Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 757 – Eternal Immortal Wind

Chapter 757 – Eternal Immortal Wind

Eternal Immortal Wind

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Not just the old man, every devil was shockingly staring at E Sha. It was like the most unimaginable scene in the world. How could E Sha, the one that terrified them most, kneel before a kid? What just happened?

“E Sha, don’t forget your own ident.i.ty. This kid belongs to the human race, he is our enemy!”

The old man bellowed once more. His hatred towards Jiang Chen had already taken root in his bone after his arm was cut off. Initially, he hoped that E Sha would eliminate Jiang Chen to avenge him. Now the opposite just happened, the dignified Second Grade Minor Devil Saint knelt down before him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don’t be rude to master!”

E Sha turned its head abruptly and bellowed at the old man. Although it was injured, it still had a firm pool of energy and foundation. As a Second Grade Minor Devil Saint, despite its injuries, it still couldn’t be placed in the same category with other devils.

After it was edified, there was only one thing in its mind - the orders of Jiang Chen. It had already completely treated Jiang Chen as its master. It wouldn’t allow anyone to be discourteous towards its master. It only had one ident.i.ty which was the slave of Jiang Chen, not the powerful devil in the Devil World.

“E Sha, let me help you heal your injuries.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and a green light flashed past that wrapped around it. Powerful soul power of wood essence had entered its body. Everyone could without a doubt see that its injuries were rapidly healing.

“Thank you master.”

E Sha kowtowed to Jiang Chen sincerely.

“F***ing kid, what have you done to E Sha? Why would he listen to your orders? E Sha, don’t forget what’s your real ident.i.ty, you are the Minor Devil Saint of the devil clan!”

The old man used all of its might to awaken E Sha. It had the urge of going mad, as it was unsure of what Jiang Chen had done to E Sha that it was obediently following his orders.

“E Sha, go and kill it and bring me its devil soul.”

Jiang Chen gave the orders coldly while keeping the Brilliant Mirror. He was secretly refining large amount of Heaven Rank Restoration pills to replenish his Yuan Force.

“Yes, master.”

E Sha didn’t attempt to delay. It stood up and appeared before the old man instantly. As the chilling murderous intent seeped out of E sha’s body, the old devil couldn’t help but quiver. Presently, it felt that the malicious-looking E Sha had just returned. The Qi that was unleashed from its body was the overpowering devil Qi. In spite of this, E Sha’s intention was to kill him.

“E…E Sha, what are you doing?”

The old man panicked.

*Ka Cha*

Without a reply, E Sha stuck out its big hand and clawed at the old man’s head, crus.h.i.+ng it in an instant. Afterwards, a devil soul was retrieved and brought to Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen nodded and kept the devil soul. It was the devil soul of a First Grade Minor Devil Saint. To him, it was a very rare treasure.

“E Sha, kill all of the Ninth Grade Devil Emperors for me and bring me their souls.”

Jiang Chen gave another order.

“Yes, master.”

E Sha moved again. It would do whatever its master ordered without any hesitation, even if its master asked it to commit suicide.

*Howl* *Howl*

The entire devil castle had fallen into chaos, particularly those Ninth Grade Devil Emperor leaders. Every one of them was so panic-stricken that even their souls tried to flee. They had seen that E Sha was already completely subdued by this human. It had no problem killing a First Grade Minor Devil Saint, let alone them. To them, E Sha was the legendary and the most malicious devil. They wouldn’t be able to fight him given their low cultivation grade.


E Sha extended its arm, a black pillar of light shot out from it and charged at the fleeing Ninth Grade Devil Emperor.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

For a moment, wails were incessantly lingering in everyone’s ears. Every powerful Devil Emperor was crushed and pulverized. Their devil souls emerged, falling into E Sha’s hands.

It only took a few breaths’ of time to finish all of the Devil Emperors. A Second Grade Minor Saint was just too strong. It was imaginable that if Jiang Chen gave the order to slaughter one hundred thousand devils here, none of them would succeed in escaping. Under the Second Grade Minor Devil Saint’s sphere of energy, escaping would only be a wild wish.

At this moment, all the devils were in fear. Despite the innumerable number of devils in the castle, not even one of them dared to strike back. Even if Jiang Chen was not included, E Sha alone was enough to repress them all, because this was their powerful Devil Saint. During the normal days, when they saw E Sha, they didn’t even have the eligibility to wors.h.i.+p it.


E Sha went back to Jiang Chen’s side. A total of eleven Ninth Grade Devil Emperors’ souls had been delivered to him.

Then, he kept all of them before saying to E Sha in a cold tone. “E Sha, you did well. I want to cultivate. Find me a place.”

“Yes, master.”

After a reply, it shot of like a rocket to the deepest region of the Second Level, bringing Jiang Chen along.

He was following behind E Sha. As for the hundreds of thousands of devils here, he didn’t have any interest in their souls. Adding the Ninth Grade Devil Emperor that he killed, there was a total of twelve Ninth Grade Devil Emperor devil souls excluding the Minor Devil Saint devil soul in his possession. The souls of the ninth grade had sufficient energy to push Jiang Chen’s cultivation to the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.

It would be very easy for him to advance to the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor but he also needed time to stabilized his foundation before pus.h.i.+ng towards the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Thus, what he needed the most now was a quiet and isolated place for cultivation. He might not be able to find it alone, but with E Sha, he could.

Very quickly, under E Sha’s lead, Jiang Chen arrived at an ancient black palace.

“Master, this is my place of cultivation. There won’t be any devils in a thousand mile radius .”

E Sha said. This was the best place to cultivate quietly. No devil would dare to step into the territory of E Sha. This place was E Sha’s private s.p.a.ce, whoever intruded into this place would only be seeking death.

“Alright. E Sha, I will advance to the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor here. You have to guard this place, no one is allowed to interrupt my cultivation.”

Jiang Chen ordered.

“Yes, master.”

E Sha bowed to Jiang Chen. He nodded in satisfaction before striding into the devil palace. With E Sha’s presence, he could comfortably cultivate in this isolated place.

He simply found a spot and sat down cross-legged without any delay. He refined all of the Ninth Grade Devil Emperors devil souls in one shot.

Dragon marks started to condense. In an hour’s time, all the refined devil souls had been completely absorbed along its tremendous energy.

Five hundred dragon marks were condensed. Jiang Chen’s Qi rose and pushed him to the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. The energy still continued to rise until it condense a hundred more dragon marks.

It finally stopped after advancing. As for the Minor Saint devil soul, he wasn’t in a hurry to refine it. It would be very difficult to advance from the Eighth Grade to the Ninth Grade. The energy required for the advancement would be unimaginably greater.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen was using such a rapid method of advancement. He would have to spend some time resting to stabilize his foundation before another advancement.

For the following time, he used the dragon transformation art to solidify his cultivation grade. Once his foundation had reached the desired level, he could begin his next advancement, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

E Sha was guarding outside the devil palace like a loyal guard. Its injuries had almost recovered due to the soul power of wood essence. Now, it was using its free time to heal its remaining injuries.


The Immortal Possessive Mountain. It was located in Earth Domain of the eight big domains. It was a very dangerous place, just like the Death Mountain. There wasn’t anyone who dared to enter even during normal days. At this moment, in the deepest region of the mountain, a transparent sacrificial altar was floating in mid-air. It illuminated a dazzling golden light which made it look very divine. There was an unrecognizable talisman symbols that was continuously appearing on it.

A man in golden robe was sitting on the altar with his eyes closed. His golden hair was fluttering uncontrollably. His body was releasing an intimidating monarch Qi. There was a very st.u.r.dy white tiger lying beside him. The white tiger also had its eyes closed.

*Hu* *Hu*

Golden wind was howling as the golden talisman symbols were falling from the sky above, enveloping the entire sacrificial altar. There was a trace of immortal soul Qi in these talisman symbols. This Talisman didn’t look like it came from this world. Above the altar, some kind of channel or a pa.s.sageway was visible, as though it connected the man and his tiger to the upper world.

It was none other than Nan Bei Chao. Nan Bei Chao had reached the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor and was only a step away from the Minor Saint realm. The white tiger beside him had already reached the peak of Fourth Grade Minor Demon Saint, which was also only a step away from reaching the fifth grade.

The white tiger possessed the powerful bloodline of divine beasts. Once it advanced to Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint, not even a Sixth Grade Minor Saint could be its opponent.

“Eternal immortal wind, descend!”

Nan Bei Chao suddenly bellowed. A golden wave of wind rushed downwards like a torrent. Every wave of the wind was like an immortal dragon. They looked very divine. This terrifying immortal wind had pulverized the surrounding summit of the mountains and also the beings around it.

At the same time, an immortal Qi appeared above white tiger and infused into its body.

The violent 'eternal immortal wind' travelled like a holy fountain and was instilled into Nan Bei Chao’s body, causing a tremendous change in him.

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