Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 764 – Don’t even think about touching even a tiny thing

Chapter 764 – Don’t even think about touching even a tiny thing

Don’t even think about touching even a tiny thing

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Nebula Sect.

Everyone’s emotion became heavy as if they were facing the end of the world. A scene like this was absolutely unprecedented. They had reasons to believe that even if Jiang Chen came back, he wouldn’t be able to stand against Nan Bei Chao, just like how the position of heaven and earth couldn’t be exchanged.

However, the disciples of Nebula Sect still believed in Jiang Chen. They all knew the reputation and talent that Jiang Chen had. They felt that he was a rare genius that could make miracles no matter what the situation.

However, it was the total opposite for the disciples of the Dark Devil Religion. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was merely their young master’s friend. They didn’t put their hopes on him because the majority of them didn’t even know how he looked like. They only heard about him at most. Whether they believed in Jiang Chen or not, the result remained obvious. Now, they could only pray that Jiang Chen would really produce a miracle.

Some even doubted that Jiang Chen was actually afraid to return after knowing the latest situation in Mysterious Domain and had already escaped. But none of them said anything because the consequences of spelling this criticism would be severe. It had already happened before. The person had been beaten up by Jiang Chen’s fans to death. Such criticism was without a doubt a direct insult towards Jiang Chen.

Today, all the people of the Dark Devil Religion were present in Nebula Sect. The headquarters of the religion had turned into an empty nest. There might be a glimmer of hope if the two major powers joined together, or else, death would certainly befall them.

Inside one of the buildings of Nebula Sect, several people were gathering with slightly hardened faces. They were Big Yellow, Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, Guo Shaofei, Mo Sang, Zuo Ling Er, Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao. They were all Jiang Chen’s friends.

“Why hasn’t big brother returned yet? Time is of the essence now.”

Zuo Ling Er pouted her small mouth. It had already been a month since Jiang Chen had left. He ought to be back by now, as the situation was very critical right now.

“I don’t know where Junior Jiang had been. It has been a month since he left. I’m worried about whether he will return or not; the Mysterious Domain would certainly descend into chaos.”

Guo Shao Fei sighed.

“Relax, he will be back.”

Han Yan said with certainty.

“Young master, I don’t mean to dishearten you all, but that Nan Bei Chao has over a hundred Minor Saint underlings. Even with Jiang Chen’s presence, how can we possibly fight Nan Bei Chao?”

It wasn’t because Mo Sang didn’t trust Jiang Chen’s ability, it was just that their opponent was just too powerful. Anyone who would face the same situation would certainly have such concerns.

“I also don’t know how he would deal with it, but he would always have ways.”

Han Yan said with confidence. The level of confidence he had for Jiang Chen exceeded the confidence he had for himself.

“That’s right. There is nothing Little Chen can’t do if he really put his mind into it. Back when he faced the domineering Martial Saint Dynasty, he wiped them all out using his own hands. I believe that he too, would have methods to resolve the crisis ahead of us.”

Nangong Wentian was nodding while he was speaking. He came from the Eastern Continent along with Jiang Chen. Thus, his understanding of Jiang Chen was deeper than anyone. Which made everyone trust him.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why didn’t he ask me to go with him?”

Big Yellow was still in the state of envy. As for whether Jiang Chen could change the current crisis or not, he had no doubts about it. Nan Bei Chao was destined to be defeated by Jiang Chen. He had already been defeated twice and he would also be defeated this time.

As soon as Big Yellow’s voice faded, two powerful Qis suddenly emerged above Nebula Sect. They was a young man in white-clothes that was as white as snow and a monk in his robe. Jiang Chen and Tyrant had returned!

“See, big brother has returned!”

Zuo Ling Er shouted. Surprise and delightfulness were seen on the rest of their faces the moment they saw Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Tyrant has stepped into the Minor Saint realm. This is cool!”

Nangong Wentian laughed.

At this instant, everyone in Nebula Sect fixed their attention on Jiang Chen, and many started to cheer for his return.

“Quickly, look. Brother Jiang has finally returned!”

“This is great! We would be saved once he goes to Nan Bei Chao and kowtow before him.”

“Go and f*ck yourself. You are the one that should kowtow before Nan Bei Chao. Brothers, beat him up for insulting Brother Jiang!”


The long hours of dead silence had once again turned into liveliness. Nan Bei Chao had given a deadline of three days. They were waiting for Jiang Chen to return. Jiang Chen had become their backbone instead of their sect master, Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

All the higher-ups appeared in of Jiang Chen with Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo at the front.

“Jiang Chen, you have finally returned. Judging by your Qi, I a.s.sume that you are now a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor”

Nebula Kidd asked.

“You’re right. I have already advanced my cultivation to the ninth grade of the Combat Emperor realm.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Ai, a mere Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. How could he possibly create a miracle?”

“Agree, too weak in my opinion. He wouldn’t stand a chance against Nan Bei Chao. We are really finished this time.”

“It’s a pity. I really thought that he could produce some kind of miracle this time. It seems like our hopes were all in vain.”


Initially, the Minor Saints of the Dark Devil Religion wanted to celebrate when they saw Jiang Chen’s rapid improvement, but their expression hardened after a moment. Despite his speedy advancement, it was far from enough to deal with the chaos in Mysterious Domain. It would be a joke to say that he could save the day.

*Hua La*

Jiang Chen opened his spatial ring, after darting a glance at those Minor Saints. E Sha and the other three Minor Devil Saints rushed out. For a moment, the sky above was covered and filled with Devil Qi. The emergence of the devil saint aura had frightened countless of cultivators in the area.

“What?! These are all powerful devils. Each of them is a Third Grade Minor Devil Saint!”

Someone exclaimed. Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo were also stupefied. They had no idea where Jiang Chen had gotten so many devils, but they knew that what they lacked the most were Minor Saints.


The four devils bowed neatly and respectfully at Jiang Chen.

The scene had astonished everyone, including the two sect masters who had left their mouth wide-open.

“My G.o.d, what are they? I know that the legendary devils were unruly and ferocious, they were many times more terrifying than our devil religion. These four Third Grade Minor Devil Saints bowed to Jiang Chen just now, like a servant.”

“Jiang Chen had already subdued these Minor Devil Saints. G.o.d! How did he do that? He is merely a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.”

“This kid is truly amazing. He was able to subdue a powerful Third Grade Minor Devil Saint when he is merely a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. It is impossible for me to believe such a thing if I didn’t witness it personally.”


Everyone was without a doubt astounded. They were hopeless just a while ago when they sensed Jiang Chen’s level but their behavior suddenly changed when they witnessed such a scene. The ability to subdue four Third Grade Minor Devil Saints alone was already heaven defying. This was a miracle. Perhaps he could continue to create miracles on the other matters.

“Did you all see that? Even a Third Grade Minor Devil Saint has to bow before Brother Jiang. Tell me, who on earth can perform such a magnificent feat?”

“Brother Jiang is undeniably a genius that only emerges once every thousands of years. I think he might be able to turn the tides around”

“Yeah, this is truly shocking. A Third Grade Minor Devil Saint is without a doubt more terrifying than a Third Grade Minor Saint. This feat alone is enough to make me prostrate before him in admiration.”


At the present moment, all of the disciples of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion became excited. Most of their gloominess had already vanished and they began to see hope from Jiang Chen.

“Did you see that? This is Jiang Chen and his method. He could raise the spirit of everyone without saying a word. I suppose that only him, had such an ability.”

Han Yan smiled.

Mo Sang and Guo Shao Fei were also convinced and smiled in return. They were completely impressed by Jiang Chen. Now, they were thinking that the reason of his existence was to dominate all the geniuses of this world.

“You’re amazing big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er praised.

Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo exchanged glances and smiled, they were totally impressed by him. Jiang Chen only used one action to raise their spirits again the moment he returned. He had helped them solve the unsettling problem. They had to admit that only Jiang Chen could have such an incredible ability. Putting aside whether he could really defeat Nan Bei Chao or not, his action had at least given them a glimmer of hope.

“Jiang Chen, I suppose that you have already heard about Nan Bei Chao.”

Nebula Kidd asked.

“That’s right. I have already known about Nan Bei Chao’s movement. His speed of growth was beyond my expectation. But it doesn’t really matter. As long as I am here, all things would go well.”

Jiang Chen said confidently. He had heard about Nan Bei Chao’s invasion before reaching Mysterious Domain. He too, had to admit that Nan Bei Chao’s prompt actions had precisely gone out of his expectation. His initial a.s.sumption was that Nan Bei Chao would only deal with Mysterious Domain. Who would have thought that he had gained control of the other three large domains during this short period of time? Furthermore, Nan Bei Chao’s cultivation had already reached a very terrifying level. The current situation had become more troublesome than what Jiang Chen had imagined.

Despite Nan Bei Chao’s powerful cultivation, Jiang Chen would not retreat, as he wasn’t that kind of person. The stronger his opponent, the greater his determination. Also, Nan Bei Chao’s formidable power would be in Jiang Chen’s favor because that’s how he reap huge benefits. He always reaped great benefits from a terrible chaos.

Jiang Chen lowered his head to look at them and said, “All people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion, listen. With my presence today, Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t be able to touch a single thing here. He wants to conquer the four large domains? I say, we would conquer them and the four large domains would become ours after this war!”


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