Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 760 – Ninth Grade Combat Emperor

Chapter 760 – Ninth Grade Combat Emperor

Ninth Grade Combat Emperor

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“Huang Yi Liu, you want to die?”

While Huang Yi Liu was lost in his fright, Nan Bei Chao’s voice sounded. The windstorm that was condensed by the eternal immortal wind turned wild, seemingly going to shred Huang Yi Liu into pieces.

His face changed instantly. He knew that he had dragged too much of the time. Nan Bei Chao had limited patience, if he didn’t surrender now, the eternal immortal wind would immediately shred him into meat paste, and the entire Huang Family would fall into darkness.

“Stop! Young Prince Nan, my Huang Family is willing to pledge our allegiance to you!”

Huang Yi Liu immediately yelled without delay.

*Hua La*

Under his control, the eternal immortal wind returned to his body like a tide. Subsequently, his Qi declined and his cultivation grade fell back to the First Grade Minor Saint. Huang Yu Liu wiped off his cold sweat. He felt very impressed by Nan Bei Chao just now. There was a technique in this world that could temporarily boost a person’s combat strength, called ‘Taboo technique.’ It was one of the rare techniques but those who used this skill would experience a weakened phase after using it. Nan Bei Chao had risen his grade by two levels. However, when he returned to his original grade, his Qi remained unchanged. There wasn’t a sign of tiredness or whatsoever, he was as normal as before.

This was truly stupefying. Maybe only those who possessed the immortal soul could do this.

“It is wise to submit to your fate. Huang Family will obtain huge benefits, following behind my trails. You all would be lucky enough to witness the road of my conquering. All Minor Saints please be prepared. Come along with me to attack the other major powers of the Earth Domain tomorrow. If they don’t submit themselves to us, kill them. All the wealth we would gain would belong to your family.”

Nan Bei Chao said loudly. A large family that is one of the major powers of the Earth Domain, a domineering overlord, was subdued by these simple words! It seemed like only Nan Bei Chao could do this.

The faces of the Huang Family members had turned ugly, but the battle just now was enough to prove everything, let alone the white tiger. The young man was so powerful that not even their patriarch was his opponent. The fact that their patriarch failed at the very beginning of the battle; Huang Family didn’t have the strength left to defend themselves anymore.

There was no reason for them not to surrender when their patriarch had already surrendered. Judging by the ambition of this young man, their family wouldn’t be his only target. It gave them some relief when they heard that he was going to invade the other major powers tomorrow.

It was conceivable that the Earth Domain would be in chaos. Such a large domain would be ruled by Nan Bei Chao very soon. Everyone in the domain would be subdued by him. It’s not just the Earth Domain, the other four large domains - Heaven, Earth, Mysterious and Yellow domains - would all descend into chaos soon. The peace of the world would be taken away when he emerged.

His monarch path started from here...

On the surface, Mysterious Domain seemed very peaceful but in truth, dramatic changes were happening beneath it. Freedom Palace had been making arrangements and preparations in secret. Not long ago, Freedom King had advanced to the Fifth Grade Minor Saint. Now, he was just waiting for Nan Bei Chao to return.

Meanwhile, Nebula Kidd and Wu Yi Mo had formed an alliance, according to Jiang Chen’s plan. The two major powers were getting closer than before. Han Yan had told Wu Yi Mo regarding Nan Bei Chao. Wu Yi Mo wasn’t an ignorant fool, so he naturally knew the seriousness of the matter. Adding the fact that Jiang Chen was also involved in this matter, it gave him the urgency to join forces with Nebula Sect. Besides, Nebula Kidd had already become a Fifth Grade Minor Saint whereas Wu Yi Mo was still at the peak of Fourth Grade Minor Saint.

This was the only time, in the history of Mysterious Domain that a devil religion would join forces with a righteous sect, because devil religion was well known for their independent establishment. They would never join the other major powers. It was due to Jiang Chen and Han Yan’s contribution that they decided to break the norm.


Meanwhile, Jiang Chen and E Sha had already entered the Third Level of the Devil World.

*Hu* *Hu*

As the devil winds blew, the pebbles rustled. The land in the Third Level was entirely covered by the black devil wind, even the land had turned black due to the devil enchantment. If someone or some beast would stay here for a while, they would be enchanted by the overwhelming devil Qi and eventually be possessed by the devils.

The devil Qi here was without a doubt stronger than any of the previous levels. Shadows of devils could be seen and their howls could be heard everywhere. This was the true devil world as this place would certainly make anyone’s blood curdle. This place was just too scary, even scarier than the h.e.l.l.

“E Sha, don’t delay any longer. Immediately find a Minor Devil Saint and slaughter it. Then bring me its devil soul.”

Jiang Chen ordered.

“Yes, master. I can sense that there is a First Grade Minor Devil Saint and a Second Grade Minor Devil Saint nearby. I will go now and slaughter them for master.”

E Sha showed his fists to Jiang Chen and vanished with a sway.

Jiang Chen nodded unnoticeably. He still required a thousand and four hundred dragon marks to reach the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. He could possibly advance to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor after refining the devil souls of two Minor Devil Saints.


E Sha returned with two black devil souls in its hands while Jiang Chen was still contemplating. Its speed of killing was incredible, but this wasn’t a surprise to him as it was a Third Grade Minor Devil Saint. There was no doubt that it could easily kill a first and Second Grade Minor Devil Saint.

“Haha! Good! E Sha, you did well. Guard my surroundings now. I have to make another advancement to Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.”

Jiang Chen laughed pleasantly. The edifying light was just too perfect. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to move an inch in this level. He was like a fish in the water again with E Sha helping him. He could get what he wanted without exerting any efforts and E Sha’s killing wouldn’t draw the attention of those very powerful devils.

“Yes, master.”

E Sha took the order obediently.

Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned about what place this was, he just sat down cross-legged carelessly, E Sha would be guarding him while cultivating.

He then kick-started the dragon transformation art and started to refine and absorb the devil souls. Roughly ten minutes later, the two devil souls were completely refined and absorbed. Currently, the number of dragon marks had already reached fifty-five thousand and nine hundred, but it hadn’t reached the mark of the next level yet. There’s a hundred more to go.

“The energy required was just too great.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t stand it and let out a sigh. Despite having antic.i.p.ated this, the amount of energy required to advance from the eighth to ninth grade still made him speechless. Luckily, his dragon transformation art was able to absorb a hundred percent of whatever that was refined, or else, his advancement would become extremely difficult.

“E Sha, from now on, only hunt for Second Grade Minor Devil Saints and kill as much as possible.”

Jiang Chen said to E Sha.

“Master, we could only hunt at the outer zone of the Third Level given my current strength. If we go deeper, I fear that it would draw the attention of the Minor Devil Saints that are more powerful than me. It would even be worse if they find out about master.”

E Sha said.

“Then we will just stay in this zone. Let’s go.”

In the following time, both of them went past every corner of the zone like specters in search of prey. An hour pa.s.sed and E Sha found one Second Grade Minor Devil Saint. It then brought the devil soul back to Jiang Chen after killing it.

Jiang Chen, in turn, hastily refined the new devil soul and absorbed the energy within.

*Ka Cha*

The mark for the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was. .h.i.t. Countless of Heaven Rank Restoration pills were consumed as if they were unlimited. At this moment, he had made a breakthrough to the ninth grade. Fifty six thousand dragon marks was the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor’s mark but the dragon marks in his body had exceeded that amount by two hundred.

‘This is great! Finally, I have reached the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. But, the energy required to step into Minor Saint realm would be so much greater. The next mark will be sixty thousand dragon marks, I would need to condense roughly four thousand more dragon marks. If I continue to depend on this method of advancing, the devil souls of Minor Devil Saint would affect my foundation greatly. I have to use the normal way to advance to the Minor Saint realm. Though using devil souls had negative impacts, my foundation can still handle condensing a thousand and eight hundred more dragon marks, which would bring me to the peak of the Ninth Grade. After that, I would return to Mysterious Domain.’

Jiang Chen contemplated. He knew his condition better than anyone else. It was already considered quite good to be able to reach the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor in the Devil World. However, he had never intended to use this kind of method to reach the Minor Saint realm.

Due to a few Minor Devil Saints dying unexpectedly, it would eventually alarm the more powerful Minor Devil Saints even if E Sha was the one who did it. Thus, the both of them stopped killing fearlessly and became very cautious in the next period of time.

Another half a month later, his body had condensed fifty eight thousand dragon marks after continuously refining devil souls. The distance from his current cultivation grade to the Minor Saint realm was only two thousand dragon marks more. Besides the improvement in his cultivation, he had reaped other huge rewards. Three Third Grade Minor Devil Saints were edified by his edifying light. Counting E Sha in, four of them in total. His overall strength had indeed become even more terrifying.

With his current combat strength, killing a second or Third Grade Minor Saint wouldn’t be a problem. If the Minor Devil Saints he edified joined him to fight an ordinary Fourth Grade Minor Saint, his opponent would also have to meet his end.


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