Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 758 – Huang Family of Earth Domain

Chapter 758 – Huang Family of Earth Domain

Huang Family of Earth Domain

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A heaven-and-earth shaking tiger’s roar sounded from the altar, shaking the entire internal part of Immortal Possessive Mountain. Meanwhile, mountains that were outside were destroyed one after another. The tiger sprang and flew upwards to the sky. Its current body was glowing with a golden light with the word ‘king’ on its forehead, making it look very G.o.dly. After obtaining resources from the Immortal World, it advanced to the Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint. Its current strength was powerful enough to handle a Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

“Eternal immortal wind, fit into my body!”

Bellowed Nan Bei Chao. Boundless and unlimited eternal immortal wind turned into immortal dragons and infused into his body. It possessed great amount of destructive force, to all beings, eternal immortal winds represented destruction. However, not only was Nan Bei Chao not affected by it, he could also directly absorb it, turn it into his tremendous resource. This was the incredibility of the of the Immortal soul physique, which definitely couldn’t be compared to any ordinary humans.

*Ka Cha*

The moment the eternal immortal winds infused into his body, his Qi instantly rose tremendously, allowing him to step into an all new realm – First Grade Minor Saint. He advanced to the peak of the First Grade Minor Saint, a small step away from the second grade.

*Hua La*

The light and talisman symbols lasted another second or two before vanis.h.i.+ng completely. The crystal-like transparent sacrificial altar disappeared shortly after that. The environment in the Immortal Possessive Mountain returned to its serenity but the atmosphere could still invoke a gloomy feeling to the people coming to the mountain. The monarch Qi released from Nan Bei Chao’s body became thicker after becoming a Minor Saint. He stood there like a true emperor. With the divine beast beside him, it made people unable to deny his majestic existence.

“Haha! I have advanced to the peak of First Grade Minor Saint. A Third Grade Minor Saint would not be my opponent and with the help of the eternal immortal wind, I can temporarily become a Third Grade Minor Saint that would give me the strength to kill a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. Jiang Chen, I don’t believe that my current strength can’t send you to h.e.l.l.”

Brilliance sparkled from his eyes. He had failed two times consecutively in the battle with Jiang Chen. It was the greatest insult in his life. He must kill Jiang Chen in person in order to compensate the insult and eliminate his hatred.

Currently, he was already a First Grade Minor Saint. He would not believe that he could not get rid of Jiang Chen given his current strength, his immortal soul physique and the eternal immortal wind.

“Come on, let’s complete your monarch path.”

The white tiger said with a buzzing voice that could make anyone’s soul shudder.

“There is no need to rush. I still need time to fortify my cultivation grade. The world would be in a state of chaos the moment I came out of seclusion. We should start our rule from here, the Earth Domain, before ruling the other three large domains. It is just a matter of time when Heaven, Earth, Mysterious and Yellow domains would fall into my hands. Once four of the large domains are under my control, my Monarch Heaven Art would surely undergo a transformation. n.o.body would be able to stop me when that time comes.”

His entire body was glittering with an aura of confidence. His wild ambition not only involve the Mysterious Domain, but also the other three large domains. He would obtain inestimable benefits the moment he ruled this four domains, and his Monarch Heaven Art would transform.

However, instead of leaving the mountain, they stayed to fortify their cultivation. In his heart, the four large domains would be in his possession sooner or later, so he wasn’t in a rush to conquer them. As for Jiang Chen, he already did not put him in his eyes. After obtaining the help in the Immortal Possessive Mountain, the gap between him and Jiang Chen had become so wide that Jiang Chen couldn’t catch up to him, even if he was a monstrous genius. In his opinion, killing Jiang Chen now wouldn’t be any different from pinching an ant.


Currently, Nan Bei Chao, as well as Jiang Chen were in seclusion. It had been half a month’s time before Jiang Chen awakened from his secluded state. At this moment, he had completely fortified his foundation. His cultivation had become very solid and firm.

“My current foundation could undoubtedly allow me to reach the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. But advancing to the ninth grade required more energy compared to my previous advancement. I only have a Minor Devil Saint soul which is still insufficient. It seems like I have to venture into the Third Level for a while. Before that, it’s better for me to refine this Minor Devil Saint soul first to enhance my strength further.”

He turned his palm and the devil soul appeared. Without hesitation, he used the dragon transformation art to refine it on the spot.

He had to admit that the devil soul of a First Grade Minor Devil Saint did consist an enormous amount of energy. One devil soul allowed him to condense five hundred dragon marks. Adding the previous extra hundred dragon marks, he would need a thousand and four hundred more to advance to Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

Given such situation, he had to kill more Minor Devil Saint as any devil souls lower than that wouldn’t be useful anymore.

With his divine sense, E Sha appeared in front of him.


E Sha bowed to Jiang Chen and respectfully called him ‘master’.

As he was gazing at E Sha, he was slightly stunned before showing a happy expression. “Very good, E Sha. I have never thought that you would advanced to Third Grade Minor Devil Saint. Not bad.”

Originally, E Sha was already at the peak of Second Grade Minor Devil Saint, only a step away from the third grade. It had obtained the help of the soul power of wood element after being injured by the Brilliant Mirror. One could say that it had obtained something good from its misfortune. In this half a month’s time, not only did its injuries fully healed, it had also stepped into the Third Grade Minor Devil Saint.

To Jiang Chen, the stronger E Sha was, the more capable it would become, it could also provide a great a.s.sistance.

“All are because of master’s grace, allowing I, E Sha to have such an advancement.”

E Sha said.

“Alright, E Sha. Let me ask you something. How many Minor Devil Saints are in this Level?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Reporting to master. I’m not very sure about this because the Devil World is just too large and the number of devils are too many. Normally, I would only stay here and would not venture anywhere. I think the number of Minor Devil Saint isn’t that plenty. I’m afraid that there is only one Second Grade Minor Devil Saint here, which was me. This is mainly because there is a greater devil Qi in the Third Level. Thus, most of the Minor Devil Saints would stay there.”

E Sha said.

“Alright, then we will go to Third Level now. I want to hunt some Minor Devil Saints for my advancement.”

Jiang Chen said. With his current strength, he could easily kill a second grade Minor Devil Saint without the help of E Sha. However, E Sha was still a good helper, he naturally had to utilize it. Also, the Third Level was not comparable to the Second Level. There were more powerful devils there and high grade Minor Devil Saints or even the existence of a Great Devil Saint. Once a human entered the Third Level, all the devils there would notice his Qi, and at that time, it would be no different than seeking death.

These would not be a problem with E Sha beside him. When the number of devils were growing rapidly, different forces would naturally emerge like the human race. The Devil World was somehow similar to the human world. Not every forces formed would collaborate, and that would bring conflicts and wars. Thus, if E Sha started a fight among its own race, it would not draw the attention of the very powerful devils.

“Yes, master.”

E Sha obeyed Jiang Chen’s order word for word. It would rushed out to kill anything that was ordered as soon as it was informed.

As Jiang Chen entered the Third Level under E Sha’s lead, Nan Bei Chao and the white tiger came out from the Immortal Possessive Mountain. A windstorm would arrive in the Earth Domain soon.

Huang Family of the Earth Domain.

It was one of the four major powers in the Earth Domain. Its overall strength wasn’t any weaker than the Tan Family. Huang Sheng Wen who was killed by Jiang Chen in Dan Yuan City was the number one genius of the Huang Family. The patriarch of Huang Family was Huang Yi Liu, a Fourth Grade Minor Saint cultivator. They had dominated a portion of the domain and the patriarch was known as one of the prominent overlords.

There were four guards with stalwart physique standing outside the gate of the Huang Family. Each of them was full of pride and arrogance. Being a member of the Family, it was already something to be proud about, even if they were just lowly guards.

The guards laughed and talked, but no one knew what they were talking about. At this moment, two silhouettes descended from the sky and landed in front of the gates of the Huang Family. They were a man and a tiger. From the aura they released, they could already tell that they were powerful beings.

“Who are you? Do you have any idea what this place is? This isn’t a place that you could casually come!”

A guard pointed at Nan Bei Chao and yelled.

Without giving the guard a glance, he waved his hand and a gale blew towards them. After the wails of the three men resounded, their bodies disintegrated into powder, without leaving any remains. The remaining one who was still alive was dumbstruck. He was full of fear while looking at the blonde youth in golden robe.

“Ask all the high ranking superiors to come out and see me immediately. I would be in your family’s battle arena.”

Nan Bei Chao said a cold tone. Then, he and the white tiger swayed and flew into the compound of the Huang Family, halting at the battle arena.

Two powerful Qi had intruded across the Huang Family. It had surely alerted everyone. In other words, that guard didn’t have to inform his superiors. It was already fortunate enough for that guard to keep his life.

“Who is it? Dare to trespa.s.s into our Huang Family? You don’t want to live anymore?”

“Who is the one that had such an audacity to kill our people?”

“This is a wild act! Truly unacceptable! I don’t care who you are. Whoever trespa.s.s into our compound would die!”


Angry scolding resounded throughout the Huang Family. Silhouettes were flying out. In a few blinks, all high grade superiors had come to the huge battle arena.


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