Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 756 – [The title is at the end of the chapter.]

Chapter 756 – [The title is at the end of the chapter.]

[The t.i.tle is at the end of the chapter.]

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Jiang Chen didn’t give the old man the chance to continue. He stepped and appeared above the old man’s head like a lightning. The Heavenly Saint Sword was already fully coated with the raging flame and had turned into a fiery sword. The terrifying flame had made every devil s.h.i.+ver to their core, as if they had met their mortal enemy.

The sword intent unleashed could eliminate hundreds of devils. It then materialized above the old man’s head.

“Truly wild!”

At this moment, a loud bellow came from the deeper region of the Second Level. A wave of black devil Qi rushed out from it at a terrifying speed. It appeared above the castle in a flash. The billowing devil Qi had turned into a middle-aged man in black armor.

In spite of the abrupt shout, Jiang Chen completely ignored it. As his sword was still slas.h.i.+ng down naturally, the old man was caught off guard. It emptied all its energy to condense a black s.h.i.+eld, attempting to block Jiang Chen’s slash.

*Pu Chi*

Jiang Chen’s power was beyond its imagination. Despite being a First Grade Minor Devil Saint, it had been injured by the slash because it was suppressed by the true dragon fire and the true thunderfire. It was precisely not Jiang Chen’s opponent.

The solid black s.h.i.+eld was crushed by the slash. However, the sword didn’t slow down and continued, it cut off the old man’s arm. Black devil blood the spurted out from the old man like a fountain. It howled angrily but with frightened eyes.


The newly-appeared devil bellowed once again. Its black hand moved to slap Jiang Chen. Continuing to fight despite its arrival and injuring its devil, the human really showed disdain towards it and did not put its existence in his eyes at all.

Without turning his head, the Heavenly Saint Sword changed its direction and slashed at the incoming hand.


As the Heavenly Saint Sword slashed against the big hand, a clas.h.i.+ng sound of metal was heard and large sparks were seen, as though it collided with an incredibly hard iron. One could imagine how hard the devil’s body was. And, a huge energy rushed out of its big hand, sending Jiang Chen away. He only could stop after backing forty miles away. He could feel numbness on his arm and his blood was surging – an unpleasant feeling that couldn’t be described. However after circulating the dragon transformation art and the soul power of wood essence, the intense shock his body was absorbed and faded.

He then raised his head to look at the opponent. He saw a devil, wearing a black armor imprinted with pictures of ferocious devils. There was a long black horn grown on its head. On the sides of its cheek were black scales, which made it look very ferocious.

The thing that caught most of his attention wasn’t its look, but its Qi. It was a powerful Second Grade Minor Devil Saint, many folds stronger than the previous First Grade Minor Devil Saint. Due to him not having reached the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor yet, even if he had the advantage of the fire, he’s only capable of fighting a first grade. He was absolutely not the opponent of the Second Grade Minor Devil Saint.

Despite all of these, he felt happy instead of feeling worried. He had the Brilliant Mirror and the edifying light. Hence, there was a hundred percent chance that he would be able to edify this devil.

All the devils became excited after seeing the appearance of the Second Grade Minor Devil Saint, because the human in front of them was just too frightening. Not even their First Grade Minor Devil Saint could compete with him. Only the Second Grade Minor Devil Saint could take him down.

This Second Grade Minor Devil Saint was a very powerful being in the Second Level. Its name is E Sha. If any devil offended it, it would ferociously eat the devil on the spot without spitting out its bones.

No devil here could match E Sha. Its emergence had already decided the fate of this young man.

“Lowly kid, you dared to start a ma.s.sacre in the central region? You are really seeking death. Seeing that you have very a vigorous blood Qi, I will devour you to gain huge benefits.”

E Sha said to Jiang Chen.

“Haha! You want to kill me? I’m afraid you don’t have such capability.”

Jiang Chen laughed and sneered, showing absolute disdain towards it.

“Courting death!”

E Sha was infuriated. He struck again with its huge devil hand at Jiang Chen. There was a silvery black scale on its palm, making it look truly ferocious. It lunged at Jiang Chen like a big mountain. Jiang Chen furrowed his brows because this was a physical attack which couldn’t be reflected by the Brilliant Mirror. The mirror could only reflect magical attack.

“Spatial s.h.i.+ft.”

Jiang Chen spoke the skill in a low tone. Since he didn’t want to get hit by the attack, he utilized the spatial s.h.i.+ft to dodge it. The huge black palm eventually disappeared in the darkness.

“Incredible speed, but it’s of no use. Seal!”

E Sha was shocked but it didn’t matter much to him. He launched out another palm attack. This time, the huge black palm sealed the entire void, giving Jiang Chen no chance of escaping.


A billowy Qi surged from Jiang Chen’s body. Then, a huge fire dragon rushed out. The ferocity and power that the fire dragon carried was undeniably stronger than any ordinary combat technique. Jiang Chen’s capability wasn’t as weak as before, making it difficult for a Second Grade Minor Devil Saint to kill him.

The fire dragon seal crashed together with E Sha’s palm to block it. Then, Jiang Chen used spatial s.h.i.+ft again to move out of the attack zone. The spatial s.h.i.+ft was a peerless movement skill. In his past life, he depended a lot on this movement skill while dominating the world, it was matchless.

If the spatial s.h.i.+ft was cultivated to its peak, it could break the bounds of the spatial zone by travelling across different dimensions.


E Sha raged as it saw Jiang Chen made another attempt to dodge the attack. It was a very hot-tempered being. How could it allow a human kid to dodge its attack for two consecutive times? This was exactly a slap to it.

“Furious magic dragon. Die!”

E Sha’s rage soared to the sky. It struck out a devil wave that charged at Jiang Chen’s direction. The wave had blotted the sky and turned into a hundred-meter devil dragon that looked fiendish. This was a mighty skill of the devils, as it could unleash unimaginable destructive force.

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised instead, as he was waiting for it to perform a stronger attack. Although this wasn’t the devil’s full-force attack, it was good enough.

If E Sha sent out its most powerful attack, it wouldn’t be in Jiang Chen’s favor. It’s because the reflected attack of the Brilliant Mirror would be two times stronger than the original attack, E Sha might be dead or crippled if it sent out its most powerful attack. Jiang Chen didn’t want to see that happen. How could he destroy such a powerful being? He had to subdue it for his own use in the future. With this Second Grade Minor Devil Saint, he no longer had to fear any devils in this World.


The devil dragon let out a rumbling howl and charged wildly at Jiang Chen.

*Hua La*

At this instant, Jiang Chen took out the Brilliant Mirror and aimed it at the devil dragon. Then, he injected a huge amount of Yuan Force into the mirror. It was just like the last time he used it, the mirror acted like an energy-thirsty vacuum, sucking all of his Yuan Force. Despite being prepared, he still couldn’t stand it and had the urge to curse. The cost of using the Brilliant Mirror was indeed too great.

Afterwards, the devil dragon entered the Brilliant Mirror without a single noise and was completely absorbed.

*Hong Long*

However, in the next moment, an unusual change occurred. A devil dragon that was twice as big than the original rushed out of the mirror, lunging at E Sha. The force that this devil dragon carried was two times stronger. Not only the force and power, its speed had also doubled. It reached E Sha in a blink.


E Sha exclaimed. The present scene was like a dream to him. He was astounded and his shock was greater than that of the old man from the Tan Family. At that time, the reflected attack wasn’t this powerful.

The devil reacted quickly. A dark and large devil weapon materialized in his hand and slashed at the devil dragon.

*Hong Long*

Edgeless combat waves spilled out. A tenth of the buildings were destroyed. Countless of devils met their final fate, dying on the spot. This single strike crushed thousands of devils.


E Sha spurted a mouthful of blood. It was thrown away from its original position. Despite the fact that it wasn’t its strongest attack, it was enough to injure the devil. Luckily it wasn’t its greatest attack, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

The devil had suffered some serious injuries. There were cracked lines on its body. It let out howls of anger. Before it could stabilize itself, a serpent-like light went past and appeared before it, drilling into its brain.


E Sha pressed its head. Its face was ferocious, as though it was bearing a horrendous suffering. However, this condition didn’t last for more than a few minutes. It stopped and looked at Jiang Chen. Its eyes were no longer fierce.

It dragged its heavily injured body and flew towards Jiang Chen and knelt down with a puff. “Master.”

E Sha called Jiang Chen ‘master’, full of sincerity. It had been fully edified by the edifying light and had become Jiang Chen’s slave. If his order was to destroy itself, it would immediately commit suicide without any hesitation.

“E Sha, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What are you doing? Why do you kneel before a human?”

The old man who had lost an arm howled after seeing this.


[t.i.tle: Subduing E Sha]

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