Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 763 – Jiang Chen has to kowtow

Chapter 763 – Jiang Chen has to kowtow

Jiang Chen has to kowtow

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A wail came out of the elder’s mouth. Currently, the elder wasn’t as arrogant as before, fear and nervousness had overwhelmed him. Those who hadn’t seen Jiang Chen fight wouldn’t understand how terrifying his power was.

Nonetheless, a scream or a wail couldn’t change anything. His death was already imminent as soon as he attacked Jiang Chen. Another strike came from his true dragon palm. It turned into a large cage, and then fell from the sky confining the elder within.


Elder Liu’s facial expression changed and clamored. He had never thought that Jiang Chen had already become so powerful to such an extent. It was too shocking to learn that a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor could kill a Second Grade Minor Saint with ease. Elder Liu acted because he was afraid that any delay would cause the death of the other elder. One should know how valuable a Second Grade Minor Saint was to the Heavenly Sect. They would certainly suffer a big loss if such a death occurred.


Jiang Chen laughed without even glancing at Elder Liu. He exerted some force on his true dragon palm and crushed the Second Grade Minor Saint elder on the spot.


Elder Liu raged. Although the Heavenly Sect wasn’t as great as the Great Lightning Tune Temple, no one would ever touch or kill their Minor Saints. To the sect, the loss was certainly huge because it took tremendous amounts of time and resources to cultivate one Minor Saint.

Tyrant was shaking his head from a distance. He was right, that this dude is just way too powerful. Even though he was only a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he is already capable of killing a Second Grade Minor Saint with ease. Anyway, Tyrant had grown accustomed to his crazy power.

However, Elder Liu was a Third Grade Minor Saint. Tyrant had no idea how Jiang Chen was going to deal with him. Since he was a First Grade Minor Saint, he might have no problems fighting a Second Grade Minor Saint, but the power and abilities of a Third Grade Minor Saint had exceeded his abilities. Even if he fought the elder along with the First Grade Minor Devil Saint, he still wouldn’t stand a chance.

Despite all of these, the thing that would happened next completely relieved his unnecessary worries. He was lucky that the surprise didn’t make him fall down from where he stood.

“E Sha, attack now!”

Jiang Chen bellowed while facing the strong Qi of Elder Liu and released four Third Grade Minor Devil Saints. Initially, he wanted to join in the attack, but he felt that it was already unnecessary after a brief calculation on his combat strength. This was the Western Domain after all, which meant that it was the territory of Heavenly Sect. He would only attract more troubles if he stayed any longer. To avoid all of that, he would need to speed up and go back to Mysterious Domain. The thing that he was most concerned about was the matters in the Mysterious Domain and that required his immediate attention.


The devils looked very ferocious. Elder Liu was petrified as the air had been dominated by the devil Qi and it was enveloping him from within.


Elder Liu was frightened. His instincts told him that he was in some kind of danger. That was the feeling of death. He couldn’t even handle one of them, let alone four of them together.

“Kill him.”

Jiang Chen stressed.


Four Minor Devil Saint were letting out howls as boundless amount of devil aura turned into a cage, suppressing Elder Liu until he was immobilized. The next moment, the four Minor Devil Saints stuck out their devil claws and struck Elder Liu. A ‘Chi La’ sound with a blood-curdling shriek was heard before Elder Liu was torn into pieces.

“My G.o.d!”

Tyrant’s eyes widened. He thought that his eyes had some kind of illness as the scene was just too b.l.o.o.d.y. There was no way his blood wouldn’t curdle by what he just witnessed. He also cultivated the edifying light and the highest devil he could edify was a Second Grade Minor Devil Saint. Jiang Chen, on the other hand had edified four Third Grade Minor Devil Saint even though he was only a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. He couldn’t describe their difference in skill with words. This friend of his could speedily master any skill. The edifying light of Buddha Sect was no exception. Now, he felt that Jiang Chen was better suited to be a monk.

*Howl* *Howl*

The four Third Grade Minor Devil Saints howled while holding the detached limbs and body parts of Elder Liu. As they were devils, they felt high to be in such a b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere.

“Little Chen, keep them quickly. Great Lightning Tune Temple would be able to sense their Qi.”

Tyrant hastily reminded.

Jiang Chen was stunned as he almost got carried away. The main purpose of Great Lightning Tune Temple existence in Western Domain was to suppress the devil race. The appearance of these four devils would certainly draw the attention of the Great Lightning Tune Temple and they would immediately send experts to capture and kill them.

“Come back.”

Jiang Chen bellowed. The four of them quickly withdraw all of their devil Qi and went back into the spatial ring.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen gestured to Tyrant and the two of them disappeared in a blink. They travelled ten thousand miles in a blink.

“Little Chen, why did your edifying light became so powerful?”

Tyrant finally couldn’t stand it and asked the question.

“These were all coincidences. It was all because of the formidable power of the Brilliant Mirror which I obtained from Nebula Sect. It could suppress devils, and it could also reflect magical attacks and make them twice as strong as the original attack. When I subdued E Sha, it was only a Second Grade Minor Devil Saint. Later, it advanced to Third Grade Minor Devil Saint. The two of us then worked together and subdued three more Third Grade Minor Devil Saints. That is all.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. As a matter of fact, his current capability was more than enough to subdue any Third Grade Minor Devil Saint, but he didn’t want to give Tyrant a blow.

“What kind of powerful mirror is that?”

Tyrant sparkled. To send a two fold of the original attack back, this treasure was truly heaven defying.

“This is a treasure of Nebula Sect and a Minor Saint weapon. But, this weapon is an energy sucker. I can only use it once despite having a tremendous amount Yuan Force.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The only disadvantage of the Brilliant Mirror was its ma.s.sive consumption of Yuan Force. Besides, the consumption of Yuan Force varied according to the power of the attack.

“That is a super awesome treasure.”

Tyrant admired.

“Alright, we have to speed up our journey so that we can reach Mysterious Domain faster.”

Jiang Chen said. Their speed increased once more. The two of them flew through the sky like shooting stars. They vanished and by the time they appeared, it was already ten thousand miles away.

Just a few moments after Jiang Chen and Tyrant disappeared, a few powerful silhouettes emerged. They were all powerful Minor Saints. Tremendous rage could be seen on their faces when they saw the pitiful and ghastly sight of those two Minor Saints.

“d.a.m.n you Jiang Chen! You dared to kill two of our Minor Saints?”

“This kid is growing way too fast. He has to be eliminated as soon as possible. Heavenly Sect has suffered a huge loss today. We can’t let him live anymore.”

“The a.s.sa.s.sins of Dark Shadow were disappointing. They couldn’t even get rid of him despite having ample time to do so. It seems like we have to do it ourselves.”


Those were the higher-ups of Heavenly Sect. They were the supreme seniors in the sect. The conflict between Jiang Chen and them would never be resolved.

Subsequently, they casted fire on Elder Liu and the other elder’s remains to incinerate them. Jiang Chen had really offended Heavenly Sect to the core this time. They would never let him go. They must settle the score of losing two Minor Saints with him.


The next day, Nan Bei Chao led all the Minor Saint experts of Heaven, Earth and Yellow domains to enter the Mysterious Domain. In addition to the force Freedom Palace, Nan Bei Chao’s army had reached a terrifying state.

He immediately went to deal with Skyhill School and Tan Family the moment he entered Mysterious Domain. The two major powers had no other choice but to surrender. Putting aside Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger, the five Fifth Grade Minor Saints were enough to wipe off their entire sect.

Although Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion had joined forces, they were in the state of trepidation because that wouldn’t do them much help. The difference between the two of them were like the distance of heaven and earth. There was no way they could fill the gap.

Unexpectedly, Nan Bei Chao halted his steps while Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion were in distress. A news was spread not long after that.

Nan Bei Chao made the statement that he would give the Dark Devil Religion and Nebula Sect three days to convince Jiang Chen to go to Freedom Palace and knock his head three times on the ground before Nan Bei Chao. As soon as he did that, Nan Bei Chao would give up on exterminating the two major powers. If the opposite happened, Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t give them any chance to survive, not even the chance to surrender. He would totally wipe them off of the map.

The news had stirred up the emotions of everyone in Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion. It was too cruel and domineering. They wouldn’t even have the chance to live. Nan Bei Chao was really determined to eliminate them if they chose to oppose him.

At this moment, Jiang Chen had become the most crucial person, but he had yet return. The two major powers were getting impatient.

“What now? Only three days are left. If Jiang Chen isn’t coming back, we would be finished. Nan Bei Chao is overpowering. There is no way we can fight back.”

“Even if Jiang Chen returned, he would absolutely not kowtow before Nan Bei Chao.”

“Whatever it is, we have to first wait until Jiang Chen comes back. I have no idea whether he can create another miracle this time, and turn the tides around.”


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