Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 762 – An Instant Kill

Chapter 762 – An Instant Kill

An Instant Kill

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Suddenly, Jiang Chen felt agitated when he foresaw an intoxicating scene that could boil one’s blood. He foresaw that Mysterious Domain would descend to chaos soon. At that time, he would face another grudge battle with Nan Bei Chao and this time, he wouldn’t allow him to escape.

*Hong Long*

In the deep region of Second Level, a loud and rumbling sound was heard. It was a sound that he was very familiar with. The sound of fighting. He focused on the source of the noise and saw a golden light drifting in the air. It was the Buddha light that consisted of luminosity.

“Someone from the Buddha Sect is here. Let’s go there and find out.”

With a sway, he turned into a light and flew at breakneck speed. Upon arriving at the place, he saw a desolate area with a very st.u.r.dy First Grade Minor Devil Saint and a monk. The Minor Devil Saint was kowtowing sincerely, the monk was just shaking his head while smiling, his smile was so wide that it almost reached his ear.

“Trying to fight with Master Monk? You are far from enough!”

The monk was showing off in front of the devil.

“Yes, master. This underling is nothing compared to master.”

The devil quickly replied fearing that a delay in response would offend its master.

“Don’t just call me master, call me Master Monk.”

The monk’s eyes widened. The devil didn’t dare to hesitate and called the monk ‘Master Monk’.

This scene made Jiang Chen almost faint. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was still as shameless as always. If it wasn’t for the robe, Buddha beads and his hairless head, who could possibly connect him to Buddha Sect? Nonetheless, Jiang Chen was still very happy to see him here. The monk had actually reached the First Grade Minor Saint. It looked like he had improved drastically after inheriting the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Who is it?!”

The monk clamored at Jiang Chen’s direction. Jiang Chen had to admit that this dude’s senses were very sharp.

“Who do you think?”

Jiang Chen was swaggering to him. Happiness and surprise emerged on the monk’s face when he saw Jiang Chen. Without saying another word, he moved forward and gave Jiang Chen a bearlike hug.

“I missed you so much!”

Tyrant patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows suddenly. What did it mean ‘missing you so much’? He felt like spurting out blood when he heard this.


Jiang Chen kicked Tyrant coldly to one side with his leg. He wasn’t interested in men, let alone a monk.

“I heard that you have gone to the Devil World. Thus, I came along to see whether I can lend you a hand. For now, it seems like you don’t need any help. A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor? Your advancement is just like flying. I thought I can suppress you with my current cultivation. I think I might have overestimated my abilities.”

Tyrant said in a slightly depressed tone. Although he was a First Grade Minor Saint and Jiang Chen was just a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he was well aware of his and Jiang Chen’s power. He knew how powerful his friend could be, even if he is just a Combat Emperor. He might not be able to hold Jiang Chen’s attack in battle.

“Your achievements are not bad. You have reached the Minor Saint realm. I think the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus has given you a lot of benefits.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He would naturally feel happy for his friend’s growth.

“That’s right. There were three Extreme Magical Seal in the inheritance and an ancient Buddha scripture. This was how I got to the Minor Saint realm so fast and my advancement in the future will be inestimable.”

Tyrant said.

“Great Master Ran Feng is a person that you could only meet by luck. There are so many inheritances of Ancestor Greenlotus in his possession but he didn’t cultivate them all. He waited so many years and kept it for you, because he knew that his innate talent isn’t as good as yours. He didn’t want the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus to fall into a person who couldn’t s.h.i.+ne as great as you.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Great Master Ran Feng was truly a high ranked monk of Buddha Sect. He was many times greater than the monks in the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Though he had a vast collection of supreme scriptures and top treasures, he didn’t attempt to keep them all. This disposition alone was beyond any ordinary people.

“Master is the most important person in my life. He was the one who raised me and had given me so much valuable resources and treasures. I really have no idea how to repay such kindness. The only thing I can do right now is not disappoint master. I will bring the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus to a new height.”

Tyrant’s tone turned heavy. He was a person who valued love and kindness despite his eccentric and unreasonable behavior. He was also a great man, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make friends with Jiang Chen.

“Alright. You don’t have to say that much. Since you have reached the Minor Saint realm, it is the right time for you to help me now. Chaos will fall upon Mysterious Domain soon and I feel that Nan Bei Chao is going to initiate something big. We must get back to the domain and deal with the chaos.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Right. This is really a big incident. It won’t be perfect without me.”

Tyrant became interested. He had heard a lot about this Nan Bei Chao from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. He too wanted to witness the power of this person. Most importantly, being able to fight alongside Jiang Chen was really an intoxicating experience.

The two men quickly headed to the exit of Devil World, back to the domain. Great Master Ran Feng didn’t make Tyrant stay in Greenlotus Mountain as his seclusion session was over. He wanted him to create his own legacy in the outside world and pursue greater heights.

As the both of them pa.s.sed through the border of the Second Level like a ray of light, an old man saw them, and he unknowingly felt familiar with the Qi of the light.

“It’s them, Jiang Chen and the monk. Jiang Chen isn’t dead yet. What is Dark Shadow doing? However, him daring to resurface again in Western Domain is better than expected. Judging from their strong Qi, I’m afraid that the monk is already a Minor Saint. I’ll inform the Heavenly Sect now to send some experts to block and kill them.”

A sinister expression could be seen in his eyes. He was Elder Yuan who blocked Jiang Chen’s path outside the Devil World back then. Thus, he would naturally be able to recognize Jiang Chen and the monk. Back then, Jiang Chen had killed Young Master Qi in the Devil World and, as a result, had been hunted relentlessly by the Heavenly Sect. However, Great Master Ran Feng interfered and resolved the situation.

Elder Yuan took out a spirit talisman. He sent something via divine sense into the spirit talisman before it disappeared. This was a very high grade spirit talisman. It could transmit the information to anyone as long as the person was in Western Domain.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant appeared outside Devil World in a flash and continued their journey to Mysterious Domain. They needed at most a day, to reach the Mysterious Domain from Western Domain.

Not long after flying out of the Devil World, two silhouettes with powerful Qi appeared in front of them, blocking their path and locking the surroundings. It seemed like they didn’t want them to continue their journey.

“I can’t believe some people dared to seek trouble with the people of Great Lightning Tune Temple. This is truly bringing death upon themselves.”

Tyrant sneered.

“They are from the Heavenly Sect. Their target is me, not you. I have been very careful when I went to the Devil World, but I didn’t think that I would still be exposed.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. It was rather simple to guess their opponent’s ident.i.ty. He had offended the Heavenly Sect in the Western Domain back then, thus it was logical that they wanted him dead. Also, it's highly possible that Dark Shadow’s a.s.sa.s.sins were hired by them.

Two elders in grey robe stood before them. Each of them exuded a saint aura. One was a Second Grade Minor Saint and the other was a Third Grade Minor Saint. It made Jiang Chen speechless that the Heavenly Sect had sent such powerful elders just to get rid of him. It seemed like the sect wanted to surely send him to h.e.l.l this time.

If it was before, Jiang Chen would have to run seeing a Third Grade Minor Saint, but it no longer mattered now.

“People of Heavenly Sect, have you forgotten how Great Master Ran Feng punished you all?!”

Tyrant bellowed at the two elders.

“Little monk, this matter isn’t related to you. We won’t kill you. Our only target is Jiang Chen.”

The elder replied.

Before Tyrant could react, Jiang Chen had made a step forward while releasing his aura.

“This matter is indeed not related to Tyrant. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be an easy task for you to kill me. I advise you all to leave now and keep your lives, otherwise I won’t be lenient!”

Jiang Chen said loudly.

“Little Chen, that is a Third Grade Minor Saint. Can you handle him?”

Tyrant sounded a little worried.

“Just observe. If they would really come and offend me, there is only one result for them.”

Jiang Chen smirked coldly. He had never been merciful towards his enemies.

“Haha! You really do know how to boast. I have never seen such a boastful young man. Elder Liu, this kid is merely a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. I think that our presence here might be a little bit exaggerated. Let me give this wild brat an instant death while you stand there and watch.”

The Second Grade Minor Saint elder laughed. He felt that it was no different than a clown for a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor to show his arrogance in front of them. It was true that young people needed to have some pride but too much would be no good for them.

“En, you go first.”

Elder Liu nodded. He agreed that he wasn’t needed to handle a mere Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

“Kid, die now!”

The elder bellowed and appeared before Jiang Chen with his terrifying large hand.


A Qi rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body and a true dragon palm materialized, destroying the incoming attack. It then hooked on the elder’s shoulder. After an exertion of force, the elder’s arm was pulled off from his body with a splash. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from the wound and the bones were revealed. The scene could make anyone’s hair stands on its end.


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