Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 759 – Overbearing and domineering

Chapter 759 – Overbearing and domineering

Overbearing and domineering

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The battle arena of the Huang Family was large. The area was bustling with people all of a sudden. Besides the emergence of the high grade superiors, people of the Huang Family were continuously arriving. The Huang Family had been marked as a power that couldn’t be neglected. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the family. Someone had killed their men and trespa.s.sed into the battle arena to show off.

Presently, the people from the Huang Family were filled with indignation. Seven to eight Minor Saint experts had appeared. It was all because of the Qi that Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger released was just too powerful. It had drawn their attention to the arena. In the Huang Family, superiors of Minor Saint were as rarely seen as antiques. Normally, the ma.s.ses couldn’t even see any of them.

The experts were staring at Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger, standing on the battle platform. Their eyes were filled with anger and fear at the same time. This youth was carrying the Qi of a superior being, like a true emperor. One look was already enough to tell that he is a dragon among his peers. They were surprised that they had never heard of such a genius before, let alone seeing him.

The truly shocking thing was the white tiger. It looked very divine and rare. Despite the fact that they could sense the divinity of the white tiger, they couldn’t have guessed that this was one of the legendary divine beasts.

“Young man, who are you? Why did you behave so atrociously in my Huang Family?”

An elder yelled. Nan Bei Chao only gave him a glance. This elder was a powerful Third Grade Minor Saint but Nan Bei Chao didn’t even put him in his eyes. The man he was looking for was Huang Yi Liu.

“Ask your patriarch to come out. I will count to three and if Huang Yi Liu isn’t out yet, I would begin a ma.s.sacre that would form a river of blood in Huang Family.”

Nan Bei Chao was extremely arrogant. His tone sounded like someone who wanted to dominate the whole world.

“Absurd! Who are you? You dare to be so rude to us? Seeking death!”

A young disciple yelled at Nan Bei Chao. Although he was merely an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, he wouldn’t allow any outsider to act absurdly in his family.

“Dare to blaspheme my dignity? Die!”

After a glance, he suddenly stuck out a finger and a golden light shot out. It was like a sharp sword moving at terrifying speed in the young disciple’s direction. This was Nan Bei Chao’s personality, he had always been self-centered. One unpleasant word before him would bring death to oneself. A single disrespectful gaze would also lead to an unbridled death.


A First Grade Minor Saint immediately stuck out his hand to block it, wanting to grab the golden light.



A wail of pain and shock was heard. The elder’s palm couldn’t catch Nan Bei Chao’s attack, it pierced through his palm. Then, the golden light disappeared and a puff sound was heard. The young disciple fell to the ground with blood gus.h.i.+ng out from his skull. The golden light made a hole through his head.


This scene had alarmed the people of the Huang Family. Angry faces were fixed on Nan Bei Chao. They were trying to figure out where this outrageous youth came from. Huang Family had never offended someone like him, but he already began his killings the moment he arrived here. It was the guards at first, then the young disciple. This was totally unacceptable. Judging from his expression, he didn’t seem to put the Huang Family in his eyes at all. Their lives were mere bales of hay to him.

“This man is too wild! Great elder, let’s attack together to eliminate him.”

A Minor Saint elder shouted.


However, before they had time to react, the white tiger lifted its head and let out a heaven-and-earth shaking roar. The terrifying tiger’s roar turned into a sound wave and rippled, travelling across the entire Huang Family.

*Hong Long*

Under the vibration of the sound waves, the houses in the Huang Family started collapsing. Those disciples who were of lower grade spurted out blood from their mouth and nose, losing their balance. Some weaker disciples lost their consciousness and fell to the ground.

Even those Minor Saint elders could hear a buzzing noise in their ears, a stifled feeling was rising in their chest and other unpleasant feelings that they couldn’t describe. This was because the tiger was roaring at the sky. They feared that many would die if the roar was directed at them.

The Qi unleashed by the white tiger showed its true ability. It was a very powerful Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint. Any ordinary Minor Demon Saint would be able to wipe the entire family out, let alone a divine beast.

Those few Minor Saint elders who wanted to launch a joint attack on Nan Bei Chao showed pale faces. Who would dare to act now?

At this moment, a powerful Qi rose from the central region of the Huang Family. In a few blinks of an eye, a man who seemed to be forty years old or above and was at the peak of the Fourth Grade Minor Saint emerged in mid-air, above the arena. This was the patriarch of the Huang Family, the number one cultivator in the Huang Family, Huang Yi Liu.

His face was sullen before landing on the ground. Given his cultivation grade, he had already known everything that had happened in the arena despite his absence.

“Patriarch, this man…”

A great elder said in low tone. Huang Yi Liu waved his hand to interrupt him. “I already know.”

Subsequently, he moved a step forward and held his fists at Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger. “How may I address you? Why are you creating disturbances in my Huang Family? If I’m not mistaken, there is no feud between us.”

“You should be the patriarch of the Huang Family, Huang Yi Liu. Listen closely, I would only say this once. I am Nan Bei Chao, the reincarnation of an immortal soul. I am following the will of the immortals, to conquer the entire continent. This is one of the five divine beast, the white tiger. I think you have all witnessed the true ability of this white tiger. Currently, I wanted to rule the Earth Domain. After that, the Heaven, Yellow and Mysterious Domains would combine and form one power. From now on, all of you would have to listen to my orders. If your Huang Family follows me, the future benefits you will get would be beyond your expectations. If you all refuse, all of you would have to die.”

Nan Bei Chao said in an indifferent tone because his malevolence didn’t come from his words.

Everyone from the Huang Family was dumbstruck due to those words. There was no way that they wouldn’t be mentally affected by the declaration. The eight domains had existed in the Divine Continent for a very long time. Each domain was living on their own without thinking of ruling the other domains. The young man in front of them had actually broken this law of nature by being a great ruler.

The second thing that shocked them even more was that this young man claimed to be the reincarnation of an immortal soul and following the will of immortals. To them, immortals were the high and mighty beings that only existed in the Immortal World. Every one of them was an eminent figure. Nonetheless, they could discern that Nan Bei Chao wasn’t lying to them. He did seem very unusual. Otherwise, how could a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint white tiger be following him? A divine beast.

“Patriarch, Huang Family has its roots and is already an established power, it has never been controlled by anyone. We cannot follow his will after listening to what he said.”

The great elder was expressing his reluctance.

“Humph! My power and ability are beyond all of your imaginations. Huang Yi Liu, I will give you a chance now to have a battle with me. If you lose, the entire Huang family will have to take my orders. Otherwise, everyone here has to die.”

Nan Bei Chao let out a cold humph and yelled at Huang Yi Liu.

His eyes sparkled, along with the others’. In their eyes, this Nan Bei Chao was truly too arrogant. A mere First Grade Minor Saint dared to pick a fight with their patriarch? Isn’t that similar to courting death?

“Do you really mean it?”

Huang Yi Liu asked. Huang Family was an established empire, none of them were willing to give it away. That white tiger was just too strong, it alone could exterminate them all. Now, Nan Bei Chao was offering a chance to battle him. This was a golden chance. Although Huang Yi Liu wasn’t a supreme genius, but dealing with a First Grade Minor Saint using his Fourth Grade Minor Saint power was just a piece of cake.

“Come. Don’t delay anymore. After Huang Family, I would have to go to other major powers.”

Nan Bei Chao rose higher in the sky with a sway. Huang Yi Liu turned into light, chasing behind him.

“Eternal immortal wind.”

Nan Bei Chao didn’t want to delay any longer. He struck with an eternal immortal wind the moment the battle started. Under the stimulation of the eternal immortal wind, his Qi started to erupt. In a few twinkles, his cultivation grade rose to Third Grade Minor Saint.


Huang Yi Liu exclaimed after seeing what just happened. Nan Bei Chao had enhanced his strength by two levels. How could this not shock him? But fortunately, he was merely a Third Grade Minor Saint. Huang Yi Liu was still capable of fighting him.

*Hua La*

A howl of gale was heard as Nan Bei Chao commanded the eternal immortal wind to blanket Huang Yi Liu like a windstorm.

*Chi La* *Chi La*

Every blow of the eternal immortal wind had an indestructible sharp edge that directly cut through Huang Yi Liu’s sphere of energy, leaving wounds on his body. Then, he realized that he was fully surrounded by the windstorm. These windstorm was akin to thousands of immortal dragons, confining him within.

“A very powerful wind. This isn’t a wind that comes from this world. It is carrying a high and mighty aura. This man isn’t as simple as he seems to be. He truly possesses the physique of an immortal soul and was following the will of the immortals. This windstorm is too strong. I will die once Nan Bei Chao gives the command.”

Huang Yi Liu was terrified. Nan Bei Chao was merely a First Grade Minor Saint, but after summoning the powerful windstorm, even he, a Fourth Grade Minor Saint could instantly be killed. This man was just too scary. There was no doubt that such a man could rule a few large domains.

“He really is the reincarnation of immortal soul, to be this powerful. It is an auspicious omen for a divine beast to follow him. It seems like this is our Huang Family’s fate, but perhaps our family can also obtain some benefits by following this young man. We don’t have any alternatives. In that case, so be it. I really want to see whether he can rule the four large domains or not.”

Huang Yi Liu made the decision during these few moments. This was their only choice. If he did the opposite, his Family would become an Asura h.e.l.l. Furthermore, Nan Bei Chao was ‘the Chosen One’ and the reincarnation of immortal soul. Huang Family wouldn’t feel ashamed to follow such a man.


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