhere he went.

His confidence had positively affected everyone. Although they had no idea where his confidence came from, at least they knew that they still had hope. It was the hope of defeating Nan Bei Chao. As for ruling over the four large domains, they didn’t even dare to think about it.

“The thing that we lack the most currently were Minor Saint experts. We need higher grade Minor Saints because the energy that is required to circulate Five Elemental Tisura Formation would be ma.s.sive, especially when we add the Brilliant Mirror into the formation. Master, would you make a quick trip to Dan Yuan City to ask for Dan King’s help to hold the formation? He is a peak Fifth Grade Minor Saint, probably a Sixth Grade Minor Saint now. It would be in our favor if we could get his help.”

Jiang Chen said to Nebula Kidd. They had to depend on the strength of the Minor Saint experts to hold the formation because he would need some time to reach the Minor Saint realm after killing the white tiger.


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