Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 761 – The Chaos in Mysterious Domain

Chapter 761 – The Chaos in Mysterious Domain

The Chaos in Mysterious Domain

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Jiang Chen had reaped quite a bit of benefits during his training in the Devil World. It had helped him advance to the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, his next target would be the Minor Saint realm. Besides that, he had also subdued four Third Grade Minor Saints, this boosted his overall strength. Any ordinary cultivators with the same level of grade as these devils would have a hard time fighting against them as these devils had a very hard physique.

The four of them had been kept in his spatial ring when were still at the Third Level. It had already been a month and now was the perfect time to go back. Jiang Chen could feel that the chaos was getting closer. Although this was only based on his feeling, his intuition had always been accurate.

In Nebula Sect of Mysterious Domain, a group of high ranking officials gathered together, including the master of the Dark Devil Religion, Wu Yi Mo, Han Yan and a few Minor Saint seniors. Their faces seemed sullen because what Jiang Chen predicted had actually happened. A storm was coming and it was moving really fast.

“Motherf*****, who is this Nan Bei Chao? There is an outbreak of war but how could it be this fast and powerful?”

An elder of the Dark Devil Religion couldn’t help but curse to express his grievance.

Nebula Kidd smiled. He finally understood Jiang Chen’s warning of Nan Bei Chao, it was a prediction based on facts. He didn’t heed the warning because he didn’t expect the situation that Jiang Chen had foreseen to happen so quickly.

“I think all of you have already known, Nan Bei Chao’s army broke out half a month ago. It started from the Earth Domain followed by Heaven and Yellow domains. All the major powers of the domains have surrendered themselves. A sect in Yellow Domain, Shadow Poison Sect initially wanted to strike back as they were proficient in poison attacks. It was a sect that no one would dare to provoke however, they could only last half an hour under Nan Bei Chao’s attack. They were all exterminated or had died a tragic death. Blood flowed like a river in the battle scene. According to my knowledge, the sect master who had reached Fifth Grade Minor Saint not long ago was bitten to death by the white tiger.”

Nebula Kidd said. These were the incidents that happened half a month ago. These were all unprecedented events. Any ordinary citizen of the domain would have heard of such breaking news, but Nebula Kidd decided to repeat it once more.

Nan Bei Chao’s name had spread across the four large domains. His name would sent s.h.i.+vers down people’s spine whenever it was mentioned.

“Nan Bei Chao wants to control the four large domains. Today, Heaven, Yellow and Earth domains have already been conquered by him and his next target would be us, the Mysterious Domain. Anyone could already imagine what our fate would be when he comes.”

Wu Yi Mo frowned. As the master of the devil religion, this was the first time that he was troubled by a matter.

“That Nan Bei Chao has subdued a lot of major powers. They have plenty of experts now. We wouldn’t stand a chance even if our sects would join forces.”

A senior of Nebula Sect sighed. They couldn’t do anything but sigh.

“Don’t lose hope. Jiang Chen had already told me that the two of us should work together before he returns. He had already foreseen that such an event would descend. So, don’t worry until Jiang Chen returns.”

Nebula Kidd said. Their opponents were just too strong. Even though he had full confidence in Jiang Chen, he was uncertain about what would happen in the day of the chaos. He was merely a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor when he left. How much could he advance in just a month? How was he going to deal with the domineering Nan Bei Chao?

Given the latest situation, there was no one, other than Jiang Chen that could possibly turn this situation around because Nebula Kidd had known Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty. Thus, he expectantly waited for his return.

“Master of Nebula Sect. Although Jiang Chen is a rare genius, his cultivation grade is still too low. He is merely a Combat Emperor. The difference in power is just too large, what could he possibly do in such circ.u.mstances?”

“That’s right. Nan Bei Chao is too strong. Besides that, he had also gathered all the major powers from the three large domains. There won’t be any exceptions for the Tan Family and the Skyhill School. Freedom Palace had already allied with him from the very beginning. At that time, the two of us would have to deal with the major powers of the four large domains. Even with the absence of Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger, we still wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“This is way too extreme. I’m afraid that our fates wouldn’t be any better than the other eliminated sects. I don’t think that Jiang Chen’s rare talents is enough to deal with the chaos that is going to hit the Mysterious Domain.”


The elders of the Dark Devil Religion and some elders of Nebula Sect were in despair as their opponent was overly strong. There was no other way. Some even showed the intention of surrendering because Nan Bei Chao was too much for them to handle.

“Haha! Look at how frightened you all are. However powerful Nan Bei Chao is, he would still be Jiang Chen’s defeated opponent. Jiang Chen had already defeated him twice and he would defeat him again this time.”

Big Yellow laughed. He didn’t have any worries for the chaos that was going to strike in Mysterious Domain. Instead, he felt excited. To someone who feared peaceful times, he would become more excited as the situation became more chaotic.

However strong his opponent is, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be weaker than him. Big Yellow had followed Jiang Chen the longest and had seen all the miracles that he had created. He would still believe in Jiang Chen even if everyone in the world did not. Nan Bei Chao may be very powerful but he was destined to fail when he met Jiang Chen.

“Everyone, don’t panic, hear me out.”

At this moment, Han Yan stood up. As the young master the Dark Devil Religion, he had greater authority than Big Yellow. He wanted to take this opportunity to speak about something.

“You all may not understand Nan Bei Chao but we understood him very well. The circ.u.mstances ahead was similar to the circ.u.mstances in Qi Province. Nan Bei Chao also had such an aspiration to rule the entire Qi Province. He cultivated the Monarch Heaven Art which required him to continue conquering powerful territories, because the only way to advance in the road of Monarch is to conquer. Back then, our Black Sect was on the verge of destruction. It was Jiang Chen who emerged at the critical moment that turned the tides around. He had pulverized half of Nan Bei Chao’s body but he managed to escaped because of his immortal soul physique. Nonetheless, let me tell you all something. From the time in Eastern Continent till now, I have seen many miraculous incidents that happened on him. The chaos that was about to strike us, wouldn’t be able to hamper him. If there’s anyone who can defeat Nan Bei Chao, it would be Jiang Chen. He is the unrivaled enemy of Nan Bei Chao.”

Han Yan told them the truth. As Jiang Chen was absent today, the top priority now was to stabilize their emotion and spirit. It would be the end if all of them lost their faith.

As he finished his speech, the atmosphere in the hall was replaced by silence. Everyone furrowed their brows. No one in the world could guess what they were thinking.

“Before departing, Jiang Chen had said that he is the only person who can calm the chaos in Mysterious Domain. Since the situation isn’t going to change even with all of you worrying here, Why don’t you all go back to rest and reorganize your troops while waiting for Jiang Chen’s return? Judging by the current circ.u.mstances, Nan Bei Chao was way beyond anything that we could handle. Jiang Chen would be our only chance. All doubts can be resolved as soon as he comes back.”

Nebula Kidd gave his advice.

The listeners nodded in agreement. They agreed with Nebula Kidd’s words. There wouldn’t be a productive result if they continued to stay here and worry. They should go back to their place to calmly prepare for the war ahead while waiting for Jiang Chen’s return. Despite their lack of confidence in Jiang Chen, they all agreed that Jiang Chen was really the key factor of this event.

“It seems like Nan Bei Chao is going to attack Mysterious Domain tomorrow. I have no idea when would Jiang Chen come back.”

Someone let out a sigh.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He went alone without bringing master dog! This is truly infuriating!”

Big Yellow berated Jiang Chen. He had been super bored during this whole month. Although he was already a powerful Ninth Grade Demon Emperor, he felt aggrieved to be left behind in Nebula Sect.

Meanwhile in the Tan Family…

The higher-ups also gathered together. The atmosphere in the hall was heavier than Nebula Sect’s and Dark Devil Religion’s meeting. The patriarch of the Tan Family, Tan Zhen Tian’s face was darkened while he sitting on the seat of honor, the other seniors were sitting on the seats below him.

“Everybody is already informed of the major events that happened recently. I’m afraid we can’t be excluded in such an event.”

Tan Zhen Tian said in a deep voice.

“Who is this Nan Bei Chao and why did he appear? I have never heard of him before.”

“Haizzz…This man is too powerful. He had already gained control of the three large domains. We aren’t strong enough to be his opponent. I think that it wouldn’t take long before they attack our domain. The Tan Family has built up such a large empire, are we going to let them s.n.a.t.c.h it away just like this?”

“What choice do we have? Shadow Poison Sect was a lot stronger than us but they were exterminated instantly when they fought back. We would meet the exact same fate if we do the same. That Nan Bei Chao is really a ruthless man.”


Everyone in the Tan Family felt helpless. They were at the end of their wits against this outbreak of chaos.

“Patriarch, what do you think we should do?”

Everyone turned to look at Tan Zhen Tian.

“Ai! Whatever is fated would eventually come .”

Tan Zhi Tian let out a helpless sigh. Then, he stood up and strode out of the main hall. Their faces were filled with sadness hearing the response of their patriarch.

The same thing happened in Skyhill School. Although the seniors had gathered together, no solution could be obtained. They knew very clearly that there is no strategy that could help them when Nan Bei Chao struck their domain. Their only option was to submit to him. There are a lot of major powers in the Heaven Domain that were more powerful than them but they also surrendered to him.

At this time, the happiest person should be Freedom King. Before this, he hadn’t imagined that Nan Bei Chao would become this powerful. He didn’t care about the other three large domains. What he cared the most was his domain, Mysterious Domain. Nan Bei Chao had promised him before that once Mysterious Domain was conquered, he would be ruler of this domain. He knew that Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t care so much about Mysterious Domain because of his wild aspirations. He had a far-fetched vision, to dominate the entire continent to continue his monarch path. He possessed the immortal soul physique, it was just a matter of time before he soared to be the greatest.


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